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Chapter 1: The prophet

Seyan Blise was born into a fairly wealthy family in the planet of Utapau. His life was pretty normal until he turned 8. At the age of 8, he went to school as usual, but on his way there his eyes suddenly blanked out and he fell to the ground. His parents were notified of this and they rushed to his aid immediately. He was rushed to the medical center where the med droids looked at him. They noticed that something very unusaul was clogging his brain. They looked closer and noticed that it was not a natural disease or sickness that Blise had but it was the force. Some expert jedis were called into the hospital to see if they knew what it was. One named Ayen Kodo saw it and realized that he was a prophet. He couldn't predict the future when he wanted to but he could sometimes see in his head a prophecy that would lead to an important event in the future. And sure enough, before Blise woke up, he had a prophecy. A voice in his head said

"Tonight the ones you love will arrive
but they will surely not survive
for when they will approach your bed
your two parents will drop down dead."

Blise woke up and saw Kodo, another jedi, and three medical droids around his bed. He met Kodo before, for Blise once visited the jedi enclave. "Don't worry Seyan." Kodo said. "Your parents are on their way." Blise jumped out of his bed. "No!" He shouted.
"Calm yourself." Kodo said. "The fall you had must have gotten to your head."
"You cannot let them come into the medical center!"
"But they are already on their way."
"Then tell the droid at the desk not to let them in!"
"You can't kick out your parents!"
"THEN I'M GOING MYSELF!" Blise shouted and jumped out of bed, sending a streak of pain down his back.
"No, you must stay!" Kado said and blocked the door and gently force pushed Blise back into bed and held him there. HE backed away from the door and Seyan's parents walked in. Mr. and Mrs. Blise. "There you are!" Mrs. Blise said and ran up to Seyan.
"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Seyan Blise said as Mrs. Blise started clutching her throat. Mr. Blise turned to his wife and son and started choking too. Suddenly, Mr. and Mrs. Blise's lives ended and the dropped to the floor, just as Blise predicted.

"Tonight the ones you love will arrive
but they will surely not survive
for when they will approach your bed
your two parents will drop down dead."

That night, Blise was released from the hospital and instructed to stay under the care of Kodo and learn the ways of the jedi. Life was going to turn around completely for Blise, but soon he realized that it would be much much worse...

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Cool, a little wierd, i didn't think of force push as being able to hold you down, and i didn't think jedi recieved prophecies, but cool just the same.

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Well, Blise is a little weird.

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Chapter 2: Training

Blise just finished putting on his jedi padawan robes when his master, Kado came in. Kado sat down on the chair beside Blise. "I'm so sorry for everything that has happened.." Kado said. "You have a very unique power and because I didn't trust you, your parents were killed." Blise turned away from Kado, apparently not wanting to talk to the one who cause his parents to die. Kado sighed. "Tell me again. What was that prophecy?"
Suddenly a thought struck Kado's mind.

"Tonight the ones you love will arrive
but they will surely not survive
for when they will approach your bed
your two parents will drop down dead."

"I wont tell you." Blise said. Kado looked amazed. Was this a link or a bond they shared. "Seyan. Do you remember what you did before you passed out yesterday?" Kado asked. Blise finally figured out that Kado wouldn't stop bothering him.
"I was just on my way to school, when I happened to see this man dressed in black, and the next thing I know I can't see!" Blise said and Kaddo nodded his head.
"They're back.." Kado murmered.
"What?" Blise asked and Kado quickly realized that Bilse was in front of him.
"Nothing." He said.
"When should we begin training?" Blise asked.
"I guess now." Kado replied and got off his seat, and Blise followed.
The two walked down the hallway and up the stairs into a library.

(I'm not yet finished with this chapter, I just need to go somewhere so I'll stop it in the middle.)

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