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04-19-2006, 01:13 AM
Hi, my brother and I (well actually mainly my brother, I'm just trying to help him out) are stuck on Telos at the part where we have to kill Lopak Slusk. We cannot figure out how to get through the green door near location (6) on this map:


Other things to note:
-Everyone before that door is dead except for the prisoner at location (4).
-My brother says that after he killed everyone he got a cutscene of someone and two droids coming out of that particular door. However they aren't there when we look for them. My brother says that before that aforementioned droids got through the door, the door closed on them. Could that be the cause? Is this supposed to happen or is it a glitch?

Thanks very much!

04-19-2006, 01:36 AM
It sounds like a glitch to me Tatter...I've never had any problem like the one you're describing. You might trying reloading from an earlier save if you have one, and playing through it again.

Mace MacLeod
04-19-2006, 10:02 AM
Yup, definite bug. I've hit that one myself.

If the droids don't make it all the way through the door, they're stuck on the other side where you can't kill them, hitting a game-critical dead end. Reloading is the only option aside from cheat codes.

My old comp had a pent3 which the game didn't officially like, and occasionally various creatures or baddies wouldn't make it all the way into combat areas before the game closed the doors on them. Highly annoying. Might be the same thing with your comp?

Save often, and prepare to love the loading screen. Sorry dude.

04-19-2006, 12:50 PM
You might be able to use Darth333's whereami armband (with the door opening feature), however I'm not sure if there's a global that needs to be set there.

Traditionally, you get the door open by talking to the Gamorrean on the right side of the door.

05-03-2006, 07:08 AM
hi there Canderous Ordo here i might be able to help you here i came across the same problem as you on the load screen it should come up as error unable to load if that happend go to a saved before the problem happen for this to happen right as i rember you will need to talk to the girl thats working for lopak then she will get you in after you prove yourself by doing a few jobs.then after all thats clear you should probley use atton as your party DO NOT USE kira as the problem will re happen thats where the glitch happens you will need to kill everyone inside the exchange base then just before the droids there will be five or six mercs with bendock he is tough so i probley if you got powerful wepons use them then after the fight you will go into the room with the gards talk to the gard near the door where the droids come out you should see anthor cutsence DO NOT SKIP THIS other wise problems will happen and it will mean re starting from scratch the droids should walk out if done everything in order as above then have ion blasters handy you should have gotten these at the mineing station once you blow up the droids then you can procede the girl will come in again with the two gards and ask you to work with her work with lopak but i guess you will have to kill him there will be two turrents that comes up dont worry these have shocking aiming not really going to do much damage depending how much intellence you have and if its still getting stuck in the glitch i would probley check the disk it may be marked causeing it to jump there is a number that i know of that may help you out call 1902 223 193 thats a help line they might help you out but if your sill stuck message me and ill see what i can do