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Demonic Spoon
04-24-2006, 12:12 AM
Hey folks...

Just thought I'd tell ya about a pretty old siege mod for JKA.



-A whole bunch of classes, that are customizable...

Universal Classes: Soldier, Elite trooper, and Jedi/Sith

Rebel/Clone classes: Wookiee, hero, clonetrooper, arc trooper

CIS/Empire classes: Mandolorian, Bounty Hunter, Droideka, Super battle Droid.

I'll give you an example of the customization. You start with 80 points that can be spent on stuff. Lets say you choose mandalorian.

Your skills are:

Westar Pistols (level 2 costs 4 points, level 3 gives you 2 pistols, 14 points).
EE-3 (level 1, primary fire. Level 2, secondary fire. Level 3, improved accuracy secondary fire and bigger clip).

Fuel (3 levels, 10 points, 9 points, and 8 points)

Flamethrower (uses fuel, great against jedi-10 points)

Rocket (gives you a one-shot rocket that you can launch at will)

Ammo (4 points, 6 points, each gives more ammo)

Armor (4 points, 6 points, each gives more armor).

-An alternate mode, called FA. Each team has certain characters that are selectable, and have a certain number available, depending on the map. For instance, the Duel of the Fates map has...

For Naboo:

-Qui-gon Jinn
-Obi-Wan Kenobi
-Naboo guard (infinate).

For CIS:

-Darth Maul
-Droideka (two types)
-Super Battle droid (two types).
-Battle droid (I think two types. Also, infinate).

-A completely redesigned saber system.

In Saber vs gunner combat, shots aimed at a blocking jedi drain force points, but get deflected. At close range, more points are deflected. Jedi can spend points in Saber Deflect to increase the accuracy of these deflections (they still have to be aimed, though).

In saber vs saber combat, no longer do you have the jumping around idiocy that comes with base JKA...

Each saberist has a blocking meter, which determines how well they can block attacks. Blocking recharges this. You want to try and go past their saber and hit them, forcing them to block, and thus lowers their blocking meter. When it's depleted, any slice goes right through their guard, and they die. A clean slash is a one-hit kill (not counting hitbox issues, which are annoying).

This sounds relatively boring, but the fights are less lame, and pretty damn fun + exciting-actually moreso than base JKA. Medium style is actually the most popular style in this form of combat, in fact, many rely on it completely-although the best make good use of strong and fast styles as well.

This mod is still technically a beta, as new content is still being added. In fact, the next major build should be coming out pretty soon.

I encourage you folks to try it out. It's hard to get into, but you will never look back to base JKA...


This, in detail, explains the mod.


This is the manuel, explaining all the weapons, class specials, and what they do..


THe download page.

Enjoy :twogun: