View Full Version : Obi Wan Episode 2 please????

Jedi Eri
04-29-2006, 03:12 AM
I know what you're gonna say, you've grown tired from my requests... But I promise this is the last one (at least for the moment! ) Well,PLEASE, can someone make a Pc of Obi Wan as he is in ep 2 -long blonde hair, blue eyes, and bearded- for kotor 1 ??? I have seen there is a model for tsl- made by a modder- is there any possibility to make a similar one for kotor?

05-01-2006, 11:56 AM
uh the closest one is orsons, the russian kotor modder his is probably the best in my eyes

Kainzorus Prime
05-01-2006, 01:10 PM
None of the download links on his site works.

05-02-2006, 08:36 AM
there were a while back he must have done something that weird