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Darth Hansen
04-20-2006, 12:27 AM
"You will not leave Bastilla!" Padawan Dylan Hansen yelled. "She needs you, Revan!", "I seek something in the Unknown Regions, and I must find it." Revan replied. "Why can't you take her then!", "Because I must do it alone." Revan replied. "You will break the heart of the one you love because of something you wish to find!" Dylan yelled. "I must go now Padawan Hansen." Revan responed. Dylan drew his lightsaber. "I will not let you leave Revan, Unless you take her with you." "Shield your blade Padawan, For you are acting like a Sith!" Revan astonishly replied. "Draw your blade Revan, I do not fear you, You are weak."
Dylan said. "Do not do this Padawan, I do not wish to fig..." Dylan interupts him by jumping and attacking Revan. "We must help Revan!!!" A Jedi said. "No" Master Vrook said. "This is Dylan's battle, or his death." As Dylan slashes at Revan furiuosly, Revan says "Stop Padawan, You can still be saved!", "Stop with the lies!!! I kill you here!!!" Dylan replied angrily. As Dylan's slashing continued, Bastilla walked up, witnessed this event, and drew her lightsaber. "No, Bastilla, This is their fight." Vrook said. "I shall kill you in front of her, prove how weak you really are!!!" Dylan yelled. Revan kept blocking Dylan's restless shots, and then finally pushes him away. "You have become a Sith, And I see no chance of healing you, You must be destroyed!", "Then draw your second blade Revan, The one you used to kill Malak in the final battle of the Star Forge!", "Fine, I shall strike you down without hesitation!" Revan replied. As Dylan gets up, Revan attacks him with both of his lightsabers. Dylan blocks the shots and gets back on the offensive side, Trying to kill the one who defied him. "You are weak Sith, Try harder!" Revan laughed as Dylan swiped at him without mercy. Revan then blocked Dylan's swipes, and regained offensive on the battle. "You are the one who is weak Revan, Can't you strike me down in one blow?" Dylan hissed. As Revan's Lightsabers hit Dylan, He could not seem to strike down the Padawan. Dylan's defensive position was strong and showed no signs of struggle against his attacks. Then Dylan lost it. He punched the ground and sent Revan flying 20 feet away from him. "I WILL DESTROY YOU REVAN, I WILL SHOW THE JEDI ORDER TRUE STRENGTH!!!!!!!" Dylan roared as his eyes glowed blood red. "You will die of anger Sith!" Revan responded as he regained stance. "No Revan, I will be feuled by anger, and you will be a dead witness of it!" Dylan yelled as he jumped to Revan. While Dylan was in the air, Revan jumped, And they clashed lightsabers flying opposite directions when Dylan then landed, Ran to where Revan was going to land and when he did, Dylan sliced his arm off. "AHHHHHHHHHHH" Revan roared as he ran toward a random Jedi vessel, "I must find it!" Revan said as he entered the vessel and closed the door then flew away. Dylan responded to this attempt by Force Jumping and landing on the vessel as it flew toward space, As he held on, an Auto-Turret shot his hand and he fell to the ground below, yelling in pain when he landed. He then limped to his ship the Aviator before the Jedi could catch him, And took off, Trying to track the cruiser Revan had been on,but Revan had jumped to Hyperspace long before Dylan entered his own cruiser. As he was flying, A dark figure came up from behind and whispered, "He is travelling to the Unknown Regions, We must find him, and kill him, Darth Hansen." "Not we, Dark Jedi, I" Dylan drew his saber and stabbed the Dark Jedi, killing him. "I swear to kill Revan! For now I will be known as Darth Hansen! And you I sense will help me!", "For you, I will." replied the girl.

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