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Pvt. Parts
03-29-2006, 10:54 PM
Hey guys. Im rather new here, so just wanted to say hey before I get to the body of my post.

I am working on what will eventually (if i can get the proper models and stuff) end up as a massive map series containing battles ranging from the start of the clone wars (geonosis) to the end of the galactic civil war (endor).

I originally wanted all the maps to be massive, but when I resize the terrain, although it works fine in zero editor, it is misaligned ingame (the ingame terrain remains the default size, so all the models/regions/etc are way off the map and really messed up)

So since I scratched that (unless someone can tell me how to get around that issue) I moved on to just making a map on the regular size.

Although its disappointing to me that I wont ever be able to fulfill the potential for really sick battles that battlefront 2 has, i suppose its fine.

So as I was saying ive been working on these maps, and I have pretty much finished the first one, [Clone Wars] Geonosis:Landing...

(I apologize for the fact that you must download, but bear with my until i can reconvert them and upload them again. Please take the time to view them, as i'd appreciate any help.)

Birdseye View:
Capital Ship 1
Capital Ship 2
Republic LZ
CIS Front Line
Crashed Assault Ship

Crashed Gunship
Geonosian Lair
Great Spire


World Screens





But I need some help.

I want to put a total of 16 LA-AT/i Gunships (8 in the first capital ship, 4 in the second capital ship, and 3 at the Republic LZ, and 1 at the Crashed Attack Cruiser)

5 AT-TE (4 at the Republic LZ, and one that is completly useless, just for looks, in the second capital ship)

13 BARC Speeders (9 at Republic LZ, 2 at crashed Attack Cruiser, and 2 at Capital Ship 2, just for looks, although its kind of cool to pull a james bond and fly one out of the hanger, then jump off)

4 ITF-X Hover Tanks (3 at the Republic LZ, 1 at capital ship 2, once again for looks)

3 Jedi Starfighters (At the second capital ship, and i wish i could get the ep2 model instead of anakins)

6 Spiders (4 at the CIS Front-Line, 1 at Geonosian Lairs, 1 at Hangers)

4 Hailfires (4 at the CIS Front-Line, 1 at Hangers)

6 STAPs (2 at the crashed Republic Gunship, 4 at the Hangers)

3 AAT Tanks (3 at the Hangers)

5 Driod Starfighters (4 at the Hangers and 1 in the Great Spire)

6 Droid Gunships (6 at the Hangers)

I know how to do all this, and know how to edit the scripts.

My problem is, somewhere in the script something screws up and the map crashes as soon as its launched.(no error noise, simply exits to desktop) I will attach a copy of the default script, my script, and hopefully you all can give me a hand here.

I have narrowed it down (by changing parts of the script at a time) that the issue rests in the vehicle set up. Whether it be in the loading (ReadDataFile rep.lvl) or the Walker/Mempool set up I am unsure.

Also, I need someone to explain specifically how to add the _dome files in the map (i know how to put them in the script, but they dont show up ingame). _dome files are the ones that show gunfire in the skybox or gunships flying back and forth right?(they arent in my script i took them out for now).

I aswell need a specific tutorial on changing the sky, as i want to use geonosis not yavin (the modtools tut didnt explain it thouroughly) and how to set up a "sun", as although the map looks well lit in the editor, ingame its rather dark.

I also could use a hand in changing the music (to geonosis, and i need to be able to add the space fighter shooting sounds),


I found something interesting about the gunship and a couple of other fighters, there are 2 versions:

rep_fly_gunship and rep_fly_gunship_sc

i think sc stands for space combat, or something pertaining to space levels

the rep_fly_gunship has a co-pilot weapon of the twin wing lasers, whereas the rep_fly_gunship_sc has a co-pilot weapon of the homing missles.

the rep_fly_gunship doors remain open, whereas rep_fly_gunship_sc doors seal.

Im considering putting rep_fly_gunship_sc in the Republic Attack Cruisers and rep_fly_gunship at the Republic LZ

Also, I apologize for these all being tga's. If you dont have adobe, but are interested in helping I will gladly convert them and re-upload.

Hope to get help soon (so i can get this damn map out!),


Default Script:


My Script:


03-31-2006, 04:39 PM
I've been looking for a fix to that terrain issue too.

I would have to guess that you are putting too much into the map. Take all the vechicles out and adjuest the memory pools. Add them in 1-2 at a time, adjuest the memory pools, and see if it works. When it breaks, you'll know the limit.

Pvt. Parts
03-31-2006, 06:27 PM
can you help explain how to edit the memorypools and stuff according to your vehicles?

like this is my first map ive ever attempted really on any engine, and im new to scripting also.

like you need to have clearwalkers
and then setmemorypool ("command walker" *No. of atte*)
and addwalkertype(3,*No. of atte*)

so i know how, but to fully understand i need to know why.

what does memory pools do? as in does the number you put vary directly, or is it scaled.

can you have addwalkertype(3,*No. of atte*) and not put the command walker in?

04-03-2006, 08:37 PM
I can't answer those questions without confusing you. www.gametoast.com might be a better place to get answers.

Pvt. Parts
04-03-2006, 09:02 PM
thanks. ill head there now.

but if you have the time try to explain im not that retarded.

04-08-2006, 11:25 AM
You have to add 'mapbounds' region types to define the size of the map.

Pvt. Parts
04-08-2006, 12:48 PM
Well im not sure what that means, please explain, but i did solve the map size another way:

the terrain can only be resized on equal units, so you can use a scaled unit up to like 512x512.

I have basically scratched the previous map, although I saved every model as an object, so where the terrain on my new map the same, i could simply place them down on the ground and it would be exactly as it was before.

ill post some screen shots when i finish the terrain of my new map, which is much bigger and is going to be wayyyy more like the real geonosis.