View Full Version : Multiplayer problem(TOO LAGGYY)

04-17-2006, 08:07 AM
I have problem with great lags (every second appears table "connection interrrupted") when i play over internet. My computers are:
1.Desktop - CPU: AMD 1200, 1 gb RAM ddr 333, VIDEO: NVIDIA GEFORCE MX 480 64 RAM
2.Notebook - CPU: INTEL CENTRINO 1.73, 512 RAM ddr-II, Chipset 915
Cable Internet connection speed 350/350 kb/s. I,m using Wi-fi router Trendnet TEW-432BRP. Router supports UPNP. So i,ve installed UPNP suport in Windows XP and turned on UPNP in my router settings. Windows Firewall turned off. I don,t have any problems with connection to other peoples. Only damn LAAGGS :mad: All settings in game are minimal and resolution 800X600. Allways trying to play in gamerooms with pings 72-150. But it doesn,t matter. Every time i see "connection interrupted". In such games like Warcraft 3 Call of Duty 2, WOW, Linage i don,t any lags??? Any suggestion to solve this problem?

04-17-2006, 10:24 AM
Make sure you have the latest patch downloaded from www.lucasfiles.com . If you do, unfortunately, this kind of thing is common place. Sometimes its players connections, other times its gamespys naff servers. Just try to play people who have full green connections.


04-17-2006, 10:29 AM
I could be wrong, but your specs look like they are barely above the minimun requirements, and your internet bandwidth is very low also. My PC is old, and my internet speed is poor because of my cable company, but both are about double what you have. I have to turn eveything down all the way to get decent game performance. There are plenty of people who have twice as good a machine as me, so unfortunately, I'd say it's time to buy some new hardware and try to upgrade your bandwidth. If the game runs fast for you in single player skirmish, then your internet speed is probably the culprit. If you search around in this forum, there's a link to a performance test that should help you determine your problem.

Edit: I found the link to GameAdvisor for EaW, so here it is.