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04-20-2006, 07:20 PM
In the wake of the events of kotor II, the jedi and sith orders have been crippled and nearly destroyed. But there is hope yet, a jedi master by the name Rurst Vren Lee, seeks to restore the jedi order, by finding the hidden ex-jedi, who are finally revealing them selves after 13 years.

But the threat of the sith still lingers in the galaxy. A lone sith lord by the name Darth Otrun, has made it his personel mission to destroy or corrupt the last remaining jedi.

They will both monitor the remaining jedis actions, and in the time they make there move to restore there orders. It is up to you to decide where the galaxy is heading, dark or light, they will be watching your every move, your every action, your every word !

Will the jedi restore peace and order to the galaxy, or will the sith bring another era of darkness upon the galaxy.....

1. Join anytime before i declare the game started. we will start after we have atleast 8 characters.

2. I play both the sith lord and the jedi master.

3. You must start as a jedi but your actions lead you to the dark or light side. When they (I) think you are ready either the sith lord or jedi master, depending on your alinment, will aproach you and join you into there ranks.

4. set your character up like this:
Name: Blank
Class: Blank (Must be a jedi, no prestige classes yet.)
Lightsaber: Colour:blank/Type: Blank/Number of sabers: blank
Starting planet: blank
Background: blank

Name:Rurst Vren Lee
Class: Jedi Gaurdian/ Jedi Master
Lightsaber: Colour: Blue/Type: Single-Blade/ Number of sabers: One
Starting planet: unknown
Background: Rurst, was a soon to be jedi master who left the order shortly before it was destroyed, he now seeks to restore the order to save the republic and the galaxy.

Name: Darth Otrun
Class: Jedi Gaurdian/ Sith Lord
Starting planet: Unknown
Lightsaber: Colour:Red/ Type: Single-Blade/ Number of lightsabers: One
Background: Ortun, was a promising sith lord in the malachor academy. the the exile came and destroyed the academys inhabitants. Ortun, battled exile, but was handly deafeated. Ortun, was humiliated, he escaped malachor, and has ever since been determined never to lose another battle, and destroy all threats to him. He seeks to rebuild the sith and destroy the jedi.

Class rules:

+3 attack
+2 defence
+1 force
Hp 10

Special: rapid attack allows them to do double damage in 1 time in combat.

+1 attack
+2 defence
+3 force
HP 4
Special: force throw back allows them to obsorb force damage and throw it back against the opponet with double force can only be used 1nc during combat.

+2 attack
+2 defence
+2 force
HP 6

special: Jedi sheild allows them to obsorb the damage of an oppnets attack and use the points to heal himself, can only be used once durnig combat.

The numbers here can be improved through out the game and can be strengthend by special items.( I will supply these). And specials when cast at the same time cut each others efect in half. for instace: PA hits PB with rapid attack, and pb uses force throw back, PA recives 3 damage and pB Res 3 damage.

Combat rules.
If player A with +3 force attacks player B with -1 force. b recievs 4 damage
If B has +3 attack and attacks A with -1 defence. A will recieve 4 damage.
If A has +2 attack and attacks C with 2 defence. C will recieve 1 damage
If C has +2 attack and hits B with +1 defence. B will recieve 1 1/2 damage
If C has +2 attack and hits A with +3 Defence. C recievs 1 1/2 damage

04-20-2006, 08:14 PM
Name: Escaflip Pilface
Race: Kathar (Cat-like humanoid)
Gender: Male
Class: Jedi Sentinel
Lightsaber: Colour: Yellow/Type: Short/Number of sabers: Two
Other weapons: A deck of pazaak cards, sharpened and modified like small razors, two coins, marked for good and bad.
Starting planet: Coruscant
Background: N/A *Revealed in story*
Other info: His life revolves around luck. Everything he does is either good or bad, all depending on the flip of a coin.

Ok your deck of cards will be a special item and will add +2 to your attack.