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Hey All :waive1: , this is my first fanfic so be nice :D
This is set according to the results of my games of what i played ... Revan is a light side male, and the Exile is a dark side male Sith Lord. But it will depend on how all you guys like it, as to if ill get that far in putting the exile into it, just have to wait and see ... this will be my views on what happened after the Star Forge and also my version of how the Ebon Hawk got to Peragus before the harbinger and all that ...
"deep breath" ok ... here we go ... hope you guys like it ...


Darkness; it can consume the lightest of all Jedi. That is where a Jedi
must learn to shield oneself from emotion; Love, Anger, Hatred, Hunger for knowledge; these things, as small as they may seem can lead to Obsession, Jealousy ... things which are of the Dark Side.

But even the lightest of all Jedi can have their doubts.

As Revan sat in the port dormitory of the Ebon Hawk, meditating, his thoughts always trailing back to thinking of what he must do. Of what he has done.
Leaving the people he most cared and loved behind, to go on his own search of meaning. To where, he did not even know ... but he did know, wherever his path would lead him ... he could not risk having the people he cared about being with him, not when he himself knew what was ahead.

"No, i can't think of them ... I can't think of her" he said, as his thoughts dwelled once more on Bastilla. He sunk once more into his meditation, fusing himself once more with the Force, letting it flow through him. He could hear the humming sound of the Hyperdrive as they sped their way through Hyperspace ... the general creaks and tickings of the surrounding ship. Deeper he doved into the Force, listening more intently to what was happening in the out Universe.

"What is that?' Revan muttered quietly as he heard a faint noise ... a strain of a whisper, clinging on like as if, it was just waiting for the time for when Revan would hear it.
His thoughts were interrupted once more, stirring him back to reality, but this time it was the sound of a alarm.

"What now?" Revan said as he hurried into the cockpick.
With a slight "oh" of relief, he just noticed that they were running low on fuel.

"Dweep Deet Dee Dwoop!!!"

Revan quickly glanced over his shoulder to see his droid companion T3, the Astromech, come speeding in and slamming into the Co-Pilot's seat.
Looking down, Laughing, Revan said "it's ok little man, were just running a little low on fuel, that's all"

"Dwoo Deet Deweep Deet Dwee Dee Dwoo?"

"No no, no bad guys flying around trying to shoot us out of the sky" Revan said, laughing even harder.

"Dwoop Det Deet?"

"We'll just plot a course to the Peragus Mining Facility. It's near here, but we will have to lay low, with all this nonsense about the bounty on the Jedi"

With that, T3 left to go back to doing his routine maintenence of the ship, and Revan got to plotting the course for Peragus, unbeknownest as to what they would discover when they arrived.


There it is people ... a little short i know, but i just wanted to start out small for the first chapter in case a majority didnt like it. if people do like it, there will be definetly way more longer chapters to come.

So .....
COMMENTS PLEASE!!!! :bounc4:
Come on peoples good or bad i dont mind

Diego Varen
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I assume this is set before TSL. I'm looking foward to this.

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im glad someones looking forward to more of it.
yup its set before TSL and yet ,once i get further into it, itll be set after aswell

Diego Varen
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So does the Exile have a Sith Name or will he be known as the Exile or the Name you called him.

Please check out my Fanfic, Jedi Forces - Shadows Of War.

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i might come up with a name for him, cause i just had my own in the game lol ,,,, and also he'll be known as just The Exile ...

ive had a look at your fic ... i thought it was really good

Diego Varen
04-29-2006, 08:39 AM
i might come up with a name for him, cause i just had my own in the game lol ,,,, and also he'll be known as just The Exile ...

ive had a look at your fic ... i thought it was really good

Thanks, most of my inspiration for Fanfics come from The Plight Of Darkness by ForceFightWMe12, The Crystal Of Life by Renegade Puma, Jaden Korr - Darth Qollous by Sabretooth, The Adventures Of John Skywalker by John Skywalker and Darth Sion: Legacy Of Pain by Darth Sion101. I usually make Chapters on Microsoft Word first and make them at least five pages long. Thing is they don't look as long on LF. When is the next Chapter coming?

04-29-2006, 12:57 PM
Yeah, The Plight Of Darkness is one of the best Fanfics ive read, hopefully my next chapter should be very soon, ive already started ... so hopefully, not long

The Doctor
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Hey guys, if you're going to brown nose FFWM, I suggest you do it in a thread she sees :xp:

Anyway. Good work, BFA. Keep it up.

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Haha, she already knows what i think ... and its all good

also, thanks Doc

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Well people, here's the next chapter ... i think its safe to say that it's longer than the first :D


With only T3 to accompany him, Revan found that it could be very depressing indeed while travelling through the seeming endless reaches of space.

Meditating seemed the only to pass the time, so Revan could only be found in his dorm whenever T3 might be looking for him. During meditation, T3 came whistling and beeping into the dorm,

“Not long now T3” Revan said, without opening his eyes “Go check if you want to”

T3 left, whistling along the way.
The he heard it. The same sound. The same whisper. “Concentrate” Revan muttered to himself. Gathering his thoughts and determination all on this echo, he finally managed to find out where the echo originally came from.

Ten minutes later, Revan was standing in the main chamber looking for the planet, which he saw, when searching for the echo.

“Interesting, T3 … Are you sure there’s nothing there”

There was a positive response of beeps.
Why is there an echo coming from nothing? He asked this question over and over in his head but Revan knew he would not be able to answer this question even if he tried for hours on end.
Then it hit him.
“T3, I’ve got a job for you.


“Listen T3, I need you to go on ahead to Peragus, get the fuel and return to Corusant to the Jedi temple …to Bastilla … tell her to make sure Carth does his new job well, and keep the Republic strong, because I got a feeling it will be needing its strength soon enough” He said “Oh, and if she asks you how I know about Carth, say … I got my ways”. He added smiling.

“Deet Dweep Dwooooooooo?”

“I Know where I have to go now … I know what I have to do … There is a terrible threat ready to strike and cripple the Republic unless I do something … and ive got a feeling I know where to start looking … But no matter what … do not tell anybody where I have gone not even … just don’t tell anyone ok”
T3 obeyed his master, but he didn’t like it at all.

“Thanks T3, don’t worry, ill come back … I don’t know when but I will”

With that Revan left T3 and proceeded to the cargo hold, where he stored a ship just small enough to fit, he got in and used the Force to flick a button he and T3 installed and felt the floor beneath him collapse. He ignited the ships boosters and plotted a course, he did not know how he knew the exact coordinates, but he did. The stars began to blur in front of him and there was a seconds slow down, and then he was pushed forward at light speed and into hyperspace.
Carth Onasi, Admiral of the Republic fleet and co-saviour of the galaxy. Five years had past since that glorious day of victory over the Sith Lord Malak, but Carth knew he would never forget that day. As he looked down at Citadel Station on Telos, he took in all the work they have put into restoring the destroyed city, admiring all of her beauty. Suddenly, his com. went off.

“Admiral Onasi here”

“Its me Jolee, just thought I better tell you, that were getting ready to leave.”

“Wait there, ill be right there” Said Carth and he hurried down to the Docking bays.
When he got to the docking bays he had to go back to his com.


“Yeah” came the voice of the old Jedi

“Heh, which docking bay are you in?”

“Were in Docking Bay 3, Sonny”

“Ok, see you in a minute”

He got to the docking bay 3 door, slid his access card through and entered.
There was Jolee and Juhani, Zaalbar and Mission, Standing by a large transport ship. Carth looked on the side and noticed it was called The Returner.

“Yes, fitting name isn’t it? Said Jolee, looking in the same direction as Carth

“Yeah … you all don’t have to go you know, we would all appreciate it if you stayed”

“Here here sonny, look at me, do I look young enough to still be doing manual labour?

“You don’t look a day over … Fifty Jolee” said Carth winking at him

“Yeah, yeah, yeah ... see? … I don’t know if that was a compliment or just you being smart”

“Seriously though … you don’t have to go”

“Nah, its best if we all went home, right Big Z?” said Mission

“Oh yeah, I forgot a kid got homesick after a while”

“Don’t start that again Carth, Big Z and I are going back to Taris to help with the re-building," Said Mission "you know they still haven’t fixed it all up yet”.
Carth noticed the slight notion in her voice that she was hurt.

“I’m sorry Mission, I didn’t mean it like that, and I shouldn’t be saying anything … I know how you feel” Carth said, making a waving gesture with his hand.

“I know you didn’t Carth, it’s all good … but we can’t stay, we would if we could right Big Z?”
Zaalbar gave his roar of agreement

“But we’ll still see each other you know … we will come back here and your going to visit Taris aren’t you?” Mission said this, not only to Carth, but to Jolee and Juhani as well

“Of course” they all said in unison

“Now that’s all settled, we better get going” said Jolee

“Right” said Carth “Well, Bye”

He was responded by another three parting words, and the roar of a wookiee.
There were the last waves of the hands and they were boarded on The Returner and it took off out of the Bay and out into the known galaxy, leaving Carth to go back to his duties, back to his life of Admiral. For the time being.
The tall towers of Corusant gleamed in the evening sun. The small freighters, transports and gliders going about as they always did.
The Jedi Temple stood in the mist of all this, the waters of the fountain ran quietly … but if you listened, you could hear the soft echo’s bouncing from wall to wall which were produced by the small droplets of water.

A top the fourth spire of this temple, in the Jedi council chamber, stood a lone Jedi knight, the soft breeze flowing through the rooms, making her cloak ripple.
She stood looking out towards the unstopping city beneath her. Pondering where he could be now … it had been five years, yet still no, sign or word from him. Where did they Prodigal Knight go, why did the Saviour of the galaxy just suddenly have to leave? Why couldn’t she go with him?
These riddles, with no answer to them, kept her occupied until the time came for when she would eventually see him again … when Revan would eventually come back, if that would ever to occur.
Bastilla turned away from the window and sighed.

“Maybe I will never see him again, perhaps it is for the better he had left.”

She started to leave, but suddenly got a feeling through the Force, a presence … a presence she had not felt for quiet some time … she turned back to the window and spotted where the feeling came from, and there was a glider there. A Cathar was peering out and looking at Bastilla with a smile on her face. Juhani was back. Bastilla returned the smile and walked back down the tower steps and got in her own glider and took off to follow Juhani.
Where they were going, Bastilla did not know, but Juhani sure did … then Bastilla realised, the cantina came into view and Juhani’s glider docked into the bay, with Bastilla’s right beside her.

“Heh, tell me why I’m not surprised” said Bastilla smiling.

“Hey, it was a long trip … plus I had to endure Jolee’s tales of his youth and the distinct smell of a wookiee … I think I deserve a drink after that” Said Juhani

“You do have a point,” Said Bastilla laughing.
They got out of their gliders and headed into the cantina.

Like i said before people, the more comments i get, depending on if they are good comments or not, ill write more chapters ...

Diego Varen
04-29-2006, 03:48 PM
All I have to say is great. I think you've been inspired by The Plight Of Darkness. I like your way of Revan leaving for the Unknown Regions. Looking foward to seeing more.

05-02-2006, 05:57 AM
c'mon people, ive had 108 views and only a few replys ... if you read the story so far ... and havent replied, please do .... if i get good reviews itll give me more motivation to put more effort into it, so c'mon peoples

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Well here is the next chapter anyway , as i said post if you like, post if you dont like


Revan pulled out of hyperspace and arrived to a vast nothingness. He didn’t understand, this is where he had heard the echo being emitted. He looked around once more, just to see if he had missed anything … there was nothing.

“What the hell is going on?” said Revan getting frustrated. But then a thought occurred to him … maybe.
He closed his eyes, emptied his mind and allowed himself to be opened up to the Force. He did not hear an echo, but he heard a voice … a voice that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

“Ahh … you have come Revan … I had thought that my attempts to bring you here had become attempts in vain … but I am grateful I was wrong”

“Who are you?” said Revan

“Who am I? Why I am your death Revan, you are known as the ‘Prodigal Knight’, but soon that will not matter. You once followed our religion, you dared to call yourself one of us, you, and Malak.”

“ Don’t know if you heard … but Malak is dead, I killed him” said Revan

“Malak was weak!” spat the Voice “he knew nothing of power, that was his downfall, his death was inevitable. As is yours, prepare to die Revan”.
Grey fog started to build in front of Revan’s ship, as much as he wanted to leave, he couldn’t … something was holding him back … he just gazed at the sight what was forming in front of him.
The fog, which was thick as snow in a blizzard … cleared away as fast as it had appeared ... but something else was left in its wake.
A planet
The whole planet seemed to be covered in a dark aura, Revan could sense the taint, which was of the dark side. He went to turn his ship around, not thinking it would be such a wise idea to go down on the planet without help … but was jolted forward and lunged towards the planet. Nothing he could do would stop the ship from going towards the planet; he couldn’t use the force to direct the ship.
Faster and faster he accelerated, the clouds of mist and into the atmosphere of the planet, mountains came closer and trees started to form out of the great green blur in front of him.
As he was going down, Revan spotted something in the distance, it looked like a large tower of sorts, atop a mountain in the distance.
Revan knew what was going to happen … he could stop it … with all the things he had done in his life, all the things which he had wanted to do … all would be lost.
He started to think of Carth, Jolee, Juhani … Bastilla.

“No” he said to himself “I am not going to die”, a new feeling had swelled up in his chest, the feeling of knowing that he might lose the thing most precious to him, was death itself. He didn’t want that to happen.
With that … the ship crashed into the planets surface.
T3 wondered he his old master was at the moment. It had been three months since Revan had left him to go where he needed to, but T3 had not yet heard from him since then. He had got the fuel from Peragus, but it was an eventful stop. He had got attacked by what looked like a Republic vessel, got attacked by a fellow droid, and gained a new master. The Ebon Hawk also accompanied a new crew.
The was a scoundrel, Atton … for some reason though Atton didn’t seem to like T3 very much, he couldn’t understand Attons hatred towards him, because he got told to shut up or leave the cockpit many times.
There was a old woman, T3 didn’t like her much at all, when ever his new master was alone with her for a period of time, he would come back looking sickened, tired and old … but his new master was still very young … a HK droid also accompanied them also … he was very violent towards other people, not just to droids.
His new master was most referred as The Exile, but he was also called Jonas..
Once, T3 was able to be alone enough for him to send a message to Bastilla, telling her about Revans departure from him, and telling her to make sure Carth did his job well.

“How does he know about Carth?” she said bewilded

“Deet Dee Deep Dweet De Dwoo”

“Hmm … yes I’m sure he does have his ways” Said a smiling Bastilla. “ Thankyou very much for this information T3 but I must leave you … ill make sure to tell Carth what you have told me just now … I was planning to pay him a visit anyway seen as though it has been a while”.

“Deep Dee Dwooo Deet”
Yes, ill tell everybody that you said Hi” she said smiling” Goodbye T3”, and with that, Bastilla’s holo image flickered then disappeared.

“Ahh …” came a familiar voice of a HK unit “it seems that the Navicomputer on this ship has been voice-locked …”
Kashyyyk came into view as The Returner came out of hyperspace.

“Ahh … home” said Jolee “ its been too long of a gap since my hermit days”
The Returner touched down on the landing pad and the exit ramp lowered allowing Jolee to descend out of the ship. He passed through the city of Rwookrrorro, receiving roars of appreciation as he walked the now Cerka-free pathways. He finally reached the lift, which would take him down to the Shadowlands.

“Welcome back Jolee” greeted the Wookiee “I’m surprised to see you back here, I thought you would have stayed with the fellow humans”.

“No, this is home” said Jolee, looking around as they descended.
Despite its reputation, Jolee loved the quiet life in the Shadowlands, offcourse you’d have to deal with the occasional Kath Hound or Kinrath, but other than that, there was no disturbance at all.

“I hope to see you again Jolee” the wookiee roared as they came to a halt.

“ You will old friend, I plan to stay” replied Jolee
The lift started to ascend, and with a last wave, Jolee turned and headed down the path, which would take him to his hut. But something strange was going on … there was dead Kinrath and the like littering the grounds around him.

“Hmm … now who would dare to leave me out on all of this fun?” said Jolee looking around as he walked
He walked around a corner and his log-like hut came into view

“ Well isn’t this a sight for sore eyes” he said to himself

He walked to the door, opened and with a last look at the surroundings … entered … but he suddenly got the distinct feeling through the Force, when he closed the door that he was not the only person in his hut.

Diego Varen
05-02-2006, 10:53 AM
Jonas, nice name for the Exile. I like this. Well done.

05-09-2006, 07:38 PM
cool story I like it :evil5:

P.S. ChewKluYa stop saying cr.p,
Mr _BFA story is cool.

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thanks darth ... as you can see, i tried to make up a reason as to why T3 was in communications when Hk walked in ... next chapter is underway ... should be finished soon

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Im hear for you pal if ChewKluYa starts saying cra... then I will kik his as...
hunt him If I have to or her.

looking forward to the nexed chapter.

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Yes, its been a while since a posted the last chapter, but here is the next one, hope you enjoy :D


“Hello Jolee” said a voice

“Now, that’s a voice I haven’t heard in quite some time,” said Jolee very sternly

“Yes, the last time I recall, was when you were standing over my brothers corpse when he had not done anything to you” said a voice of pure hatred

“Listen Taz” said Jolee turning to face the intruder “ I wouldn’t call attempted murder nothing”

“No, you listen old man” Said Taz Rayg “ you killed my brother for turning down a path which was different to yours”

“Because he was a Dark Jedi Taz, you know this”
Smiling, Taz replied “Yes, I know, now im following in my brothers footsteps” Pulling out a lightsaber and igniting the magnificently bright reddish blade Taz said “Now prepare to die old man, this should have happened a long time ago.

* * *
For a guy with that much age on his shoulders, Jolee Bindo still could put up a fight.
Lighting his Greenish lightsaber, Jolee Dodged, twirled and ducked … with all the age, he still had all the strength and agility of a younger Jedi. Fuelling through the Force, gaining more cognition of Taz’s incoming attacks, Jolee blocked all of Taz’s attempts at the dismemberment what he was trying to inflict on him. Taz twirled and with him, is lightsaber came, heading straight for Jolee’s gut. Jolee blocked, brought his lightsaber back up and went to strike down at the shoulder of his enemy, but was also blocked, and he was forced back hard, getting brought off his feet and slamming into the wall. Getting up, igniting his green lightsaber, he prepared for battle once more. Using the Force to fly a chair to fly up at Taz’s face, Jolee ran forward. Taz destroyed the chair and bringing his hand up he pointed it at Jolee, Taz released an onslaught of Lightning at Jolee. He brought his lightsaber up and blocked the Lighting, fusing it with his lightsaber. Struggling Jolee stepped forward, towards Taz. The Force lightning was stopped and a lightsaber was brought down, and it caught Jolee on the shoulder. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air and Jolee grunted and gasped in pain. He stumbled backwards.
Taz ran towards Jolee, lightsaber held high. But with an almost lazy like flick of the wrist, Taz was engulfed in a stasis field, paralysing him in all ways except sight and hearing.

“So young” said Jolee, shaking his head, gasping for breath “Your brother made the same mistake, never attack an opponent while in a state of anger, now you will listen to me whether you want to or not”
Jolee took a seat in front of Taz, and looked upon him with an intent gaze.

“Your master is dead” he began “ and still you strive to fight for the code in which you somehow still believe in … a code in which you swore your life to abide”

Jolee got up, walked over to Taz and grabbed the lightsaber from within his hands and quickly walked outside … a few seconds past and Jolee walked back into his hut. But this time he was carrying a large rock.
He placed the lightsaber down on the table, and with a last look at Taz, Jolee said, “It’s the wrong path” and forced the rock down onto the lightsaber as hard as he could, and he could feel the shatter of the lightsaber underneath.

He lifted the rock and gazed down at the once was weapon. Jolee returned his gaze to Taz, “Now you have no weapon and in a situation where you can not possibly prevail” he made another wave of his hand, releasing Taz of the stasis field, making him land on the floor on his hands and knees.

“What do you want from me?” he said, without looking up at Jolee“

“All I want is to you to see, that it is folly to try and make the once was sith live on. They are destroyed, removed from the face of this galaxy … come back to the light Taz, don’t follow where your brother once lead” Jolee pleaded

Slowly, gathering his breaths, Taz stood and regained his feet. He bowed his head and softly said:

“There is no emotion –“ Taz began

“There is peace ... ” Jolee finished

Looking up, Taz spoke “Jolee, you have wakened me back to the path which is right, my brother was selfish, only searching for more and more power was his downfall, I see that now, and for that, i thankyou."

“It’s alright Taz” said Jolee “I’m glad you see it that way, just do me one favour”

“What is that?” asked Taz

“Just don’t try to kill me ever again please, ive only got a few good years left in me” said Jolee

“Don’t worry,” said Taz laughing, “ I think im going to discover the true nature of the galaxy, let me think, and sort some things out, try and find out what it is I am meant to do”
Taz Headed to the door, with once last look at Jolee he said “Thanks again old man” and walked out the door

“Hmmph” said Jolee

* * *

“I told you Carth,” said in irritated Bastila “It was right after Juhani left when I got T3’s message”

“And Revan knows I am a Admiral” asked Carth confused

“Yes! But I don’t know how he does” said Bastila

“Hmm … ok then” said Carth, and suddenly he folded his arms and a serious expression relieved the confused look what Carth’s face just had. “What about you, are you alright?” he asked

“ Im fine” said Bastila, avoiding Carth’s gaze

“Don’t lie to me Bastila, tell me the truth” his eyes burning into hers.

“OK, ive been better alright” she folded her arms and walked out towards the window and looked out upon Citadel Station.
Even as a person who could not wield the Force, Carth certainly had good persuasive techniques.

“I’m … I’m just scared for him, wondering where he is now, if he’s still … “ Bastila’s voice trailed off

“Of course he is Bas,” said Carth, embracing her in a consoling hug” he will come back”

“Ive just got this feeling that its not going to work out the way we want it to”

“Through the force?” asked Carth

“Call it instinct,” said Bastila

“Don’t even think about that Bas … look at me” he lifted her head up so their eyes met “ he will come back, I promise you”

Bastila wanted to believe Carth, but no matter what he said, that doubt just kept on entering Bastilla’s mind.
They pulled away from each and Bastila wiped the tears, which were forming in her eyes away.

“So” said Bastila, determined to drive the conversation away from Revan “ any news of the Ebon Hawk and the Exile?”

“The last time I heard, they were spotted out on the outer rim, heading to Korriban by the sounds of it”

“Korriban?” said Bastila bewildered “why would they be going there?”

“Im not sure, and im getting quite concerned about out Exile friend.”

“Why is that?” asked Bastila

“I’m fearing he might be going to the Dark Side, his brutality against other people is mounting, and his power is growing immensely,” said Carth

“Well let’s just hope they don’t stay on Korriban for too long, that’s the least place we want him to be if that’s the case”

“Hmm … “ Said Carth, straying into a deep thought.

i know its a bit short but hey ,,, its not the size of it, its how descriptive it is

Diego Varen
05-20-2006, 04:39 AM
Good, a few mistakes. Bastilla is spelt Bastila. You spelt Tan in one area instead of Taz and the Ebon Hawk and the Exile are nouns so they must have capitals. Other than that it is good.

05-20-2006, 05:18 AM
thanks pottsie, yeah, i was a bit tired last night when i typed it up, but as you can see, its all good now

06-03-2006, 08:04 AM
Hey peoples, another chapter in very popular story haha. Again, if you have read the story and either didnt like it or did like, post saying it :D, i wont bite lol, anyway, here it is:


Nom Kavar led a hard life; he was separated from his mother and father when he was only two years old, taken to a family on a planet in the Outer Rim, and when he was old enough, put into a life of slavery.
He was now seventeen years of age, still at the same facility. As much as Nom hated the place, he could not deny, that this has been more of a home than anywhere he had known, even though he had been here as long as he could remember.

On the days where he was not slaving away in the mines searching for rare crystals and riches alike, Nom liked to spend the time he had to himself, in the bosses library, reading up on his most favourite subject in all the galaxy.
The Jedi.
Nom idolised the Jedi, he was fascinated just to read about the lives these people had. The powers they wielded, the weapons they used. He wondered what it would feel like, wield the same powers, use the same weapons. He usually dreamt of a Jedi coming here, to take him from this wretched place, from this wretched life he had.

But lately, Nom kept on having the same dream, over and over again. It was about a Jedi offcourse, Nom could tell that by the Lightsaber. The Jedi would be surrounded by enemies, fighting gloriously, prevailing over his enemies, and perfecting every stroke of attack, every block of defence. But when all his enemies were defeated, the Jedi would turn around as if he was facing Nom, he would walk towards him, holding out a hand. The cloak billowing in the wind behind him, shoulder length, dark hair and brown eyes, overall the Jedi appeared to be Godlike.

For some reason though, Nom had got the feeling that he recognised this man, he knew that was impossible, but there was just something about him, and as Nom went to grasp the Jedi’s hand, the dream would end.

One evening however, Nom was reading about the Exar-Kun war, the last stand at Yavin IV, Light started to fade around Nom, and eventually engulfing him in darkness. He blinked, and suddenly he was bathed in sunlight. He was surround by green hills, and log green plains. The grass rippling in motion with the direction of the wind. He fel his feet leave the ground and he was flung upwards and started to soar through the cloudless sky.
He went over a hill and a building came into view.
‘I know that building’ he though to himself

Then he realised. It was the Jedi Enclave. He was on Dantooine.
‘Reading those documents on the Jedi actually paid off’ he though amusingly.
He came over an opening and suddenly he dropped, he felt earth underneath his feet once more, and he looked up. Four people were standing in front of him.

“Welcome young one” spoke a Twiliek stepping forward. “I suppose you are wondering why we have summoned you here”

“Ahh.. “ Hesitated Nom, he didn’t want to sound too rude “Just … just a little bit”

The Twiliek smiled “ You are very interested in the Jedi aren’t you Nom”
Nom nodded, yes he was very interested. He disregarded the thought as to how the Twiliek knew his name.

“We have bought you here because you show a strong affinity with the Force and we wish for you to be trained in the ways of the Jedi”
Nom couldn’t hide his happiness

“Re – Really?” he asked, his dreams were finally coming true at last!

“Yes, now we wish for you to start your training when –“, but Nom didn’t hear the rest. Darkness engulfed him once more, and he woke to be shaken very roughly by another worker.

“‘Bout time mate, I was here for nearly five minutes tryin’ to wake ya’, lights out in a few, betta’ get to bed”

Nom yawned, “yeah … ok” For just a small while, he thought he was going to be away from this place once and for all, he got up reluctantly and went to his dormitory, and fell asleep almost the minute his head hit the pillow.

* * *

Revan could smell smoke. Still with his eyes closed, he reached out with the Force to find out the damage of his ship.
He lifted his lids to see with his own eyes.

“Oh... “ he said, “Crap"

The sight was much more worse than he could have anticipated, his attention was directed away from his ship to the sight in front of him.
Two terentaks where walking towards him, he jumped out of his, with some help from the Force, he was able to land behind them, ignite the blue blade of his lightsaber lunge it into one of the beasts neck. With an almighty roar, it fell to the ground limp.
The second beast turned, but before he could find out the reason for its mates death, there was a lightsaber sticking into its abdomen and being brought upwards killing it instantly.
Revan looked around and once again, the sight was more worse than he could have anticipated.

“Heh” he said with a sarcastic smile spreading over his face “well, that’s not good”

There were eight more terentaks surrounding him. Gathering the Force, he made himself able to travel double the speed of a normal being. He sped towards one of the terentaks; lightsaber held high, he sliced through the middle of the beast cleaving it in two.
Without looking back behind him, Revan sped on. As soon as he got a fair enough distance away, he stopped. Looking around, he took in his surroundings.
Thick dense forest surrounded him, blocking out all means of sunlight, a light fog, wisped through and around the many trees, he noticed a large boulder beside him, and he took a seat. Revan listened intently and he started to pick out the small linger of whispers between the trees, then thought came upon him once more.

“Where the hell am I?” he said angrily to himself. He had no food, no other supplies, about half an hour later, he decided to head back to his ship, see if the terentaks were still there and get the supplies in which he had and needed.
As Revan walked, he hadn’t used the Force, but he distinctly got the feeling that he was being watched, but he kept on walking.
He came to the edge of a couple of trees blocking the view the small clearing in which his ship was. He peered out through the leaves to see if the coast was clear. There appeared to be nothing or no one, so he used the Force to see.
He walked to his ship, opened the back hatch and withdrew: a blaster, medpacs, some stims, food and water, a cloak and a backpack. He hitched on the blaster, put his cloak on, placed the supplies in the pack and slung it over his shoulder. He started to walk, but that’s when he felt it. A disturbance, not too far from where he was, someone was in trouble. He fuelled himself with the Force once more, pinpointed the distress and took off.

* * *

The next day, Nom got called to do a routine search of the surrounding grounds. It wasn’t the most fun thing what he would rather be doing, but it was good to get out of the mines all the same. He walked to the lookout tower and peered out of his binoculars. Everything was as it should be as far as Nom could see, that was until he came across a sight, which caught his attention rather quickly. A group of trandoshans were arguing about something. He could tell they were arguing because it looked like they were about to rip each other to shreds.

“Hmm.. “ he debated whether or not to go and get someone or go and have a look by himself. Curiosity got the better of him and he decided on the second, as he wasn’t going to do anything stupid. He climbed down the tower and headed into the deep forest.

For about ten minutes he walked, then he heard the raised voices getting closer. The trandoshans were definitely arguing about something, because they were speaking in Basic, Nom could catch bits of what they were saying.

“I don’t care what you think!” one was saying, “ We have to get that crystal!”

“We can’t do it yet” another was yelling “ we have to wait for reinforcements before we can do anything”

Nom peered through a couple of bushes to see what was going on. The two voices what Nom was hearing, were apparently the only two in the argument, as everyone else was standing back, not saying anything at all. If we wait any longer – “ but Nom didn’t hear what the rest that was said was, because his attention was brought back to where he was and the fact that he had a end of a blaster pressed against the back of his neck.

“Well, well, well” came a voice “What do we have here? Move” it said prodding Nom forwards.
Scared of his wits, Nom walked forward out of the bushes and into the sunlight. Everybody looked in his direction, and one of the arguing trandoshans walked towards them, looking absolutely furious.

“Who the hell is this!” he yelled, pointing in Noms direction

“I spotted him spying on us sir” came the voice behind Nom

“I wasn’t ‘spying’ on you” piped up Nom “ I was just passing by and I heard raised voices, you know”

“What did you hear!” the leader demanded, “Speak!”

“No – Nothing really important, just something about a crystal, you attacking somewhere and waiting for reinforcements to arrive, please sir, don’t hurt me, I won’t tell anyone,” pleaded Nom

At this, every one of the trandoshans bursted out in laughter.
“Weakness” spat the leader” you don’t even deserve to live!” he lifted up his blaster and pointed it directly at Nom. But just then, a dark figure had leapt of out nowhere right in between Nom and the trandoshans leader. A blue blade was ignited; there was a loud shout of the order ‘Fire!’ resulting in several blaster shots.
Nom jumped to the ground and closed his eyes. He could hear blaster shots, the screams of agony, and the occasional small explosions of grenades. He opened his eyes and was shocked as to what he saw.

A Jedi!
The Jedi was fighting as gloriously as the other Jedi Nom has saw in holovids. His movement, his perfection for battle was just overwhelming. As the bright blue blade cut down, the last of the trandoshans, the Jedi turned off the lightsaber and turned around to face Nom.
Nom’s jaw dropped. It was the Jedi from his dream! Was it a dream what he had had? Or something more? The Jedi walked towards Nom, but he quickly scampered backwards.

“Its ok” said the Jedi “ your safe now” he held out his hand, Nom grasped it and he was pulled to his feet.

“Nom Kavar” he replied scared

“It’s ok” the Jedi said once again “ your safe, do you understand?”
Nom nodded
Smiling the Jedi said,” Good, now Nom, I need – why are you looking at me like that?”

“So – Sorry” stammered Nom “ its.. “He was trying to find the right words, so he wouldn’t seem like a complete nutcase “it’s just that, I have dreamt this, you standing where you are now, I’ve seen you fighting, as you just did, turning to face me, as you did,”
At first the Jedi looked bewildered, then an intent look of curiosity came over his face.

“You speak the truth” he said “Perhaps.. “ he trailed off

“Perhaps what?” Nom asked

“Nothing, ill explain later,” replied the Jedi “there’s something I need to ask of you Nom”
Nom was taken back, what could possibly a Jedi want with him?

“I need you help Nom” the Jedi continued, “ Can you help me?”

“Hmmph, I can’t help you,” said Nom, the Jedi raised an eyebrow “That trandoshans was right … I am weak”
The Jedi looked at Nom.

“Listen Nom, not wanting to die is not weakness” he said, “Nobody ever really wants to die, now ill ask again, can you help me?”

Nom looked into the Jedi’s eyes. Should he believe him? He had read about other Jedi, who have fallen to the Dark Side of the Force over the years. But this Jedi didn’t seem all that bad; he had saved Noms life after all.

“Yes?” asked the Jedi

Nom nodded, “Alright, ill help you … what needs to be done?”

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In the blackness of space, a lone ship lingered. Battered and scorched, it had the look of an empty shell. Whispers of past occupants travelled within the corridors, tracing their once trodden footsteps. The Ebon Hawk looked nothing like the ship that it was known to be, any longer.

The ship had only two occupants, a strange number for a ship its size, which could comfortably fit at least another ten at least.
A Human, and an M8-M7 Astromech. The Human, in the cockpit, was in fact a Jedi. A lost Jedi at the moment. Unconscious on the cockpit floor, not knowing what was happening in the far reaches of space. The Astromech, inoperative, in the Engine Room.

Slowly, the eyelids of the floor occupant started to rise. Opening up to see the bottom of the pilot’s chair. He tried to push himself up, but suddenly felt a rush of excruciating pounding in his head, and with a soft “uh” feel back on the floor.

