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Darth Abyss
04-17-2006, 03:41 PM
okaay! i am sorry for that bad thread i sent so iam gona be quick and blunt.
I was trying to ask tk102 and anyone who is good at moding if they can make a KotOr Savegame Editor for the Xbox.Here's the deal:If tk102 can use that same KOTOR Editor and make one compatible for moding Xbox saves for KOTOR Xbox version, to make me and all the people STILL anoying me happpy!!,besides(I don't want to sound greddy but...) It would REALLY HELP,for my pc sucks at games and it would relly attract more people if save moding for Xbox worked... Um sorry it does but i cant... well most people cant exept the people from www.codejunkies.com. they are just greedy so thats why i am asking you guys...and girls! ps. sorry if you guys from Knights.com dont make mods just please ask the people from pcgamemods.com;and sorry if i still offend iam still new!! PLEASE REPLY!!!!. thanks! soory again man i SUCK! YOU DON'T NEED TO PUT IT ON XBOX JUST TO BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD IT FROM THE PC!! ,and can i allready download savegame editor to xbox,because I thought i read something like wen my pc worked.(sighs deeply) wigh allways me!!! sorry for the baad spelling!

04-17-2006, 04:05 PM
Tk's Save game editor works with xbox saves already. If you read the readme you will see:

Manually specifying the game installation path (Xbox users take heed)
You can manually specify the installation path for KotOR or TSL by right clicking
the node that says "Knights of the Old Republic" or "The Sith Lords". A popup
menu will appear next to your cursor. Choose 'Change Installation Path' and you
will be prompted to browse for the installation folder. The tree will be updated
automatically if savegames are found. Note that KSE expects the following files and
file structure:

\saves\(various save folders)\savegame.sav
\saves\(various save folders)\savenfo.res
\saves\(various save folders)\globalvars.res
\saves\(various save folders)\partytable.res
\texturepacks\swpc_tex_gui.erf [OPTIONAL - for item/spell/portrait picture display]
\override\(.2da files or .uti files) [OPTIONAL]

(As of v3.3.3, the chitin.key and various .bif files are not required)

Note for Xbox users: Sig files
Sig files are signatures that tell the Xbox that the savegame is legitimate. There are
7 .sig files that are required for a legitimate Xbox savegame:

KSE can create the first 6 of them. The SAVE_HEADER.sig cannot be recreated by KSE at
this time. Therefore Xbox users will need to preserve their original SAVE_HEADER.sig
and cross their fingers that it their KSE-edited game will accept that .sig file.

KSE began generating .sig files automatically as of v2.2.0. As of v3.3.2, KSE will
now only generate .sig files if a .sig file exists in your \saves\(whatever) directory.
If you haven't copied over the .sig files from your Xbox with savegame.sav file, you
can create a dummy file with a .sig extension in that savegame folder and that will be
enough for KSE to know that you want to generate .sig files when you edit your game.

PLus this should go in to TK's already exiting save game editor thread in the kotor tools forum.

04-18-2006, 02:34 AM
Moving to the Tools Forum...

edit: ...and locking because we already have a KSE thread ;) - D3