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03-31-2006, 09:53 AM
If you bring Mandalore/Canderous to Telos when you have him in your team and ask him what he knows about this planet he says some stuff but then regarding the destruction of Telos during the Jedi Civil War he says a bunch of stuff that I can't remember right now but later in his description he says there were alot of military installations so maybe that's why Revan had it destroyed (something like that I'm not to sure on his exact words) but in the first game when your character finds out they're Revan, Carth is upset about the destruction of Telos caused by Revan but then Canderous says everybody knows that Malak was the one that ordered the destruction of Telos....so kinda like what gives? Didn't the developpers and script writers play through the entire game on different scenarios to figure out everything? Anywho, has anyone else found things that conflict with what the first game tells us?

03-31-2006, 01:45 PM
I'm going to be refering to Revan as female for the sake of sanity, so don't shoot me okay? :)

Revan does recover all her memories so perhaps she remember that she was the one who ordered the attack, but Malak and Saul Karath carried it out. I always found it was odd that everyone would know that Malak gave the order. Why would average joes in the galaxy know that? I've found other references to Revan destroying Telos in some of Atris' cut dialog. That it was a retreat place for the Jedi, if something ever happened to Dantooine or Coruscant.

I actually like it better this way (it being Revan's fault) since I always thought that putting the blame solely on Malak was a cop out, was not showing just how bad Revan really was when she was the Dark Lord. I also liked some of the other things that obisidian did with Revan, the Sith assassins that Atton belonged to (which are sort of mentioned in K1, by several random Jedi at the enclave), and the idea of Revan finding information about the Star Forge at the Trayus Academy (or at least that was my impression).

Jae Onasi
04-02-2006, 10:52 PM
For lack of a better analogy at the moment, it's like the President F. Roosevelt declaring war on Germany in WWII, but the Generals taking care of the actual attack.
There's plenty of wars and campaigns where we all know who gave the actual order to start a battle (e.g. Gen. Eisenhower and D-Day/Battle of Normandy), so it didn't surprise me that Joe Average would know/assume Malak was the one who gave the actual order at Telos.
Revan would have been ultimately responsible for and guilty of giving the order to Malak to destroy Telos, but Malak was just as guilty for carrying it out and watching the planet burn.
Plus, since Joe Average thinks Revan is dead, it'd be really easily for people to pin the blame entirely on Malak. It's far easier to hate the Bad Guy when he's alive and doing evil than when he's in the grave and no longer a threat.