“Fine, I didn’t want to get up in the first place” he said to himself

Fifteen minutes past, and he decided to give another try in getting up. He pushed up from the ground, and grabbing the side of the chair, was able to raise and place himself in the comfortable seat. He placed his head back and closed his eyes. He sighed and opened his eyes to see what the scene in front of him revealed.

Nothing. A vastness of black with the balls of gasses sparkling in the very far distance.

“Great, where the hell am I now?” Jonas said

He got up and staggered over to the communication console. “M8-M7, can you hear me?” echoed throughout the whole ship. But there was no answer.

“Great” he walked forward down the down corridor and got to the Main Chamber. But as soon as he seen the doorway to which the Medical bay was situated, an exasperated smile came over his face, and he struggled over to there. He walked in and slumped down on the bunk, and fell asleep almost immediately.

Two Jedi were fighting, then Jonas realised it was the Trayus Core in which the fight was taking place. Then he realised that it was he and Kreia in which was taking place in this fight. The old woman’s strength was fading, her powers diminishing. She fell, on her knees.

“You have become more powerful than I could ever have hoped,” She said “But now, you shall taste the real power of the dark side”. Three purple Lightsabers appeared out of nowhere and Jonas saw himself take a step back.

“Don’t be weak!” He spat “You easily defeat them”

The Jonas in front of him took no notice, and started to fight off the Lightsabers. After what seemed like ten minutes, the fight was over and Kreia, weak, had fallen.

“Malachor shall be your grave, old woman” Jonas watched, as he saw himself throwing his once was master into the depths of the closest thing to hell itself. The Jonas in front of him turned and saw his scarred and wretched face. A face of power, and hatred.

Then suddenly, everything seemed to disappear, and all was black. Then a planet came into view. The planet had a distinct taint about it, and Jonas knew that taint all too well. The Dark Side of the Force. But his attention was drawn away by a presence, a presence he had not felt for quite some time.

“Revan” he said to himself

Suddenly he was jerked awake, he felt like he was being watched, but when he looked around the room, there was no one, and when he tried, he could not sense anyone through the Force. So he just pushed that to the back of his mind. He did not how long he had slept for, but it had refreshed him. His head was relieved of the pounding and he was able to stand up properly. Not like he had Five times the proper consumptions of Juma’s.

He walked out back out into the Main Chamber, and walked down the corridor, which lead to the Engine room. The Hyperdrive was hissing and spitting out sparks, and the M8-M7 droid stood motionless. He switched on the droid and its core cluster ignited, bringing it back to life.

“Bout time you woke up, I thought you would take better care of this ship than that other scrap of junk I left with that annoying Iradonian.” He said irritably

“Wooooooooooo” he said fearfully

“If you don’t watch out, you will be sold for scrap, do I make myself clear?”

“Bweep Dee Dwoo” he beeped, nodding up and down fast.

“Good, now fix this Hyperdrive, and quickly. I need to get going.” And with that, Jonas left M8-M7, in the engine room, making him feel sad and very lonely. He had liked Jonas, when he first met him, but he had turned horribly mean to him in the last few months, whilst travelling in the reaches of space.

The Hyperdrive was fixed in a few hours time, and after a few more threats of getting sold, if M8-M7 didn’t hurry up, they were off, back into Hyperspace.
Jonas sat in the Port Dormitory, meditating for the last few days of waiting. He had not known entirely as to why he knew exactly where to go, but he did not take any more heed of it after they started their Hyperspace route.

Jonas was drawn out of his meditation, to hear the sounds of them getting close to their destination. He hurried to the cockpit and in just a few seconds, they pulled out of hyperspace, and again, a vast nothingness, stood before Jonas.

“Great! I come all this way to a whole lot of nothing? I think not … there has to be a planet here.” He started to walk back to the galaxy map, but stopped when he heard it. A voice, a deep menacing voice.

“Ahh ... Exile … you have come in search for Revan have you not?”

“And may I ask who’s asking?”

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Where have you been? Anyway it's a good Chapter and I hope to see more.

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“Who I am,” said the voice “Is not important, I know why you have come here, I know what you have become, but what I don’t know is … what you plan to do”

Jonas turned and looked into the darkness in front of him and said:

“If you do not know, im not going to tell you” Spat Jonas

“Ahh, you have such anger,” said the voice calmly “I’m glad, you also came … to see this” The grey fog which had surrounded

Revan now surrounded Jonas and cleared away just as fast, revealing the Dark aura of the tainted planet.

“There is a certain person on this planet, what I want … disposed of” said the voice “you will do it for me, once you get on the planet, you shall know who I mean”

“Do your own work, im not your slave” Snapped Jonas

“I know how powerful you are Jedi Exile, and yes” he added, as Jonas had a bewildered look upon his face “I also know who you are, and of all the power you possess you know nothing of the great potential within you, with my help … you shall, but I will only help you, if you help me in return, now” The Ebon Hawk shuddered “Go!” and the ship was lunged with great power towards the planet.

Alarms were sounded but Jonas ignored them, waiting.
He got into the pilots seat, and directed the ship down when it entered the planets atmosphere. He flew over a clump of trees and when he saw one, he landed in a clear patch.

The landing ramp lowered and Jonas walked down it and into the bright fresh sunlight, and looked around. He went over the words, which the voice had said to him in his head over and over, and then he understood.


He wanted Revan dead, and he wanted Jonas to do it. But through all the hatred he had succumbed to over all these years he wondered, could he really kill his old master. His old … friend?

“I don’t know,” said Jonas. He reached with the Force and then he felt it. The presence, which he had not felt for a very long time, he whispered himself.

“Here I come Revan” and started to walk.

* * *

Just as Revan said “Thank you” to Nom, for giving him his help, Revan stopped. He just felt something, a disturbance in the Force, and a presence. A presence he had not felt for years, could it be, after all these years?

“Jonas” he said to himself

“Pardon?” said Nom

“I’ve just felt something in the Force, a presence of someone who I have not seen for quite some years … “He paused ”We need to go, will you come with me?”

Nom looked from Revan to the direction in which the facility was.
“If I do come and help, will you promise me that you will take me away from this horrid place?”

Revan looked taken aback then he smiled. “If that’s truly what you want, then it shall be done”

Nom smiled widely and clapped his hands together “Let’s go then”. So they headed off in Jonas’s direction, Revan not knowing what to expect when they arrived.

“Excuse me, Master Jedi,” piped up Nom

“Haha, yes Nom? Said Revan, not used to being addressed like that again.

“What’s your name? Nom asked

“Oh” said Revan stopping “How rude of me! My name is … “ he stopped. Should he tell Nom his real name? He couldn’t see why not, he would know soon enough anyway when they met up with Jonas.

“Did you forget it?” asked Nom smiling

“No” said Revan laughing, “No, I didn’t forget it. My name is Revan”

Nom’s jaw dropped “You mean?”

“Nodding and smiling the Jedi in front of him said,

“Yes, that is who I mean, I am Revan.. Fallen and redeemed Dark Lord of the Sith, yada yada yada.. .”He finished waving his hand as he spoke, laughing

“I’ve read all about you, and I didn’t even know who you were!” said Nom

“Don’t worry kid, I always get that” Revan said laughing once more, as he started walking once more.

Nom went back to thinking in his head. Holy crap, im actually walking next to Revan! The prodigal Knight and saviour of the Galaxy!

On they walked, Revan in search of a long lost friend, and Jonas searching a supposed target. Both of them did not know what would happen when they met each other once more, but only time would eventually tell.

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Good Chapter, even though it was short. I hope Revan and Jonas meet up.

08-08-2006, 05:19 AM
Yeah, i wrote it the sarvo. The story is starting to actually build up now, ive got the whole thing planned out, all i have to do is put it into chapters lol :D

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What about your other Fic?

08-08-2006, 05:37 AM
Nah, i decided not to go on with it. I thought it was a good idea at the start, but then i said i re-read the guidleines and it says " Have a good imagination, but stick to the SW universe, so ... i decided yeah, i don't want to break any rules or anythin .. i'll just stick with this one. I like writing this one :D

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“Jonas, my old friend” said Revan smiling when Jonas came into view as he and Nom, came around a corner of tree’s.

Revan stopped “What happened to you?” he asked, looking at Jonas “It looks like you went ten rounds with a Krayt-Dragon and still came off second best”

Jonas merely smiled. “I found my true calling,” he said with an evil smile spreading across his face.

“Ahh, right” said Revan uncertainly “How did you get here Jonas?”

“You will know the ship well Revan, as you travelled across the galaxy in the quest to bring down Malak”

“The Ebon Hawk” said Revan impressively “How is she going?”

“Good enough” smirked Jonas, remembering the image of the scorched plated ship. “But that’s not the point, to this whole un-needed conversation”

Revan, looked in his eyes … into his pale yellow eyes, not enough sleep was one thing, "but damn" thought Revan … Jonas looked like the living dead.

“Why are you here, Jonas?” he asked

“Looking for you, Revan,” and he added “Old friend”

“Why? Nothing has happened has it? Nothing wrong with the republic or anything like that?” asked Revan apprehensively.

Jonas’s smile grew larger “Oh” he said, “I don’t think that you have to worry about the Republic, anymore that is”

“What?” said Revan, and then it dawned on him

“Oh no” he said.
Nom looked between the both of them wondering what was going on “What is it Revan?” he asked

“Get behind that boulder Nom” is all that Revan had said “Now!” as he drew out his lightsaber and igniting the brilliantly coloured blue energy blade.

Nom didn’t need telling twice, he knew this was not going to be good, he ran and dived behind the large boulder what Revan had indicated and peeped his head just high enough to see what was happening.

“You have fallen,” said Revan, gloomily.

“No” said Jonas; drawing out his own lightsaber blade and igniting his own Red blade of energy “I have found power, and the true meaning to my very existence”

“And what is that?” spat Revan “To destroy everything what we have fought all our lives to protect?”

With a smile and a wink Jonas said “Precisely”

“Too bad you won’t live to see that day of reckoning!” said Revan, lifting his Lightsaber high above his head.

“You cannot defeat me Revan, I am too powerful” said Jonas

“We shall see,” said Revan and he ran towards Jonas, and Jonas ran towards him with his own lightsaber held high.
Revan swung his lightsaber down and it clashed hard, against the red blade, of Jonas’s, so they looked eye to high, both trying to overpower the other. Revan kneed Jonas in the gut and he fell backwards onto one knee, and Revan lunged his lightsaber downward at Jonas’s neck, but it was blocked and Jonas bought his own saber sweeping down across at Revan’s legs.
Revan shot upwards, and flipped over Jonas so that he landed behind him and he struck at his back.

Jonas did a roll and evaded the oncoming attack, jumped up, turned and used the Force to send Revan flying back into a large stump of a tree. Revan threw his lightsaber directly at Jonas, directing it with his hand, but Jonas dodged it and when sprinting towards Revan. His lightsaber came flying back into his hand, and he was able to block the incoming attack just in time, and with agility as fast as a snake, Revan lashed his lightsaber across Jonas shoulder, cutting it deep; blood automatically soaking his clothed shoulder, and down his arm. With a yell, he flipped backwards and onto a high mound.

“Had enough?” yelled Revan, looking up at his once was friend.
“Never” said Jonas “I swear to you now Revan, at the end of all this, I will gaze down upon your corpse and smile!” he screamed

“At the end of what?” yelled back Revan, but Jonas sped through the air and into the clumps of tree’s and out of sight within seconds.

“Nom?” said Revan, looking around breathing heavily.

“I’m here” Nom’s voice replied, as he came out of the cover of the boulder. “Was-“ he began “Was that a friend of yours?”

“Old” Revan corrected “old friend, yes … but he has now turned towards the Dark Side, I cannot give up all hope to turn him back, but I don’t think that there is a chance that I will be able too,”

“You have to try though,” said Nom “Nobody is without redemption, you of all should know that”

Revan looked down at Nom and smiled “Touché” he said “That I do, and no ... I will not give up hope, until I know for sure, but I cannot fight this alone. There is something, darker here … on this planet, and I do not think Jonas is acting on his own free will … he is a puppet I presume, and where there’s a puppet, there has to be a puppeteer. And that’s what I intend to find out, but I will need help with that,”

“I will help you with that” said Nom smiling, a fire lighting up in his eyes.

“Thank you once again Nom, but im afraid you cannot help me here, I need you … if you’re willing … to take the Ebon Hawk, and fly to Corusant, to the Jedi Temple. Look for Bastilla, and tell her its time; the galaxy is in need of our help once more. If she asks why, tell her that I will tell them all about it, once they get here”

“They?” asked Nom

“You will need to gather some old friends, on your way back,” said Revan smiling “Say to Bas, that we need everyone, for this. She will know what you mean, so Nom … Will you do this for me?”

“Yes”-said Nom, nodding his head.

Revan smiled “Good” he said, “Now, let’s go, where I first sensed Jonas, was not too far from here and I daresay that’s where we shall find the Ebon Hawk,”

They started walking, and Nom started to get butterflies in his stomach. He wasn’t sure what this was due to; Whether it was because he was leaving this planet for the first time, and that he was going alone, or knowing that he had to come back here after he had left. But while walking, I thought at the back of his, kept on popping up, and annoying him. He wanted to ask Revan, but what if it was nothing? That would be both annoying and embarrassing, but after ten minutes of debating with himself, he piped up; “Revan?”

“Yes Nom” said Revan looking down at him while they walked

“Before, just after you saved me from the trandoshans. You were starting to say thing after I told about the dream I had, seeing you and stuff”

“Ahh” said Revan

“I was wondering” Nom continued “Whether there’s more to be said about that?” he looked up at Revan with a hopeful gaze on his face.

Five more minutes they walked, Revan had said nothing, but he himself was debating inside his own mind, whether he should tell Nom or not, but it was important, and yes, there was potential ... there was a great power hiding inside Nom, but would he unleash it upon the galaxy in the quest of peace, or destruction?
He finally decided that that was a problem with all Force-sensitives, and young padawans.

“Inside you Nom” Revan started, and Nom looked straight back up to Revan’s face “Is a great power, I can sense it, and if you can wield it, and control it ... there’s a making of a Jedi inside you, you can feel the Force, and hopefully, with my help, along with Bastilla’s and some of the other companions you will be receiving, you will become a great Jedi” he stopped and looked down at Nom “That is ofcourse, you will be willing, to learn the ways of the Jedi?”

That same fire sparked in Nom’s eyes once more “Yes, Master Jedi ... Of- ofcourse I do”

“Now Nom, this isn’t a decision to be rushed into, a path of the Jedi is a long, and hard one which can sometimes take an unexpected turn, sometimes for the best, sometimes … for the worst. With things that tempt you around every corner, you will face challenges, which demand every ounce of determination in you. Are you able to live such a life?”

Nom nodded “Yes, I am, and I will,”

“That’s good” he clapped his hands together and Revan, continued, “Now, we need to get o the Ebon Hawk,”

So they walked on, through the scrub, until the clearing, which the Ebon Hawk occupied, and they gazed upon the ship. Revan was horrified, all of the beauty which it once held was now gone, and the ship which he had used to know, was now no more.

“Damn it!” Spat Revan

“What?” said Nom surprisingly.

“Now I have to bloody clean this thing again!”

* * *

Revan plotted the hyperspace co-ordinates, for Corusant into the Navi-Computer for Nom, and showed him what he would need to do, once he arrived at Corusant, and then he said.

“Your path of the Jedi starts now, on your way to Corusant, you will find in the starboard Dormitory, a footlocker, and inside it some Jedi robes … and in the Garage in the cupboards, underneath the workbench, some Lightsaber crystals hopefully. When you get to Corusant, Bastilla will recognise for whom you are, and it all should be alright, now … I must leave you. I shall see you once more soon young padawan,” And with that, Revan took his leave, and walked out of the loading ramp and out into the clearing to watch Nom takeoff.

Nom took a deep breath “OK, let’s see how this goes” He ignited the engine, and the Ebon Hawk lifted off the ground and flew up into the sky and out into space. Nom pressed the button what Revan told him to push, and with a split second slow-down, Nom was shot into Hyperspace, leaving Revan alone, down on the planet below.

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Sleep, the true cure. It relieves us of our fear, gives us a chance to go to places we never thought imaginable, and lets us do things, which we thought were impossible. Even this is such a beautiful thing, beautiful things come to an end, but for some, they keep on going on the next day.

Nom’s consciousness woke, but he kept his eyes closed. He wouldn’t be telling his mates about that one, he thought. He dreaded once again, for waking up … for dreaming he had met Revan, and one of Revan’s old friends, which had turned to the Dark Side, and the fight between the two.

Nom sighed “Just a dream,” he said, as he opened his eyes and looked around in the room he was. He was lying in the bunk, in which situated in the Ebon Hawk’s Port Dormitory, as he sat up he rubbed his eyes to make sure he still wasn’t dreaming. And when he decided that he wasn’t, he let out a long and loud cheer.

He got up, found and dressed into his newly acquired light brown Jedi Robes, he shivered so he decided to put on his cloak also and walked to the cockpit. But as he sat down in the pilot’s chair, some words popped back into his head.

“ … And in the Garage in the cupboards, underneath the workbench, some Lightsaber crystals hopefully”

His eyes widened and he went off to the garage, when he got there, he saw the workbench and headed straight to it, opening the cupboards underneath as he got there. And there they were, three different coloured focusing crystals; a blue, green and yellow one lay there. The all looked beautifully inviting, and he did not know which one to choose, so he decided to wait until he got to Coruscant and met Bastilla, maybe she could help him choose. He closed to cupboard doors, but just as he stood up, he felt something, an energy source close by, he did not know how he knew this but, as he turned he was surprised to see that he was right, and there was black and white, bullet-headed Astromech droid there.

“Oh, hullo” Nom said, letting out a long sigh of relief “You scared me nearly to death!”

M8-M7 just stared at him, who was this new human and what did he want?
“Beep Dee wooooo?” Whistled M8-M7
Because of all the years at the facility, working with the all droids that accompanied him, Nom was able to understand the little droid.

“My name is Nom” he replied “I’m a friend of Revan’s, he used to own this ship and –“ but Nom was cut off by a series of beep and whistles, which were issued from M8.

“A man named Jonas did you say?” he asked, receiving a series of affirmative beeps in return. Nom continued, “Well, He is … I mean, he was a friend of Revan’s, but he has turned to the Dark Side, and Revan has taken claim to this ship once again”

“Dwoo Bee Bweep Dee Wooo?”
“No” Nom said, “Jonas does not have to be your master now, its Revan now, I guess”
M8-M7 became ecstatic and started zooming around in circles, whistling loud as he went.

“I take it you did not like Jonas very much then?” asked Nom, laughing

There was a series of beeps and whistles in return and Nom replied “Well, don’t worry about that, Revan is very nice and he won’t be mean to you”

“Beep dwoop bee deewp?”

“We are going to get some help” said Nom, so he started to explain all about the Revan vs. Jonas fight, the history between the two and the current mission in which they had to undertake.
When Nom had finished, he went back to the dorm and M8 proceeded to go about to doing his routine maintenance of the ship as normal. Nom kneeled down on the cold metal flooring and started to try the technique which Revan had showed him in their short period of time together: the Jedi Trance.

Deep breaths he took, emptying his mind of all thoughts and he opened himself up to the Force. It was unlike anything, which Nom had ever felt before. It was … Bliss. He could still sense everything happening around him, the creaks and grinds of the ship, and he could also sense, something beyond metal, and something far in the deep reaches of the galaxy. Hiding, it somewhat seemed, from everything else, hungry, weak. He drew his attention away from that and took notice of the full beauty in what he was feeling. Like the warmth of the sun, as it protrudes on your skin, the first time in seeing and ocean. He felt, for the first time, elevated, not a care in the world, or in this case, the Galaxy. As he dove deeper and deeper in the Force, more and more he could sense, and even the very few objects which were surrounded around him, started to levitate off the ground a few feet.
He was shaken back to reality when he started to hear loud sounds of alarms, he sped to the cockpit only to be told he was reaching his destination: Coruscant. He brought the Ebon Hawk out of hyperspace and was amazed at the sight, which had evolved in front of him.

“Wow” he said, as he gazed upon the city-covered planet, which was Coruscant
* * *

Bastilla Shan sat in the top most spire of the Jedi Temple, the council chambers. Younglings were coming to and fro presenting themselves to her to see if they could start their training, most had no affinity in the Force whatsoever, but there were some who had shown potential.
Three other people sat with her in the chambers; there was: Jorn Kidra, Kyp Night and a Twiliek named Siek Ta’ril.
Bastilla gazed from the newest Youngling, to the three that accompanied her. Both Kyp and Siek nodded in agreement, but Jorn stayed motionless. Bastilla also nodded, and said to the youngling “Welcome to the order,” she motioned to the door “Go and join the others, and tell the next person to come in, please,”
He hurried out, but instead of another child coming through the door, a boy who looked to be at the age of seventeen entered, looking apprehensive.
“Im sorry, but today is for only youngli-“ Bastilla began, but she stopped as she saw the robes what the boy was wearing. Jedi robes.

“Are you Bastilla?” he asked

“Yes” she said, “How can I help?”

“Finally” he said, “I’ve been looking for you nearly all day, I have some news. It’s about Revan”

“Revan?” she said, standing up “Very well, follow me”

She walked out to the hallway and down the hall to a room on the left. She entered and was soon followed by the boy

“What is your name?” she asked

“My name is Nom” the boy replied, “I live on a planet far from here, in the place what you call the Unknown Regions. I met Revan and he said to me that I needed to find you, and everyone else. He needs help, and he will no doubtly explain everything when we get back, I don’t know the full story either, but what I do know is that we have to go immediately.

“You are a Jedi?” she asked
“No” Nom replied, and as Bastilla raised an eyebrow, he hurriedly said:

“Kinda, Revan said that I have a great power inside me, and with his and your help, I would soon learn to control it,”

Bastilla looked at Nom, and now that she come to think of it, he did have a considerable power stored within him. And as she continued to gaze at Nom, she soon learned that he was in fact telling the truth, so she said.

“Very well, I have to go and inform the other Masters where and what I will be doing. Where is the ship you came in on?” She said

“I’ve got the Ebon Hawk, and it’s at the docking station in Docking Bay 4,”

“Good, Good” she replied “Well prep it for launch and ill be there in a moment”

* * *

Nom waited at the foot of the loading ramp, and Bastilla came into sight, carrying a bag, and a small smile.

“Ahh ... it’s been too long,” she said, as her and Nom walked up the loading ramp and inside the Ebon Hawk. “But I must say” she continued as they entered the main chamber “that the Hawk looks a little worse for wear,”

“Yeah, Revan didn’t like the idea of having to clean it again” said Nom, but just as he finished, Bastilla let out a loud scream of laughter, Noms head flicked so fast p to look at her that he felt a creak in his neck “What?” he asked

“Revan? Clean? HA … when has Revan cleaned anything? It was always Me, Zaalbar and Juhani cleaning,” She said “Carth ‘Sometimes’ helped. Mission ran away every time she heard the words, ‘clean’ and ‘Ebon Hawk’ used in the same sentence. Jolee kept on using the ole’ ‘Im too old for manual labour’ But Revan! Ahh ... jeeze ... He always used the same reason over and over again,” she put on a deep manly-type of voice and said “Saving the galaxy is far more important than a couple of scratches and pieces of dirt. I even said, ‘yeah, but you do want to go out in style don’t you? Because style was his ‘thing’ apparently, but nooo that didn’t work either” She stopped and let out a long sigh

Nom laughed, took a note to say something to Revan when they got back, but then he realised that Bastilla would most likely say something first.
Bastilla clapped her hands together and said “So, where to first captain?” looking down at Nom. He didn’t even realise she was talking to him, until he looked at her.

“Uhh – umm ... well, we could go to Telos, and get Carth to take some time of work?” said Nom

“Right then” she said “Well, lets go”

Ten minutes later, the Ebon Hawk rose into the air, and took off out of the docking bay and into the fabulous ‘forget-me-not-blue’ sky, and out into the space above. Nom making sure he reminded himself to come back the next chance he had. He plotted a course for Telos. The slipstream opened, and they entered hyperspace.

But there was another ship also waiting behind them, smaller in size compared to the Hawk, but was outfitted with heavier armour and more advanced weapons. The occupant entered the same co-ordinates for Telos, and followed in the Ebon Hawks wake.

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Carth awoke abruptly, as he started to hear, large bangs on the door, which led into his compartment suite.

“Wazzagoinon?” he said stupidly, as he straightened up, his eyes gaining focus.

“Get up, ya lazy oaf” Came a voice. He knew that voice.

“Bas?” he said, getting up and heading towards the door. Opening up, he saw the figure of Bastilla Shan, standing in the doorway, but she was not alone.

“Smart” she said, smiling. Then looking more intently, she said “Didn’t think we were worth getting dressed for did you, eh?”

“Huh? – “Carth began, but then realised what she just said and he looked down “Oh, Shi- “ Closing the door fast with a bang, while Bastilla rang out with laughter. “Be right back” he yelled back, embarrassed.

When he changed into his uniform, he went back to the door and opened it once more, to reveal Bastilla leaning on the door, with a smirk on her face.

“Don’t even think about it,” he said to her, unable to hold back a hint of a smile.

With a shrug she said, “Don’t worry about it Carth, Haha … I wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation now would I?” and before he could get a reply in, she said, “Are you going to let us in or what?”

“First of all” said Carth “Who’s us?”

“Well, let me in and I can explain it, can’t I” she said “And, by the way, what I will and what he will tell you, will interest you deeply I should think” she added

“Well if that’s the case” he bowed, mockingly and gestured Bastilla and the other boy, inside.

“Make yourselves a home,” came Carth’s voice as he closed the door behind them as the entered. They took a seat, and Carth sat down looking at Bastilla, the bringing his intention to the visitor, he said “And, who might you be?”

“My name is Nom” replied the boy “I’m from a planet far from here … out in the area of space you call the ‘Unknown Regions’” At this, Carth’s attention focused, and he straightened in his seat. “I have come, on behalf of the wishes of Revan, whom I met and he asked me to gather, the companions whom which he travelled with long ago. There is a threat, a threat large enough to destroy the republic, and Revan needs help”

“Carth considered his words, and looked at Bastilla. “Is this true?” he asked

“Apparently so” came Bastilla’s reply

“Hmm … “Carth said, straying into a deep thought. After a few minutes, Bastilla said “Hey! You awake?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah” Said Carth, “Just thinking”

“So, are you coming with us?” Asked Bastilla

“What?” said Carth, flabbergasted, “I can’t come with you … I’m sorry Bas, but I’ve got a job to do here”

“Soooo …” Bastilla began “We will meet you at the Docking Station, in about fifteen minutes time?”
“Bastilla” said Carth

“Carth” replied Bastilla “This is more than just supervising Citadel. To protect Telos, you have to protect the Republic” Nom, admired her use of words to persuade Carth, and he also knew, that she did not even have to use the Force.

“I hate it when you do that!” He said angrily, but once again, letting loose a small smile.

Bastilla smirked “So, as I said … Docking Station. Fifteen minutes?”

“I suppose so, just let me sort it all out”

* * *

“About bloody time!” Said Bastilla. Her and Nom were sitting on the loading ramp for half and hour, when an irritably looking Carth, came around the corner carry a large bag, which he had slung over his back.

“Don’t start,” he said, his eyes glaring.

“It went that well, did it?”

“Oh, it went better than that … well, it kinda did, after I told the board that it was a problem for the security of the Republic, after I said that, they were all for it!”

“I’m sure they would’ve been”

“Anyway” continued Carth “I got the time off, I needed … so, we going’ yet?”

“Hold it right there!” came a voice

Bastilla and Nom looked behind Carth, while Carth just glanced over his shoulder. There was a tall, muscular man, with a long coat and he wore a midle expression with a slight hint of a sneer, holding which looked to be a blaster carbine. He also had a vibrosword, hooked onto his back. He was leading a group of five other hoodlums, who were walking silently behind him. All carrying modified, blaster pistols, and also had vibroblades hooked to the back as well

“Well, well, well” said the leader “Look what we have here, Admiral Carth Onasi and the Jedi master, Bastilla Shan”

“Thank you,” Said Bastilla “For that fine introduction, now … if you don’t mind, we need to get going, things to do you know” she made a hurried whisper to Nom “Hop on the ship, and quickly prep it for launch … We will, be with you shortly” Nom, feeling left out and un-important, like old baggage being tossed to the side, obeyed Bastilla and hurried into the cock pit. Looking out of the front view screen he noticed that, two of the thugs, were already down, and a third just got struck down by Bastilla’s Lightsaber, and a laser blast to the head, by Carth.

The last thug, dropped his pistol and and looked to as if, pleading to be let go. Bastilla nodded and Carth started to walk onto the loading ramp, followed by Bastilla. Nom noticed the thug, quickly double back to his pistol and aimed it at Bastilla’s back.

“No!” Nom yelled and he raised his arm. Immediately the thug dropped his pistol and flung his hands up to his throat, apparently choking to death. But Nom didn’t lower his hand, he heard quick footsteps behind and took his concentration of the thug and he noticed Bastilla looking shocked, and angry.

“It was you!” she said “Nom, never, never … “ she looked like, she was trying to find the right words to say, and not act so motherly-like, all at the same time. “That was a Dark Side power, we do not use that Nom, in time you will understand … A Jedi, does not use his or her power for Evil, for good only. That will be the first lesson I will teach you. A path of the light is never an easy one. The Dark path is a more quicker and seductive path, but it is not stronger, it is only a path to destruction.”

Nom lowered his head in shame. “I’m sorry, Master” is all he said

“It is all right,” Said Bastilla “Now, it’s a long trip to where we have to go next, so I suggest you get some rest before we get there, because it’s a long trek to our destination when we even get to the planet.”
“Yes, master” Said Nom “Where will be going?” he asked

“To Kashyyyk” replied Bastilla “To an old friend”

* * *

Meanwhile, in the outer rim of the galaxy, on the planet of Korriban. Evil stirred once more. In the tomb of Naga Sadow, where Revan and Malak once journeyed to gain the Star Map, lurked a servant of darkness. Waiting, for the time when he would hear the word to set out. For the past few months, all he has done has, train and train … gaining the full power of the Dark Side, from within each tomb … Fuelling himself, with his Hatred, and malice, and his longing destruction for all life. But soon, would be the time ... To strike down, and take revenge.

Turning off the double-bladed crimson lightsaber, he walked throughout the tomb, and into the entrance hall … where skeletons lay, from the once Sith master, who lead the academy, and the pathetic student who turned on him, but in turn, both being terminated by Revan.

Out into the Valley of the Sith Lords, walked the stranger … he knew every inch of the valley now … and as he walked, his hatred grew even more. To his ship, he walked and he went up the ramp and into the cockpit. He noticed a message had been left, ‘About time’ he thought … he pressed the button to display the holograph image of his master and listened to the message.

‘The time has come, my young apprentice. Go now, to the world in which the Exile Jonas and the traitor Revan has boarded. Yes, Revan! You may kill him if you wish for what he has done, but leave the Exile so he can do my bidding. Or better yet, make the Exile kill Revan, he was once his friend, and that would see whether, Jonas could actually be worthy
'You have grown powerful, Darth Atrox, more powerful then I could ever have hoped, and I can sense your presence from where I am situated. The time for the Sith has come, now … Go, and fulfil your destiny!’

The holographic image disappeared and Atrox was humoured. Yes, he was strong, and soon enough ... he would be strong enough to usurp his master and take the worthy title for himself! And speaking of being worthy, what would this Exile, be worthy of if he killed Revan? He did not know, nor did he care, for it would be him who would be deciding whether he would be worthy enough to live or to die.

He sat down, in the pilots chair, and entered the co-ordinates, to which he was meant to go, and took off into the night sky and out into space … Where he entered Hyperspace, to … as his master had said, fulfil his destiny.

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:D:D:D:D:D:D ... lol, all with studying and stuff, its bloody hard to get around to actually writing it. Ending of school has been alot tougher than what i thought it would be haha ... (and annoying as well ;)lol)

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Revan dived behind a huge boulder as several blaster shots were fired, one managing to sear his right shoulder as it flew past. He then sensed it, a sudden surge of extreme power, closing in on him this very instant. But just as quickly as he sensed it, it went away, hiding. Grunting, he ignited his lightsaber once more.

“Come out, Revan!” Yelled one of the soldiers pursuing him. “Our master would like a word with you,”

“Tell your ‘Master’, if he wants to talk to me, he can come himself. Not send his dogs to do his dirty work!” Revan yelled back.
He was replied with another volley of blaster shots, smiling Revan gathered the Force, and flung him over the rock and through the air, to where the lead soldier was standing.

“Hello there” Revan said smiling, as he struck the soldier down. The other soldiers dropped their blaster and took off for their lives.
“Hmmph … “ Revan said, “I was hoping for a good training session to keep the blood pumping”

“Jonas is sure making a name for himself,” said Revan as he gazed down at the limp body, of the soldier he just struck down.

“Oh ho! Well done, Revan!” said a voice behind Revan, “But I must say, if you didn’t know I was behind you, you must be loosing your touch,”

“So …” said Revan, as he turned around “It’s the mighty Jonas … if you possibly think that a couple of pathetically trained soldiers would overpower me, I would say that it was you, my ‘dear’ friend, who was loosing his touch”

“Oh, I knew that you would easily defeat them, but I must say,” said Jonas looking down at the body and the direction in which the other soldiers ran “I thought that they would a least put up a bit of fight. But no need to worry about that now, they will be punished soon enough”

Revan shook his head “Why Jonas, why?”

“Why what?” Jonas replied

“Why did you become what you are, today? A charity for pain and destruction, killing those who need not die” Revan looked into those twisted yellowish eyes “I pity you!”

“We shall see who will be needing to pity soon enough Revan” he waved his hand, and twenty more Sith Acolytes Forced jumped from behind the tree’s and landed to form a circle around Revan.

