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04-21-2006, 01:02 PM
Hi Modders,

As previously I previously posted on another thread, I'm running KOTOR 1 on a mac and most likely will never have access to KOTOR 2. For this reason, I am asking, no, begging, that you please give us more stuff to do! I don't want to stop playing this game!

It should be noted that I am starting to mod some things myself, but it will be a while before I can actually create new areas, and lets face it, going through the areas you created isn't exactly fun. Sooooo... here are a few ideas/requests:


5 areas (Davik's Estate, Lower City, Hidden Bek Base, Under City, Upper

3 quests (Find Republic Diplomat, Mission for Zax, Deliver or Eliminate
Republic diplomat)

The PC could recieve a message saying that there is a high ranking Republic
diplomat that survived the destruction of Taris and must be either killed
(dark side) or rescued and brought to Ord Mandell. The Ebon Hawk lands on
Davik's Estate, which is now taken over by Zax. The party is brought to the
throne room where Zax explains that due to the Sith bombardment, the only
way to navigate the city is by speeder, and he's willing to provide you with
his personal speeder and driver if you are willing to do something for him.
Once you agree, Zax's driver will take you to the lower city, now overrun by
rakghouls and other foul creatures where you have to enter the hidden bek
base and kill the new leader. Once that is done, he takes you back to Zax,
who in turn gives you permission to go searching the undercity for the
diplomats. The driver drops you off in the undercity village, now run by
the only survivors left (no promise land for them!) where he will wait for
you to complete your mission and take you back to Zax. The diplomat is in
the sewers holed up with a group of republic soldiers who have barricaded
themselves in to protect themselves from rakghouls and rancors. You have to
fight your way through the nasties and either rescue them or kill them. If
the diplomat is rescued he goes to the Ebon Hawk crew quarters until you
drop him off at Ord Mandell.


All Khaashyyk areas

1 Quest (Stop the Trandoshans)

Upon returning to Khaashyyk after installing Freyyr as the new Cheiftain,
the Trandoshans have taken advantage of the civil war and landed an invasion
party on Khaashyyk. Freyyr's scouts report that they are in the
shadowlands, near the ancient computer. They're too powerful for the
wookies because of there special stealth units and Baragwin equipment. You
must go into the shadowlands and fight them until you defeat their leader
before they can gather their forces and invade the village. They could be
anywhere (and everywhere) in both shadowlands maps.


Any planet

Multiple Quests

The REAL Genoharadan leader has emerged and told you that Hulas was a tool
to test you. Now that he's gone, the Genoraradans have got some important
assasinations for you to do and they could be anywhere and anyone. Some
ideas could be the republic diplomat mentioned above, a Selkath judge, Sith
Lord, etc. Basically another excuse to go around the galaxy finding people
to kill.


5 Areas (Jedi Enclave, Enclave Courtyard, Tomb of Hulak Nord, Sandral
Grounds, Sandral Estate)

2 Quests (Restless Spirits, Mandalorian Invasion)

After landing in the Alderaan Senator's private landing facility, the PC
recieves word that the spirits of Ulic Kel Droma, Shaela, and ? have
been a plague on the planet for years. The only solution is to bring their
remains (datapads of each) to rest in the tomb. You could fight the ghosts,
but they'd only respawn later. Also, a group of Mandalorians have landed
and taken over a house as a base of operations for an invasion of Alderaan.
You have to fight your way into the house (lots of Mandalorians in open
fields) and then kill the leader within in order to stop the invasion


I often thought that for being the captain of the Ebon Hawk, you spend far
too much time in the cargo hold. There are 2 locations on the Hawk that are
relatively unused: the west crew quarters and the tactical battle station.
How about picking up random npcs in various spaceports and dropping them off
for money? The npcs could spawn at random, asking for lifts to any random
location. There could be no limit to this as well. If you're really evil,
you could poison the beds for them and rob them later. Additionally you can
tell them things like "Mission says she'd love to give you a massage" for
dark side points.

Also, how about turning the Ebon Hawk Tactical Station into a communication
computer? Works kinda like the construction bench, only instead of building
items you build your own quests, ie random quest generator. You can recieve
new assasination assignments from the Genoharadans/Exchange/Sith or people
to rescue for the Republic. Each time you recieve a random quest, a name
generator pops out a name and planet where that npc is and the computer
spawns him/her there. Could be anywhere on the planet, you really have to
look for them (alternatively datapads could spawn on those planets giving
hints as to where they might be) and the difficulty level depends on your

A few questions about modding: is there anything in the code that says that the game has to end when it does? what I mean is, whether you finished it on the dark or light side, after the cutscene, instead of jumping to the credits could you just wander around starting from the unknown world? Also,is there a way to do random item drops instead of finding all the items in the same place over and over again?

As always, thank you for all past, present, and future mods. Words cannot express the gratitude of us gamers as we succeed in going through whatever impossible task you give us.

until then,