View Full Version : The Old "Changes made to Enhanced at the code server" Thread

04-12-2006, 03:16 AM
I had this in another thread, but I figured I would make it its own thread so people can see more clearly what changes have been made. I think I got all of them so far.

This information is very important to keep in mind when playing on the code server because some of the changes are very dramatic.

The following changes have been made to the coding server:

1. Attack fakes are unparryable. If you try to parry it, you will get slow bounced yourself. The only way to stop them is by swinging at them.

2. An Attack Parry has been added to the gameplay. Tap attack right before a saber hits you to do this parry. This parry causes heavy bounces which can be conversioned like when their parried low on DP. Also in this heavy bounce*coughs*theirvalnerabletoforcepowerswhichthe yshouldn'tbe*coughs* Excuse me I have a BAD COUGH!

3. Hits do FP damage as well as DP damage.

4. Those almost random turns/spins that you see all the time in 0.0.9 are gone.

5. Staff is more balanced because hits on it now do 75% damage rather than 50%.

I or maybe razor will post any new changes at this thread as they are made.

04-13-2006, 03:45 AM
A reminder. The code server has been down a lot laterly because I've been too busy to mess with OJP and it didn't seem to be getting much use. I'm thinking that I might just run it Thurs-Sun to encourage players to concentrate players so they'll be more likely to have human vs. human battles.

If you wanna play on the server outside those times, just contact me and I'll set it up. The whole process takes about 3 mins so it's not inconventent for me.