“Nice acrobatics you got going there, Jonas” said Revan, now realising what that sudden urge of power he sensed before was. Why didn’t he realise? Perhaps, he was loosing his touch? He shook his head, clearing away that thought and smiled “But do you really think, these can defeat me?”

“Oh, I don’t need you defeated,” said Jonas “I just need you alive. Attack!” he commanded and the Acolytes closed in on Revan

“OK” said Revan “Looks like, im going to get that training session, what I wanted after all”

* * *

“Hello Jolee” said Bastilla, as they were walking down the loading ramp of the Ebon Hawk “How did you know we were here?”

“Child, how do I walk around? How do I see? Answer all these questions and there’s nothing left to do,” replied the Jedi Master

“You sensed it was us, yep” said Bastilla smiling

“Yeah, yeah … you were always a bright one” sneered Jolee, “However, I did sense someone who I did not know” His eyes travelled to Nom “It is you then?”

“Yes” replied the young Padawan

“Yes? What kind of answer is that? Tell me your name boy, im an old Jedi, not a man of guess-work!”

Taken back, Nom told the old man his name. Bastilla smiled and said “Nom has some information you might be interested in, information about a certain someone”

“Oh ho! So the young man has met Revan has he?” said Jolee

“Yes, sir” said Nom. Then Nom proceeded to tell the story, for what seemed like the hundredth time. And when he was finished, Jolee clapped his hands and said “Very well. If you come with me, ill let you have a nights sleep at my hut if you want, then you can head back out tomorrow”

Bastilla looked shocked at this and said to Jolee “You are coming with us Jolee. Revan can’t fight this thing without us, you know this”

“Im not going!” he said stubbornly “Ive put away my fighting days, and it’s going to stay that way”

“We shall see,” said Bastilla “And if you are still offering, we will take that nights rest”

“Follow Me,” replied Jolee

After a late meal, Nom, Bastilla and Carth sat on the floor, whilst Jolee sat on his newly repaired chair, and his only one. Bastilla and Carth were telling Nom about the first time they had met Revan, and when Bastilla was telling Nom about the Swoop-Bike race, Carth interrupted and said “Don’t forget to tell the ‘full’ details now” He smiled and said to Nom “She gets a bit touchy, about the fact that we saved her”

Nom laughed but quickly stopped and looked at Bastilla, but continued laughing as he saw that she had a smile on her face as well. It was a small smile, but a smile nonetheless.

“Hmm,” she said “Well – “ But a blaster shot, which was fired right through Jolee’s window, interrupted her. Jolee was jerked back to consciousness, as he was near sleep, and said irritably “Every time I get comfortable!”

“What is it?” asked Nom, and Jolee replied with “How would I suppose to know? Probably just some punk kids or something”

Bastilla peeked through the window fast, “close enough, Jolee. Sith” she said

“Ahh … Cant they just get it through their head?” said Jolee

“Carth, pass me your blaster!” said Bastilla
Carth handed her his blaster and she snatched it off him “Your welcome” he said. Bastilla didn’t take any notice. “How many?” asked Nom.

Bastilla looked out the window again quickly, ducking her head back down avoiding several more blaster shots, she said “Five on the left, six on the right” She jumped up, and fired a rapid flurry of blaster shots out the window and dived back down. “ Three on the left, four on the right” she said

“Well before they destroy my house!” said Jolee, igniting his greenish lightsaber. He jumped out, and went through the window. Catching the soldiers by surprise, he cut two down before they even realised what was going on, but the five what were left quickly got over the sudden Jedi’s arrival and repeated firing.

“A little help would be nice!” yelled Jolee, and suddenly the soldiers were met be Carth Onasi firing away, and un-sheathing a Vibrosword from over his shoulder.

“Nom” said Bastilla, “Stay here, we can deal with these”

“But I want to help!” said Nom, frustrated

“Listen, you can’t do anything yet. When we get back to the ship, I will teach you how to control the force and build a lightsaber OK. Just stay here for the moment” Bastilla, ignited the to ends of her Saber-staff and followed in Jolee and Carth’s wake. Nom, feeling like unwanted baggage being thrown aside, looked out from the window. Watching the two Jedi and the Admiral of the Republic fight was amazing. And as soon as Nom had known, the fight was over, and puffing, the others returned back to Jolee’s house, but they decided to go through the front door, rather than jump through the window.

“Well” said Jolee “That was fun while it lasted”

“If you want fun,” said Bastilla “Come with us, Jolee. We will need your expertise along the way,”

“Yes” said Jolee “Im sure you would,”

Bastilla smiled, and said, “Well hurry up, old man! Get some stuff together, were going. You can sleep on the ship”

“I hate sleeping on that ship” muttered Jolee

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“Attack” Ordered Jonas

As the Acolytes surrounded Revan, a sudden surge of anger passed through him, like a bolt of electricity. ‘How did he get himself into this! Why didn’t he sense them?

“No” Revan though to himself “Be calm, you can get out of this” He ignited his lightsaber once more and said, “I think”

There was a sudden charge and the Acolytes dashed in towards Revan all at once. Swing his lightsaber in a circling motion, Revan used the Force to push a great number of his opponents flying in every direction; but that was not good enough.
With a sudden feeling of great pain, Revan noticed that his left arm was bleeding immensely. But he blocked out most of the pain and continued fighting. Striking down seven of the Acolytes, Revan became more tired, but he was not stopping. If this was the time for him to die, then he would die a warrior’s death; fight until the last breath, against extreme odds. Three more Acolytes down, then there was a loud yell issued from Jonas “Stop” he ordered the Acolytes. Revan dropped to his knees “He’s mine, now” said Jonas, as he jumped down from where he was, and landed in front of Revan.

“Ha!” said Revan “Need me weak enough, so you can say that you had a ‘fair’ fight do you? Because this is the only time, you would be able to defeat me, Jonas. Wise choice” Revan admitted.

“Don’t be stupid, Revan” replied Jonas “I said to you before, I have no intention of killing you” he smiled, and added “Yet”

“Why?” asked Revan

“Why?” repeated Jonas “Well, you see Revan, look at it this way” He started walking Revan, looking down upon him “There is a threat here, you know it, I know it” Revan gazed at Jonas as he stood back in front of him. “Imagine what the Galaxy would be like if we destroyed this threat together?”

“What are you getting at, exactly?” asked Revan

“Revan, don’t you see” said Jonas eagerly “We could destroy the Threat, then we could do whatever we wanted! The Republic would thank us, give us leave! And then … and then we could crush the Republic! Build it from scratch as we see fit, let us be our own leaders, let us decide what is best and what is not!” He brought his reddish blade down to Jonas’ face and said, “What say you?”

Revan bowed his head, and thought to himself ‘I tried to do this before, I thought the exact same thing, and look where it got me! Don’t go back to being lost, to stray from somewhere you have worked so hard to be’

“What say you?” repeated Jonas

Revan raised his head, “No,” he whispered.

“What?” said Jonas

“No!” said Revan loudly “Jonas, think to what I have done. Where I have been. That is the same path in which you tread now. Don’t follow my footsteps, stray from that path and come back to the light. I beg you, don’t make me … kill you”

There was a roar of laughter, and Jonas said, “Kill me? Revan, my dear friend, look in the position in what you are in. You could not kill me even if you tried,”

Revan stayed kneeling, all this time, whilst Jonas had been talking, wasting time, Revan had been gathering the last ounce of strength he could muster. And with a final stroke, no matter which way it went, he would aim to kill. This is what it came down to, there was no other way, and to end all this, one of them would have to die. Here and now. As quick as a flash, Revan ignited his own lightsaber and flung himself forward, heading straight for Jonas’ neck. But Jonas evaded the attack and brought his own saber down and it slashed across the back of Revan’s legs. Revan felt a heavy blow to the head, which was caused by the end of Jonas’ lightsaber hilt, and Revan fell into darkness.

Jonas sighed “Lock him in the Force cage” he said to one of his Acolytes “This isn’t over, yet. There’s still time,”

Two of the Acolytes that were left, picked up Revan by the arms and dragged him out through the forest. As Jonas walked steadily behind them.

* * *
Revan could feel nothing but pain and agony, as he opened his eyes, realising he was not dead. He placed his hand on his forehead, trying to put out the feeling of the massive headache, which was occurring.

“Go and tell Jonas that Revan has finally awoken” came a voice

Revan looked around and he noticed that he was in a force cage, just large enough to have a bench situated, the bench in which Revan had been lying on.

‘Great’ Revan thought to himself ‘how the hell, am I going to get out of this one?’ He looked around the chamber in which he was in. To the left and right, there was Force cage emitters hugging the walls, and at the end of the chamber, next to the Turbo lift door, there was a computer terminal, and there stood one of the Acolytes.

“So,” said Revan “I missed you did I?” The Acolyte just replied with a grunt. “No need to be like that” said Revan “I wont next time,” he added, smiling.
Just then, Revan had felt a presence through the Force. A sweet, loving presence which he knew well, and longed to see that person once more. ‘Bastilla, hear me!’ He said through the Force. He felt a small reply from her, but the thought of her voice flowed away from his mind, as he heard the sound of the Turbo-lift doors open. And looking over, he saw Jonas walk over the barrier and into the holding room.

“Let me go, Jonas,” said Revan, forcefully

Jonas merely laughed “Do not waste your energy Revan, I am more powerful than you will ever be!”

Revan sneered, “Think so, do you?” he said. ‘Power is only but a word used to put across the suggestion of strength. It is not, however, the true meaning to being ‘powerful’. Knowledge will over-come strength. You just have to know how to use it to your advantage’ He said, through the Force, placing his words into Jonas’ mind.

‘What use is knowledge if you don’t have strength?’ Came Jonas’s reply

‘Being the ‘Powerful Being’ that you are Jonas, I thought at least you of all people, would have that knowledge’ Mocked Revan

“Enough” said Jonas, out loud “I have asked you once Revan, and let you off lightly. I will not be so forgiving next time. Now I ask you one last time. Will you join with me, and together we can rule the Galaxy, side by side!”

“It looks like, you will have to kill me” Said Revan “Because I will never turn to the Dark Side again!”

“You have left me no choice,” said Jonas, grimly “I will not kill you, even I have no desire to kill you at all. One other person does though. He sent me to kill you, on this planet, but I have failed and will continue to fail, by letting you go. But if you think, that is all … you are wrong. There are worse things than death, way worse. Now Revan, say good-bye to the thing you hold most dear to your heart. The thing what has stood by you for all your life, which has helped you in all your encounters.” He looked into Revan’s eyes, smiled then turning to walk back to the Turbo-lift he said to his Acolytes.

“Sap every inch of the Force from him and see to it, that he suffers”

* * *

Sweat pouring down his face, Nom sparred in the Cargo Hold of the Ebon Hawk with his Master, Bastilla Shan. His newly built lightsaber, creating a bright purple glow. Whilst clashing brilliantly with the shimmering yellow of Bastilla’s own sabre-staff. However, only one side was activated.
“Now, you must remember Nom” she said, as she brought her lightsaber swinging down, and Nom parrying it, with a sudden twist of his wrist, he brought it back up, just stopping in front of her face.

“Whoa” she said, surprisedly, stepping back deactivating her lightsaber. (Nom did the same) “Very good, now you must remember, the Force will guide you in the act of battle. It is your ally, not just a ‘tool’ as some would think. It will help you perceive your opponents next moves.
“A Jedi uses the Force for Knowledge and defence, never attack. Remember this.

“But doesn’t a Jedi get his strength from the Force?” asked Nom

“Yes, a Jedi can fuel his strength through the Force, but always depending on the Force, will end up blinding you to what aspect of strength you are using. Whether it be for Defence or knowledge. You may realise one day, you are also using it in anger, to gain an advantage in attack. These things; Anger, aggression, and also inflicting fear into the hearts of others, are the ways of succumbing to the Dark Side,”

“When you are fighting an opponent, isn’t that one of your objectives to win, to gain an advantage in attack?”

“Yes and no” said Bastilla “You see Nom, gaining an advantage against your opponent, can not always come from being aggressive. By being aggressive, distracts your concentration, and affects your strokes, of the blade. But through knowledge, you can out smart you opponent, to think that they may have the upper hand in the combat, but you yourself, will gain the victory. But this all comes down to how you are fighting. Now, to end this training session for now, recite me the Jedi Code”

Nom racked his brains for the right wording, and he began:

‘There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is only the Force.'

“Excellent” said Bastilla, “Now, go and rest, and go over what you have learnt”

“Yes, Master” said Nom. As he got to the doorway, he turned and asked, “Excuse me, Master?”

“Yes Nom?”

“I was just wondering, where are we going next?”

“One more stop left” replied Bastilla “I have called some the Exiles companions, to meet us at Taris, whilst we pick up Mission and Zaalbar. How many will come however, only time will tell. Now, rest!”

“Yes, Master” obeyed Nom, bowing his head and retreating back to the Port Dormitory.

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Thanks guys! ... Haven't started next chapter yet, but hopefully it shouldnt take a month to post (Like how usually lazy i am :exp:) Anyways, thanks again for comments and stuff! :D

12-02-2006, 04:16 AM

“Peace is a lie, there is only Passion” recited Atrox, as he went through the wormhole of Hyperspace. “Through passion I gain strength, through strength I gain – “ He stopped, as he felt a huge surge of anger through the Force, the feeling, invigorating. But it was not his anger, but somebody else’s, and somebody extremely powerful.
But it was gone as quickly as it had occurred.

Atrox grunted. “I’m sick of this travelling crap,” he said furiously, getting up out of the pilot’s chair and heading to the back room. His ship was not large, but it was also not small. There was the cockpit, with the pilot and co-pilot chairs, but still able to occupy at least another five, maybe six. Then there was the back room, which had a small bed, supply cache and workbench/lab station. He sat down at the workbench, and took out his lightsaber. Taking it apart, he lifted out the small Jenruax crystal, and pulling out a draw, he lifted out a small blood red crystal. Inside his lightsaber he placed the Quixoni crystal in which he had found on the occupant of a refugee on Nar Shaddaa who travelled from Onderon, who had departed from the city of Iziz.
Suddenly, Atrox was alerted by the sounds of alarms, announcing that he had reached his destination.

“About bloody time,” said Atrox as he walked back to the cockpit, hitching his lightsaber to his belt as he went.

* * *

“Well, well, well” said Bastilla, as herself, Carth, Nom and Jolee strolled down the Ebon Hawks loading ramp, to be greeted by Mission and Zaalbar. “Glad to see you two are still alright”

“Why wouldn’t we be?” asked Mission “ Taris is hardly the place to get into trouble, as you can see” she indicated around her. New steel frames of buildings were being placed around as far as the eye could see, deep beneath them the smog had lifted and for the first time, for as long as anyone could remember, the surface was visible. Looking around, Bastilla noticed something else which was different. Species of all types, not just Humans, were walking around proudly on the upper levels of the city. Ithorian’s mingled here and there with Wookiee’s, Quarrens and Humans as well. A devaronian was just to the left of their group talking and laughing with a thick set Twileik. “That’s good to see,” said Bastilla pointing towards the groups.

“Yes, it is” said Mission looking over “Ever since the destruction and the departure of the Sith, a lot of things have changed. And, as much as I hate to say it, the Sith actually did something good for a change”

“What in the Republic would that be?” asked Carth

“Look for yourself” replied Mission, pointing over the edge

Carth walked and looked over to see the smog-less surface of Taris walked back.

“Hmm,” he said, nodding “Guess your right about that, but it did take a Destruction of a whole planet to do that, and for that, im saying nothing else good about the Sith.”

“Right you are, Carth” replied Mission “So, what is the meaning of the surprise in seeing you guys here? Here to help I hope” she said winking, but then stopped as she seen Nom “By the way,” she added “Who’s this handsome devil?” she asked, pointing towards him. Nom, surprised, was about to answer her, when Bastilla broke him off, and said to Mission:

“Is there anywhere where we can discuss this in private?” she asked.

Taken aback, Mission said “Yeah, sure. Just follow me”

Mission led them down the steps of the Docking Bay and into the large street below. The area was cleaner as to when they were last on here, not considering the muck and rest of the stuff they did not want to think about, was off the floor and walls. Mission turn around a corner and disappeared in a doorway to their left, the group (led by Bastilla) followed.

“Take a seat,” said Mission, indicating to a large round table surrounded by chairs.

They each took a seat, and Nom took notice of the surrounding room. Teak wood ran this way and that across the bottom and top edging of the golden panelled walls, and a large chandelier hung from the ceiling.
Bastilla, who was also looking around said “Well Mission, you’ve certainly out done yourself!” she said Impressed

“Oh, its not just this room, we plan to do this for all the rooms, whether they be Upper or Lower. The under city is going to be a place of life; the horticulturalists are down there already planting the seeds of new tree’s bought in from Kashyyyk, thanks to Big Z’s dad. New plants and flowers, bought in from all over the Galaxy, including Duxn and Ithor. Small houses will be built down there, because for some reason, even though there is plenty of room up here, some people still want to stay down there,”

“Perhaps, because they can see the sky; the stars, sunlight and clouds, they feel content in staying down there now”

“Yeah, I guess your right,” replied Mission, nodding “Anyways” she added “As I asked before, who’s this?” she asked again, nodding to Nom “He’s rather cute” Nom looked down at his feet, feeling his face getting warmer and warmer by the second. “Oh, I think I’ve embarrassed the poor guy, and I don’t even know him!” said Mission, letting out a small laugh

“His name is Nom,” said Bastilla, smiling herself, as she looked down at her apprentice “And he’s the reason why we have come here, Mission. It concerns Revan”

“Revan!” said Mission “How would he know what Revan is doing?”

“Let me explain and you shall know the answer to that very question,” said Bastilla. She explained all about Nom, what Revan was doing, and why he sent him and the Ebon Hawk to seek out help.

“So you want us to come and help?” asked Mission

“Yeah, pretty much,” replied Bastilla

“I don’t know if we can do that,” said Mission “We got enough work here as it is, let alone saving the Galaxy for a second time”
“Hey!” said Carth “I got time off from Telos to come and help, so you’re bloody coming with us!”

“Aww, you miss us that much Carth?” said Mission “I still don’t know … what do you think Big Z? Zaalbar roared with approval. “Well, I guess that’s that then” said Mission “As I said, first time we met, “Wherever Big Z goes, I go” and that’s what im going to do this time as well. Plus, I would like to get to know how new friend a little more also,” she added, her eyes flicking towards Nom. He glanced over in her direction and quickly looked away again. Mission laughed once more “Ahh, don’t worry pal! I’m not gonna try anything!”

* * *

Just then, there was a knock at the door and Mission stood up and opened it. The rest couldn’t see who she was talking to, but could faintly hear a woman’s voice. A smooth, calming voice, yet dangerous voice.

“Hello, I have been told that this is where I would be able to find the one called Bastilla Shan. Is she here?” the stranger asked

“Ahh, yeah she is” said Mission “Come on in” Mission opened the door, and I tall woman walked in. A hood, and veil covered most of her face, covering her eyes completely; she was robed in blood red robes with an armoured breastplate, circulating her body.

“You are one of the Exile’s crew aren’t you? Asked Bastilla

“Yes” is all she said

“Well, can I have your name?” asked Bastilla

“I am Visas, the Exile spared my life, even after I had tried to kill him. I was sent by my master as an emissary to do my masters bidding, but by the end. I was along side a new master, The Exile, killing the old one,”

“Have any of the other’s come?” asked Bastilla

“None, that I know of” replied Visas

Bastilla, looked intently upon the new arrival, and something dawned on her.

“You are a Dark Jedi!” she said, springing up.

“I do not wish to fight,” said Visas “All I wish … “ she stopped, lowering her head.

Bastilla did not move, but she was ready in case this Sith made a move.

“All I wish” continued Visas “ Is to see the Exile, one last time. He left before I could say anything and I grudge him for that, but I want to see what I had come to love, before the point of our parting. Certainly, you can understand that?”

Bastilla stayed where she was, but her thoughts flickered to Revan, and at last she understood, she was pretty much the same as Visas. Ofcourse, she was not Sith, but all the same, Bastilla could not help but feel pity for this woman.

“Very well,” said Bastilla “You shall come with us, but remember this: I will always be keeping an eye on you, no matter what. Understand?”

“I do,” replied Visas “But do not fear, I will not do anything – “
She was interrupted by another knock at the door. Mission sighed and went to the door again.

“Are you here for Bastilla,” she asked as soon as she opened p the door

“Uhh, yeah … yeah we are, what of it? Came a male indignant voice. Visas lowered her head once more.

Mission opened up the door and I tall figure of sorts, strolled on in, followed by a red haired woman shaking her head at the man in front of her

“Whoa, a bit late are we?” he asked “Oh great,” he added softly as he seen Visas “You’re here too, huh?”

“Yes,” replied the Dark Jedi

“Ahh, excuse me?” Bastilla piped up “May we get the please of knowing your names? She said, trying to sounds polite, have a dislike already of the man.

“The names Atton,” he replied “Atton rand, and this,” he indicated to the woman behind him “Is Mira, bounty hunter and one foxy lady, if I might add” he said smirking

“Shut it, Atton” Mira replied, frowning at him. “Listen, all I want to do is find Jonas, so I can beat the crap out of him for what he’s done. He took me in, acting all nice, and then he became a miserable, pathetic and annoying old man. Who would strike you down with a lightsaber as fast as look at you. And I don’t take a liking to that!”

Carth leaned across to Nom and whispered, “Man, I like her!” Nom just s******ed. “Hmmph” came Jolee’s reply. Bastilla shot them all a warning glance, and both Carth and Nom stopped laughing immediately.

“You will not do anything to the Exile” said Visas, still with her back to them.

“Don’t be all like that with me, sith!” said Mira angrily “Just because you didn’t get what you were looking for!”

“That’s enough!” said Bastilla, loudly “We will not have any talk of such things on the Ebon Hawk and we will not be having such talk here! Now, things will be a little cramped up if we all go together, but we will fit. And, this journey will be a long and difficult one, and you only come aboard because you want to and you acknowledge the risks involved,”

“Lady, ive been in countless battles with the Exile, facing Sith, Bounty hunters and Dark Jedi alike. And I was in the Mandalorian Wars before that! I think I can handle it,” replied Atton

“Same here!” said Mira

“Very well,” said Bastilla, trying not to sound too disappointed. She was hoping that this ‘Atton’ and ‘Mira’ would not come along, because they might cause trouble with this Dark Jedi, and that would be annoying. The Dark Jedi she could deal with, but these two …
“Are you all set and ready to go? Because we will be departing very soon and it’s a long trip”

“Yes” came several replies

* * *

A little later, sitting in the cockpit chairs, Nom and Carth were discussing the newest arrivals whilst waiting for the order from Bastilla to take off.

“I don’t know about that Atton,” said Nom “He could be trouble”

“I’m not as much worried about him, as I am worried about that Mira,” replied Carth “She’s a fiery one!”

Nom laughed, “Well Carth. With her fiery emotion and your wonderful personality, im sure youse could really hit it off!”

“You think?” asked Carth

“Haha, I was joking,” said Nom, and seeing a little disappointment on Carth’s face he quickly added “But it’s always worth a try is it not?”

“Guess your right” said Carth “That Visas though, She’s a strange one”

“She’s a Miraluka,” replied Nom, peering out of the view screen.

“How do you know that?” asked Carth surprised

“I … “ Nom stopped “I don’t know really, hmm”

“’Hmm’, indeed!” said Carth “You Jedi” he said, shaking his head

“Hey im not a Jedi, yet” came Nom’s reply “Im only a padawan”

“Close enough” said Carth, smiling “Hey, if your planet is in the Unknown Regions, how are we supposed to get there without getting lost?”
“That’s easy!” said Nom “You just … wait” he said, his voice slowly faltering. “I, I don’t know”

“Oh great,” said Carth, pressing on the intercom he said “Hey Bas! Need you in the cock-pit” he leaned back in his chair and then he quickly went to the intercom again he said “Not that way either for all you sick minded people on this ship, and im talking to you Mission!”

Nom laughed “Your hopeless” he said

“Hey, you don’t know Mission, like I do!” replied Carth “And by the way” he added smiling, mockingly “I think you’ve got a admirer!”

“Shut up” said Nom “I don’t even know her! Plus, I don’t want to sounds rude or anything, but … She’s a Twileik, and im a Human, nothing could happen anyway”

“Meh,” is all what Carth said.
Before Nom could say anything else, Bastilla’s voice was said “What is it, Carth?”

“Oh” said Carth “Nothing much, we just have a problem is all. A very, very big problem,” he looked at Nom

“Well, what is it?” asked Bastilla, looking from Carth and Nom “Well?”

“Umm … Carth pointed out just before that …” Started Nom

“If his planet is in the Unknown Regions, how are we supposed to get there without getting lost?” ended Carth

Bastilla opened her mouth to speak, but closed it quickly again. A look of worry came across her face. “That’s … that’s a good question!”

“Perhaps, when we get to the Unknown Regions, we just try and reach out to Revan, maybe he will tell us?” said Bastilla uncertainly

“Maybe,” said Carth “Or maybe, this is a lost cause?”

“Don’t say that!” said Bastilla “Ofcourse it isn’t!”
“Guys!” said Nom, and both Bastilla and Carth looked at him “I will find it, don’t worry. It was my home for seventeen years; I'm pretty sure I would be able to find it”

“I hope so Nom,” said Bastilla “I hope so”

“Should you tell the others?” asked Carth

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, yet” said Bastilla “When the time is right to tell them, they shall know. But for now, I have to back to the Docking officer to tell him we’re ready to go” With that she turned her heel and walked about out and down the corridor.

Nom looked at Carth “Thanks for that, I don’t think ive could’ve told her, by myself”

“It’s OK” replied Carth “You just try and find that planet, otherwise we will have more than just Bastilla to worry about”

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seriousliosy nice stuff going on in this Fic :p

Thumbs up , and yeah ... Can't wait to read more !!!

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“So,” said Atton, irritably “If this kid can’t find this planet, then we’ve come here for nothing?”

“Pretty much,” said Carth

They were all in the Main Chamber surrounding the holo map of the known galaxy. It had been four days, since they left Taris, and ever since then (As Bastilla’s idea), they were just making short hyper jumps across the edge of the Unknown Regions. It was going well (Nom, hadn’t found the planet yet, but the other passengers hadn’t been complaining), until Atton had asked Bastilla about it, the day before, and she didn’t answer him fully, she just walked away saying:

“Just wait, we will discuss it soon”

After that Visas came into the cockpit looking for Bastilla to ask her about the exact same thing. Carth mentioned it to Bastilla and she finally decided that it was time to tell them all. But this was worse than what she had expected.

“It seems all our hopes rest on this young boy,” said Visas, nodding to Nom.

“Yes,” agreed Bastilla “He has been trying as hard as he can, but he has not yet had enough luck, in finding Revan”
As she spoke all on board felt a sudden surge of anger, such hatred that they have not felt before …

“That’s Revan!” said Carth suddenly

“What?” said Bastilla “What did you just say Carth?”

“Oh … Uhh,” stammered Carth “I know what you’re thinking, but I ain’t no Jedi! I just thought for a second I could feel Revan. He’s angry,” he stopped “Very, very angry”

“Did you get the position Nom?” asked Bastilla

“Yes!” replied Nom “I know where he is!”
With that he took off to the cockpit, Carth and Bastilla on his heels. Mumbling to himself, he started to enter the co-ordinates into the Navi-computer until …

“Oh,” he said

“Oh?” questioned Bastilla “Oh, what?”

“Heh, you’re not going to believe this. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before! Why none of us though of this before?”

“What!” asked both, Carth and Bastilla

“The co-ordinates have been in the Navi computer all along,” said Nom, his face reddening.

“You mean that we have been space jumping for five days for absolutely nothing!” came the sound of Atton’s voice

“Stop complaining,” said Carth

“Oh? And what are you going to do, old man?” replied Atton

“What’s this talk about old guys?” said Jolee as he entered in Attons footsteps, closely followed by the rest of the crew

“Guys!” said Nom “Shut it, both of you. The thing is, that we can finally get to Revan! That should be enough reason for both of you to be quiet”

“Hmph!” said Atton “The damn kid is right … well, what are we standing around for, lets go already!”

“Who made you captain?” said Carth

“Just hit it, Nom,” said Bastilla, as Carth and Atton continued to bicker with each other. And finally, after all this time the newly formed crew of the Ebon Hawk entered Hyperspace to a newly formed adventure and into an unknown danger.

* * *

“So, this is it,” said Bastilla “This is where Revan has been all this time?”

They were all walking down the Ebon Hawks loading ramp and into the warm sunlight below the cloudless sky. Nom had flown the Hawk down to the exact same place where he had left Revan.

“No, comes the hard –“ started Bastilla, but she stopped and closed her eyes.

“Bas?” said Carth, uncertainly

“Revan!” she whispered. Her eyes fluttered back open and she gazed away southwards, her eyes unfocused.

“I could sense him, for only a second, but he was there. He’s still … alive” she lowered her head “I know where he his, and what is about to become is future. “Quick!” she cried, “We need to hurry!”

With that, she took off through the foliage and into the dense jungle, leaving the rest of the crew behind her, stunned and confused. But they followed her anyway.
* * *

As Jonas was sitting in is elected ‘throne’ room, gazing into the far reaches of space, he could see a small ship. A small ship it seemed, but that was of no importance, but what was important was the passenger, which was inside the ship. Powerful was this being, indeed he was powerful and Jonas had come to wonder what his intentions were. Because as it flew, Jonas realised that this ship, and whoever was flying in it, was coming here, to were he was.

‘Let him come!’ said Jonas

But as Jonas began to focus on the being, he was quickly alerted back to consciousness by one of his Acolytes.

“What is it?” spat Jonas

“Master, Revan has awoken!” said the Acolyte, bowing at Jonas’ feet

“Finally!” said Jonas as he stood up, his tone far different then what is just was.

He walked across the room and opened up the turbo lift doors and as he stepped inside and the doors closed, he noticed something. “So … “ he said, smiling “They have come. This should be interesting. Interesting indeed!”
The doors closed and the lift proceeded down to the lower levels.

It's a bit short, but i kinda couldnt think of anything else to go on to this chapter, but the next chap should be better .... i also put in some more text in chapter 12, when Revan is in the force cage and he feels Bastilla's presence arrive on the planet. Just to get it to fit with Bastilla feeling Revan's presence when they arrive

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Bastilla ran ahead, and the rest panted along behind her. Nom, not used to such techniques yet, was not able to slow down his breathing enough to keep running; he started to slow down.
Carth, noticing Nom, yelled out to Bastilla “Hey, Bastilla!” she stopped and turned around, looking at all the sweaty faces and hearing all the sharp intakes of breath, of her fellow companions, she lowered her head and said “Yep,”

“We won’t be able to keep this up much longer,” said Carth, breathing hard himself. “We need to stop,”

“We can’t!” said Bastilla, looking back up “Every second we waste is another second to Revan’s death unless we get there!”

“You don’t know that for sure,” said Carth

“Oh?” said Bastilla, getting irritated “And what do you think what will happen, Carth? Revan will be sitting along side Sith having a few Juma’s playing a nice game of Pazaak?”

“I could definitely go for that right now,” muttered Atton

“Shut it!” hissed Mira

Bastilla didn’t take any notice to the second conversation what was taking place and continued eyeing Carth, mutinously.

“Bastilla! Looks what’s happening to you. No wonder the Jedi said love should be forbidden. Your risking nine other lives, including your own! Just to save another – “

Carth was cut off, by the sound of Bastilla igniting her lightsaber “If you don’t care about saving Revan. Then leave!” she said, her voice barely a whisper, her eyes bright with fury.

Nom let out a cry of frustration “Enough already!” he yelled, “Look at you two, fighting against each other. Bastilla! Carth wants to save Revan, as much as you do, you should now that and not be blinded by obsession. Because that’s what’s happening, think of what you have taught me, whilst on the Hawk. Was all that for nothing?”

Bastilla shook her head and eyed Carth, after a small while; the small glint in her eyes had started to fade. “I’m sorry Carth” she said “Your right,” she looked down at the ground and deactivated her lightsaber as she did so.

“No worries,” replied Carth “But as I said before, we can’t go on like this. We not need worry about Sith catching us, because at this rate, we’re going to just die of exhaustion,”
Bastilla nodded, “As much as we want to rest, time is slipping through our fingers, we cannot rest for long”

“Five minutes is all I ask,” said Carth, and Bastilla nodded once more “Five minutes” she agreed

* * *

The five minutes passed and they were once again, running along the dirt path, surrounded by thick foliage, covering all what lay behind. Suddenly they came out to a small clearing, which beheld an amazing sight.

A large castle-built structure towering above the high clouds and out of sight. Hundreds of towers expanded from within the temple, and sprouted outwards, in all sorts of directions Nom didn’t think possible for such a building.

“This is it,” said Bastilla “He’s here” she stopped and looked intently, as if listening for something. “And there is someone else here. Someone extremely powerful”

“The Exile!” whispered Visas

“Let’s go!” said Bastilla, drawing her lightsaber, but Carth stopped her. “What?” she asked

“We can’t just go barging in there” he said, “We don’t know how many Sith could be inside. We need a plan,”

“I don’t think that’s going to matter, very much” said Atton

“And why is that?” retorted Carth

“Well, look,” replied Atton, pointing to something behind Carth
“Oh, great,”

Several Sith battle droids were surrounding them on all sides, blasters held up high. Two Acolytes came to the front and sneered.

“Well, well, well,” one of them said “The great Bastilla and Carth, of the Republic. Not so great now, are we?”

“Come!” said the other, drawing out a red saber-staff. “Our master would like a word with you”

“Better do what they say, otherwise we won’t even be getting inside to save Revan” said Nom bitterly, as they were all disarmed of their possessions; his own newly built lightsaber included.

