View Full Version : {AFOR} Taking New Members

Big Bird
04-17-2006, 02:44 PM
The Assualt Force of the Rebllion Gaming Clan is now taking members.
Please Visit http://www.aforforums.co.nr/ and go to the applications section after you register for the forum. Tell'em Bird sent'ya.

04-28-2006, 12:10 AM
Thanks for the info. I will have to do that then.

06-19-2006, 01:42 PM
I think I saw one of your members on an internet game. They were pretty good. I just got the game online Saturday, but I am learning fast. I'll look into it.

06-19-2006, 06:13 PM
Hmm. sounds good.

06-20-2006, 11:58 AM
I looked through the forums and they look good. It seems like a pretty active clan, which I like. However, the joining requirements are pretty tough. I usually come in first, second, or third, and I usually meet the requirements, but I don't take screenshots of them. Also, I don't have Xfire.

07-14-2006, 11:04 AM
Its fine niner, but we have our new forums now they are at www.aforclan.com

Plase people if you are still interested in joining it would be great. We are about to get a RC server and Teamspeak server. So we are really coming together now. Please visit our website!