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03-24-2006, 06:14 AM
I thought it would be good to have a running thread on our collective favourite tips to share with one another for KOTOR 1. This for "official" gameplay not cheats.

Sometimes these things seem like no brainers if you've played a few times but then some players may appreciate the insight.

Free Healing:
Taris: the best opportunity to use the rapid transit system back to your base for free healing, especially when in the lower or undercity.

Level Up: Do not waste medpacs/force heal on characters very near a level up (as long as they aren't too close to death) leveling up should restore their health.

XP Ops for Goody Two Shoes:
Taris: -Do kill the Sith Soldiers . -Do fight the drunks in the street. -Do irritate the woman in the Cantina so she runs off and gets her Rodian thugs to attack you. -Do kill Bendak Starkiller, yes you will receive DS points but as this is early in the game you'll recover quickly.
Tatooine: Do kill all the Sand people near the enclave before doning the clothing and entering. Once you've freed everyone and been told where to get the Star Map, you can raid the baskets and slaughter the Sand people however it's tough to fight so many and you will not be able to complete the History/Pearl quest.

Respawn for Xtra XP
Taris: leave the sewers by climbing up the drain to find more Rakghouls after you've wiped them all out.
Dantooine: Return to the various areas of the grasslands to find more Kath hounds to kill.

Computer Consoles/Repair droids
Sometimes it seems pointless to repair a droid, especially if you find it after you've slaughtered all the enemies nearby but repairing it will give you XP. Computer consoles can often be revisited for additional XP. Two of the best ops for this are the computer in the 1)Torture Room on Korriban (where you can fight captives) Do this before starting or after finishing the Dustil/Carth sidequest and repeatedly hack the datafiles for additional XP. You will not receive the information for the quest but the option to hack the files remains. Additionally you can kill captives for XP without receiving DS points 2) Republic Computer in the Embassy at Manaan (where you need to encrypt Sith passcards). Do this before starting the Jolee/Sunry sidequest. Repeatedly hack the computer for Republic files.

Carth as Melee Fighter:
Use Carth to your advantage, build his melee skills/two weapon fighting and dueling skills, equip him with the best heavy armor such as the Mandalorian, Boosted Calo Nord or other upgradeable armor give him deadly blades such as the Krath Double Blade, Ajunta Pall's blade or Naga Sadow's Poison blade and watch him slaughter quickly whilst you stand back and take little damage. Carth likes to get in the middle of fray and do massive damage especially to dark jedi. I find him much more effective in this way then as a blaster specialist especially in the Sith Academy, Leviathan and later parts of the game where close combat is much more frequent. If you back him up with high level force powers such as Wave you can really take out a lot of enemies in a short space of time and he can be just as effective as having Jedi in your party. An awesome combo is him with Juhani for additional Jedi support.

Nerve Amplifier Belts are your friends. Buy them if you have to. Equip them on your NPCs, if you have the Sith Mask keep it for yourself. A team of Jedi or even Soldiers ala Carth and Canderous with Immunity to Mind Effecting are an awesome fighting force. This is especially helpful on Leviathan, against Darth Bandon, Yuthura and or Uthar, any Dark Jedi and in the Sith Academy if you've decided to go for the slaughter option. If you don't have enough belts equip non-Jedi's with Mind Effecting immunity armor. This is also good if your foe are using grenades or have stun weapons, your party will receive physical damage but you will not be held up by that "dizzy" feeling.

That's all I can think of for now.

03-24-2006, 07:56 AM
good going, but one question...

do you have too much spare time? no way could i write something that long...

03-24-2006, 01:12 PM
XP Ops for Goody Two Shoes:
...Tatooine: Do kill all the Sand people near the enclave before doning the clothing and entering. Once you've freed everyone and been told where to get the Star Map, you can raid the baskets and slaughter the Sand people however it's tough to fight so many and you will not be able to complete the History/Pearl quest.
Ther's a better way - wait till after you have the pearl, take it to the history sandperson. After learning the history, make a comment that the Sand People don't like, or take something from a basket. This way you get the experience from their quests along with the experience from fighting them.