“Hmmph,” exclaimed Jolee “This is turning out to be some rescue mission, indeed!”

* * *

Led by the two Acolytes, and the squad of battle-droids bringing up the rear, the companions strolled into and over the threshold and the entered the Sith stronghold. As big of a place it was, surprisingly, it seemed empty.

“Underestimating us a bit, aren’t they,” said Atton

“Silence!” spat one the Acolytes
Bastilla shook her head in irritation.

“We don’t have time for this!” she hissed to Carth.

“Got a plan?” he replied

“I was hoping you had one,” she said

“You’re a Jedi! Use your bloody wits woman,” whispered Carth
Bastilla smiled and she started to look around, taking in her surroundings.
Large stone-carved columns, reached from the floor base, and into the ceiling high above. She couldn’t even see the roof with her eyes; darkness was spread overhead. But as far as Bastilla could see, she counted that there were another six stories before the dark engulfed how many others there must be. Huge statues of Ancient lords were spread throughout the large entrance chamber they were in, holding swords gracefully in front of their face; saluting their would be enemies, before the fight. Bastilla noticed small-carved hilts pinned to their sides.
‘They must be the early rulers of this planet’ she thought to herself.
They walked on for another five minutes, Bastilla forming a plan inside her head as they did so.

“Alright,” she whispered back to Carth “Follow my lead”

“Whatever you say,” was the reply

“So,” she said loudly, so they Acolytes turned to look at her as they walked “Where is your master?”

“You’ll find out soon enough” sneered one of the acolytes “I wonder if Jonas has got the same thing planned for you, as he has for Revan,”

“And, what would that be?” Bastilla inquired

“Oh, just a little surprise” the other replied; he signalled the other to a corridor not to far ahead in which they would be turning into.

As they walked, Bastilla spoke to all her companions who could wield it, through the Force. ‘When I give the signal, stun those blasted droids into submission!’ she said to each of them, getting positive replies back from all.

They turned into the corridor and they noticed that it was rather small, so they could only walk in single file; this complicated things.

‘Great, that’s stuffs up what I was thinking about doing’ said Bastilla. They were coming up to the end of the corridor, and sounds of marching footsteps started to echo much more loudly in the passage what they were in; more sith were up ahead.

‘Well, its now or never’ … she channelled everybody once more, ‘Now!’

Loud sounds of explosions started to occur as each battle droid was either stunned then beaten to submission, or just brutally ripped apart, wire by wire (on account of Zaalbar).

Bastilla summoned the Force to her aid, and pulled her lightsaber towards her. Nom, Atton, Mira, Visas and Jolee doing the same. The others, taking care of the rest of the droids, Nom and Bastilla headed towards the two Sith in front of them, wide-eyed, as they were still in surprise about the sudden downfall of their droids.

“It seems to me that you are in a bad way at the moment” said Bastilla to both of them. Nom just smiled.

Quickly getting over their current state, the Acolytes ignited their Lightsabers.

“We should have killed you, before!” said the double-bladed wielding acolyte.

“I’ve got him,” said Bastilla said to Nom, nodding towards the Sith. He nodded and they switched sides.

“Oh, I get the little one,” said the other Sith, swirling his own lightsaber in a circling motion. A sudden spurt of anger rose up in Nom’s chest ‘Little one?’

“Just remember your training,” said Bastilla, looking towards Nom.

* * *

Both Acolytes ran towards Nom and Bastilla. They held their ground as both Lightsabers came crashing down upon their own blades. Nom pushed the sith back and lunged his lightsaber forwards, aiming for his enemies gut.
The Sith blocked the oncoming attack and swirled down, bringing his saber across to slash at Noms legs; Nom jumped and using the Force, he was able to flip over his opponent and bring his blade down, creating a long slash down the Siths back. Grunting in anger, the acolyte rolled forwards, ignoring his own pain, and jumped up.

“Lucky shot,” he said, straining a smile “But it will not happen again, no mere Jedi can defeat me!”

* * *

Meanwhile, Bastilla was having her own problems. It had been a while since she had an intense fight such as this. Barely being able to block her enemies attacks in time, the Sith was unleashing all he had on Bastilla.

“Hmm, I thought being the great warrior that you are, this might have been a battle worth waiting for” sneered the Acolyte “I guess I was wrong. Who knows what Revan sees in a pathetic excuse for a warrior like you”

Anger coursed through Bastilla’s body at the sign of Revan’s name, and she gathered all her strength and leaped forward. Catching the sith on surprise, she got a few flurries of hits on him; catching him on the arm, slashing down the side of his leg and across the chest.
The sith fell onto his knees and looked upon Bastilla’s face.

“Finally,” he said, spitting out blood, “You have remembered … what it was,” he spluttered the rest of his words, but Bastilla caught the last few, which shook the inside of her like a sudden explosion from he heart … “To be, Sith”

“No!” screamed Bastilla, swinging her lightsaber across, she cleaved the head of the Acolyte straight off. Switching off her saber, she looked across at Nom fighting as she also, fell to her knees, before exhaustion took her into darkness.

* * *

Nom heard Bastilla’s scream and turned his head; he watched her fall to the ground.

“Master!” he yelled

“Ahh, I see,” said the Acolyte panting, “You were her student,” a slight smile of satisfaction had spread across his face “But, no more”

Nom bowed his head “You said no mere padawan can defeat a Sith. But I am no mere padawan I am Nom Kavar! And I will succeed in killing every sith that stands in my path; including you,”

“How noble!” mocked the Sith, “Now, prepare for death, little one,”

Nom laughed “Little one? Prepare to die? Tell me, sith, during this fight have you laid any hits on me whatsoever?”

The sith’s eyes widened in anger.

“That’s what I thought,” said Nom

Nom started towards the sith and brought his saber down, but the Acolyte parried the attack and brought his own lightsaber across, in line with Nom’s side. Nom blocked the attack and swirled around in a circle, and as he was doing so, bring his saber along with him. He stopped for a fraction of a second then lunged the purple blade into the sith’s chest. Pulling the blade back out, he let the body fall limp to the ground.

Momentarily shocked, Nom had realised that this was the first time he had killed a person. He was brought back to his senses however when he heard the yell, which was issued from Carth.


With that, remembering what had happened, Nom turned and sprinted towards Bastilla’s unmoving body.

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But not to worry, lol. I doubt that it will be a 50 chapter story ... Even though, that would be pretty damn cool, lol

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Turning off his lightsaber, Nom knelt down by Bastilla. He placed his hand on her forehead; it burnt with extreme heat.

“What’s happened to her?” he asked, looking up at Carth.

“I don’t know,” said Carth, “Did you see the sith do anything to her?”


“We’ve got company!” yelled Atton, igniting the orange glow of his lightsaber.

Nom and Carth looked up towards the end of the corridor, where more sith had started to pour in.

“Don’t they ever give up?” yelled Carth, pulling out his blaster as he got up

“Apparently not,” replied Nom, activating his lightsaber but then he stopped, “Wait, I’ve got an idea,”

“Please, discuss,” said Carth

Nom pointed to Atton, Mira, Visas and Jolee. “Come here and form a line across the corridor. Quick!”
They issued a line across the passageway, blocking the way.

“I think I know what you’ve got in mind, kid,” said Atton, smiling.

“On three,” nodded Nom, at Atton. Apparently the rest of them got the idea also, because they were preparing themselves already. The sith in front of the stopped just an easy twenty paces away, and looked at them curiously with sneering faces.

The sith looked at each other uncomfortably, slowly their sneers failing.

Two-dozen red blades were issued, emanating the entire corridor in a reddish light.

Nom, gathered as much of the Force to him as he possibly could. Feeling that amount of power, nearly brought him to his knees, but he kept his feet.

“THREE!” roared Nom.
There was a deafening noise as: Nom, Atton, Mira, Visas and Jolee all let loose simultaneously a Force Wave so powerful, it could fling a Krayt Dragon, halfway across the Tattooine desert. As the wave travelled across the air, chunks of thick stone broke off from the walls as the ground beneath them shook, nearly bringing them all down. But the Jedi, amazingly, kept upright. The warriors of light. Powering down the coming darkness, shattering the barrier between which separated the two.

There were feared shouts issued from all the Acolytes standing in front of them as each one flew backwards hundreds of feet. Their bones crushing in their bodies as the wave passed through them. Accompanied with several blaster shots from Carth and Mission’s blasters, and several bolts from Zaalbar’s crossbow.
Drained of most of his strength, Nom fell to the ground.

* * *

“Get up, kid!” yelled Atton, “You don’t want to be crushed do you?”

“Huh?” said Nom, faintly.

Apparently, because of the Force Wave, the whole corridor was about to collapse on top of them if they didn’t get out of there now.

Atton helped him to his feet, and with his arm slung over Atton’s shoulder, Bastilla being carried by Carth, the company was able to get out just as the last chuck of ceiling fell, and the whole corridor dropped to the ground in a pile of rubble.

“Ahh,” came a grunt of pain “This damn leg!”

Nom looked around tired and noticed Jolee sitting with his back against the wall, holding his injured leg in his hands. A large gash had his robes covered in blood.

“Let me help you, old man,” said Mira, walking over to Jolee. Putting her hand over the wound, she dove into the Force. Discovering the damaged tendons, and strained muscles, she was able to bring back the tiny cells together, and she relaxed the muscles back to normal.

“I’m not a doctor or anything,” she said, standing back up, “But I think that will do, until you can get some professional medical attention,”

“Stupid,” muttered Jolee, getting back up “I could have done that myself you know. Just because im an old man, doesn’t mean I can’t take care of myself,”

“Some people,” said Mira, shaking her head.

A small moan from Bastilla drew all their attention, back to the ground. Her body, in a fragile state as it was, seemed to have been completely overcome by extreme exhaustion.

“She needs some of our strength if she is to survive,” said Visas

Atton sighed, ”We don’t have that much left, and don’t know what is coming up next,”

“Never the less, she is right.” Said Mira, “Stop being a child and come over here,”

They formed a circle around her, each placing a hand on her shoulders and forehead.

“I want to help,” said Carth. A roar from Zaalbar, notified them that he agreed. Same with a “Don’t even think you’re leaving me out of this!” from Mission

“Fine,” said Atton, “Well come here then, already,”

Zaalbar and Mission joined hands and walked to Nom.
“Place your hand in mine,” Nom said. She took his hand, and he was actually surprised to feel some strength and warmth come back to him. But he quickly pushed that all the way to the back of his mind. Zaalbar placed his on Bastilla’s shoulder.

“Mind if I sit here?” asked Carth, as he sat next to Mira

“Uhh … not at all,” she replied, giving him a weird look, as they took hands, and Carth placed his hand on the top of Bastilla’s head.

“Now, clear your minds of all thoughts, and only concentrate on lending your strength to Bastilla,” said Visas

They all closed their eyes, and felt small pieces fall away from each of them to form a sort of cocoon around Bastilla, before falling onto her body, and into her spirit below. Nom looked deep beneath and he could feel Bastilla’s faint presence their and he pushed towards it. But it was reluctant to let him go any further.

‘It’s me master. Let me in, we are all giving you some of our strength, to heal you’

“Come on, Bas!” whispered Carth

Slowly the wall retreated back and Nom was able to pour his strength in.
They each heard the slow beats of her heart, regain soft momentum, and gradually become faster and more potent.
There was a small intake of breath and their eyes snapped open all at once. They saw Bastilla’s own eyes, flicking to all of them, with deep gratitude, but they were also sad.

“Thank you,” she said. They all took the hands away and stood up. Carth giving her a helping hand, Bastilla was able to stand, but it took her a few seconds to remain steady.

“Im alright,” she assured them, “Because of all you,”

“Here,” said Nom, handing Bastilla back her lightsaber.
She took it smiling; she said, “You have grown already. Revan was right about you. I can feel the power just emanating from you, it’s overwhelming,”

“You should have seen the Force Wave he produced not to long ago. I bet even Coruscant would be suffering the aftershock from that.” Said Carth, admiringly

Nom felt his face go red and he looked away. Then he felt it, something terrible was going to happen.

“Revan!” he hissed

“I felt it too,” said Bastilla suddenly.
“Gather your strength, because now, most of all, haste is what we need,” said Nom, “The bottom levels is where Revan is situated, we need to get there fast, otherwise … “ he stopped to listen to what The Force, was telling him … he gasped “Otherwise, Revan will be without Force. They are going to strip it from him! Let’s go!”

* * *

Nom sped down a set of stairs, jumped down another set, gliding himself with the Force; he landed softly at the bottom of the staircase. “Go, Nom!” yelled Bastilla.

He did not need telling twice; leaving the others behind him, he sped down a long hall to his left. To where, he knew that Revan was held. As he ran further, the hall became darker. Switching on his lightsaber, he followed the now purple-lit corridor down to the very end to a turbo-lift.

“How deep does this bloody thing go!” cursed Nom, as he entered, pressed the button to take him down to the lowest level, and waited.

What he saw when the turbo-lift doors open, was enough to drain his lungs out of all air, which left him out of breath, at the horrific scene at what he was witnessing.

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01-13-2007, 06:45 AM
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I might do little Shortie Fics about the other party members, after i finish this one. But i highly doubt it. But ... we're still yet to see ... heck, even im still yet to see.

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hehe, all righty;) oh yeah, just wanted to say that your writing really has improved as the story progresses!

That I have to agree with. Mr_BFA just joined when he first posted this Fic.

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lol, yeah i only did the one chapter for Talk About A Vacation, and i didn't even like it.
And yeah he was annoying, but havent seen him since, so it's been good! lol.

As i said, i might do some Shorties, but not sure. I wouldn't mind in doing a spin-off starring Nom Kavar. What he does after all this. Depends on how this story ends as well :D.

Thanks for your comments aswell people. And remember, any mistakes in: Spelling, Grammer, Puncuation, anything like that. Let me know :D:D

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Atrox bathed himself in the atrocious sunlight as he stepped out of his ship, walking down the small loading ramp. He sniffed the clean air as he caressed the hilt of his lightsaber. And he stared around taking in his surroundings.
The foliage spreading throughout the plains covered ancient relics of the kings of old. But what took Atrox’s notice was a large statue, which had been erected.
It looked proud and powerful, but also menacing. The eyes pierce the flesh of all those who look upon it, with a deep and dark passion.
With a sneer, Atrox unhitched his lightsaber from his belt, and ignited it. Lighting up his face with a look of pure evil. Walking towards the statue, Atrox raised the beam of energy and lunged in an upward motion, brought it across and striking through the solid rock, the head fell with a loud thud to the ground.

“You there!” came a raspy sort of voice, “How dare you desecrate the statue of our master,”

Turning around, Atrox seen a pair of Sith Lords walking towards, both had their Lightsabers already activated.

“Let me guess,” said Atrox in his deep, crackly voice, “You guys, are my welcoming committee?”

“No!” spat the Sith on the right, “We are, your death!”

They lunged through the air, but Atrox was already prepared for them. He brought his own saber up and blocked the oncoming attacks, bringing his other hand up, he constricted the chords within one of the Sith’s throat, whilst throwing the other one against the beheaded statue with an almost lazy flick of his hand; making him crash down onto the ground.

“Well, well,” said Atrox, “You were no one but your own deaths, so it seems, doesn’t it?”

“You may be able to kill us,” choked the Sith, “But our master will not be so easy,”

“We shall see,” Atrox said fiercely, “Now, say good-bye to your pathetic life,”
With that, he strengthened his grip on the Sith’s throat, and he felt the life force draining away. Once all was gone, he threw the body aside, and noticing movement to his right, he saw the other Sith, barely alive, but trying with all his might to raise to his feet.

“Not so fast,” Atrox mocked, “Your master would like a word with you,” he flicked his hand once more, and the large head made out of stone, flew across the ground crashed onto the top of the sith’s head, dropping him to the ground, killing him instantly.
Smiling, Atrox turned to face the large spec in the distance, which was the temple.

“Now, we shall have some fun. Her i come -,” but he was interrupted by a voice in his head.

‘No,” said a voice

“What?” said Atrox

“I said, no,” came the reply, “You are to stay here, until it is done. They will come to you, then you will bring them before me,”

“I have not travelled halfway across the galaxy, just to sit in the dark and wait for this moment!” snapped Atrox

Suddenly an immense pain erupted in his head, creating and explosion of anguish yells from Atrox, as he frantically tried to diminish the pain, dropping his lightsaber to the ground as he doubled over, pulling at his hair.

‘Go to the Ebon Hawk and wait there. In time, you will see, my young apprentice," The pain ceased in his head, and breathing heavily, Atrox stood back up to his full height.

“Fine,” is all he said. He hitched his lightsaber back to his belt and walked steadily, through the surrounding foliage and through the forest of old trees and ghosts that still tread there, on his way to the Ebon Hawk.

* * *

Nom stared in wonder and disbelief. Revan was trapped in the Force Cage, which was situated in the far corner of the room. While three Sith stood on the left and right of him, as the third one stood in front of him.
He could feel the pain emanating from Revan, as if it were his own.
Revan was kneeling in agony, as the three Sith sapped the will of the Force from him. The orangey substance emitting a bright light as it travelled from within the body of Revan, and out into the palm of the fellow Sith.
At the noise of the Turbo-lift doors opening, the three Sith lowered their palms, Revan looked up at Nom with a grim feature which was spread on his face; Nom not knowing whether it was a faint smile of relief or regret. The Sith turned fully around and faced Nom. Nom’s eyes flicking to each in turn.

“Did I come at a bad time?” said Nom, reaching for his lightsaber.

The middle sith raised his hand and the lightsaber shot out of Nom’s hand flew towards the Sith, but Nom raised his own hand and tried calling the lightsaber back to him; but that did was stop the saber in mid air, halfway between Nom and his enemy.

“Smart little one aren’t you,” sneered the Sith

“When will you idiots, stop calling me little one?” Nom replied agitated, “Your buddy said that to me before, and look at him now. Dead,”

“Enough,” said the Sith on the right, stepping forward. Hurry up and take care of him, while I continue with Revan,”

None, of you will be continue this little escapade of yours anyway. Because im not going to let you,” said Nom

“So naive,”

“No,” replied Nom, “Your just too stupid to realise something,”
Revan smiled in Nom’s direction and nodded.

“Oh? And what might that be?” asked the Sith

“That I am a Jedi, and you’re Sith,” said Nom simply.

“What?” snapped the Sith, confused, “What the hell, does that mean?”

“It means,” said Nom, replied, pulling back as hard as he could, as his lightsaber flew back towards his hand, and he ignited it, “The time of the Sith has ended. Now, prepare to pay for all the deaths you have caused,”

“I do not think so,” said the Sith, as he and the other two ignited their own Lightsabers.

“OK, you can do this,” Nom said to himself, “Let them come to you, the Force is my ally it will help me. Keep calm’

All three warriors surrounded Nom, bringing their Lightsabers above their head. The all attacked at once.

Nom ducked, parried one attack and brought his saber slashing across at the Sith’s side. Making him jump backwards, to avoid the parry. Nom seen through the Force, another attack directed at his back, he quickly tipped his hand downwards and he brought his lightsaber down to protect his back. He swiped his leg across hard and fast; he brought the sith to his knees. The next thing the sith knew was seeing a beam of light flash in front of him and proceeding through his chest, as his eyes closed and he saw no more.

The sith that were left yelled in anguish and rushed forward towards Nom. Using the Force to aide him, Nom leapt off his feet and produced a flip high enough so his feet brushed the ceiling, and he landed behind his enemies. Slashing one across the back of the knee’s and the other, a long cut down his back.

One sith fell, but the other, overcome with rage, went into a fury and started to swipe at Nom with everything he had. Lightsaber, along with his fists and feet.

Blocking most of the oncoming attacks, Nom was able to slice downwards, just before a red glow reached his stomach, and cutting across, he took the Sith’s fingers off, along with slicing the hilt in half; diminishing the red light.

As the Sith screamed in agony, Nom pierced him through the heart, silencing the undistinguishing babble. But to Nom’s notice, the other Sith was gone, and it was too late before he realised that the Sith did not run, but he had in fact moved along side the fight, and stalked behind Nom in the shadows. Nom quickly brought his lightsaber across, but he could not block the whole attack, as he felt considerable pain in the side of his gut; the acrid smell of burnt flesh filled his nostrils.

He gasped and fell to his knees as pain consumed all other thoughts. The Sith limped to in front of Nom, with gasps as he took every step. The backs of his knee making him cringe in pain, as the wound stretched.

“You have fought well, little one,” said the Sith admiringly, “I will give you that much honour,”

Nom fuelled himself with the Force as anger raged through his body; “How many times,” he whispered, “Have I told you, not to call me ‘little one’,”

He got to his feet, grabbing at his side; he noticed that all down his Robe was soaked with blood.

“And not only will I destroy you for annoying me with the continuous idiocy of you Sith, and slashing at my side,” Nom blinked, and said, “This was my only robe, and you’ve ruined it. That’s not very nice”

Nom quickly brought his palm up, facing towards the Sith and sneered, his eye’s glinting.

“Nom, no!” yelled Revan.

As Nom felt the rush of pure energy rush from all his body to the very edge of his fingertips, he produced the electricity, directing it at the surprised Sith. The room was filled with the piercing screams of the Sith as he rolled around in absolute pain and agony, the echoes of his screams bouncing from wall to wall. As soon as the screams stopped, Nom lowered his palm. He turned to Revan.

“Sorry, Revan,” he said weakly “I'm some Jedi, aren’t I?”

With that, he felt his eyelids close and he fell to the ground, as darkness took him. The last thing he saw was the door of the turbo-lift opening once more, and several figures running in. Some running to him as the others ran to Revan, before all consciousness left from his body.

Diego Varen
01-16-2007, 11:05 AM
Good Chapter and I'm looking foward to the next one, just so I can see who is after Revan.

Rabish Bini
01-16-2007, 06:51 PM
Yay, more chapters, sorry I haven't been replying much.

They're good chapters, but you have one continuous spelling error. It's Bastila not Bastilla.

All in all, good chapters, keep it up.

01-17-2007, 06:57 AM
@Pottise: Thanks, and i hope your enjoying the story, thus far.
@Akuma: Thanks for the correction. I think i remember you saying something about that before, and i went alright for a while, but then i just started to have the double 'L' in there again, lol. Anyway, thanks for the comment. Most appreciated.

Anyways, here's the next chapter. :D


As Nom felt his consciousness return to him, he did not open his eyes. He did however; hear voices, concerned and angry voices.

“What do you mean, Revan?” came Bastila’s voice

“I mean,” said Revan, clearly extremely annoyed, “That he murdered that Sith. He used power, which was of the Dark Side. A power I only saw Malak use,”

“He used a Dark Side power!” said Mission, “But surely, he didn’t mean it, did he? I mean, why would he use the Dark Side when he is a Jedi?”

“Im not very sure anymore if I made the right choice in deciding to train him,” came Revan’s reply. Nom had had enough.

“I am a Jedi,” he said forcefully, opening his eyes. They were still in the prison chamber? How long had he been out for, and why haven’t they left yet? But he pushed those questions back for later and continued: “It was just a slip, and it will never happen again,”

“It was more than just a slip from what Revan has been telling us Nom. Even a slip can lead you to the Dark Side,” said Bastila, frowning at Nom

“Sure, and you would definitely know, wouldn’t you?” said Nom defiantly, “Did you tell him of your little slip? Even before we got into the temple?”

“What happened?” said Revan, concerned, looking towards Bastila.

“It can wait,” replied Bastila harshly, staring at Nom, “First we need to get out of the temple,”

Nom let out a small laugh “Yeah, that would be right wouldn’t it?” he said.

“Nom!” hissed Mission, “Why are you speaking like this?”

Nom blinked and looked at Mission. Suddenly, the anger swept from his body, causing him to fall to his knees and gasp.

“What is it?” asked Revan, rushing to his side and lifting him up.

“I – I’m not sure,” replied Nom. He turned to Bastila “I’m sorry for the things what I said. I don’t know why I said them; it was as if like … something had taken over me. It won’t happen again,” Looking around, he suddenly realised that not all of the company were present. “Where’s Jolee?” he asked

“We need to get out of here,” said Revan suddenly before Bastila could reply, “He’s coming”

“Jonas?” asked Bastila

“I feel him too,” whispered Visas

“Come! We are not yet strong enough to fight him,” said Revan, as he ran to the turbo lift doors.

“Wait,” said Nom, “That’s the way he’ll be coming from. We need to find some other way, to get out of here,”

“And how do you propose we do that?” said Atton, “In case you haven’t noticed, there are no other doors, or windows in the room,”

“We have Lightsabers,” Nom pointed out

“Yes,” agreed Atton, “But we’re also underground,”

“Ahh, well … this could be a problem,” said Nom.

The rest silently agreed with him, as they waited for the Turbo-lift doors to open.

* * *
Well, we’ve stalled long enough,” said Revan, “This is the only way to go, if we are to escape,” He ran to the turbo-lift, just as the doors opened.

With a gasp he stepped back; the rest ignited their Lightsabers, as the doors slid to the side.

“Jolee!” exclaimed Revan, “About bloody time you showed up old man!”

“Now, sonny. Don’t thank me yet, we’re still yet to get out of this hell hole,”

“Right,” said Revan, turning around to the others, he said: “Well, are you coming or not?”

They all rushed forwards and piled into the turbo-lift. It was a tight fit, but they all made it.

“Zaalbar, that better be your crossbow!” warned Carth

The rest laughed softly. The first real laugh they had shared for quite some time.

“Get ready,” said Revan, “We don’t know what will be on the other sides of these doors when they open,”

“I see you’ve got your lightsaber back,” said Nom

“Yeah, the fools left it in one of the security lockers, which mind you, was as easy as shooting a Krayt dragon at close range for Mission,” replied Revan

“Nice job,” said Nom, turning to Mission

“Thanks,” she said brightly

“Be on your guard, we’re almost there,” said Revan

They felt the turbo-lift shudder to a stop, and the doors slid open. Ready switch on his lightsaber, Nom quickly jumped out, followed by everyone else.
“Hmm … well this is weird,” he said, deactivating his lightsaber.

The hallway was empty. Only the echoes of their footsteps occupied the ends of the corridor.

“Indeed,” said Revan

“Well, let’s not waste time for people to actually come down here, lets go already!” said Atton

“Always on the move,” said Revan grimly, as they started to proceed down the corridor at a quickened pace.

* * *

They made it back up the stairs all right, but they came to a halt as they stopped in front of the blocked tunnel, which resulted from the powerful Force Wave they had induced earlier before.

“Looks like I missed out on something good,” said Revan as he stared around at the dead Sith that littered the flor around them.

“We’ll have enough time for jokes later Rev,” said Carth “For now, can we just concentrate on getting through this alive, please?”

They looked to the side, and noticed a flight of stairs led to a floor above. “This way,”
They ran up the stair and proceeded down the corridor. Noticing on the wall and floor that bricks had also fallen off from this side.

‘Wow, was the Force Wave really that powerful?’ Nom thought to himself.

They got to the end of the hallway and noticed another flight of steps, which led down to the floor they needed to be on. They bounded down the stair as fast as they could, and headed toward the open door.

Mission, Carth, Zaalbar, Jolee, Atton, Mira, and Visas all managed to get through the door, before somehow, it got slammed shut. Nom slammed against the door, and fell to the ground. Bastila stopped and nearly fell backwards, but Revan caught her, just before she hit the ground.
Suddenly there was a harsh laugh.

“You honestly didn’t think it would be that easy did you?” said Jonas, as he leapt from the second floor and landed in front of Revan, Bastila and Nom.

Jonas looked to Revan, Bastila and then his eyes settled on Nom.
“You, im most interested in. You managed to kill, my three most trusted, and powerful servants. Single-handedly,”
He nodded, “Impressive … Very impressive,”

“Let them go,” said Revan, “They have no part in this, it’s you and me. It’s always been between us. Even in during the Wars, you were always so cocky, and trying to surpass me, in both strength and intelligence,” he smiled, “And I should add, that you have failed miserably,”

“Fine,” said Jonas. He flicked his hand, and the doors opened back up, revealing a seriously concerned group of people.

“Jonas!” yelled Mira

Jonas looked behind Revan, to the group behind him and said:
“Ahh, yes. I see that you have brought some of my old servants. Yes, they were most useful,”

“You arrogant, son of a –,” but Mira was cut off, as Bastila, screamed furiously and lunged towards Jonas, both ends of her sabre-staff ignited.

“Bastila, no!” yelled Revan, but it was too late. Jonas was ready for the attack and laughed as she tried to hit him, but all attempts useless.

“Revan, take Nom and go!” she yelled, “He is the only way for us to save the Republic, I know it!”

“Bastila, I won’t leave you!” he yelled back.

She looked back towards him, as Jonas did a back flip and landed on top of the huge pile of rubble which poured out from the collapsed tunnel.

“You must,” is all she said. With that she gathered the Force, and used it to push both Revan and Nom through the giant doors, and close them again, before Revan could get back in,

The last thing Nom saw before the doors fully closed, was his master jump up and went to strike down at the Jedi Exile.

He looked down to the ground in disbelief, whilst Carth and Atton raced towards them, trying to get them up standing, as flashes of laser shots came raining down on top of them from the towers above.

Diego Varen
01-17-2007, 11:01 AM
Jonas is back. I like the Jedi Exile more than Revan and I always have. Anyway, another good Chapter and I hope Bastila can escape from Jonas' wrath.

Darth Randus
01-17-2007, 12:16 PM
great chapters! i cant wait to see more. not to mention what happens to nom. Keep writing, great fic so far

01-18-2007, 07:40 AM
@Pottsie: yeah, i liked Exile more than Revan. (I liked TSL btter than KotOR)
Thanks to you as well, Darth Randus. All comments are most welcome and appreciated :D .

Anyway, here's another chapter (Man, im on a roll!). Ive also put in a little twist as well. I've did some research and im pretty sure it wont contradict with anything. So hope you all enjoy it.


“C’mon!” yelled Carth as the laser bolts continued to spew down from the turrets, “Revan, we can save her later. Do you want to die here?”

That question awoke Revan’s dormant mind back to life, and he realised the situation he was in.
He jumped up and with a last glance at the temple; he turned and sprinted off with the rest of the group. Dodging shots here and there as they continued to rain down upon their heads, until finally they entered the trees and were a safe distance from the oncoming volleys.

“Do you think they will come after us?” panted Carth, when they finally stopped

Revan looked as if he took no notice of what Carth said; he was staring back in the direction from whence they came. Pondering in his head at what might be happening to Bastilla as they just stood there. Doing nothing.

“No,” he replied, vaguely, “At least, not yet anyway. They will wait until nightfall, when they have the element of surprise. That’s when we must fight them. Spring the trap on them. They wont know what hit ‘em, until it’s too late,”

“Listen, Revan,” said Nom; “I know you want to get Bastila back. We all do, it’s just the same for when we were going in there to get you we have to think about this. Come up with a proper formalized plan, then just going in there, slicing and dicing as we see fit!”

Revan looked at Nom, “What did you mean earlier?”

“What do you mean?” asked Nom, confused

“I mean, why did you say those things earlier, when we were in the holding room,”

“I told you Revan, I don’t know what came over me, I just -,”

“Not that,” said Revan, waving his hand impatiently, “I’m talking about Bastila’s ‘slip’. What did you mean by it?”

“Well,” started Nom. He wanted to make sure he put this into the right words, and not to make Revan angry, “It’s just, you should have seen her, Revan. It was as if, all thought of rationalization had diminished completely within Bastila’s eyes. The glint in her eyes was enough to make even a group of Terentaks think twice about trying to argue with her,”
“It was scary to think that something such as love could do that to a person. She activated her lightsaber when Carth tried to argue with her. I thought something was going to happen,”

“But thanks to you, Nom,” piped up Carth, “Nothing did happen, you and you alone were able to talk some sense into her,”

“I just,” Revan let out a yell, “Why did she do that? Why did she make us run? I could have stopped this there and then! What foolish thought, did she have!”

“I can tell you Revan,” said Carth. He looked down at Nom, “It’s you. She has a feeling. We all do. Your somethin’ special kid. She wants to keep you alive because you are the only hope for the Republic to survive,” he turned back to Revan laughed, “Sorry Rev, but it looks like you’ve got some competition in the ‘Saving the Galaxy’ department,”

Nom tried to suppress a smile, but it was too hard. He ached all over, his side had been healed by Revan when he was unconscious, but that didn’t stop it from hurting considerably.
Carth looked back at Nom, and seen that he was almost asleep where he was sitting.

“Rev, we need rest. Lets head back to the ship, have an hour or two rest. Then we will discuss on how to rescue Bastilla, OK?”

“Fine,” replied Revan, “I don’t need any rest, ive had enough for the past week. So I will scout around, see if there’s any Sith who need dealing with,”

“Please don’t do anything foolish,” said Carth, looking at Revan.

“Hey, it’s me!” said Revan, smiling mockingly.

“That’s what im afraid of,” muttered Carth

* * *

“The Hawk is just past this thick foliage here,” said Carth, “Its considerable hidden for the size and of which where it is,”

“What do you mean?” asked Revan

“You’ll see,” replied Carth

As they past through the thick trees, getting pricked and their robes getting torn in some places by large sharp nettles, they came to the Ebon Hawks ‘docking port’.

“OK, now I see what you mean,” said Revan, walking towards the edge of the large cliff, “This place really is hidden isn’t it?”

“Sure is,” said Carth, walking over to stand next to him.

“Wait,” said Revan, “its not that well hidden as you first may think,”

“What is it?” asked Carth

“Don’t move,” Revan warned, “There’s a presence to the left through the trees. Hiding its power considerably well, but still not enough,”

“Can you make it out, who it might be?”

Revan closed his eyes and tried to focus on the identity of the mysterious presence. But he opened his eyes back up.

