View Full Version : Custom Robe / Helm / Lightsaber

03-25-2006, 11:11 PM
well basiclly i have had an idea for armor.. but due to my lack of skill in modding i cant make it happen so i figured i would try and see if somone else could Basiclly what it is is a Robe with a hood black with the hood and robe back part but purple in the front part where its under the robe itself aswell if this is possible but maybe wishfull thinking on my part a helmet kinda like revan's without the marking but diffrent like one line where the eye's are that is purple with the portion where the charachters nose is and down to the chin cut off and replaced with fang's black ones about where the k9 teeth would be on a real person coming down to the chin and as for the lightsaber nothing as fancy as the other 2 basic single bladed lightsaber the blade color purple black body with perferably no curves just smooth body of it no really special features except possibly one if you could if its even possible.. just somthing like Shadowfang on it looked like its engraved into it it but i know most of this is probably hard for most but i will take what i can get and this is for the sith lords to i should mention thank's