View Full Version : Graphically gifted Indiana Jones fans, take your chance!

04-03-2006, 06:17 AM
Dear Lucas Arts Gamers,

At this moment, there is a contest going on for people that like to create a neat design for a new action figure toy line, called smart bombs. The masterbrain behind it (Ken Lilly) was also responsible for the realy cool Muppet Show & Ren and Stimpy toyline of Palisades.

You have to come up with a design for two figures (Little Boy & Fat Man), for which the 3D design has already been done, your task is the paint job.

One of the themes is Indiana Jones: "The theme of this Duo Pack is ADVENTURE, and the Little Boy should be themed in some way to look like a certain archeological adventurer and the Fat Man should be themed like a fertility idol made of gold! You can invert that scenario if you wish."

Since I think many Lucas Arts Gamers like Indiana Jones, I thought it is appropriate to mention this contest.

The cool thing is that this gives an opportunity to provide your own design for a real toy figure line.

Information can be found here:

Design contest Creatus Maximus (http://www.creatusmaximus.com/forum/showthread.php?t=536)

Good luck,


The other themes are: Bert & Ernie, R2D2 & 3CPO, Batman & Robin, & Star Trek.