“No,” he said grimly, “I’ve never felt such a thing before. Such a powerful wave of energy pulsates from it. It’s overwhelming,”

“We need to get rid of him, or her, whoever it is quickly. Before they get rid of us,” said Carth

“Don’t worry Carth, my old friend,” replied Revan, looking up at Carth, “I’m here, remember?”
“Tell me why that does not comfort me,” said Carth smiling

“Let’s go back to the Hawk,” said Revan, “I’ll take care of our visitor,”

“Fair enough,” replied Carth

They walked back to the ship and told the rest of the group of the onlooker.

“That funny, I didn’t even sense him,” said Nom, quietly

“He’s hiding his power considerably well,” said Revan, “And he has intentions. Serious one’s,”

“Well, what are we going to do?” asked Mira

“I’ll take care of it,” assured Revan, unhitching his lightsaber.

“We’re over here if you need help,” said Nom, smiling, “In case you get … too tired. You know, because of your age and all,’

“Oh, you’re a funny one aren’t you?” Revan replied, pretending to be insulted. He wasn’t that old.

Walking over to the space between the Ebon Hawk and the cliff, Revan pretended to go over to the cliff, but he stopped and said: “You can come out now, whoever you are,”

Hearing the rustles of leaves and breaking twigs, Revan looked to the side to see the newcomer. And what he saw, made he’s his insides squirm in disgust.

The persons face as mangled. Half of his nose had been sliced off, there were large scars across his cheeks, and the whites of ones of his eyes were not white at all, but yellow.
The person, if it could be called that, smiled, revealing several jagged teeth.

“Jeeze, what happened to you?” asked Revan

“Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve the things what you want.”

“And let me guess,” said Revan, “That would be power?”

“Cant have too much power, “ replied the stranger.

“So, let me get this going then,” started Revan, “Are you here to kill us, or not?”
A sneer started to ripple itself across the strangers face.

“Why, yes. Yes, I am,” he said

“Hmm … Thought so, “ said Revan.
He ignited his lightsaber, gathered the Force underneath his feet and lunged himself through the air to land in front of the stranger. Bringing his lightsaber down in a slashing movement, but the stranger parried it and jumped to the side, bringing his own so it would slash at Revan’s head.
Revan ducked, and pushed a power Force Wave into the strangers gut, throwing him backwards ten feet.

“I never got the pleasure of knowing your name,” said Revan

“My name, is Darth Atrox.” He replied, before lunging towards Revan, lightsaber heading straight towards his chest.
Spinning, Revan evaded the attack, kicked Atrox’s legs out from under him, so it made him crash to the ground with a grunt.

“Enough?” asked Revan.

“Hmph,” is all the stranger said, as he leant back, kicked Revan in the chest with the bottom of his feet, then he kicked himself back up from the ground, back into a fighting stance.

“Impressive,” said Revan

“You’ll’ find I’m full of surprises,” Atrox said.
Revan raised an eyebrow, “Can’t wait,” he said sarcastically.

Atrox yelled in anger and sprinted towards Revan, pulling out a quarter length saber as he went.

Surprised by the sudden appearance of the new weapon, Revan missed blocking the second stab to his leg, and fell to the ground in pain. Victorious, Atrox lowered his lightsaber to Revan’s throat.

“It’s funny,” he whispered, “You were just as I expected Revan. Weak, withering … Dieing.”

A sudden surge of power streamed throughout Revan’s body and exploded. Creating an avalanche of air proceeding from his body, pushing Atrox away just enough for Revan to get the opportunity to get himself back up.

“And, now you can see, ‘Darth’ Atrox … I am full of surprises.”

“Excellent.” Said Atrox.

* * *

“Do you think he needs help?” asked Atton

“No,” said Nom. Carth agreed.

“When we all we fighting, all those years back. We had certain energy, an energy that could sustain us even for the longest for battles. Enough to keep us going, until our opponents wore out, but not we just kept on going, no matter what.
“But I’m afraid, even if most of us don’t want to admit it (I certainly don’t) but we have all lost some of the energetic selves we used to be. But ... I think Revan has found that again, and whatever he may think, or what we may think. Nothing can take that away from him, now,”

The others looked on as Carth concentrated on Revan. After all these years, he has finally been able to talk to him again. He felt, in himself that everybody who had been on the Ebon Hawk on its voyage to find the Star Forge, had created a certain bond between them all. And without Revan, that bond was just not complete.
But now that Revan was with them again, he still did not feel that that bond had resurfaced at all yet. Whether it being too long since any of them had seen Revan to even remember him as the saviour of the galaxy, or whether it was because of Revan himself; separating himself from the group and cutting the bond into threads of uncertainty.

“You alright, Carth?” asked Nom

“Yeah, im fine,” he replied, not taking his eyes away from the battle, “Im fine,”

Nom didn’t look away from Carth straight away, wanting to know what he was thinking, but he did not even want to know the results of what would happen if he were to probe Carth’s mind.
So he withdrew that thought immediately and he himself, looked towards the fight that was commencing.

* * *

“I don’t think Revan can keep this up much longer,” said Atton, leaning over to talk to Mira, so no one else would hear.

“Didn’t you hear what Carth said, laser brain?” said Mira irritably, unable to tear her eyes away from Revan. “Just look at him fight! It’s more like a dance if you ask me, the way he gracefully swings his lightsaber to block ever oncoming attack from this Darth Atrox, it’s compelling,”

“Your weird, you know that?” said Atton, turning away looking out towards the trees of the forest.

* * *

“So, Revan. You power has grown since the last time we met,” said Atrox.

“I don’t remember ever being acquainted with you,” said Revan.

“I thought you wouldn’t, it’s been a long time ago since we first met,” Atrox replied with a sneer.

“Well, enlighten me.” Said Revan, “Who are you exactly?”

“I was in the Mandalorian Wars, under your command. At that last battle at Malachor V, when you sent us to our deaths. But you failed with me, Revan. I saw through your intentions and retreated back to my ship and took off. I saw and felt all the deaths that you had caused from the sky,”

“I took off into space and went to return to my home. But when I got there, did you know what I found?” when Revan shook his head, Atrox continued,

“Nothing. Nothing at all, as my home was destroyed. And did you know that I found out who destroyed my home? It was you. You destroyed my home, my life, and my family. My mother and father are gone, my wife is lost and I cannot find my son. As far as I looked upon that planet, I could not find him. That was seventeen years ago, however I have never stopped searching. And nor will I stop searching until I find him.”

“I’m sorry for your loss-,” started Revan, but was cut off by a shriek of laughter from Atrox.

“No your not! I know you are not, don’t lie to me.” He said, as his eyes filled with hate and disgust. “You are the reason I have lost everything in my life, and the one reason that I will gain enough satisfaction to fill my life again. For when I kill you.”

“Your words are full of hatred and pain,” replied Revan, “But don’t live like this.”

“Ready to die, Revan?” asked Atrox, getting adjusting himself in a fighting stance.

Revan sighed and re-ignited his saber, “I was born ready.” is all he said, as they lunged at each other at the same time. Aiming to kill.

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Surprised? Sort of. It used to be a lot more surprising the first time with Luke and Vader. Anyway, good Chapter and I'm looking foward to more. I also prefer TSL to KOTOR.

01-24-2007, 04:51 AM
Thanks once again Pottsie, here's just a question though.

Do you think i should go along with a storyline as Atrox as Revan's brother, or just continue to write a more informative storyline with rescuing Bastila and defeating the Unknown threat?

I'm asking because, i would like to write to the readers satisfactions and just to my own. So what do you think?

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It is up to you Mr_BFA. This is your Fanfic and do what you think is best.

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I agree with Pottsie... Its your story, and its your decision. I personally would not mind it either way.

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Well, im off on my trip tomorrow so i wont be on for a while, so fair well! until next time :D (probably in a month or so, with another 2 chapters, and edited version on chapter 19.

EDIT: sorry for mis-spelling, typed really extremely bullet paced fastness.
And @Pottsie: Congrats to 4000th post! :D

01-25-2007, 12:11 AM
OK, Well im going to change the fact of Atrox being his brother, but the next update wont be for a while, because, im moving! :D:D:D ... And not just to another city mind you, i meant to a whole new state altogether! :D:D:D ... but one sad part to it, there will be no internet, so i will have to wait till i go to a net cafe to post the chapter. And worse yet, there will be no computer at all! So thats my main motication to get a job as soon as possible.

Well, im off on my trip tomorrow so i wont be on for a while, so fair well! until next time :D (probably in a month or so, with another 2 chapters, and edited version on chapter 19.

EDIT: sorry for mis-spelling, typed really extremely bullet paced fastness.
And @Pottsie: Congrats to 4000th post! :D

Sorry to see that you're moving, and won't be in contact for some time. Where you're going, have fun and good luck. And also, sorry I havn't commented on your fiction. I'm not all the way done with reading it. But so far it's awesome, so I look forward for your return.

Good luck.

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So, ill be on more often.

Anyway, the story should be getting more interesting soon. I just wish Revan and Atrox will hurry up and finish the fight thats all, lol.

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Bastila screamed in agony. Acolytes were surrounded her as they slowly seared her flesh with the tip of their lightsabers.

“Enough!” came Jonas’ voice; the acolytes stood back and deactivated their sabers, “Perhaps, now you will cooperate?” he said, walking right up to Bastila’s face.

“You can do what you will, Sith,” she said stubbornly, “I will not turn.”

“Now, now, don’t be like that,” smiled Jonas, “You were one of us once, were you not? You have felt the power that can be unlocked when he touch the dark side, the urge licking at your insides to grasp that power and unleash it! Why do you deny that urge?”

“Because, it’s not the way!” said Bastila, sweat pouring down her face.
“Pity,” replied Jonas, “We could have used a warrior like you.” He walked to his acolytes and said loud enough so Bastila could hear, “She is no use to us, kill her!”

A deep sickening feeling filled the pit of Bastila’s stomach; she did not want to die, but nor did she want to turn to the Dark Side. “Wait,” she said; Jonas stopped and looked back around to face her, a sneer on his face, “Yes?” he asked

“I do not want to die,” she said, “But I stand by what I said, I will not turn to the Dark Side, but I may have some information what may be of some use to you.” Jonas raised an eyebrow, “And, that would be?”

“There is someone here, on this planet, more powerful than you, more powerful than any of us. And with only his power, he could destroy all life on this planet with just a flick of his hand if he wanted to,”

“And why hasn’t he done that?” Jonas mocked

“Because,” replied Bastila, “He wants you!”

* * *

Revan felt Bastila’s pain for just a second before she blocked him out. He did not know what was happening to her, but he didn’t like it; he had to finish this now.

“During all of this fight,” he said, looking Atrox in the eye, “We have grown more weary. You have had losses because of me, I admit that, but I also admit I have not renounced my old ways, and I have done things to make up for what I have done and although you have more power than me-,” he kicked Atrox’s legs out from under him and he fell to the ground, “- you have forgotten one thing.”

“And what is that?” spat Atrox

Revan smiled, “I’m the ‘Saviour of the Galaxy’.” And with that, Revan brought his saber down and cleaved the Sith’s head straight off with a clean cut; leaving a surprised and angry expression on the face as the head rolled away. Revan let out a long sigh of relief and switched his saber off.

He felt Nom walk up behind him and turned to face the young man, “Are you alright?” he asked Revan

“Im fine,” assured Revan, “It has just been a long while since I had had an intense fight such as that. He was extremely powerful.”

“Listen, Revan,” said Nom, “Whilst you were fighting, I felt, well … Bastila -,” Revan held up his hand to stop Nom, “I know, I felt it too,” He replied, “There isn’t much time, I would go now if I could, but I feel like I would not even get passed the front door im so exhausted!” Nom smiled, “It will be alright,” he said, letting Revan lean on him for support, “We will get her back, I promise.”

“Its funny,” said Revan; Nom looked at him questioningly, “I should be giving you this advice, not the other way around. She was more of your master than me.” He explained, as they entered the Ebon Hawk and Revan went to lie down in the Medical room.

* * *

Whilst Revan was sleeping, the rest of the crew were sitting outside of the ship. The sun had set and the white orb had risen to hang in the black sky.

“… I dunno,’ said Atton, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

“You always have a bad feeling about something,” said Mira

“Yeah, and that must mean, im always right, because whenever I have I have a bad feeling about something, I’m right about something aren’t I?”

“Shut up,” exasperated Mira, “Isn’t it time for you to get some rest?”

“Playing the motherly role now are you?” he sneered

“Both of you,” said Carth, “Cut it out! Seriously, you both act like your bloody married or something.” Atton and Mira smirked.

“Revan!” said Nom suddenly. The others turned to look at the boarding ramp and Revan was in fact standing there, an expression on his face that none of his companions could tell what it was.
He walked down and went to the edge of the cliff and just stood there, gazing into the deepening depths of the trees and into the distance. Even though it was too dark to see the temple where his lover was being tortured, he knew exactly where it was.
Carth looked at the others and seeing all their blank faces he said, “I’ll go talk to him.”

He got up and walked over to Revan, and placing a hand on hs shoulder he asked, “How are you feeling, Rev?”

“The love of my life is being tortured as we speak, how do you think I feel?”

“Let me re-phrase that,” said Carth, uncomfortably, “What do you plan to do to get her back?”

“Easy,” Revan replied, “Walk in there, find her and cut down everyone who gets in my path.”
Carth nodded with a small smile, “I like it. Simple, easy to remember.”
Revan released a shout of anger and dropped down to sit on a large boulder. After a few silent minutes, without looking up, Revan said, “Are our sins, ever forgiven?”

Carth continued to look at him intently, “I’ve never tried.” He said
Revan looked up, “You mean … hmm … never tried,” he got up and looked out to the distance again. He nodded his head, apparently finally deciding about something, looked to Carth and said, “Well, im going to try.” And with that, he jumped down from the cliff and landed to the soft forest floor below.

Very, very short chapter here. Mainly because its building towards a longer chapter for the next one i put up. I also put in a quote from a very awesome film if any of you can find it. Just remember, there is no prize to whoever finds it lol.

Diego Varen
02-09-2007, 01:25 AM
Another good Chapter Mr_BFA. I like build-up to some Chapters and this does it well. I wonder what Jonas will do to Bastila. Looking foward to more and I'm not sure where the quote is from.

02-09-2007, 01:39 AM
Thanks Pottsie ... uhh, i mean .. Topsite ... (That really got me the first time i seen it lol, i didn't know who it was until i looked at the post count and re-arranged the letters)

So yeah, the next chapter will be longer. Not long to go now, (I think) till the ending, what that will consist of ... hell, that's something what i would like to know as well!

Bee Hoon
02-10-2007, 02:56 AM
Poor Bastila! She keeps getting captured and tortured by the Sith! Just want some clarification fi you don't mind... What do you mean when Carth says "I've never tried" in response to Revan asking whether sins are ever forgiven?

02-13-2007, 06:59 AM
Well, Beehoon. I find to think of Carth as a hard willed, thick skinned kind of guy, who holds everything to himself. Let's hardly any emotion out into the open willingly, and hardly wants to admit that he's wrong, or done something that he should not have had.

I'll start with Revan firstly (it will help explain the answer to your question, hopefully, lol).
He thinks, (in my point of view) that, whatever he does, he will never be able to make up for anything that he has done in the past, no matter how much he wants to. But he feels that he can at least do what ever he can to the people around him, so he will never fall, again.

Now, for Carth. For the things what he has done in the past, he thinks that he does not need to try and undo any of them, hence why, he's never tried in making his sins forgiven. (For example: wanting to get revenge on Saul Karath).

Anyway, thats my opinion and view on the question and i hope that that will clear it up for you :D

02-13-2007, 10:07 AM

Yay! Its finally official, this story is past the 100 page mark on 102 pages on microsoft word! W0ot!!!!!! hmm ... anyways, now that ive got that out of my system, lets get back to the story, shall we? ;) lol

Carefully, Silently, Revan pressed on through the night until the large temple came back into view. The darkness surrounding it was even more pressing then that of the night sky. Accentuating the power of what it held within. As he looked high above, with the Force as his aide, he could make out the sentries posted along the walls and high turrets.

“This is going to be more easy than what I thought.” Said Revan to himself, smiling.

Knowing that he could not possibly make it into the temple via the great oak front doors, he gathered pressure underneath his feet and launched himself up high, the wind rushing through his hair and cloak as he went. He landed on a small pass-way between two turrets and slowly walked into the turret on his left.
No light could be seen as he walked down the case of swirling stairs, he walked carefully as not to take a wrong step.

As he descended, the staircase became brighter and he started to hear voices. Slowly he crept his way down until the stairs stopped and there was a long hallway and several doors branching from either end. As he got to the first doorway he heard the voices cease, suddenly.

“What was that?” asked one of them

“Not sure, but I don’t like the sound of it!” replied the other, “You should go check it out.”

“Me!” said the other, “Why me?” On and on the bickered, and Revan thought to himself, ‘Jeeze, sounds like something out of a bad hologame’

Walking in the room and watching the guards whip around in surprise, Revan smiled and said, “Hey fella’s,” and with a flick of his wrist, he sent the two guards flying in both directions and slamming hard on the wall. He walked back out of the room and down the hallway, encountering guards in the different room as he went; but fortunately he was able to continue forward unnoticed.
He reached out in the Force and felt Bastila’s presence, but to his horror, it was only a faint whisper. Pinpointing the precise location of where she was situated, Revan ran to the end of the hall and sped up through another set of staircase. He came to the main Atrium and gazed about; there was no one what so ever. Knowing that he had no time to answer such riddles, he ran down a flight of stairs and into a room on his left. Following the hallway, back down to the lower levels, where he was, Revan fled down the stairs and stopped only until he was waiting as the turbo lift jolted to a stop and the doors opened.

* * *

“We should have gone with him,” said Nom, as he spoke to Carth. They were sitting at the cliff, staring at the dark speck at which was the temple, where Bastila and now Revan were, “He will need our help, he cannot fight this on his own.”

“No,” said Carth, “He can, and he will. It’s his fight now, we cannot intervene.”

“I still don’t like it,” replied Nom, “I came to get all of you, but for what?”

“Maybe,” said Carth, “Revan knew that we needed to be here for a certain reason. But whatever that reason is, it’s got me.”
Nom looked to the ground and he gathered the Force to levitate a stone and threw it over the cliffs edge.
“What do you call this planet?” asked Carth suddenly

“Alzuria.” He replied

“What does it mean?”

Nom thought for a moment, “Well, ive never really thought of that before. Long ago, when the first settlers came to this planet, they had their own language and strange powers. They called it Alzuria, and the best of what I can think of (because I’ve looked at old scripts written in this Ancient language) is that: Alzur means Destiny and Ria, means land. But when I think about it, I must be going wrong somewhere because I don’t think they would have called it, ‘Destiny land’,” he scoffed at his own joke, “The sentence structure must be different then ive concluded, because it cannot just be those two words.”

“Land of Destiny?” suggested Carth.

“I think you may be right,” said Nom

Nom looked over his shoulder to see what the others were doing and gasped, Carth spun around and looked at what had caught Nom’s gaze. “Carth,” said Nom, “The reason as to why we are here … I think, it just presented itself.”

* * *

Revan looked over to the far corner of the room and spotted Bastila in the same Force cage what he himself was in. He ran over to the controls, deactivated it and sped over to her, taking her hand in his.

“Bastila, my love,” he said, “What have they done to you?”

Her eyelids started to flutter and she slowly opened them. She whispered his name and he leant in closer to hear what she was saying.

“Revan … “ she whispered, each word more difficult to say aloud than the last “Why did you come back? I thought … its … Revan … it’s a trap!”

Before Revan could ask her what she meant, he heard laughter behind him. Turning around, he saw two Sith Lords standing by the entrance of the turbo lift.

“Trapped again, Revan.” The one on the left said, as he produced his reddish saber; the other Sith Lord followed in suite.

“We’ll see,” said Revan, igniting his own blue blade, walking to the centre of the room, “Was it you who did that to her?” he asked as he pointed to the deep scars on Bastila’s face and arms.

The Sith smiled, “Why, yes,” he said, “Yes, it was.”

“Your first mistake.” Replied Revan

“Oh?” asked the Sith, raising an eyebrow

“Yup,” said Revan, “And your second mistake was in thinking that I would not be able to get passed you.”

“I doubt that,” said the Sith as he lunged through the air towards Revan. Bringing his lightsaber upwards, he was able to sear the front of the sith’s uniform and burn the skin underneath. With a grunt of pain the sith sped around for another attack; Revan dodged the oncoming swirl of the saber and brought his own lightsaber downwards, searing the clothing, skin, and muscle tissue in his arm, cutting through the bone and slicing the sith’s arm off completely, before lunging the blade through his back.

“What!” yelled the Sith, apparently shocked by his partners death.

Revan walked forward, lifted his saber high above his head and with all the strength he could muster, he brought it down onto the Sith’s saber. Sliding his blade down, Revan sliced his opponents hilt in half, producing hisses and sparks flying from it. He gathered the Force into the palm of his hand and pushed the sith back into the turbo lift doors as hard as he could; Revan heard the bones of his spine snap against the door.

He rushed back over to Bastila and lifted her up from the bench. Lifting her arm up and around his shoulders, he let her lean all her weight against his, and they struggled to the door and ascended to the higher levels. When the turbo lift opened back up to reveal the hallway; Revan noticed that it was still empty. But he wasn’t sure now, because of the cloaking devices which the Sith lords downstairs had wore. He now cursed himself for not thinking to grab them before the entered the turbo lift.
Slowly they walked up the stairs seeing that the Atrium was empty once again, the descended the stairs and headed towards the front doors; Clapping filled the room bouncing off the walls and echoing ten times louder than what it would have been if it was outside.

“Well done, Revan!” said Jonas as he descended from a flight of stairs to their left, “Well done, indeed! I never would have thought that you would have gotten this far.”

“I’m unpredictable.” Replied Revan, as he softly lowered Bastila to the ground.

“That you are,” laughed Jonas, “And you will find,” he said, “That I am too!” he said as used the Force to pull Bastila towards him. Revan quickly grabbed his lightsaber and ran towards Jonas, “Ah,” said Jonas, and he put Revan into a full body stasis. Lifting Bastila up from the ground by the scruff of her neck, he said, “She is beautiful, isn’t she?” caressing her face with his hand.

He unhitched his lightsaber from his belt and said, “It is a pity.”

It happened in a flash of bright red light; Jonas produced the blade of his saber and lunged it through Bastilla like a hot knife through butter. Her scream echoed through Revan’s ears as he watched, horrified at his own helplessness at his lover’s pain. Jonas deactivated his saber and threw Bastila’s body towards Revan.

“Sorry, Rev,” he said with a hint of a smile, “But it had to be done.”
He let Revan free of the Stasis, and watched as Revan fell to his knees and went to Bastila’s body. Feeling the small warmth there was dwindling away from her face; he tried to pour his strength into her, but she would not let him, she had blocked him out completely.

“Bastila, no,” he whispered, “I should have been able to help you, I should have been able to save you!”

She slowly opened her eyes, and whispered, “You did save me.” Then her eyes closed and her breathing ceased as her hand fell limp to the ground, as she let go of her one last breath of life.

Holding back whatever emotions were fighting to break out and escape him, he softly place her head down on the cold stone floor and stood up with his back to Jonas.

“As I said, Rev,” said Jonas, “It had to be done.”

Revan unhitched the hilt from his belt, “Indeed,” he said, “And so … was this!” he yelled, as he gather the Force underneath his feet and propelled himself backwards through the air and landing right in front of Jonas.

The fight what followed was one of the greatest fights in the known history of that planet. Their strokes of the saber created waves of pure energy what erupted into ferocious storms of intense heat and power. Their feet hardly touching the ground and their eyes never leaving the gaze of the other.

“You have taken away from me, my whole life,” Revan, as he parried an attack from Jonas, “My whole future and my one reason for not giving up on this galaxy.”

“You have just learnt the truth of life, Revan,” replied Jonas, “No matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we strive to succeed: we all die, bitter and alone, with no one to guide us and no one to comfort us. That’s why learning power is the true meaning of life, so one can learn to not fear the necessity of death, but for death to fear the necessity to keep on living. Not being able to take your life away until you see fit!”

“You are blinded Jonas,” said Revan, “And if you cannot see for yourself, the destruction what you have caused, the importance of all the lives you have taken, then I must show you the true meaning of being a Jedi!”

Revan elbowed Jonas in the jaw, brought his fist to slam against his stomach and brought his forehead to clash against the tip of Jonas’ nose. With blood protruding from his nose and his jaw throbbing, Jonas fell back and landed on the stone floor; Revan brought the very edge of his saber to Jonas’ throat.

“Revan,” said Jonas, “Do you know what will come about if you are to kill me?” Revan looked into Jonas’s black eyes and saw, for a second, a glimmer of some kind … but it was gone not even a moment later.”

“What would that be, Jonas?” said Revan

Jonas looked back into Revan’s stare and said with a smile on his face, “It would be the death of the Republic.”

Diego Varen
02-13-2007, 10:53 AM
Yes, a duel with Revan and Jonas. I'm looking foward to more Mr_BFA and I like it. Congrats on getting over one hundred pages on Word.

02-15-2007, 04:55 AM

“What do you mean, Jonas?” asked Revan, keeping the flaming tip of pulsating energy and light directed at Jonas’ throat.

“You always were a soft one, Rev,” replied Jonas, laughing softly, “If you let me get up, I will tell you.”

“You know I won’t do that.” Said Revan

“Fine,” spat Jonas, “If you kill me, you will have no hope in defeating the fate of the Republic. Trying to cheat death, is such a folly thing, and that’s what you will be doing if you end my life here and now,”
“I was ordered to try and kill you Revan, it was not my decision. This being, has greater power than any foe the Republic has ever faced. Allowing that to live is something we cannot do! Do you want to leave the republic no chance of survival?”

“And if I let you live, the threat can be destroyed. Is that it?”

“Mostly, yes,” said Jonas, “Because, by yourself you are a worthy advisary, don’t get me wrong, but if you face this evil you will die, along with everybody you have ever cared for or loved. Together is the only way we can destroy this threat!”

“You have killed the only person I have ever truly loved,” said Revan angrily, “And you expect me to trust you?”

“I did not expect so, no,” replied Jonas, shaking his head, “But you must understand, to let her live would not have been wise. She is powerful, in not only the Force, but in the inner energy of her self. She would have turned your will against you, and that would have been the end for sure.”

“Nothing what you say will take back for what you have done.” Whispered Revan

“Fine,” said Jonas, “But if you wont trust me about it not being right in me killing her, then believe me in this: If I had not killed her, you would have.”

“I would never harm her,” said Revan, “I could never be able to comprehend at what I would have become if I had killed Bastilla.”

“Ah, you see, you have Revan,” sneered Jonas, “You have killed her!”

“Reverse psychology?” laughed Revan, letting the tip of his saber gingerly touch the skin of Jonas’ throat.

“Tell me, if you did not send Nom to retrieve your companions, would Bastila still be alive?” said Jonas, as he frowned in displeasure at the burning tip searing his skin.

This comment hit Revan like an explosion being set in his chest; Jonas was right.

“You see that I speak the truth, Revan.’ Sneered Jonas

“No,” said Revan, miserably, “It’s not true, it can’t be. I wouldn’t … I couldn’t … “ He walked back and fell to the ground next to the limp form that was Bastila. Jonas got up and brushed the dirt from his robes; he retrieved his lightsaber and hitched it to his belt.

“Use this anger Revan, for it is the only way to destroy this threat. If you do not then there is no hope for survival, you know this.”

“No,” said Revan, “I will not fall, not now, nor ever again. I swore an oath, an oath that I still hold to.”

“How touching,” said Jonas, “Now, are you in or out? For if you are, only after killing this threat we can finish this little talk with our lightsabers if you wish. But it must wait until then.”

“I will not kill you … yet,” replied Revan, “But when the time comes, I will not hesitate in directing the final blow to end your life, Jonas. You will pay for Bastila’s death, I swear my own life on it.”

“Then let it be done!” declared Jonas, “We will fight side by side once again, but who shall survive by the end of the battle to come, only time will tell.”

* * *

“Nom, behind you!” yelled Carth, as he fought off two Sith soldiers.

The trap had been set, and they had fell for it. Nom had already concluded that the Sith allowed them to escape, only to catch and kill them later. Whilst Nom and Carth had been talking, a patrol of Sith, ambushed them. Nom quickly counted them to be at least around sixty when he first saw them and after an hour of fighting, there was at least half of that now. Amazingly none of the companions had fallen; however, Atton was nursing a blood nose and possibly a broken wrist, but he was able to fight well enough. Mira had taken a fairly hard knock to the head, but had recovered with only a slight dizziness, Visas, Jolee, Carth, Mission, and Nom fought without fault. With the help of Zaalbar, Mission was able to hide behind him whilst shooting off flurries of laser bolts.
If he thought training with Bastila was difficult, he really had no idea. Proper battling was more exhausting than what he ever though possible. Even though he used the Force to keep him energized, it had taken a lot out of him.

All of a sudden, there was an extreme ear splitting roar and the trees to his left shook and trembled with force before being pulled out from the roots and thrown out of the way. Ten extremely large, hungry and annoyed looking Terentaks were glaring mildly at them all; it seemed that the battle had woken them up, and they weren’t happy about that at all. Like a tidal wave of horns and teeth, they ripped through the line of soldiers, separating limbs from bodies and throwing them over their heads and down the sheer cliff. Screams echoed all around them as the companions watched at they’re newly found luck, but they were taking out of the hopefulness when none of the sith remained and the Terentaks turned to them.

“Ah, Carth?” said Nom, “What do we do know?”

“What we usually do,” said Carth irritably, “Fight until the last Terentak falls. And hope we don’t die in the process.”

“Well, thanks for the comfort.” Mocked Nom.

The Terentaks charged forward and Nom looked about him, trying to find ways to take the beasts off guard. He noticed an upturned tree, he used the Force and directed it at the Terentaks as hard and accurate as possible. Knocking four of them over, he leapt up in the air, ignited his lightsaber and ran across their stomachs, slashing through and across as he went.

Blaster bolts were fired in all directions, some hitting the Terentaks, others nearly hitting Nom, causing him to leap to the side on top of the Hawk.

“Watch it!” he yelled

“Sorry!” came back several replies (including a roar from Zaalbar)

Different coloured lightsabers were ignited; Nom flew off the ship and imprinted a picture of his foot onto the side of one of the beast’s head. Making him fall to the side knocking over three others. Visas, Jolee, Atton and Nom all jumped up on top of one and dug the sabers into each of the beast’s chests. A scream was heard and Nom saw Mission cowering as two Terentaks were taking swipes at her, without thinking he leapt off the dead Terentak and ran over. Sliding across the blood covered grass, he sliced both the inner legs of the two monsters, making them fall to the ground, Atton hurried over and he and Nom both lunged their sabers into the side of the beasts thick heads.

The last Terentak was standing over next to the cliff; Nom looked over, saw the beast and lazily flicked his hand and sent the Terentak over the edge, roaring until it hit the floor hundreds of meters below.
Suddenly, even though they had won that battle, Nom fell to his knees, panting and grasped at his heart. It was not from exhaustion, but from an almighty sorry of something terrible just happened. They all ran over and stood around him.

“What’s wrong, Nom?” asked Carth

“Bastila,” he gasped, “She’s … gone!”

“So it is done,” whispered Visas, behind them all.

“What do you mean, ‘gone’?” asked Carth fearfully, but he knew what he meant even before he finished the question.

“Dead,” whispered Nom, “Jonas, he killed her, just now. I felt it like he actually pierced my own heart with his blade.”

“No, I don’t believe it.” Said Carth

“I have to get there,” said Nom, “I know Revan said to stay here Carth,” he said as Carth went to interrupt him, “But that has changed now, besides, do you always do what your told?”
When Carth stayed silent, Nom said, “Thought so. Now, whoever wants to come, im not stopping you, but we will not rest until we get to that temple!”

With that, he took off and flew over the cliff, and when hitting the forest floor, next to the dead Terentak, he took off into the night.

* * *

As the great front doors opened, they revealed the barrier of thick trees and a great purplish sky above, with specks of red and yellow flashing across it. Silent and still was the air as it and the sky recognised the feeling of death and produced the colours to remember who ever had passed.
Jonas and Revan (who carried Bastila) walked down the front steps and onto the damp dewy grass below.

Revan was alerted by a presence suddenly bursting out of the trees but he was relieved to see it was Nom.

“You bas-!” yelled Nom as he lunged himself at Jonas, forgetting about everything else.

“Nom, stop,” whispered Revan, “There will be a time for that, but it is not now.’

“What? How can you say that! Look what he did!” yelled Nom.

“He will pay for what he has done, but not by you.” Said Revan.

“He may be willing enough to give you a second chance, but I wont be,” threatened Nom, not taking his eyes away from The Exile. Jonas just smirked.

“It’s Nom, isn’t it?” he said, “Why do you care for such things, you have such a power, you could do anything, yet you choose to stay and take the teachings from two masters, which one of whom is dead. Why?”

“To learn to use the Force so to be able to destroy beings such as yourself!” spat Nom
“Hmm,” replied Jonas, “With my teachings, I could show you powers that even the great Revan does not know, does that not interest you?”

“No, it does not.” Nom replied

“Your choice,” said Jonas. His attention however was directed to beyond the trees as the rest of the company emerged through the foliage.

Revan explained the whole situation to them and reluctantly they moved out of the way to let Jonas pass.

“I don’t like this,” said Carth as he walked next to Nom at the back of the group.

“Join the club,” replied Nom, bitterly, “But we have no choice but to trust that Revan knows what he is doing.”

They got back to the ship, and they entered into the main hold. Revan went and laid Bastila’s body down on the bed in the Port Dormitory. When he got back to the main hold he noticed every set of eyes were upon him.

Before they asked he said, “I’m heading to Coruscant to bury Bastila in the tomb of the Jedi Temple. Whomever wishes to come are able to. But I will not be doing anything else until this is done.” He said that last part mainly to Jonas.

Without saying another word, he walked into the cockpit, entered the specific co-ordinates and after a second when the stars lined before them and everything came to a stand still; they were launched into the slipstream tunnel and into Hyperspace. Heading to do one of the things, Revan thought that he would never have to do.

* * *

That night, no dreams were occurring where they were not interrupted by feelings and images of things that needed not disrupting.

Darkness surrounded Nom, light grey fog swirled around him. Stars started to shine brightly above him, and wind caressed his face. He felt grass between the toes of his bare feet, and the cool air soothed his thoughts and mind. Softly a voice spoke in his ear:

“Hello, Nom,” it said.
“Bastila?” he asked, and he was startled as a ghostly form of Bastila formed in front of him; she smiled at him.

“My time of being your master is over,” she said, “But do not stray from the path what you have started to walk. Listen and trust in Revan’s words, he will lead you from now on.”

“But Master,” said Nom, “Jonas joins us on the Ebon Hawk, Revan and Jonas are talking right now, just after what he had done to you!”

“I did not see this,” she said, more to herself, “Listen Nom, beware of Jonas, he is dangerous and will stop at nothing until everything is under his control.”

“I will make sure that never happens.” Assured Nom.

Bastila smiled, “I’m sure you will. Continue your training Nom, for very soon there will come a time, where you will have to make a choice. This choice could prove either deadly or hopeful for the republic. Trust in your feelings and you will make the right one,”

“But what if I don’t, Master? What if I fail?” he asked, miserably, “I cannot do this alone.”

“You will not be alone, you are surrounded by the most thoughtful and nice companions in the galaxy. Excluding Jonas of course.” She added, smiling.

“Yes, Master.” Replied Nom, “Thank you.”

“One more thing Nom,” said Bastila, “Tell Revan … Tell him that I do not hate him in any way for he has not done anything wrong. Tell him, I love him because he came for me, and that’s all that matters. And make sure to let him know, to take my body to Dantooine, I prefer the scenery of that planet much more than that of Coruscant.”

Nom smiled, “It will be done, Master”

“Oh, and Nom,” she said, “Call me Bastila, for I am not your Master anymore.” Nom laughed, “Sorry, Master … I mean, Bastila,”

“Now awake Nom, for your Destiny is about to begin.”
“Wait Master! Will I ever talk to you again?” Nom asked, but Bastila’s form was gone. But just before he woke up, he heard her soft voice in his ear say, “You may just yet Nom, you may just yet.”

Diego Varen
02-15-2007, 05:21 AM
I really liked this Chapter Mr_BFA. The talk between Revan and Jonas was done really good and I've always like the Exile, light or dark, male or female. Revan I can only really like as a male, but I don't mind some female versions. Anyway another good Chapter and looking foward to more, but I sense that this Fic is coming to an end, but I could be wrong.

02-15-2007, 07:21 AM
Thanks, Topsite. I always like to choose the Exile's side of things, even if he/she is DS. I'm the same, i prefer the Exile than to Revan.

I don't like to think that this Fic is coming to an end, because ive enjoyed writing it very much. But i think, (if i don't set it out in parts that is) that this story, has a little bit more to go yet. :)

02-24-2007, 07:04 AM

“She came to you in a dream?” asked Revan, curiously. Nom had just told him about the dream he had had.

“Yes,” he replied, “And she told me some things, that you need to know,” So Nom explained to Revan all about her feelings toward him and her death, the place where she wants to be rested, and about the choice she said that he will have to make, “I just don’t get it though, what choice am I to make? What will become of it? Its just all too confusing.”

“Patience is a Jedi’s most valuable aspect, Nom,” said Revan, “If you have patience, then the situation will reveal itself to you, when you are ready to hear and see it.”

“I know master,” replied Nom, “But it is just so frustrating! I’m not meant for great things. There’s no great power or wisdom inside of me, its just emptiness.”

“You doubt my judgement?” asked Revan

“No,” said Nom, quickly, “Of course not.”

“Then take heed in what I say Nom,” said Revan, “There is a great power inside of you. You just have to realise that and take the responsibility what the Force has granted you. Bastila sensed it and I sense it also.”

“I will do what must be done.” Said Nom, lowering his head.

“Come,” said Revan, placing a hand on his shoulder, “Now is not the time to discuss such things. Besides, I have to go tell Carth that were changing course.” He smiled, turned around and made his way into the cockpit.

“So, wait just a second!” Revan heard Atton say as he neared the entrance to the cockpit, “You’re telling me, that you cut the engines when in a space battle?”

“Trust me,” replied Carth, as Revan got leant against the entrance, “When you’re in a space battle and you have Revan at the turrets, you want to give him a clear shot. The Sith make just one pass, and there you have. Space dust.”

“Your just a big old softy,” said Atton, “That’s what you are. You just can’t handle flying hard anymore.”

Before Carth could reply, Revan asked, “Am I interrupting anything?”

“No,” they both said at the same time. They shot dangerous glares at each other.

“I swear, that you two are like a couple of immature younglings.” Mocked Revan.

“With this one here,” said Carth irritably, shooting Atton another frown, “It’s easy to forget you have other important things to do with all of the idiocy what’s flying around.”

“Least I don’t smell like a rancor’s lair.” Muttered Atton

“That’s enough!” said Revan, as Carth was about to retort, “Nom just told me very interesting,” and he told them about the dream, “So, we’re heading to Dantooine. Enter the new co-ordinates and let’s go!”

“Yes, captain!” they both said, then looked at each other again, “Hey!”

Revan, just walked away, shaking his head, “It’s gonna be a long trip.”

Walking into the med bay, he sat down next to the box that was Bastila. Before they had left Azuria, Nom and Carth walked into the forest to a place where the Iliath trees grew. The bright brown-green bark what grew upon these trees was remarkably strong, it could even withstand a laser blast. Through slow and hard labour, they were able to carve a traditional coffin for Bastila. They placed her in the med bay; they thought it unfit to place her in the cargo hold like a piece of equipment.

He lifted off the lid and stared down at her peaceful face. Not moving, no more smiles, no more laughter. It felt like he had lost not only her, but also a piece of his very soul.
He placed his hand on her cold cheek, and felt a soft brush against his mind. Concentrating, he tried to locate the touch what he just felt, but it was gone. Letting out a deep, unsteadied breath, he placed the lid back on top and slowly, each step feeling more burdened than the last, he walked out of the room.

“Are you OK, Master?” asked Nom. He was sitting down at a small table that was located next to the storage room. Revan took a seat next to him.

“Have you ever felt loss, Nom?” asked Revan, “Have you had anyone that you have loved most dearly and had them taken away from you on an instant?”

“You cannot miss what you have never had.” Replied Nom

“I guess your right,” Revan sighed, then let out a small laugh, “Your the apprentice and im the teacher, and yet I feel that im learning more from you than you from I.”

“Hey guess what,” said Nom suddenly, “I completely forgot with everything that has happened, what time of the year it was. It’s my birthday.”

“Really?” said Revan, “Well, happy birthday. How old are you?”

“Well, back on Azuria, the leaves would have fallen for the thirteenth time.” Replied Nom, and when Revan just looked at him dumbfounded, he added, “Eighteen,”

“Ah, a coming of age party! I like the sound of It.” Said Revan

“I don’t want a party,” said Nom, “Not now anyway. It can wait.”

“Yes, and it should.” Said Revan, looking towards the med bay door.

“Don’t tell anyone that it is my birthday, please.” Said Nom

“Why not?” asked Revan

“Because,” said Nom, “then everybody will be feeling different than what they should. Bastila is gone and we shouldn’t ignore that.”

“No we shouldn’t, and nor would we,” Said Revan, “Birthdays are a time for celebration Nom. The beginning of a life is not something to be thrown aside.”

“Nor should the ending of one.” Said Nom, evasively.

“Bastila would not want us to dwell on what has happened, we can keep and honour her memory and that’s the best we can do.”
Suddenly Revan realized that he was not only just talking to Nom, but to himself as well.

* * *

“We’re coming up on Dantooine,” yelled out Atton

“Finally,” said Revan, and through a whisper he said to Nom, “And finally it sounds like those two have stopped argue-,”

“I thought we decided that I would take off, and announced when we arrived somewhere, and you would fly the ship whilst we were flying around the planet we are at and whilst in orbit! I am the Admiral of the Republic Fleet, it is not the other way around!”

“Carth, Atton, cut it out!” said Revan, “talk about bloody annoying!” Nom just smiled as they descended the boarding ramp and onto the grass plain of Dantooine.

Early morning was just awakening as they stepped onto the grass. The faint smell of dew and pine reached Nom’s nostrils and he took a long refreshing breath. The sun was shining her face through spots of purplish sky through a group of heavy greyish clouds high above. Nom could hear distant birds and animals through the trees and large Kath hounds bounding across the plains.

“The souls of Jedi long lost to the Universe walk upon this earth still.” Said Visas, as her and the rest of the companions descended the ramp.

“And they shall be accompanied by one more on this day.” replied Revan.

“I have acknowledged to the other Jedi Masters at Coruscant about what has happened,” said Nom, “But they cannot leave the Academy because of the Students.”

“I understand,” said Revan. This was one day, which he had hoped never to live.

The day was spent traversing through the Jedi Enclave and its surroundings.

“I regret that I was not here on the day the fire from Malak rained down upon my home.”

“If you were here, you would have died too Revan,” said Nom, “And that would have made matters worse.”

They got a call from Carth on the comlink for Revan to get to the Council chambers as fast as he could, so he and Nom took off back into the enclave to where Carth and the rest of the crew were.

“What in the -,” Revan said as he gazed down on three sets of skeletal remains scattered throughout the grass.

“So this is what happened,” said Visas, as she turned her head in Jonas’ direction.

Revan looked at her, then at Jonas. “What have you done?” he whispered

“They had to pay for what they had done to me, Revan.” He replied. No emotion could be seen on his face as he continued to look at Revan.

“So you killed them? What did they do to deserve such a fate?”

“They were the ones responsible for cutting the Force from me. And for that, they had to be punished.”

“You are sick!” said Revan

“Enough of the flattery Revan,” sneered Jonas.

* * *

Night came, and it was to reveal a sight of deep sorrow. A bonfire was slowly burning next to the Jedi Enclave and Bastila’s grave, along with the graves made for the three discovered Jedi Masters.

The headstones were carved with the names of the deceased; silence surrounded and succumbed every living thing.

“And so passes the last of the Jedi Masters of Dantooine.” Said Revan. He turned to leave but stopped when he heard Nom saying, mostly to himself, “I swear to you Master, that by my life, I will continue the lost teachings of this enclave. I will fill these halls with life once more, and protect everything and everyone in this galaxy that needs my protection.”

Revan placed a hand on Nom’s shoulder and realized he was shaking slightly, he whispered, “Come, Nom. You made an oath, now it is my turn. I swear to you that I will help in every way I can to help you fulfil your destiny, I promise.”

Nom looked up at Revan, “Thank you Master but… I think that this is a path that I must take on my own. I will journey with you for the rest of our quest, but then I am afraid I must strike out on my own. I think that this was what Bastila meant. I will see the rebirth of the Jedi, and make sure that as long as I live, I will see to it that the Republic will never fall to the demise of the Sith again.”

“You have grown far more than I could have hoped these past few months Nom,” said Revan, as they slowly turned their back to the fire and walked back to the ship, “You truly are a Jedi.”

* * *

“Revan!” said Jonas, as he seen Revan enter the main hold of the Ebon Hawk, “We need to talk, now.’

“Fine.” Said Revan sharply. They walked into the Port Dorm and Jonas turned to Revan and said, “It is time. We cannot linger here anymore. I feel the end is near, and it will come swiftly if we are not to act.” Revan continued to look at Jonas. He knew it was time; he had sensed it earlier as well. The threat’s time to strike, had now come, “Do you have any idea as to where to look for the threat?” asked Revan

“Azuria,” replied Jonas, “It is an ancient planet and it holds the key to the location for where we must go. It is time Revan, when the light and the Darkness shall clash together once more. The destiny of the Republic is about to be uncloaked. it is time Revan. To face, the True Sith!”

Bee Hoon
02-24-2007, 07:30 AM
I can't believe I missed so many updates!:O Thanks for the clarification. *gasp* You killed Bastila! Now that's something I didn't see coming.

Just a few suggestions:

Atton was supporting a blood nose and possibly a broken wrist, but he was able to fight good enough.

It sounds a bit odd, and something like "Atton was nursing a bloody nose and possibly a broken wrist, but he was able to fight well enough."

And Nom just jumped off the cliff that successfully killed a terentatek that fell off, and he did so without any injury whatsoever? :S

Otherwise, keep it up! Can't wait for the True Sith:p

02-24-2007, 07:42 AM
Thanks Beehoon.
Yeah, i needed to do something to make the story abit more interesting and give the title a bit more meaning, i thought.

Thanks for the suggestion for the line with Atton's injuries, it really seemed to suit it alot more than what i originally put there. And as for Nom not getting any injury when he jumped off the cliff. Nom had the Force so he was able to more or less, glide himself down. Which didnt give any injury. Whereas, the Terentak could not stop itself from falling and there for, resulting in its painful, but quick, death, lol.

I hope that explains it :D

Bee Hoon
02-24-2007, 07:58 AM
Hehe, fair enough. These darned Force users are just so unpredictable, lol. Jonas sure is evil now. Oh btw, enjoyed the Carth-Atton argument. Lol.

Diego Varen
02-24-2007, 08:27 AM
I liked the reference to the Jedi Masters from TSL. Jonas sure is evil. Good Chapter as always and looking foward to more.

03-01-2007, 07:16 AM
Thanks to both of you for your comments :D


A day had passed and still, Revan had not given the order to take off; he wanted to leave, to destroy this threat, but he still wanted to stay on Dantooine. Away from everything else what may be happening in the Universe.
A sudden chill of gloom had blanketed the Ebon Hawk; nobody said a word to each since they had stepped onto the boarding ramp the day before.
Revan’s dreams were filled with, sadness, loss, hatred and pain. They were not normal nightmares, but much worse. Violent.

Fire surrounded him, licking at his sides, cuffing both his wrists and ankles, binding him in a fiery embrace of heated pain; searing his flesh. He could not perceive anything through the darkness, which lay beyond the flames, but he could sense something closing in on him, prepared to strike at any moment.

“Who are you?” he said, gritting his teeth from the overwhelming pain.

“I am the darkness which you hold closest to your heart, Revan.” Replied a voice inside his head, it was his own voice, “You are losing, Revan.”

“I don’t know -,” started Revan.

“You know exactly what I mean,” hissed the Voice, “You are fighting a losing battle. How many lives need die because of you?”

“I have killed no-one,” said Revan.

“Oh?” asked the Voice, “Bastilla was no-one was she?”

“I did not kill her." snarled Revan
Stop lying to yourself Revan, no matter how hard you try, all you will find will be failure. You know she dies because of your actions.”

“No!” yelled Revan, as loud as his vocal cords would allow, “That’s not true. She died for something she believed in. Not because of me.”

There was a shrill, harsh laugh; much different from his own, that echoed throughout his ears. The fiery binds tightened their grip, making his gasp in pain.

“Believe that if you wish, but soon enough you shall see the truth. Jonas is right, you know. If you did not send Nom, she would still be alive.”

“Revan shut his eyes tight, “I killed her,” he said miserably, “It was my fault.”

Suddenly here was a dim voice that bounced through the particles of the air and found its way to Revan hearing. It sounded like somebody turned the volume up high, and then down low; the voice seemed to gather potency, then die out again.

“Go away and leave me in peace,” whispered Revan. But the voice kept on calling his name. “I said, leave me alone!” he screamed. Suddenly the binds that held him loosened, and he fell onto a solid, freezing cold surface. He opened his eyes and realized that he was indeed, lying on his back in the main hold of the Ebon Hawk with everybody surrounding him, looking worried.

“Are you OK Master?” asked Nom, who knelt down beside him.

Revan tried to get up but was stopped by a huge pounding that erupted within his head. He placed a hand on his forehead and realized it was covered in sweat.

Nom leant a hand, “Come on, Master,” he said, “Stand up.”

Revan took Nom’s hand and he lifted him up. Swaying a little, Revan placed a hand on the table next to him to keep himself steady.

“I killed her,” he said, “It was my fault she died.”

“Jonas did, not you.” Said Nom

“You don’t understand. If I had not had you to send for her, she would still be alive.”

“That may be true,” said Nom, nodding his head, “but she died, because she was doing something what she believed in.”

“Ive tried saying that to myself, but it’s not true,” replied Revan. There was an awkward silence, then, “Im going alone,” said Revan, “Me and Jonas. None of you have to come, this is our fight, not yours.”

“We are coming with you Revan!” said Nom, “If you are a part of this galaxy and that’s what the threat is after, then its out fight as well. We are a part of the Republic as much as you.”

“Your still not coming,” said Revan, “there is no need.”

“Enough of this Revan!” said Nom, “Do not act as though you are the only person who has lost something.”

“Oh?” said Revan, “And what is it that you lost Nom? Nothing, that’s what, you only knew her what … a few months?”

He didn’t hesitate; Nom clenched a fist and struck the side of Revan’s head, impacting right on Revan’s cheekbone.

“Now, you listen to me Revan,” whispered Nom, “I may not have known Bastilla longer than you, but I still cared about her. It was not the love that you two shared but she was dear to me, and I don’t ever want you to hear that said again, because next time ... I won’t strike you with a fist.” With that, Nom turned and walked away from him and down the boarding ramp, leaving a long and heavy silence in his wake. One by one, the rest of the crew turned and walked away leaving Revan ashamed and shocked at what he had just said.

* * *

Clearing his mind of all thought, Nom walked along the grass plains next to the riverbank. He tried to forget everything that had just occurred, but it was impossible.

* * *

“If you have come to lecture me, don’t bother,” said Revan as Carth entered the Cargo Hold, as Revan sat down on the floor, with his back against a container.

“I know what your going through Revan,” said Carth, “We all do.”

Revan sighed, “What am I to do Carth? How could a saviour of the Galaxy … the so called, “Prodigal Knight” who has shown people to follow their hearts and walk their own path, lose his?”

“You have lost your way, yes,” agreed Carth, “But we are only the people who we perceive ourselves to be. If you think that that you are lost and wounded, then you are. There’s no way to change the past, so that’s why we are given the chance to change our mistakes in the future. We will not ever forget what has happened, it will be apart of us for the rest of our lives, and so will Bastila’s spirit. She will always be with you Revan, don’t think otherwise.”

“You have come quite the philosopher these past years haven’t you Carth ...” laughed Revan softly.

“Ive been around Jedi for too long,” replied Carth with a small smile.

“What am I to do?” asked Revan, “I feel like I am a wanderer in a unknown land. Travelling to dangers never been seen before.”

“First of all,” said Carth, “Apologize to Nom. What you said was very harsh and wrong. Then, second … we, (noticed I said, “we”, Revan) will go back to Azuria, find the Sith, Kill them all.”

“A bit on the Dark Side, don’t you think?” said Revan, “Answering the Sith’s call with their own expertise.”

“Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire.” Replied Carth

* * *

Walking through the empty halls, feeling the lost souls, and brushing his fingers through the ivy crawling across the walls; Nom Kavar thought about his old life. He thought about his friends who he worked with in the mines, the people who he had cared about, and the people who he had lost.

“Therion, my old friend,” said Nom, smiling slightly; “I wish you could see me now.” Therion Astkari was Nom’s best friend at the Mine back on Azuria. But he had died in a sudden freak accident, when a mining tunnel collapsed and killed everyone who was in the tunnel instantly.

He heard rustling behind him and spun around, igniting his lightsaber as he went, “Oh,” he said, “It just you.”

Revan, looked solemnly in his eyes, “I am sorry, Nom. I should not have said what I said back on the ship.”

Nom deactivated his saber, “No,” he said, “You shouldn’t have.”

“I just don’t know-,” started Revan, but his voice faltered.

Nom looked up and saw Revan staring out into the council chamber, “Do not know what?” he asked

Revan stirred and said, “I do not know if whether, I can be your Master anymore. A broken hammer cannot help build anything.”

“Thanks for referring me to an object and you a hammer,” scoffed Nom.

“Your right,” said Revan laughing, “That was a bad choice of words. What I meant was, a Master cannot train an apprentice if he himself, does not know anymore what to teach.”

Nom started to walk to the entrance of the Enclave with Revan following him.

“I trust in you Master,” he said, “But you have to trust in me as well. I am coming with you, there’s nothing you can do to stop me, and that is something to believe me about.”

Revan smiled, “I was blind in my own sorrow before, but now, I would have it no other way.”

Nom smiled as they made their way back to the ship.

When the boarded and made their way to the main hold, it was to find that everybody else were already standing around waiting for them. Revan smiled, “I want you all to know … if you do not want to come, you don’t have to. We will drop you off first anywhere you want to go,”

“We’re coming with you, Revan,” said Mira.

“Ofcourse,” said Jolee. As the rest of the crew agreed.

“Prep her for launch then!” said Revan, happily.

“It looks like we have the old Revan here,” said Carth, “Key word here, being ‘old’ that is.” He added.

The rest of the crew laughed as him and Atton headed for the cockpit, “By the way,“ they heard Atton said, “I got dibs on flying.”
* * *

“So,” said Revan as he entered the Cargo hold where Nom was stationed. He was sitting where exactly where Revan had been when Carth talked to him, but ofcourse, he didn’t say anything. “We’re good, right?”

Nom laughed, “Yes,” he said, “We’re good.”

“Good!” replied Revan, “Now, would you like to know anything. About the Force, or something completely different? I don’t mind. I’m bored as all hell, there’s nothing to do beside meditate when travelling, and even that has its limits.”

Nom smiled, “What was it like, saving the Galaxy?”

Revan was silent for a moment then said, “Well, how to do you feel now?”

Confused, Nom said, “I’m feeling alright, not sick or anything.”

Revan laughed, “No, that’s not what I meant. When you think about it, we are saving the Galaxy right now. Destroying this threat will mean salvation for the Republic and a change for more life to be born.”

“Well, now that you put it that way,” laughed Nom, “I feel pretty damn good.”

“And that’s, how I felt.” Said Revan, smiling.

* * *

“So, they are coming,” said the tall figure to himself as he stared out into the scenery of his home planet, “I wondered how long it would take them.”

“The one who was foolish enough to call him one of our own has decided his fate after all. I admire that. But that will not save the pathetic organization what he strives to protect.”
He turned and proceeded down a long set of stairs and into a huge cathedral sized atrium. Lines of robed figures stand proudly against the walls as the powerful being walks by them. He stood before them all and stared into each and every one of them in turn. Burying himself into their thoughts, pulsating within their very souls.

“The time has come!” he yelled, “No longer shall we wait in the darkness. No longer shall we hide ourselves from our destiny! Our mantle was taken from us, it is time to reclaim it!”
He was answered with a deafening explosion of cheers and the hisses of a thousand red lightsaber being lit, bathing them in a sea of blood illumination.

Bee Hoon
03-01-2007, 08:07 AM
Ominous! It was a lil Dark-sided of Nom to strike Revan, but I guess it was a sharp wake-up call to him. The conversation about saving the galaxy is so true, lol. Awaiting coming installments!

Diego Varen
03-01-2007, 11:36 AM
Good for Nom for sorting out Revan. Looking foward to more and the final battle.

03-03-2007, 03:05 AM
Thanks. It was a bit on the dark side for Nom to strike his master but it certainly did make Revan aware of what would happen if he continued doing what he was doing.
Another chapter, but this one is a bit short today, but i tried to make it as best as possible for such a short chapter, because i had to go somewhere when i wrote it.
It's abit of a slow chapter, with hardly any progress in the story, but i just couldnt think of any other way to write this chapter.
Anyways, i hope you all like it.


“We’ll be in Azuria in less than an hour,” said Atton when he walked into the main hold of the ship.

“Very good,” replied Revan, “How is everybody feeling?”

“I feel like im being surrounded by a group of Krayt’s with no mean of escape,” replied Mira with a sickening expression on her face, “I can feel the immense power already, even when we are so far away.”

“Your weak,” said Jonas, “we should be relishing in this power, not hiding from it.”

“That’s enough Jonas,” said Revan, glaring into The Exile’s eyes.

“How will we even start looking?” asked Nom, “We don’t even have a clue where the True Sith are.”

“I have a feeling that,” said Revan, “That they are on Azuria. Because when I first got to the planet, there wasn’t a planet at all. Just empty space. And then I heard a voice inside my head, a cold, cruel voice, then it unveiled the planet and tried to kill me by controlling my ship to crash down below on the surface.”

“How can we kill something that can cloak a planet and control your ship, with only its mind?” asked Nom

“We will find a way,” replied Revan, “But for now, I suggest you all get ready. Who knows how long we will be away from the ship and if you need to gather supplies, now would be the time.”

With that order, most of the crew dispersed and went to retrieve anything the thought they would need. Half an hour later, everyone was back in the main hold, except for Mira. Revan asked if anyone knew where she was, but they didn’t.

“I’ll go look for her,” offered Carth

“OK, just make sure she is alright.” Agreed Revan

Carth went off to the starboard Dorm, then the garage, engine room, cargo hold, but there was no sign of her. He then checked the port dormitory but still, she was not there; he then decided to go to the med bay. And there she was, sitting on the other side of the bed with her back to the entrance. Even if he could not use the Force, Carth knew that she was upset, about something. He moved into the room and she whipped around.

Her face was all red and blotchy, and she had faint tears down her face. “Mira, what’s wrong?” he asked. She quickly whipped her face with her sleeve and with a hurried nothing, she made her way to get of the med bay, but Carth stopped her.

“Talk to me, Mira,” he said, “I’ve never seen you like this for the time ive known you.”

“That’s because I never get like this,” She said, “for a good reason.”

“And what might that be?” asked Carth

“Because-,” she spluttered, “Because, I never get afraid, never worry, and I don’t want to let the people who are around me to know if I ever do. It’s just not me!”

He gestured to the small bunk, “Sit down,” he said gently. He guided her over then sat down beside her, “I know how you feel. I’m the exact same, and you know what. It’s OK to be afraid, it’s just what makes us human. We cannot run from it, it’s who we are, no matter how strong we think ourselves to be.” She looked down to the floor, and didn’t say a word. Carth looked at her; even when she was sitting here, being miserable, crying, she still was beautiful. He placed those thoughts to the back of his head.

“Listen,” he said softly, “You don’t have to come with us, you can stay here, on the ship.”

“Because why?” she snapped, “Im weak, is that it!”

Taken back, Carth said, “No, not at all. It- well, I would just prefer it if you did. I just – I just don’t want to see you get hurt. That’s all.”

She looked at him, “What are you saying, Carth?”

“I don’t know,” he said softly, then, “Hey, you called me Carth!”

“Yeah, why is that so surprising?” she asked lifting an eyebrow.

“It’s just,” said Carth scratching his chin, “you always say things like, ‘you’ or ‘grouch’ and other things. I thought you had forgotten my name!”

“So why didn’t you say anything?” she smiled

“Because I liked it,” he admitted.

Mira looked back down at the floor and gasp in agitation, “I shouldn’t be like this. I should be stronger!”

“I happen to like you like this,” said Carth, looking at her

“And what is that?” she asked.

“Oh, I don’t know … off guarded.” He said. She looked back at him. For a moment all they did was stare into each other’s eyes, both of them not looking away. And all of a sudden, Carth realized that he was moving closer in, towards her, and before he knew it, he could hear her breathing, smell the scent of her hair and feel the aura of calmness protrude from her. An inch away from her, he heard a soft laugh. He blinked and pulled away from her and looked to the doorway.

“Am I interrupting anything?” said Jonas, as he stepped into the med bay.

“As a matter of fact,” said Carth, standing up, “You were,”

“Oh, I did not know!” said Jonas, acting surprised, “Im so sorry!”

“Shut up, Jonas,” snarled Mira as she stood up and grabbed him by the throat.

“Yes!” he said, smiling into her eyes,” this is the real you, Mira, let your anger take control, let it flow through your body!”

“Mira, no!” said Carth, “Don’t drop to his level. You are and never could be as wicked, evil, and sadistic. Look into yourself and realize this!”

She looked towards him, and slowly released her grip on Jonas’s throat.

“Pity,” he said, as he walked out of the med bay

“Come on,” said Carth, as he took her hand, the others are waiting.”

* * *

They walked out into the corridor and felt the ship shudder. They looked at each other then hurried out into the main hold and asked what was going on.

“We just entered the atmosphere of Azuria,” answered Revan, “Are you alright Mira, you look like you’ve been upset.”

She put on a fake laugh and said, “Me? Upset? Of course not!”

He looked at her, clearly not believing her, but he said, “OK, make sure your ready for when we land.”

* * *

With Atton at the controls, landing the Ebon Hawk onto the plains of Azuria, the rest gathered in front of the boarding ramp. Revan however, stood in the Port Dormitory. He did not know exactly why he was there, but he closed his eyes and listened. Not with his ears, but with his mind.

He looked into the depths of the Force, bumping against the strains of the void and leaning towards intervals of light and sound.
Until suddenly, there was a rush of extreme intensity of power and malicious intent. For a second he thought it might have been Jonas, but then realized that whatever it was, it was far more powerful. But then, the rhythmic beat of the feeling realized it was gazing upon him and blocked all thought from Revan, and then he acknowledged. He just touched the mind of the person who he must destroy. The True Sith.

Revan felt a sensation form in his stomach. He had never known anything could exist with that much power. It was overwhelming.

“You feel tense,” came a woman’s voice.

“I just felt the being who I might destroy,” replied Revan, “wouldn’t you be tense?”

The woman laughed, “You have a point my darling. But you mustn’t stray from the path that you have chosen. Trust in yourself and you will succeed.”
Revan opened his eyes and looked around him. But he was alone.

“Bastila?” he asked, but there was no response. He sighed then walked back to rejoin the others.

“Are you OK?” Nom asked, as Revan stood by him.

“Haven’t felt better,” replied Revan smiling.

The boarding ramp lowered slowly until the fresh sunlight spread across their faces and gave them all a sense of tranquillity. Relieving them of all worries and pains. They descended and gazed upon Azuria once more.

Diego Varen
03-03-2007, 03:59 AM
It doesn't matter that it is short Mr_BFA. It is an opening to the final battle of the Fic. Looking foward to more and I think Carth and Mira are in love.

03-03-2007, 07:47 AM
Thanks Topsite.
Yeah, i didn't know whether to have a love plot between them two. I still don't know, lol. We'll just have to see how it all works out, i guess.
Dunno when the next chapter will be out. I'm having computer problems atm, (stupid, evil, sadistic piece of machinery it is) but im sure it will be out soon enough.
Thanks again, and thanks for being the no.1 post person in my thread lol, it's cool how you've stuck around for this long.
Anyways, i think there will only be a few more chapters to this, but i won't say anymore :D ... (mostly because i don't know as to what they will consist of as of yet, lol)

Bee Hoon
03-04-2007, 02:05 AM
Carth and Mira was not something I'd ever expected, lol. I hope Mira doesn't fall! She's always been rather emotional under her "tough chick" facade (insert curly line under the e yourself. Can't figure it out).

03-05-2007, 11:02 PM
lol, i think the curly is meant for under the 'c' isn't it? Anyways ...

And just something to keep your mind off of Mira falling ... She won't ...
And it's still the same as before, i don't know when the next chapter will be out, but it shouldn't be too far away.

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03-09-2007, 04:59 AM

They spent a week searching for any means of finding the key to unlock the secret of the location of the Enemy. But to no avail.

“This is ridiculous!” spat Jonas on the evening of the eighth day away from the ship, “We have spent, what? A week, and what have we found? Nothing! We cannot keep on going on like this!”

“We cannot help how long we will be out here, Jonas,” said Revan, calmly, “We shall be out here as long as it takes.”

Jonas didn’t say anything, but just stared at Revan with the utmost disgust.

Nom lay down beside the small fire they had conjured and shut his eyes. He listened to Revan talking, listened to the animals that crept up close to get a closer look at the new inhabitants of the forest and then, a thought struck him.

“Jonas,” he said, “Was there anything at the temple what you were at? Anything, peculiar?”

“No,” he replied, stiffly, “Why do you care?”

“I care,” said Nom, opening his eyes and sitting up, “Because I want to find these Sith as much as you do. Even though we do not have any other similarities.”

“Well, we did find a Holocron, but none of my men, or me, could operate it. We do not know why.”

“Why did you not speak of this before?” said Revan, “Perhaps it is what we are looking for!”

“It might have been.” said Jonas, shaking his head.

“What?” said Revan

“It might have been,” repeated Jonas, “It was destroyed.”

“Why did you destroy it!” yelled Revan, “Are you truly that much of an idiot?”

“Hey! Don’t look at me! I didn’t destroy it,” spat Jonas, “Talk to your buddies about it.”

Revan turned to Nom and Carth, “What is he talking about?” he asked them.

“I have no idea,” they both replied.

“A Force Wave, which they produced, made one of the main tunnels of the complex collapse, and in turn, making the chamber beneath which held the Holocron, collapse also. So you see, it was their fault, not mine.” said Jonas, sneering.

“Did you even bother to check to see if the Holocron survived?” asked Revan.

“There was no need to!” replied Jonas, “Did you not listen to what I said? The room was destroyed, not even a Holocron could have withstood the rocks!”

“Be that as it may, we still need to check. Who knows, you may be wrong.” said Revan

“You idiot!” spat Jonas, “You just don’t get it do you? You will not listen to anybody who tries to tell you different. You always have to do what the great Revan thinks is right. Whether it be stupid or just,”
Revan stared into Jonas’ eyes. He did not say anything in return to Jonas’ last remark, but instead, he stood and walked away into the forest.

* * *

Walking here and there Revan pressed on with a debate he had in his mind eve since they got to Azuria.

‘Where are you!’ he cursed in his mind, ‘Stop hiding if you are so powerful and face me!’ He waited but there came no response. Until …

* * *

Revan came back into the small clearing to where the rest of the companions were, he laughed before he said anything, “We’ve been looking in the wrong places!” he said.