03-24-2006, 02:14 PM
@ Venom Tyrant yes at the moment but I'll be starting a new job soon

@narfblat, yes good idea.

Jae Onasi
03-24-2006, 09:10 PM
Upgrade your equipment as soon as you can and as soon as you get better armor/weapons/lightsabers/upgrades.

Instead of putting a medpac in your queue, go to your inventory screen and use the medpac there.

I like to give every Jedi at least the first level of Heal. I take Jolee to Master Heal.

Hold off on leveling up too much on Taris. Save some level-ups for after you're made a Jedi. Going to just level 5 (or less) instead of 7 or 8 means you get 15 Jedi levels (or more) instead of 12 or 13. The extra force powers can be very useful.

Max out a few force powers instead of taking a bunch of them at low levels. Max Force Wave and Stasis if LS and Force Lightning if DS. Take Destroy Droid and Master Speed no matter what alignment.

Master flurry and 2 weapon fighting and use 2 lightsabers for some serious damage.

Use the Solari crystal if LS.

If you need money, while on the Ebon Hawk ask your party members to make stuff for you and then go sell the stuff.

Go to Kashyyyk first to get Jolee Bindo--you get an extra Jedi right away for your party, he makes tons of Lifepacks (which you can save or sell), and he has some hilarious lines. You don't have to complete the Kashyyyk starmap first if you need to do other quests. Just meet up with him, have him join your party, and then go to whatever planet you need to go to for your sidequests.

Change Jolee's script from default to Jedi support so he uses his Force powers instead of running into battle.

If you're LSF and want to do the Carth romance, you have to rescue Dustil quickly. If you get a starmap or 2 after getting the quest but before rescuing him, it may break the romance, so go to Korriban right away after getting the Dustil quest. After rescuing Dustil, you can either complete Korriban or go to Kashyyyk to pick up Jolee. :D
I don't know for sure if the same is true for Bastila and the quest for her mother, but I'd probably go to Tatooine soon after getting the quest about her mother.

Visit the Yavin station at least 3 times to get Suvam to show you the really good stuff. (Just be prepared.... ;) ) You have to win Pazaak 10 times to get the discount from Suvam. Save after each win so if you lose, you don't lose a bunch of money.

Save some lifepaks for the Star Forge so you can save your Force points for other powers besides Heal.

Use mods!

Point Man
03-24-2006, 09:30 PM
1) Sell your excess stuff to Suvam on the Yavin station. He always gives you the best price.
2) If you end up at less than level 20 before fighting Malak, just let the droids on the Star Forge keep respawning until you get the xp.
3) To expand on Jae's Pazaak tip: there is no reason to ever lose money at Pazaak. Just save right before you play. If you win, save again. If you lose, go back to your last save.
4) Shields and stims can be accessed off the inventory screen, along with medpacks.
5) Frequently open up your new items list and click on each item to remove it from the list. That makes it easier to see the items that really are new.

03-25-2006, 04:23 AM
Persuasion: Get Force Persuade (effect mind) early and make sure to invest in Persuasion points. This will help you reduce unecessary costs such as docking fees and swoop racing fees.

Round Robin Party Members: You can switch NPCs mid-planet in most cases so take advantage of your different Party members skills and don't waste your points on skills that others can do for you. Mission/T3MA: Security, Juhani: Stealth, etc. A higher intelligence will give you additional modifiers to some skills that you've not invested too much in, which comes in handy at those moments when you cannot take advantage of different NPCs.

This applies to Jedi Powers as well. As someone else stated focus on a couple of useful force power trees such as Wave or Shock and allow your Jedi companions to take on things such as Valor and master heal (however you'll want to have this by the last planet for your PC character)