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04-03-2006, 08:58 AM
Hey all, I'm running the xbox version of battlefront 2 so I'm limited to hex editing (not forever hopefully). I can replace teams, sounds and etc. I can sought've replace lightsaber types, for e.g. On the jedi team, the guy who fights like ki adi mundi, I can give him obiwans lightsaber but he'll still fight like ki adi mundi.

A few things I've been mucking around with but cant' figure out, how can I change around force powers? I'm pretty sure jed.lvl doesnt have any force powers except saberthrow, how can i "import" them.

I better explain my mod, it is the coruscant mod that converts the CIS team to jedi and replaces the republics mace windu hero with anakin skywalker. With the xbox, it can't handle too many lightsabers, I'm not sure whether it is the fighting styles or colours it can't handle, at first I thought it was colours, then I changed all sabers too obi-wans and that didnt work, so I've limited the fighting styles too 3. This worked for ages but then I buggered my jedi up while trying to get more force powers and I had to remod the jedi file to how it was. And now the xbox keeps locking up.

Anyway when the team selection comes up it has CIS or Republic, I'd like to replace that CIS string with something else; like Jedi. Is this possible.

Help is greatly appreciated!

04-03-2006, 10:20 AM
heres some help, throw the xbox version out the window and get the PC version where the possibilities are limitless.

04-03-2006, 08:46 PM
Well I would, but wont for 2 reasons:
a. All my friends have xboxes
b. I can't use keyboard and mouse for the life of me

Actually.. I have an adaptor to use my xbox controller on the keyboard, does Star Wars Battlefront 2 support joysticks with 2 thumbsticks? If it does I'll swap over A.S.A.P. Every game I've tried it on wont support both.