“Caught on, have you?” snapped Jonas.

Revan ignored him, “You see, Jonas occupied a large temple. And that was not the only temple on the planet was it? There are others on this planet, some less conspicuous than others.” he finished, looking at Nom.

Then Nom realized what Revan was saying, “You mean,” he said, “The complex? The place where lived for all my life?”

“Temple,” corrected Revan, “And yes, I do mean that very same place. Did you not find anything strange about that place Nom?”

“Well, no …,” Nom admitted.

“That’s because you didn’t look hard enough,” said Revan

“I never really needed to look harder, did I?” Nom laughed

“Touché,” replied Revan, “But there key is there. That’s where we need to go.”

“Wait!” said Jonas, standing up, “How do you even know if it is or not?”

“Call it instinct,” smiled Revan as he started to walk.

* * *

“This is it,” said Revan, as he and his companions peaked through a thick line of bushes. There were just out the front of the large gates that provided entrance to the complex (or temple).

“Do you know how many there are?” asked Carth

“Two at the entrance, four along each side of the wall, and another four in a room just inside of the gates. (They check for clearance.)” said Nom, ticking them off on his fingers as he counted.

“Right,” said Revan, “Well, here’s what we will do. Carth, Nom and I will waltz on in through the front doors, while you all wait here. Then when all is clear the rest of you will join us.”

“That’s stupid. Small chance of success, big chance we will get killed in the process,” said Jonas, then he smiled, “What are waiting for?”

“I always love your optimism, Jonas,” said Revan, shaking his head, “Seriously, I never get tired of it. Never.”

Carth, Revan and Nom all took deep breaths, then slowly proceeded out from the cover of the bushes and into the sight of the guards.

“You there!” yelled one of the guards, raising his blaster, “Halt, and state your business!”

“Well,” said Revan, “We were hired by the owner of this … facility, to locate a missing worker. And, as you can see … we have succeeded in recovering him and now me and my counterpart wish to go and collect our reward.”

“We were not told of any such thing,” said the guard suspiciously

“Well, no you wouldn’t have,” said Revan, “An escaped slave is nothing that the owner would wish to spill to anyone would he?”

“I guess not,” replied the guard, “But I still don’t like you. There is something wrong going on here, I feel like im not getting the whole truth,”

“Well that’s because.” came a voice from behind them, “You are not,”

“And who might you be?” asked the guard, pointing his blaster to behind Revan. He looked behind him and sighed; it was Jonas.

‘Don’t you ever just sit and do what your told?’ he said in Jonas’ mind

‘Why should you get all the fun?’ sneered Jonas

“I said, who might you be?” repeated the guard.

“Why spoil it?” said Jonas as he ignited his lightsaber.
The guard didn’t even get a single shot in before he was struck down by Jonas. But the others weren’t so unlucky.
Revan and Nom both ignited their lightsabers and attacked the guards which came around the corner of the wall and through the gate. Carth unsheathed his vibrosword and engaged with another of the guard.

The fight was over quickly, but they were delayed nonetheless; Carth was still fighting with his own opponent.

“Anytime, Carth.” said Revan smiling as he took a seat on the ground.

“Just because im not a Jedi.” said Carth, “Its not like I can cut through his blade or anything,”

“Neither can we if you remember.” reminded Revan.

After another five minutes, Carth finally had the last stroke and struck down his guard. With a small yell, the guard fell to the ground limp.

“About time!” said Jonas, “I was about ready to strike both of you down because of your pathetic cause for battle!”

“Lets just go,” said Carth.

“Wait,” said Nom suddenly

“What?” asked Revan

“Well, doesn’t this seem abit strange? We are all the other guards? And not only that, where are all the workers?”

“Perhaps we shall find out soon enough.” said Revan.

“Are you guys done yet?” came Mira’s voice

Revan laughed, “Yes, you can all come out.”

“Besides,” said Atton, “Why did we all have to stay behind?”

“I didn’t want them to know how many of us there are,” said Revan

“Smart,” piped up Jolee, “But apparently un-needed,”

“Indeed,” said Revan, “Well, lets go!”

* * *

“Well this is an eye opener and no mistake,” said Nom.

They had just entered the complex and were greeted by a horrible stench of death and decay. Thousands of corpses littered the ground before them, each one with evidence upon their bodies from a stroke of a lightsaber.

“Ah,” said Jonas, “Home,”

“Disgusting!” cried Nom, “How dare you insult my friends and whom I considered my family!”

“Death is natural, live with it.” said Jonas

“We will mourn for whose lives have been lost,” assured Revan, “But not now.”

Nom nodded and proceeded forwards, carefully to make sure he did not step on anyone, which proved to be very difficult.
They finally reached a set of stairs and proceeded slowly to the top.

“It is near,” whispered Jonas to Revan, “You can feel it?”

“Yes,” replied Revan, “I can feel it,”

They came to an extremely large room and walked to the middle, but stopped when they heard the hissing of many lightsabers coming to life.

Hundreds of dark figures leaped from the floors above and landed to form a circle around the group of companions. Each of them wielding a red lightsaber.

“Ah, Hi,” said Nom, “Sorry for the intrusion, we were just looking for someone who is said to be the True Sith. Know him?”

The figures slowly walked inwards, closing in on them.

“Not up for any talk after all,” said Nom, igniting his lightsaber as the rest wielded their own weapon.

* * *

“We don’t have time for this!” yelled Jonas, as he took on four Sith at once.

“Nom looked towards a door at the far end of the corridor and noticed a tall figure standing proudly. They were cloaked, but they seemed to be illuminated by some dark aura. A soft shroud of mist hung around them, just covering their face from sight.

“Revan!” he yelled, “Look!”

Revan looked to where Nom was pointing and seen him. He leapt up and over the soldiers of Sith, but the figure just turned his back on Revan and walked away, up a flight of stairs.

Nom and Jonas followed him and landed right next to Revan.

“Go!” yelled Carth, “Kill him … Do it!”

They looked to their friends while they were fighting and reluctantly, turned. The three of them faced the doorway in front of them and started to run forward and up the flight of steps.

They got to the top and proceeded into another room, around the same size as the last one. And alone, in the middle of the room stood the tall figure. As they neared, he unhitched his cloak and threw it to the side.

“Welcome back, Nom Kavar.” he said, “I was wondering where you had gotten off to.”

Nom looked at the man standing in front of him puzzled, then gasped. It was his master, the boss of the mining operation, the boss of everything in the complex. The person who he had come to trust, even though he had to work for him, Nom had come to think of him as a father figure.
But that was a long lost thought now, as Nom Kavar stared into the heart of his future. Right here, right now, the fate of the galaxy and Nom Kavar would be decided, right now, the battle for all life was about to begin.

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The final battle at last... So why did the mining boss suddenly slaughter everyone?:S It's a bit strange that the guards were guarding nothing:p

03-10-2007, 07:32 AM
The final battle at last... So why did the mining boss suddenly slaughter everyone?:S It's a bit strange that the guards were guarding nothing:p
Haha, yeah. But not to worry! that will all be explained in the next or next next chapter!!!!! i think ........ hmm ... maybe ...

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“No comment?” he asked, as he continued to gaze at Nom.

“You …,” faltered Nom, “I trusted you.”

“Just goes to show, how foolish you truly are,” replied the Sith, “But I must say, I am impressed. Becoming a Jedi! I never would have thought.”

“Just goes to show, how foolish you truly are,” mimicked Nom.

The Sith laughed, “Indeed,” he said, “Indeed it does.

“Why did you kill everyone?” asked Nom, “What did they do for you to destroy everything they have worked so hard to build. For you, no less.”

“You did not know?” asked the Sith, “Well, you have been gone for long Nom. They were planning to rebel against me. They had learned, somehow, of my true identity. It had eluded me for a time, of how they found out, and how long they had known. But, in time, I found out that they had had a spy within my grasp. Why I didn’t not find this out, I do not know, perhaps their spy was trained in such arts of such barriers around his mind to evade such intrusions. I captured him however, and broke his mind down until I could see every little piece of information he held within his grasp. And, well, after that session, he was incapable of doing anything else. So, he was disposed of.”

“Then I sought out the other leaders of the small pathetic scheme, and disposed of them. But, it seemed, that just motivated the rest of them. And they continued along with their operation. I lost nearly half of my army, which I had hoped to lead with on my assault on the Republic. That surprised me greatly, for I thought that they were just weak slaves; not worth bothering with. But, alas, I was wrong again. I have a rather annoying habit of that happening lately.”

“Now, enough of this talk, you have come to kill me, have you not? Why haven’t you? I can’t see why you would want to in the first place. I’m just trying to create a new galaxy, one with no suffering, or pain. But you know, you cannot create a new galaxy, without destroying the old one.”

“And that,” said Revan, igniting his lightsaber “Is something we will not let happen. We will kill you before that happens.”

“I got a better idea,” he replied, “How about I rip out your small intestine and use it as a jump rope?”

“Oh,” said Jonas, as he ignited his own lightsaber, “I like that one! Can I use it?”

“Use this!” said the Sith. He pulled out a hilt and ignited it.
The crimson blade shown brightly in the dimly-lit room. Illuminating the walls with a blood stained texture.

Jonas leaped forward, Nom sprinted forwards, lightsaber held high, and Revan jumped up and over to land behind the True Sith Master. Bringing his lightsaber downwards, Nom ducked his head, just narrowly evading a stroke that would have left him without a head. Jonas and Revan both swung their lightsaber around, but the Sith jumped up, and the two sabers clashed together, emitting a shower of sparks; making them shower Nom.

Laughing, the Sith made a strike at him, but Revan blocked it and elbowed the sith in the jaw. Rubbing the side of his mouth, the Sith said, “Nice one. But it is a pity that it wont happen again!”

He lunged forward, and with speed more than anything that they had every seen before, the Sith reached behind his back and pulled out another lightsaber. He brought it in low, swinging it to the side and flicked his wrist, bringing it directly up towards Revan’s face. He felt the hot air that was being emitted from the tip of the saber and flung his head back, cracking his neck as he went.

Nom, still down on the ground, brought his lightsaber up and across, catching the sith by surprise as Jonas sliced downwards. The two blades hit the same saber at the same time but on opposite sides, which caused the Sith’s blade to fly out of his hands, spinning wildly as it went.

The Sith Master, flipped backwards and landed on one knee near a corner of them room.

“You fight well!” he said, the empty room making his voice seem ten times loud as normal, “We could really use your talents.”

Revan laughed, “No. But thanks for offering!”

“You know,” said Jonas, “I usually like to know the name of the person im about to kill. Makes me feel closer to the victim.”

Nom shuddered. But the Sith just stared at him.

“You are truly evil, aren’t you?” he said smiling, “I like it. However, if you truly must know my name; it is, Zharik: True leader of the race known as Sith.”

“That’s a whole bunch of names,” said Jonas, “But I like it. Corny, yes, but it has a sense of power to it.”

Zharik sneered, “Much better than Jonas.” With that, he lunged off the ground once more and landed in front of Jonas. He gathered the Force to his palm, where it reached they very tips of his fingers, pulsating the air around them. He pushed Jonas hard in the chest, but instead of just him falling to the ground, Jonas was flung all the way across the room where he slammed hard into the opposite wall; shattering the bricks behind him and falling to the ground, unconscious.

For a full hour, Lightsaber clashed with lightsaber as slashes, swipes and lunge were made at each opponent. Revan knelt on one knee panting, whilst Nom held a stich at his side. The Sith Lord, apparently was unharmed or did not even express the slightest signs of slowing down.

“Enough of this so called ‘fighting’,” he said, “I daresay your companions would have been killed by now, so I guess I should get this over and done with.”

Revan and Nom both ran at Zharik and swung their lightsabers. Revan aimed to strike at the shoulders, Nom aimed a slash across Zharik’s legs. With no means of escape, Zharik quickly gathered the Force around him and created a protective casing around his body; it pulsated with a faint greenish blue colour. Electricity soared up both blades of the sabers as they hit the barrier and went through the fingers of their occupants and up their arms; making them go numb with shock.

“What?” gasped Revan, “How - what was that?”

“Power,” said Zharik, simply.

“That was unbelievable!” said Nom

“Join me, and you will learn such things.” said Zharik

“I think I can learn that myself thanks,” said Revan, lunging forward once more.

‘It’s useless,’ thought Revan, as the saber bounced right off the Barrier and sending another jolt of electricity up his arm, ’Just useless!’

Nom suddenly bounded forwards and projected a Force wave at Zharik, sending him several feet in the air and crashing to the floor.

“It looks like that this battle will have to be fought using the Force, not the lightsaber.” he stated, deactivating his saber.

“Brave of you boy,” said Zharik, “Lowering your defences like that. Even when, I could do something like … this!”
Zharik threw his lightsaber and sent the crimson blade heading straight for Nom. There was no time to move, no time to get out of the way from his attack.

But the attack never came; the saber bounced off Nom, creating shimmering flashes of blue and green light, which surrounded him.

“Ah,” smiled Zharik, “You are clever!”

“And cautious,” added Nom.

“How did you know how to do that?” asked Revan

Nom smiled, “I can only usually see something once and I will be able to do the exact same thing.”

“You are clever,” said Revan.

* * *

“Fine,” said Zharik at the other side of the room, “The Force, it is.”

He deactivated his saber, clipped it to his belt and prepared himself in a fighting stance.

“After you,” he said, gesturing mockingly to Nom.

Nom looked around him to see if there was anything that he could distract Zharik with; there was nothing.

Then he thought of something … ‘Just maybe’

‘Master’ he said through thought, ‘I have an idea on how to get through that barrier of his. But if I do it, it will show him how and he will be able to get through mine also.’

‘That does not matter if we can kill him,’ replied Revan, ‘What is this idea of yours?’

* * *

Zharik looked from Nom to Revan cautiously. What were they planning? With the power of them both, they had been able to block him out of their minds permanently to be able to plan their attack undisturbed. He couldn’t have that.

“Enough!” he cried, breaking a chunk of rock out of the wall and flinging it toward the two Jedi. Nom and Revan dodged the pieces of rock and ran forward. Revan jumped up high, but Zharik’s concentration was directed at Nom who had both of his arms outstretched with the bottom of his palms stuck together; making his hands point out in opposite directions. Small jolts of energy were starting to pulsate within his grasp, spreading from the very tips of his fingers to the middle of his palms.

Zharik went to try and imbue more power into his barrier, but stopped as he heard Nom yell, “Now!”

Zharik looked up and seen Revan springing down on him, lightsaber pointed directly at his skull. All of a sudden he felt an enormous push against his chest and felt the power drain from his body.

“This cannot be happ -,” but he did not get the rest of his sentence out. Nom had fired a blast of Force energy that he had gathered together from the tiny molecules of water from the air. He then added a small amount electricity shocks of the Force and accentuated their power with the water. It was not a Dark Side power, but yet, it was not a power of the light either.

No weapon for melee design would have been able to penetrate the barrier, but it was created from the Force. And if it was created from using the Force, then maybe, just maybe, it could be dissolved by the Force; and that’s just what had happened.
With Nom disabling his means of protection, Zharik had been left defenceless, open to attack. Revan straightened his saber and pointed it at Zharik’s chest as he flew towards the ground. But he was stopped in mid-flight!

Just as Revan been only seconds away from cleaving his head in two, Zharik used the Force to grab onto the body of Revan, and was able to hold him exactly where he was, making him immobilized. Zharik held Revan up in the air with the Force grip and squeezed his body. He felt that he was being forcefully pushed through a very, very thin tube and shooting downwards, losing breath, gasping for air. But as soon as it had begun, Revan felt his muscles relax and he fell to the ground, with a small grunt, he looked up …

Nom was holding the hilt of his lightsaber, whilst the purple blade drove through the chest of the True Dark Lord of the Sith. His eyes widened in shock and anger, Zharik stared down at the blade, then to the determined look on Nom’s face.

“It’s not possible,” he gasped

“It’s not, probable,” corrected Nom, as he pulled the blade out of Zharik’s chest and let his body fall to the ground. His chest raising and falling as he struggled to gain breath. Slowly, Zharik felt the beats of his heart, slow, his eye lids started to close and his hearing became faint, as the beats of his heart slowed till a standstill.

“So,’ said Revan, “it is done,”

Nom turned to look at Revan and felt the breath run out of his body. Before he could say anything at all, an extremely bright, blood-red blade of a lightsaber, pierced it’s way through the back and out again through the chest of Jedi Master, Revan: The Saviour of the Galaxy.

So, there it is, only a couple more chapters to go. I bet you didnt see this one coming ... well, maybe you did, maybe you didnt. But anyways, just have to wait till next chap to see how it all pans out for Nom. :D

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I don't think Jonas introduced himself... Ooh, that dirty backstabbing traitor! Kreia would be spinning in her grave if Malachor V hadn't been destroyed! The part where you described the position of Nom's hands was rather awkward. It got the point across, but not very smoothly.

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@Topsite: Thankyou, once again.

Bee Hoon
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Nom had fired a blast of Force energy that he had gathered together from the tiny molecules of water from the air. He then added a small amount electricity shocks of the Force and accentuated their power with the water. It was not a Dark Side power, but yet, it was not a power of the light either.

This line is a bit strange... What, did Nom manage to achieve fission of the water molecules?:p And the "small amount electricity shocks of the Force" is awkward too... Can't really get the idea you're trying to convey.

Nom who had both of his arms outstretched with the bottom of his palms stuck together; making his hands point out in opposite directions. Small jolts of energy were starting to pulsate within his grasp, spreading from the very tips of his fingers to the middle of his palms.

"It was the typical Ryu/Ken "AHBUGIIIIT!!" move." Sorry, just couldn't resist that:p It is hard to describe, but maybe something like "Nom who had put his hands together, and now stretched out his arms and slowly spread his fingers so that both palms were facing Zharik." Meh, it's not good either, but hopefully it'll help you think of alternate ways to describe it.

03-18-2007, 06:13 AM
Haha, HADOKEN!!!!
lol, yeah i see what you're saying!

The first quote. I just tried to maginify in explaining how Nom did what he did. It wasnt a really good description but it was the best what i could come up with lol. The small molecule particles of H2O in the air mixed with, say (the Force Lightning power). Thats what i tried to mix with. It would have been way wierder i reckon if i just put "Samll droplets of water used with the Force Lightning power" lol.

With the second quote, i kinda took the idea of like a Kamahameha or lol, something like that anyways. But, it kinda just didn't work, haha.
Your change of the hand placement fits a bit better as i can actually (if i was reading from a point of view from someone else, other than myself) invision what Nom is doing.
Because even when i read my version now, i just can't ... understand, lol.

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lol, a Kamahameha is just something from DBZ.

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OK. This is a very, very short chapter. And when i say, very short ... i MEAN very short. I just got really bored and decided that i would cut off this chapter to where i was at and i would start anew. So yeah .. im starting to concentrate more and more on my novel so i dont know when the rest of the story will be finished.
Anyways .. back to the very, very, very short chapter.


‘I’ve been itching to do that for a long time.’

‘You coward,’ yelled Nom, as Revan’s body fell to the ground and Jonas stepped away, ‘You could not fight him fairly? You had to murder him?’

‘I had to, otherwise he would have killed me,’ admitted Jonas, ‘I watched, silently while you two fought with Zharik. I seen your power and I seen it dwindle as the battle raged on. And I waited. Waited for the perfect chance.’

‘Bah! Perfect chance!’ spat Nom, ‘So much for needing your help,’

‘True,’ said Jonas, walking around Revan’s body and standing before Nom, ‘I thought that I would need Revan to destroy the threat. And, in part, I was right. You see … my plan was to let Revan, and you, tire the Sith and then . . . Then I would strike. Killing all three of you. But I have succeeded in only one aspect of my plan. I have killed Revan, I missed out on my chance to kill the Sith, but at least I will have the honour in killing you.’

‘Not if I’ve got anything to say about it,’ said Nom, igniting his lightsaber once more.

Jonas smiled and leapt forwards. Nom brought his purplish blade up to block the oncoming attack and he swung his saber around to parry. Jonas jumped to the side and lunged forwards aiming for Nom’s throat, but ducking forwards and swirling around to get behind Jonas, Nom was able to slash across the back of Jonas’ legs.
With a grunt Jonas fell to his knees and looked up as Nom walked in front of him. Nom sliced the top of Jonas’ lightsaber hilt off; it would not be able to ignite, anymore.

‘Indeed you are powerful,’ said Jonas, ‘You have a mighty gift young one. Choose what you will, but a power such as that cannot go unhindered and overlooked for too long. I can see it in your eyes. You long for control of your life and of your power. Revan, Bastila, they would have made sure that that would not have ever happened. They were afraid of you and your power, but no more. You can be free, do what you will when you feel most like to. Isn’t that what you have dreamt about for all these long years? Not to be a Jedi, just not to be controlled and ordered around like some useless dog.’

Nom looked at Jonas, then he gazed to the doorway. He felt the presence of Carth, Mira and Atton. Then closely followed by the rest of the companions.
Carth looked from Zharik’s body, then to Revan’s, then to Nom and Jonas.

‘What happened?’ he yelled, rushing over to Revan’s body

‘This bastard murdered him!’ said Nom, not taking his eyes off of Jonas.

‘Well, what are you waiting for? Kill him!’ cried Carth

‘No,’ whispered Nom. Jonas smiled.

‘Oh, I wouldn’t smile if I were you,’ snarled Nom, ‘you will be trialled for this and every other murder you have ever committed.’

‘There is nobody who would dare trial me,’ spat Jonas.

‘The Jedi Council will,’ said Nom

Jonas laughed, ‘There is no Jedi Council boy!’

‘Yes there is,’ replied Nom, ‘Your looking at them.’

Jonas looked around, ‘What,’ he scoffed, ‘A child, an old man, a desperate and weak woman, a blind Sith and a idiotic fool? You are all pathetic!’

‘Think what you will,’ said Nom, ‘You will be trialled nonetheless and you will be punished. You have no choice.’

‘No choice, eh?’ sneered Jonas

All of a sudden Carth’s voice echoed around the stone chamber.
‘Look out!’ he yelled

Nom looked to where Carth was pointing and he seen Revan’s lightsaber coming straight towards him. He brought his lightsaber up and was able to knock it away. But it came straight back for him; Jonas was laughing.
Nom looked to him and before he knew what he was doing, a purple blade was piercing Jonas’ chest and there was a soft thump, as the hilt of Revan’s lightsaber fell to the ground. Nom de-activated his lightsaber and let Jonas’ limp body fall to the ground.

‘So,’ said Nom, walking over and kneeling softly over his masters body, ‘It is done.’

Diego Varen
04-06-2007, 07:17 AM
Both Revan and the Jedi Exile are dead (Unless if you are fooling us). Oh well, justice has been done and I'm looking foward to the next (Long, long, long, long, long) Chapter.

Diego Varen
04-14-2007, 01:08 PM
^ Look who is back. Don't listen to him Mr_BFA, either he is jealous or joking around.

04-16-2007, 07:50 AM
Ah, bloody hell. Why are you back? Can't you annoy somebody else for a change? Jeeze .....

Anyways ... here is the next chapter .... hope you all like it.


‘So, it is done.’ said Nom as he knelt by his master. He lifted up his hand and held it firmly. As much as he and Revan argued, he could not hide the feeling that Revan had been more like a father to him, than a Mentor.
He closed his eyes and went to sought out a string, a whisper; anything that would persuade him that Revan was not indeed dead. Just unconscious; something, anything at all.
He did not know how long he sat there, but Nom refused to move. Searching … gathering … ever, searching.

And there it was.

‘I’ve found you,’ he said to himself, smiling. Embedded deep within Revan, there was still a tiny pulse of light, which fought against the ever growing darkness. So tiny in fact, that if Nom werent searching for it, he would have completely overlooked it. But no matter … that was all he needed.
‘What is it?’ Nom heard Carth’s voice say.
‘Our leader is strong,’ replied Nom, still with his eyes closed, focusing in on the tiny bit of light.

Carth looked at him in wonder. He was practically only a kid (in his eyes, anyway) but here he was. Carth suddenly felt warmth spread through his whole body. He thought that it must have been from a draft somewhere in the walls, but it was actually the Force, building itself to form an aura over Revan and Nom.
Mira and the others were sitting quietly against the wall next to the entrance to the chamber. Silent, was the air in that room for the time that the companions were in there. None of them said anything at all. However, they couldn’t help but gasp as they saw a bright blue illumination, which started to outline Nom as he knelt beside Revan.

* * *

Blackness was all that could be seen. Even when he looked at his hands, nothing was there.

‘So this is what I have become.’

But as he looked around, the blackness started to lighten and he noticed that he was in a small, four walled chamber.

And just forward of him, there was a large stone door. He walked forwards, but as he continued to examine it, he noticed that there was no control panel, handle or anything that could allow the door to open. That’s when he seen writing just above the top of the door, start to glow. It stated:

This is the room of memories.
A place in which to reflect.
A place of understanding.
The opening shall not open
For those who do not understand.

To proceed, you must step forward and,
Leave behind, that which you have
Never been able to forget.

To live in the future will be the only
Way to survive in the past,
Only then, will you be able to proceed.

Suddenly, to his surprise, on the wall to his left a picture started to form. He looked around for a source of the projection, but could not find anything. He walked forwards and stood in front of the wall and looked into the scene.

* * *

‘Come on,’ muttered Nom. The pulsating orb of light what he was pushing all of his energy into was starting to grow larger and brighter.
A blue outline started to surround the white orb and blue streaks of energy protruded from the centre of it. They shot outwards and pierced in Revan’s heart. A large string of this blue light, then struck out and pierced Nom in the heart.
He grunted, but stayed where he was. He could feel his energy draining, and he was struggling to hold his consciousness together. But still, he stayed.

As Nom took a deep breath, Revan’s heart started to produce small murmurs of sound and movement. He opened his eyes and he was looking into the deep blue eyes of his Master, as they started to slowly flutter open.

‘Master,’ he whispered.

‘Nom,’ replied Revan.

Nom let out a small smile, before he seen purple rays start to obscure his vision and he fell to the ground and lost all feeling and sight.

* * *

‘Poor kid was exhausted,’ said Carth as he walked ahead with Revan, back out of the front doors of the mining complex. Looking over his shoulder he saw Nom’s body being levitated by Atton and Mira who stood behind him. Closely followed by Jolee

‘He should not have done that,’ wheezed Revan. Even though Nom had somehow rejuvenated his heart, Revan was still incredibly weak; he had to rely on Carth to give him support so he could stand upright and walk, ‘I am grateful however.’
‘Revan, can I ask you a question?’ asked Carth


‘Did anything happen after … you know .. After what Jonas did?’

* * *

Revan continued to look at the four walls that surrounded him. Each with their own memories from his life. He had come to this conclusion, just because of the simple fact it showed him and what he had done during the past few years.

It showed him on the bridge of his flagship during the Mandalorian Wars. Him ripping Malak’s jaw clean off. Him torturing helpless innocents.
He turned to the wall behind him and seen his most recent failure.
Bastila screaming as her precious body was pierced by Jonas’ lightsaber. He felt the same ripping of his heart as he did then.

Seeing Nom’s slip once more, making him question his own teachings. How Nom had hit him on the Ebon Hawk. Revan couldn’t help but to release a small smile. It had woken him up to what he was actually doing, and he could unleash one hell of a punch.
That’s when the image disappeared from the wall. And that’s when he realized what he had to do ………

‘… Revan?’

‘Oh, sorry Carth.’ said Revan, ‘What happened after what Jonas did to me, you ask?’
Carth nodded.

Revan smiled, ‘My sins were forgiven.’

* * *

‘Hey Nom!’ yelled Thorin, ‘Hurry up, you’re going to miss it!’
‘I’m coming, be quiet!’ yelled back Nom as he sprinted across the grounds of the mining complex. His little legs not allowing him to go as fast as he wanted to.
When he stood next to Thorin as he got to the entrance to the mining tunnel, Thorin smiled.

‘Happy 9th birthday!’ he said, holding out his hand.

In the middle of his palm sat a green jewel; the light from the sun outside produced bright green rays that shot out from the rock and onto the walls. Producing flurries of colour.

‘It’s amazing!’ said Nom as he held the jewel in his own hand, ‘Thank you!’

‘No problem!’ said Thorin, slapping Nom on the back, ‘I found that just the other day, down in tunnel five. Seeing though your birthday was almost here, I decided to keep it for you.’

‘Thank you,’ repeated Nom.

Thorin smiled, ‘It’s Okay.’

A siren sounded in the distance and Thorin looked back down the tunnel. A gleam of longing suddenly erupted into his eyes. He shook his head and looked back to Nom.

‘I have to go,’ he said, ‘Hey Nom, we’re friends, right?’

‘Right,’ nodded Nom, ‘Why do you ask?’

‘Just making sure.’ replied Thorin. With that, he turned and started to walk back down the tunnel, leaving Nom to walk back to the complex on his own. Looking at the jewel and all its glory as he went.

Suddenly, when he got to the front gates, he heard an almighty explosion and looked back around to the entrance to the tunnels. Smoke rose from the large wooden doorway, and fire licked its way out of holes from the hills.

‘THORIN!’ screamed Nom as he turned around and sped back towards the mines.

He could hear the guards shouting his name, but he didn’t care; his friend was in that inferno.

He got to the entrance but it was blocked off by huge boulders which fell from the rooftop. Trying with all his might, whilst continuing to yell his friends name, he grabbed onto the large boulders and tried to move them.
They stayed frigid. Locked into the earth, not moving an inch. Sealing his friends, and all the other people in that tunnel to their deaths.

The last thing that he remembered, someone grabbed Nom by the shoulders and started to carry him away. Tears streaming down his face, he cried for Thorin, expecting to see him walk back over the hill, or through one of the fire-soaked openings. But there was nothing.
Thorin was one person, he could not save.

* * *

Nom felt his mind reach back into the shards of consciousness, but he did not move. That was the first time he had dreamt of that since Thorin’s death. And to this day, it still pained him, that he could not save his best friend. He slowly turned over, as best he could (his body ached all over) and silently wept.
He reached into his pocket in his robes and pulled out the small green jewel, which he still had from that day. It had lost its glow by now, but its beauty remained the same.
Slowly after a couple of hours, his eyes became heavy and he drifted off into another uneasy sleep.

Diego Varen
04-16-2007, 08:25 AM
The fatherly bond between Revan and Nom reminds me of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan and Anakin type relationship. Very good chapters as always and I'm glad that Revan has been resurrected.

04-16-2007, 08:32 AM
Thanks Topsite. Yeah, i just couldn't bring myself to kill him off. I thought about it, but it seemed like a bad idea.
Anyways ... only a few chapters to go! W0ot!

04-19-2007, 06:15 AM

“Nom,’ said Mission quietly, softly stirring him awake, ‘It’s been three days. You need to eat something.”

“Thanks,’ he said sitting up in the bunk and taking the small tray Mission was offering him.

‘What’s that?” she asked, looking down at the jewel beside him.

“I’ve had it since I was 9,” he said, ‘It was a gift from a friend of mine. He was my best friend.”

“That was nice of him.” she said.

“That day he died,” he quietly replied.

“I’m sorry,’ she said, as she got up to leave.

“Wait,” he said, “its not your fault. There’s nothing to be sorry for. That was a long time ago.”

There was an awkward pause, as both of them knew not what to say. So Mission just nodded and walked back out of the Dorm.

“A long time ago,” he said quietly to himself as he watched her go.

* * *

“Nom,’ said Revan, as he seen Nom walk into the Main Hold of the ship, “I’m glad to see your alright.”

“I had a dream,” he said, “But it was not like a normal dream. It was … so, violent.”

“What happened?” replied Revan

“It was about the day of my ninth birthday. The day my best friend was killed in a mining accident. I havent dreamt of that for over five years! Why am I suddenly dreaming of it now?”

“The Force can play tricks on us,” said Revan, “Sometimes, very cruel tricks. But I’m sure it was just a harmless dream of a memory. Or perhaps you dreamt of it because of all what has happened the past year, all of the death you have seen. All of the events which has occurred.”

“Yeah…” said Nom, “Where are going to now Master?”
Revan looked away from Nom for a second, and when he looked back at him, his eyes were full of thought.

“I am not sure yet,’ he said, “The threat has been diminished, so the Republic is safe, for a time.” Nom looked away from Revan and looked about the ship. He seen, M8-M7 the Astromech go past them and into the engine room. He could sense Atton training in the cargo hold, and Carth and Mira in the cock-pit. Jolee in the communication room with Mission and Zaalbar.
“Oh, and that reminds me,” said Revan suddenly. Nom looked back up at him, “You have done some extraordinary things with the Force since I met you Nom. Some things, which, even I could not do. You are nearly beyond me in amounts to being strong in the Force. Your presence itself is an aura of peace. And the part which you took in destroying the True Sith leader, and The Exile, I am very proud to say that I think you are ready to be a full fledged Jedi Knight.”

“Thank you Master,” Nom said overwhelmed, But are you sure? I have only been a Padawan for a year.”

“Do you want me to take back what I said?” said Revan raising an eyebrow.

Nom smiled, “Of course I don’t. Thank you, once again Master.”

“You are a JedI Knight, Nom. There is no need to call me Master, now.”

“Sorry,” said Nom, laughing, “It’s just become a habit.”

* * *

Everybody was in the Main Hold of the Ebon Hawk. Revan has asked them if they would meet him there to discuss what would happen now.

“I, myself, am going to Coruscant to help with the rebuild of the Jedi Council. But on the way, I will make sure that each of you will be dropped off at wherever you may wish to go.

“Taris!” said Mission. Zaalbar agreed with her with an almighty roar.

“I’m a hermit,’ said Jolee, “Where do you think I will go?”

Revan smiled, then looked towards Atton, Mira and Carth.


“If it is alright with you Revan,” said Atton, “Mira and I wish to accompany you to Coruscant.”

