View Full Version : Turbolasers and Shields?

Lord Pickle
04-07-2006, 10:48 PM
Do you use turbolasers and shields on planets? If so which ones? Do you build mines instead of turbolasers and a shields or which do you build more of?

04-08-2006, 05:43 AM
i usually have my 'frontline' planets well defended, ie turbo, shield, ion/hyper (depending on SS level) lots of buildings that spawn troops and generally no mines

i start out a match with maybe 2/3 mines on a planet and some in the backwards like alzoc with 5, i then progessively sell these as i get more planets and my income stabilises at about 3/4k a day, sometimes more or less. this allows me to fortify places like byss, geonosis, taris etc. if i have a large level ss, or can build a large ss i usually put space defence batteries, ie ion or hyper as well.

but yeh turbo lasers + shield + cool garrison and ground forces = kick ass fun battle. especially on places where the shield gen is either inside the shield or far away on an island with a tower guarding it :D

Darth Anarch
05-28-2006, 07:58 AM
I'm much more inclined to build turbolasers and shields if I'm playing Empire. The Rebels are so fond of using the "Raid" ability and landing a (typical) force of Han and Chewbacca, 1-2 artillery units and some Assault Speeders. At this point shields become essential, as the artillery rockets won't pass through (provided you've upgraded, of course).

If I play Rebels I only bother with these on worlds where I know I'll have trouble holding the Imps away in space battle (because of few space forces or a low-level space station on a frontier world) or on planets where the Imperials will have an advantage, such as Jabim (no repulsorcraft, which hurts the Rebels more than the Imperials) or Korriban (Imperial heroes receive bonuses).

07-02-2006, 08:45 PM
As the Empire, I will build almost entirely defensive structures; my typical front line planet will have:

A shield
A Magnapulse Cannon
A Hypervelocity Gun,
and factories to provide garrison units.

As the Rebels, I generally focus only on space defence; the credits I save allow me to heavily defend the space around my worlds. If they can't break through my space defence, they can't invade the planet.

On hard to defend worlds I will place several factories to produce garrison units. The only planet I defend heavily on both land and space is my Capitol (where I keep Mon Mothma). This planet will have a large defence fleet (large enough to serve as an invasion fleet), and a level 5 Space Station.

On the surface of my Capitol I will have:

An Ion Cannon
A Shield,
and Turbolasers
The rest of the build slots will contain factories to produce garrison units.

Darth MD
07-03-2006, 08:26 AM
I keep my frontline planets well defended,with all the defensive structures,the next line of planets are defended but just with shields and turbolasers,and the last planets are just with shields,i use them for credit production,i ussually play with The Empire and I like to be defended against raids.