View Full Version : Random Things for TSL

04-15-2006, 08:14 PM
Remember all of those conversations about HK-47's past in KOTOR 1? Remember how he always got a sweet upgrade after each of those conversations? Is there a way to get those upgrades implimented into TSL?

I'm not saying give him the conversations to get the upgrades. Nor do I want an item to give me the upgrades. I am requesting that HK have these upgrades right out of the box; since he got them in KOTOR, why shouldn't he have them in KOTOR II (escpecially since his extra parts are coming from more recent models)?

Also, while not incorporated into the game (as far as I know), there was a Wookie Amulet with some excellent lightsaber crystal properties. There is also a mod out there that includes the heart of the guardian/mantel of the force/ something of the sentinal for TSL. Could someone please:

a) create the wookie amulet saber crystal for TSL
b) give it Heart/Mantel/Sentinal properties
or if b) isn't possible
c) give the amulet its cumulative properties from both the Mantle and Heart, as well as with neither.

Thank You