View Full Version : Whats new at the Wild Jedi Server

04-27-2006, 06:47 PM
/connect jka.WildJedi.com

New Rotation:

Capture The Flag (CTF4)
Jedi Master (FFA4)
Capture The Flag (CTF1)
Free For All (FFA1)
Capture The Flag (CTf3)
Free For All (FFA5)
Capture The Flag (CTF2)
Jedi Master (FFA3)

Thanks to OJP for Jedi Master Support.

Server Settings:
- Flipkick: ON
- SP Style 2 Hand Lightning When Saber(s) holstered: ON
- Duel Taunts for all Gametypes: ON
- Saber Damage Scale: 2
- Melee Options: Kick, and normal special combos enabled.
- Droppable Flags: ON (use /dropflag or bind it to a key)
- Capture Replenish: ON (refills health and force to 100 and shield to 25 on cap)
- Fall Fade Time: 0
- Keep Scores on Team Change: ON
- Absorb and Protect at Same Time: OFF
- Private Messaging using /msg [slot#|partial name] [message] in console or chat box
- Ignore Players with /ignore [slot#|partial name] (stays across maps)
- Unignore Players with /unignore [slot#| partial name] (stays across maps)
- Unlagged Server: ON (For best performance make sure your rate, cl_maxpackets, and cl_timenudge are set accordingly)
- CTF Maps have Locations in them
- You can team say with other non-jms as long as there is a jm
- CTF4 Health Packs: ON
- CTF3 Fix for Wrong Color Spawn near upper part of base: ON
- Kill Tracker Advertisements on First Spawn are: OFF
- HTTP Downloading: ON (with client)
- Allow changing of saber without respawn using /changeSaber [blade1] [blade2]: ON
- Vote Limit Per Player: 2
- A vote caller may not switch teams until it passes or fails to fix auto pass bug.
- A vote caller who disconnects or reconnects will cause vote to auto fail to fix auto pass bug.

Chat Tokens:

$h - Your Health
$a - Your Armor/Shield
$g - Your Current Weapon's Ammo
$n - Your Name
$r - Reader's Name
$f - Your Force Power Left
$s - Your Force Side (Dark/Light)
$l - Your Current Location if any avail.
$d - Your Last Death Location if any avail.
$c - Your Team Color
$t - Your Team Name
$e - Your Enemy Team Color
$w - Your Current Weapon
$$ - Use this if u want to print a $

More to come in the future including a client for the mod... stay tuned.