View Full Version : The Simidian Situation

04-01-2006, 06:50 AM
so heres the deal:

-you can have one character
-your character must own a ship (which must have a name and model)
-each character can have one main flying ability e.g intercepting, bombing and one main ground ability e.g marksmanship, saboteur
-there can be no jedi and/or force sensitive characters

My character:
-Name: Jestin Tralygen
-Sex: Male
-Species: Human
-Ship: modifyed B-wing 'resonator'
-Squadron rank: leader
-Other info: ex-bounty hunter

The Story:
Its five years since the yuuzhan Vong crisis and the New Republic have been at peace with the imperial remnant for years only recently there have been suspicious raids on republic outposts near the rim. Master skywalker and the jedi council seem to suspect that it is a well known group of imperial extremists called 'The simidian justifyers' instead of sending Rouge Squadron to investigate the council have instructed Jestin Tralygen to form a squadron and deal with the simidian situation.

The rules:
one rule: don't be stupid or break the above rules.


*looks at chrono* five minutes until the new squadron meeting begins on carida