View Full Version : a Dress model simmilar to Visas Marr for Pc

03-25-2006, 06:25 AM
hi im new to these forums
i lack the nessasry skill so i was wondering could anybody make this for Kotor 2 tsl

i was wondering can anybody make a Dress model simmilar to Visas Marr for Pc can anybody please make this

03-25-2006, 06:53 AM
Welcome, Requests belong in the requests forum.

Kainzorus Prime
03-25-2006, 07:17 AM
I could try and make this.

03-25-2006, 08:05 AM
thx if you could can you please make it a seperate item not just the standed cloths for pcfemales like so it has atributes

Kainzorus Prime
03-25-2006, 08:53 AM
My plan is to make retextured Visas' robes for all female pc's, yes as separate item.

just tell me what stats it should have.

03-25-2006, 07:50 PM
Unfortunately this won't work. Visas body model does not have a neck, it is part of her head model. Using any other head with it will leave that head floating above the body. I wanted this too but it would require modeling, and I doubt it can be done with the current limitations on 3d modeling.