View Full Version : N_Rodian05.tpc - Exists, but unusable? (Alien_Rodian_05)

04-27-2006, 05:35 PM
I am trying to edit an npc tag and give it the appearance of the TPC file N_Rodian05.

It is a leftover from K1, (Porting is Bad, I know!) and it is included in the erf files for K2.

When I try to change the appearance of a generic N_Rodian.utc, the "Alien_Rodian_05" doesn't show up in the dropdown. Coincidentally, it can't be found in KSE, where you are able to change your appearance.

It can be found, however, in KSE for a K1 save and in KT for K1 utc's.

The question is, when I look in the erf file for it, N_Rodian05 is there, plain and simple. Another coincidence? I cross-referenced it with the texture being pointed at in K1's erf, (Alien_Rodian_05 pointing to N_Rodian05) and it is exactly the same texture...

Why am I not able to use this file?



edit: Thanks Darkkender, I made a new entry for it and it works perfectly.

04-27-2006, 05:45 PM
Because they removed the appearance for it from the appearance.2da file. However this is an easy change/fix. Copy one of the other Alien Rodian entries in appearance.2da and change it to read the 05 entry and you will have a Alien_Rodian_05 entry as soon as you throw this appearance.2da file in overide.