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Jedi Master Alo
03-28-2006, 02:55 PM
Alo looked out of the starship window of the Defence. A oouter republic ship he was a member of there army fighting against the rebels. He gazed at the near by planets he could see and smiled.
" As soon as this wars finished im going to every one of these worlds. " He whispred.
He stood there for a few more minutes the the fdoors slid open and his freind Talm walked in.
"So have you thought about my proposition? " Talm asked Alo he walked over to the window and stood next to Alo.
"Yes just a bit..." Alo sighed.
He brushed his dirty black her behind his ears and looked at Talm Alo was strong in the force but it was un tamed and Talm had offered to train him as a aprentice.
"Its so hard to chose I need a bit more time."
"Ok thats fine with me" Talm said as he went to lied on his bed he lied down and Alo waited for him to fall asleep.

" This is your capytin speaking troops! Get some shut eye the hyper space jump will activate in 10 minutes." A voice shouted over the com.
Alo walked over to his bed and looked at his sword and blaster.

"Night Dad Night Mum" He whispred to his weapon he slowly drifted off into a peacful slumber.