“Of course,” said Revan, “We will need all of the help we can get.”

Carth looked at Mira, then back to Revan, “I will head back to Telos.”

Revan nodded, “Nom?” he asked

“I don’t know why, but I am getting a feeling that I need to go back to Dantooine. If I can, in time, I will try to re-establish a point for learning once again in the Jedi Enclave.”
For a moment, Revan looked to be disappointed, but he nodded all the same.

“Very well.” he said

* * *

Jonas looked around him. He was in a circular room with, what looked to be, a small podium in the centre. The walls were completely smooth, no jagged edges of brick could be seen.

“You have failed.” came a voice. A voice he knew all too well.

“So what if I have failed,” he said, “What is it to you?”

“I had thought my teachings would have made a difference to you, Exile. But, I was wrong.” came the reply.

A rush of air started to circle around the room and congregated in the middle, next to the podium. Slowly, a ghostly form started to appear then, and the air gathered intensity until a person stood there. Completely whole, and solid.

“Kreia.” said Jonas, nodding his head in her direction, “I had thought I had finally disposed of you on Malachor V, all those months ago?”

“Oh, you did destroy my body. I am still dead, that is not to be mistaken. And yet, so are you, I see. You failed to kill the True Sith that lingered on the edge of the Galaxy. You first failed me, now you failed yourself. The revolution is complete.”

“Quit it with your riddles, Old Woman!” spat Jonas

“I did grow tired of your threats, and curses Exile Jonas. You have not changed.” she replied tiredly.

“What is this place?” he said, walking around the edges of the room.

“This,” said Kreia, looking around the room, “This is where you will stay for the rest of eternity. Long have you sought death and destruction. To sip the last dregs of life from the cup of your denial, and forsake all what you were meant for. You disappoint me, Jonas.”

“You cannot keep me here!” said Jonas, reaching for his lightsaber. He ignited the blade and lunged it into the smooth rock wall.

Nothing happened. He pulled it out of the wall and saw no scratch, no damage of any kind.

“Damn you old woman!” he cried, and turned sharply around to face her. But she was gone.

“Damn you,” he whispered.

* * *

Everyone stood at the end of the loading ramp of the Ebon Hawk. They had just docked at Taris and were seeing Mission and Zaalbar off.

“I wish I could say, it’s been fun.” said Mission.

“I know,” said Revan, “It was great seeing you again. Thank you for all of your help. We could not have done it without you.”

“Oh Revan,” she said, starting to laugh, “Your going to me us blush.”

“Now that’s something I’d like to see,” said Carth, “A blushing Wookiee.” They all laughed.

“I guess we should be going.” said Revan, “You would be wanting to get back to Telos wouldn’t you Carth?”

“What?’ he said, looking astonished at the idea, “And be able to have a shower, a decent meal, and not a worry in the Galaxy? No chance!”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” laughed Revan, as he patted Carth on the back as they walked back up the loading ramp, closely followed by Mira and Atton, and Jolee.
Nom looked at Mission.

“Well,” he said, uncomfortable, “Bye,”

“It was nice to meet you,” she said, “I hope I will have the chance to go to Dantooine sometime.”

“Well if you do, be sure to drop in and say Hi,” he replied smiling.

“Nom, you coming?” came Revan voice down the loading ramp.

“Yep!” he called back

“Bye.” said Mission

“Bye,” replied Nom. He turned around and slowly walked back up the loading ramp.

“To Telos!” he heard Revan shout triumphantly as he walked into the main hold. Nom just smiled and sat down.

* * *

The trip to Telos was longer than what first hoped it would be. Halfway there, they mad a ‘quick’ detour to Kashyyyk so they could drop Jolee off. So after all that, and another couple of days, they were at Telos’ docking station.

“Before you go,” said Carth, “Why don’t you all stay for the night and we can go and have a few drinks down at the cantina.”
They all were looking forward about the whole idea, so they didn’t say no. They went up to Carth’s apartment to get ready.

That night was the best night of Nom’s life.
When they were sitting down at a table in the northwest end of the cantina (right next to the Bith band) Revan told everybody about Nom turning 18.

“Why didn’t you tell us!” they all shouted.

“There was just too much going on at the time.” he replied laughing.

“Well,” said Carth, “In cause of this celebration, I will buy the next round!”

He got up out of his chair and went to the bar.

The rest of the night was mostly the same. Have one drink, finish it, then have another. It was in the very early morning, when the sun could be seen rising in the distance that they made it back to Carth’s apartment.

* * *

Next day, Nom woke to a extremely heavy, and pounding head. He cursed the rays of light that were shining into the apartment; the bitter taste in his mouth was unbearable.
He looked around and noticed that he was on the couch and got up. Steading himself as he stood.

“How are you feeling?” asked Revan

“Like a space cruiser drove straight into my head while it was still at light speed.” said Nom. Revan laughed, but stopped quickly and grimaced as he put his hand to his fore head.
The rest were feeling exactly the same as Nom and Revan.

“I’m getting too old for that.” said Carth.

It was night before they were set and at full health to continue travelling.

* * *

“Last stop.” said Revan, as they pulled out of hyperspace and Dantooine came into view.
They landed at Khoonda space port and Atton lowered the landing ramp.

“Are you sure you’re going to be alright?” asked Revan.

“Positive,” Nom replied, “I know what I’m doing. Don’t worry.”

“OK,” said Revan. He reached into his robe pocket, “Here,” he said, as he handed Nom a large satchel.

“What’s this?” asked Nom, as he retrieved the satchel from Revan.

“Just something to get you started.” he replied.
Nom looked inside and it was full to the exploding point of Republic credits.

“You cannot give me this.” said Nom shocked.

“It is a gift,” said Revan, “For becoming of age and starting your own life.”

“Thank you.” Nom said graciously, “I’ll never forget you, Revan.”

Revan raised an eyebrow, “You think this is the end? Of course it is not. I will come back here to visit and I expect you to come to Coruscant every once in a while, as well.”

Nom laughed, “of course.” he said.

After saying their last goodbyes, Revan walked backup the loading ramp and Nom stood and watched the Ebon Hawk fly into the sky and disappear as it flew into space.

You cannot know exactly what life has in store for you. No matter how sure you are. Just close to a year ago, Nom Kavar was a slave boy, in a mining corporation, lead by a ruthless tyrant. But next thing he knew, he was travelling across the Galaxy with Revan, the Prodigal Knight and learning the ways of the Force. And now, here he was; starting a brand new life and looking forward to it.

“Well,” he said, as he put the satchel full of credits into his own robe pockets, “Here goes nothing.”


Well, there it is. An end to an era i guess.
Overall, How did you guys like it?

I may go over it, to edit, add, delete stuff later on.

Diego Varen
04-19-2007, 11:06 AM
I liked the ending. A bit too much dialogue for me, but it was still good nonetheless. I felt sorry for Jonas slightly, but if there will be a sequel to this, he could get his revenge. Anyway, a great Fan Fic, which when edited will be even better. Will you post this in the Archives now or wait to edit it?

Bee Hoon
04-19-2007, 11:30 PM
Argh, my comment didn't get saved @.@ Well, the ending seemed a bit rushed, and I got the impression that Nom was going to leave the Jedi Order despite having just been declared a Knight:S Jonas' fate was fitting though. There's typos, and do go through and edit them. I'm too lazy to point them out at the moment. It was entertaining read:)

04-20-2007, 08:14 AM
Im definitley going to edit before postingfor the Archives.
I'll re-write the ending to make it abit longer and more understandable.
Thankyou for all who have read this Fic and after i've done editing this one, i "may" start a sequel. ... Maayyybbeeee.... :D
Anyways, thanks again!

Rabish Bini
04-22-2007, 12:17 AM
:clap2: bravo, a very good fic comes to a close, well done. :thumbsup:

04-22-2007, 08:10 PM
^ About bloody time too!!!! :D lol.
Thanks, AkumaSF, I'm glad you liked it :)

04-24-2007, 12:31 AM
I haven't sead anything in over A year -_- thats a long time (skip)
story is still nice sasuke stay in shape...

05-01-2007, 10:14 PM
Thanks Kisame :)

Diego Varen
05-02-2007, 01:05 AM
Good luck with editing. Also, have you got any other Fan Fics planned?

05-02-2007, 01:17 AM
Thanks Topsite, (after all this time since you changed your name, I still go to type "Pottsie" lol) Some pop into my head now and then but I'm trying to concentrate on just getting my Novel written.
I may write one in a couple of weeks or so ... (it'll probably take me that long to just re-edit this Fic though, lol)

But yeah, as i said ... I'm just trying to get my Book done.

05-02-2007, 11:42 PM
like Topsite is saying Good luck with editing....never did like that part in school

08-11-2007, 09:08 AM
Hey peoples! Yes, it has been a long while since I have posted in this thread .. I have a query ... I have finally started in re-writing/editing chapters for this Fic and I have finished the first two, whilst starting on the third.

Here is the query .. Should I post the re-written chapters on this thread, and have you all read over them and tell me if there is any more mistakes that need fixing, or just go right ahead and post a new [FIN] thread? I will wait for some answer/s before I post any of the newly written chaps. :)

Jae Onasi
08-13-2007, 12:40 AM
That's entirely up to you. I've been revising the chapters in my Jolee story and putting them in both the regular and FIN threads but there is the argument for having both the old and new chapters available to readers. Feel free to do what works best for you--it's your story. :)

08-16-2007, 08:42 AM
Thanks, Jae. I've decided that I will post the edited chapters here for polishing reasons and when all is good and ready, then I will post a FIN thread.
Anyway ... Here is the Prologue.

I have added a bit more about Revan's past to make this seem a bit more of a prolouge than an actual chapter. So, yeah .. enough of my blabbering .. here is the start to The Second Coming of Evil (edited):


Darkness: It can consume the lightest of all Jedi. As to avoid this shadow, a Jedi must learn to shield oneself from the power of emotions; Anger, hate, even love. As small as these feelings may seem, the consequences can be disastrous. If you are not cautious, they can lead to Obsession, Jealousy, and Passion: things of the Dark Side.

But even the lightest of all Jedi, can have their doubts.

* * *

As a water drop falls from the high cliffs above, the leaf of a tree glides from it’s grace down to the soft trodden earth below. The wind is one of the most ancient carriers of secrets, and the animals are the souls of the long gone heroes. As the last rays fall from the crowned tree-tops above, a young boy leaps from tree to tree, branch to branch. A weapon and tool by his side, guiding him as he flies gracefully amongst the beauty of Dantooine.
It’s like this nearly everyday for this boy. Especially as he is training to become a Jedi, he needs to learn how to rely on not just the Force as his guide, but his instincts as well. The Force could tell him what branch to leap to next, how far to leap, but no, not today. Today, he wants to learn for himself how to do such things with just as much grace as he would have whilst using the Force.

The young man leapt down from the high tree top above to the leaf covered ground below. Landing on one knee, with a palm softly crushing a leaf as he stands to his feet, he notices a presence striding up towards him from the east. He turns and sees one of his friends from the Academy. The young man turns and walks towards a large boulder which is sitting by itself next to a large waterfall. He rests upon the boulder and waits for his friend to reach him.
A tall male walks up to him and gestures to a place beside him on the boulder. The young man nods his head and moves aside as the taller boy sits down.

“How are you today, Revan?” asked the boy.

“I am well, Malak,” replied Revan, “what about you? How are you doing with all this training?”

“Better than what I thought I would,” laughed Malak. “I don’t think it is that hard at all.”

“Yes,” agreed Revan, “I thought it would be much more trialling as well.”
For several moments they sat there. Listening to the droplets of water flowing in the river that spread out its legs beside them, the birds that flew through the leaves above, singing their songs as they went.

“I think that we are destined for great things, my friend.” said Revan. Malak looked up to gaze at him curiously in the eye.

“Trust me, Malak,” continued Revan. “Everyone in this entire galaxy is going to know our names. Everyone will be wanting to meet us, everyone will be wanting to know us. And Malak,” said Revan, looking to the skies above, “there will come a time, soon I believe, that we will be given a chance to leave this place and when we do, can I ask that you be by my side? To live the dangers of life with me and to learn everything that there is needed to know to survive in such a dangerous life. The life of a Jedi?”

“Of course,” nodded Malak, grasping his friend on the shoulder, “We will learn and be the most powerful Jedi this galaxy has ever seen!”

Revan smiled and continued to gaze at the sky. Just thinking what it would be like, to be able to do anything he wanted. And as he sat there, he waited. Waited for the time that would soon come which would allow him to be able to do just that.

* * *

Years later, Revan had indeed done such things that would make people remember his name. But the price of what he did to become such a legendary figure, was not something that he would ever be able to forget. No matter how much he tried.
As Revan sat in the Port Dormitory of the ship known throughout the Galaxy as the Ebon Hawk, he thought back to that day, and every other day since then. He regretted for what he had done during his life and ever since he received his second chance, he sought to receive forgiveness. Not just from the Galaxy, but from himself, also.

He thought back to what else he had done. Leaving the people that he most cared behind, all on a fruitless and pathetic hunch of what he had in the back of his mind.

“No,” he said to himself, “I can not worry about them, or her. They are all beyond my reach, now.” But no matter how hard he tried, he could not escape from the thought of his lover, Bastila, whom he regretfully left on the planet of Coruscant two months ago to begin his ‘mission.’
He closed his eyes and let his thoughts go. He felt the calmness and tranquillity of the Force rush over him like a bucket of warm water. He bathed in all its glory. Letting it strengthen his resolve, letting it massage his mind into elation. He could hear the soft humming of the Hyperdrive as they sped through Hyperspace, the usual creaks and ticks of the surrounding ship and T3, the Astromech, whom rolled his way around the Engine Room and then into the Main Hold when lastly, he proceeded into the Communication Room.

He stretched his perceptions even further until he could feel the streams of the Force that emanated their way in and around the Galaxy itself. Wrapping themselves around entire planets, to flow through plants, animals, humans and other species of beings.
Suddenly, he felt what he had hoped to find ever since he left Coruscant. And even though he felt it for a second, it was still there. An echo. An echo from who, what, or even where exactly, he did not know. He tried to focus in on it but whenever he got closer to its position, the echo would die out until he looked away. Frustrated, he turned his attention to calm his mind once more before he could hear the resonance of alarms.

He opened his eyes and quickly stood. The emergency lights were flashing: spewing red fluctuations on the walls as fast as the alarms that continuously sounded. He ran out of the dormitory and back through the Main Hold and did not stop until he reached the Cock-pit. And just after a second of his eyes wandering, he noticed the problem that was just dying for his attention.
With a slight sigh of relief, Revan noticed that the fuel on the ship was running low and he had to re-fuel soon otherwise they would be floating through Space rather then flying.

Just after he turned off the alarm however, his attention was brought to something that was coming up fast behind him and he spun around to see his companion, T3 come flying into the Cock-pit at top speed and slamming into the back of the Co-pilot’s seat.

“T3!” said Revan, “What is it?”

“I should be asking you that!” replied the droid in his simultaneous beeps and drones.

“What do you mean?” asked Revan, confused.

“Why were the alarms sounding?” came a reply.

“Oh, that,” said Revan with a slight gesture of his hand, “we’re just low on fuel, that’s all.”

“So, nobody is trying to shoot us out of the sky then?” came a half relieved, half worried group of beeps.

Revan laughed, “No. Not at all, my friend. It’s fine, your safe.”

“What do you propose to do about the fuel situation, Master?”

Revan winced slightly. “T3, call me Revan. That whole ‘Master’ deal is too formal and too long of a memory ago for me. And to answer your question: Peragus is near here. We will just plot in the coordinates and head there. I’m sure they’ll be willing to help us.”

So after that, T3 left to do his routine maintenance of the ship to make sure everything was running as planned and Revan plotted in what was needed to get them to Peragus safely (Unbeknownst to them as to what other events would be occurring on the way).

08-29-2007, 07:34 AM

With only a droid, who was incapable of humour, or any other emotions, Revan found that it was quite boring indeed whilst travelling through the seemingly never-ending reaches of Space. To pass the hours of time, Revan found that meditating was the only way to keep himself sane. But even that, had its limits.
During a normal session where Revan was to be found in the Port Dormitory meditating, T3 came rolling in, whistling a query.

“Not long now, T3,” said Revan, without opening eyes, “go check if you want.” T3 rolled away, whistling and beeping as he went.

Revan delved deeper into the Galaxy. And then he heard it once again. The echo. ‘Concentrate,’ he said to himself as he locked onto the echo and found his destination.
Ten minutes later, Revan was in the Cock-pit gazing at the Navigational Charts looking for something, anything, that could relate to what he had just found.
But there was nothing. Just empty space.

“Why is there an echo coming from nothing?” he said, frustrated.
He had been asking this question over and over inside his head, but he knew that no matter how many times he pondered the question, he would not be able to find an answer.

Unless …

“T3,” he said over the ships com-link, “come here, I have a job for you.”

“Listen to me, T3,” said Revan, “I need you to go to Peragus. Get the fuel for the ship, then go to Coruscant. Meet with Bastila and tell her that she is to let Carth know that the Republic needs him to do his job properly. It will need it’s strength soon enough I fear.”

“Why are you telling me this?” asked T3.

“I know where I need to go now, and what I need to do. It is complicated, but can you at least do this for me, T3?”

“Yes,” answered T3, “I will.”

“Thank you, old friend,” said Revan, “I do not know when, but I will be back. Take care of her for me.”
T3 didn’t know whether he was talking about the ship or Bastila but he obliged all the same.

Revan left T3 in the Main Hold and proceeded to the Garage. He missed the Swoop Bike that used to be stored there, and he also missed riding it across the grassy plains of the boreal planet of Dantooine. With the wind flowing through his hair and robes, the sun in his face.

He shook his head grimly. His concentration was needed here. Now.
He looked to the center of the Garage, which was mostly taken up by a small shuttle. It was small, but it was well-protected and fast. In their spare time, Revan and T3 fitted her with a new Hyperdrive, so it was well passed ’Space worthy’. He released the lock of the cock-pit roof and clambered on board. Closing the roof, and using the Force to flick a switch at the entrance of the Garage, the magnetic seals closed off the entrance to the Garage from both sides and the floor dropped out from underneath him: he dropped the ship into Space and entered into the Navicomputer, the coordinates for where he needed to go.

He wasn’t sure as to how he knew the coordinates, but after a split-second slowdown, where the stares were blurred into lines before him, that did not matter as he was launched into the Hyperspace lane.

* * *

Carth Onasi: Admiral of the Republic fleet, and once co-saviour of the Galaxy. And even though that day was long past, he knew that it would stick with him forever.

He remembered back to being on the Star Forge - going on five years now - and smiled. He remembered the satisfaction that he felt when Revan had announced that the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Malak, was dead.
Carth looked down at the Citadel Station of Telos. It was only eight in the morning (even though you could not tell by looking out of the window) and yet already transport ships and smaller craft sped this way and that, soaring through the sky like birds after their prey. He felt, rather than heard, a small flutter of sound that brought him back to reality and he noticed that his com-link was speaking to him. He un-clipped it from his belt and raised it to his lips.

“Admiral Onasi here.” he said, loud and clearly.

“Carth, it’s Jolee.” replied the very familiar voice of Jedi Master, Jolee Bindo. “I thought it would be nice to let you know that we plan to leave soon. You know. If you want to say good-bye or anything in particular.”

Carth smiled again as he replied, “very well. I will be down in a minute, old friend.”
His walk down to the Docking Bay was a quick one. He did not need to give his attention to where he was going. He let his feet guide him, and after what it seemed, only a minute had passed . . . He was standing outside the Docking Bay entrance.

“Jolee.” said Carth into his com-link, “what bay are you in?”

“We are in Docking Bay Three, Sonny.” came Jolee’s reply.

“OK, see you in a minute.”

He walked in and reached the large, sliding steel door that had a large number three printed on it and slid his access card through. Automatically, the door slid open and he entered the bay.
Inside, standing beside a large transport shuttle, were Jolee, the Cathar Juhani, the blue-hue Twiliek, Mission, and the Wookiee Zaalbar.
Carth looked to the side of the shuttle which had the name, ‘The Returner’ printed on it’s side.

“Yes, fitting name isn’t it.” stated Jolee as he gazed up to where Carth was looking.

Carth stood in front of the all and smiled grimly. After a moments silence, he said, “You do not have to go. There is plenty of room here. And plenty of work that needs to be done as well, if I might add.”

Jolee grunted, “Now, now sonny.” he said, “do I look like I should be doing excessive amounts of manual labour?”

“Trust me, Jolee.” said Carth, “you don’t look a day over fifty to me.”

Again, Jolee grunted. “See! I don’t know if that was you being serious or you being smart. You shouldn’t do that to an old man, you know. Respect your elders! Yes, that’s how the saying goes . . . Now, where were we again?”

Carth laughed. “I’m being serious,” he said. “You all do not have to go. I has been great spending all of this time with you all.”

“Nah, Carth,” piped up Mission Vao, “it’s best if we all go home. Right, Big Z?” she said looking to her Wookiee friend. He returned her gesture with a loud roar of agreement.

“Oh, yeah.” said Carth, with a small smirk. “I had forgotten that kids often get homesick after a while.”

“Don’t start with that Carth!” said Mission, angrily, “Big Z and I are going back to Taris to help with the rebuilding. They still haven’t fixed it all when Malak destroyed it!”

“I’m sorry, Mission.” replied Carth, quickly. “I should not have said that. As you can see, I cannot say much.” he added, gesturing out to the still half wrecked Citadel.

“I know you did not mean anything by it, Carth.” said Mission, “you’re forgiven.”

“Well,” said Carth as he heard the pilot let them know somewhat, politely, that he would like to leave soon, “I guess this is good-bye, then.”

They all shook hands, and Mission said, “This isn’t good-bye. We will see each other soon. We will come back here, and you all are going to come back to Taris once in a while won’t you?” she asked them all.
After they all replied in a single, “yes.” Jolee, Juhani, Mission and Zaalbar all boarded the transport shuttle. The ships engines were ignited and they reversed out of the Docking Bay before the ship reared itself towards the sky and flew up into the blue ocean above: leaving Carth to back to doing his duties, back to his wonderful life as an Admiral . . . For the time being, that is.

* * *

The tall towers of Coruscant gleamed in the in the evening sun. The small and large freighters, transports and gliders, going about as they always did on their way home for a long days work.
The magnificent Jedi Temple stood in the middle of all this. The waters from the thousand fountains trickled down the sides quietly. But if the ear was listening, you would be able to manage to hear the soft echo’s bouncing from wall to wall that were produced by the small droplets.

Atop the fourth and tallest spire of the Temple, standing in the very center of the Jedi Council chamber, was a lone Jedi Knight. A soft breeze blew in from the staircase and made it’s way into the room, causing her loose fitting cloak to ripple slightly. She stood there, looking out of the window at the seeming never-ending life of the planet of Coruscant, wondering. Wondering, where could he be now? It had been five years since the day that he had said to her that he had to leave ...

“But why?” Bastila remembered saying to him. Pleading him not to go.

“I can not explain,” he replied softly. “Even now, more memories are flooding back into my mind. So more clearer than others, but there is one . . . one that spells doom for us all. Something is waiting, lurking, just outside of the sight of the Republic. And if I do not do something, then all hope may be lost for it’s survival.”

Where did he go? What was the reason as to why she could not go with him? All of these riddles with yet no answer. But she continued to ponder over them. They kept her occupied, while she waited. Waited for when the time would come when she would see her Revan once again.
Bastila turned from the window and sighed.

“Perhaps, I will never see him again,” she said softly to herself. “Perhaps it is for the best that he had to leave.”
She started to leave, but was stopped by a sudden appearance of a glider that slowly drew itself closer to the window of the Chambers.

Bastila turned and tilted her head to one side, trying to discover the identity of this newly arrived visitor. And as she continued to gaze, Bastila noticed the familiar face of a Cathar peering out back at her with a grin on her face.

Juhani was back.

Driving Revan to the back of her mind, Bastila hurried back down to the Docking Bay of the temple and entered her own glider. She pulled out and sped out into the city, following Juhani’s glider. She wondered where they were going, but quickly stopped as the Cantina came into view. She smiled as Juhani’s glider dropped down and docked into the small parking bay. Bastila landed next to her.

“Tell me why I am not surprised.” she said, smiling.

“It was a long journey! Plus, I had to endure the tale of youth of an old Jedi Master, and the distinct smell of a Wookiee. I think that I deserve a drink after that, don’t you?”

“You do have a point, my friend.” laughed Bastila. They lifted themselves out of their gliders and headed into the Cantina.

09-12-2007, 02:43 AM

Revan pulled out of Hyperspace to complete and utter emptiness. He didn’t understand. This was where he had felt the echo coming from, but there was nothing. He looked around once more, just in case he missed anything, but there was nothing.

“What in the nine correllian hells is going on here?” Revan spat out angrily. He closed his eyes and slowed his breathing down. He could not get frustrated. That was the last thing he needed. He sat there for a few more minutes debating what his next course of action would be, until, after all this time - it seemed rather obtuse that he hadn’t thought of it before now - the solution came to him.

He slowly took a deep breath in, and opened himself full to the Force.

But what he heard, was not something he was expecting, nor something, which he would like to hear ever again.

“Welcome, Revan,” said a deep, sinister voice: it made the hairs on the back of Revan’s neck stand on end. “At last, you have arrived. I had thought for a time that my attempts to draw you here were in vain. But, alas, how foolish I was to think such a thing.”

“Who are you?” asked Revan, slowly.

“Who am I?” repeated the Voice, “Why, I am the sound, I am the echo . . . Of which you have heard over the passed months. But, you did not know why there was such a sound did you? What it meant. I am your death Revan. You are most widely known as the ‘Prodigal Knight’ are you not? But soon, the, ‘Saviour of the Galaxy’, that will not matter.

“Once you followed our religion, you dared to call yourself one of us. You, Revan and Malak.”

“I’m not sure if you have heard or not,” said Revan, “but Malak is dead. I killed him.”

“Malak was weak!” spat the harsh voice. The volume of it made Revan wince. “Malak knew nothing of the true meaning of power, he desired something which he did not truly understand! But you did, Revan. Yet, you turned your back on us all. Why?”

“Some things are worth fighting for and not destroying,” said Revan.

“Malak was weak,” repeated the Voice, “his downfall was his ignorance. His death was inevitable. And so is yours, Revan. Prepare to die.”

Before Revan could do anything, a large mass of swirling fog appeared on the edges of his view screen. He could see, even in this blackness of Space, the Fog that had appeared out of nowhere.

The fog, which reached the intensity of snow in a blizzard, disappeared as quickly as it formed. And its place was something that could even take the wind out of Revan’s lungs.

A planet.

But not just any type of planet: Revan could feel, taste, the familiar taint of the Dark Side that emanated from the mass of rock. He could feel the aura coming towards his ship, ready to engulf it in all of its devilry.

He went to turn the ship around, thinking that it would not be wise to head the ship down without help. But it was too late.

He was jolted forward with such force that he could feel the straps of his restrainers cut into his body, even with the protection of his robes. Faster and faster the ship steered towards the boreal-type planet below. Nothing he tried to do could disperse its course. He flew through the clouds of mist and into the atmosphere of the planet. He could feel the heat of the ship flowing through his body.

Mountains came ever so closer, singular trees started to form out of the greenish blob he could only see just before. As his sheet descended, Revan spotted out in the vast distance. It’s black towers reaching to the heavens above.

But his thoughts were distracted from that to what was happening to him now. He knew what was at hand. He knew that he would not be able to stop it, not while this power had hold of his ship. With all of the things that he had accomplished in his life, all of the things that he had tried to make up for, mattered not now. This was the end. The end of all things for Revan, the Galaxy’s Hero.

He started to think of his friends and family. His mother and father, whom he now not knew where or who they even were. Of Carth, I am sorry my friend, he thought in dismay.

He thought of Jolee, of Mission, of Zaalbar and Juhani, all of whom were his friends and whom he had come to love. But none more than Bastila Shan. His lover, his soul mate. His heart belonged to her. And with that very thought, a new feeling started to swell inside his chest and Revan clasped onto the sides of his seat.

“No,” he said to himself, “I am not going to die.” The very thought of him losing the most precious thing he had ever had in his life was something that he did not want to happen.

And with that last second memory of her beautiful face, Revan’s ship crashed onto the planets surface.

* * *

T3 the Astromech often wondered where is old master was now. It had been three months since Revan had left him to go where he was needed, but T3 had not heard from him since.

He had retrieved the fuel from Peragus, but it was an eventful stop.

He had been attacked by what looked like a Republic vessel, attacked by a fellow droid, and he had gained a new master. The Ebon Hawk had also gained a new crew.

There was a Scoundrel, named Atton Rand. But for some reason though, Atton did not seem to like T3 all that much. He could not understand Atton’s hatred towards him, and even when we went to ask, Atton told him to shut up, or get out of the cockpit.

There was an old woman, who went by the name, Kreia. T3 wasn’t very fond of her. Whenever his new master was with her, couped up in the dormitories for extended periods of time, he would come back out looking sickened, tired and withered, although he was still young for a Human.

His master had also found the right components to fix that horrible HK-47 Assassin droid that Revan had dis-assembled long ago.

His new Master was most referred to as The Exile, but T3 had also heard Atton call him Jonas whenever they talked. He was mean, but as mean to T3 as to what he was to other beings. Perhaps he was only being nice to T3 only as to keep him around. He rolled his way back into the familiar engine room. Humans: they are confusing and strange objects.

Once, during a routine maintenance check, T3 quickly used the communications center to send his ordered message from Revan to Bastila.

“This complicates things even more,” replied Bastila’s holographic image: T3 had just informed her of Revan’s departure. “I do wish you could have told me this earlier T3, but thank you for this information anyway.”

“He also said something about telling Carth to do his new job well. The Republic will need all of its strength in the times to come.” beeped T3.

“How did he find out about Carth?” asked Bastila, bemused.

“He said to tell you that he had his ways,” replied T3.

Bastila’s image smiled, “Yes. I’m sure he has his ways. Thank you T3 for this information. But I am afraid that I must leave you. I was planning to visit Carth again soon since it has been a long while before my last visit.”

“Be sure to refer them my greetings,” implied T3.
Bastila laughed. “Yes, I will. Goodbye, T3.” Her image flickered slightly then dissolved.

T3 then heard a familiar voice behind him say, “Ahh . . . It seems to me that the Navi-computer on this ship has been voice-locked . . .”

* * *

The fauna covered planet of Kashyyyk came into view as the ship known as ‘The Returner’ pulled out of Hyperspace.

“Ah, well isn’t this a sight for sore eyes.” said Jolee, “ it has been too long of a gap since my hermit days.”

The Returner touched down on the landing pad and the exit ramp lowered: allowing Jolee to descend from the ship. He quickly passed through the city of Rrookoowoo, receiving roars of greeting and appreciating as he walked through the now Czerka-free streets, until finally, he reached the lift that would take him down to the Shadowlands.

“Welcome back, Jolee. ”I am surprised to see you here; I thought you would stay with your fellow humans.”

“No,” replied Jolee, looking around as they descended. “This is my home.”

Despite it’s reputation, Jolee loved his quiet life in the Shadowlands. Of course you would have to deal with an occasional wandering Kinrath or Kath hound, but other than that. Jolee would rather be nowhere else.

“I hope I see you again, Jolee,” roared the Wookiee as the lift touched softly upon the dark, dewy grass.

“You will, my friend,” replied Jolee as he placed a foot on the grass, savouring the touch upon his feet. “As I said before, this is home. And I am not leaving, ever again.”

With one last wave, Jolee left the Wookiee and started to walk upon the path that would take him to hut. But as he walked, he noticed something very strange.
Animals were scarce along the usually life-filled track. The only animals that were there were scattered dead Kinrath.

“Now that’s not very nice,” said Jolee as he walked. “Who would go ahead and do this and leave me out of all the fun. Even worse, I have to clean all of this mess!”

He rounded a corner and his small hut came into view.

Smiling, he opened the door and walked inside the pitch-black room. But as he closed the door, he suddenly had this distinct feeling through the Force that was he was not in fact the only person inside his hut.

09-19-2007, 03:21 AM

“Hello, Jolee,” said a voice in a deep and disgusted tone.

“Well, well, well,” said Jolee, quietly. “Now that is not a voice I have not heard for quite some time.”

“Yes,” spat the voice, “the last time I recall was when you were standing over my brother’s corpse! After you killed him, even though he had not done anything to you!”

“Now listen here, Taz.” said Jolee, “you brother tried to kill me. I would not forget that if I were you.”

“No, you listen, Old Man,” replied Taz Rayg. “You killed my brother because he turned down a path, which was different to your own.”

“He was a Dark Jedi, Taz. You know this.” countered Jolee.

Taz smiled. “Yes, now I am following my brothers footsteps. He knew what it was like, to live.” he reached to his belt and unhooked a silver lightsaber hilt. I long, thin black line stretched down the side of it. He ignited the magnificent red blade. “Now, prepare to die old man. This should have happened a long, long time ago.”

* * *

For a man that has lived as long as Jolee Bindo, he could still put up a decent fight. Lighting his greenish lightsaber, Jolee dodged, ducked, twirled, stabbed and slashed; his age did not prevent him from having the vigour of a younger Jedi. With the aid from the Force, Jolee fuelled his strength, his precognition and his wits. This gave him the year’s advantage over the dismemberment that Taz was trying to inflict upon him.

Taz whirled, and with him came his lightsaber. Jolee parried a stab that would have opened a hole in his stomach and brought his own blade up to slash across his opponents shoulder. It was blocked and he was pushed back hard off his feet and slammed into the wall of his hut. His lightsaber flew away from his hand and rolled across the floor. Jolee gathered the Force into the palm of his hand and directed a chair towards Taz’s face. He ran forward, extending his hand for lightsaber to fly through the air and neatly land in his hand, but had to quickly block as an onslaught of lightning came flying at him. Jolee shielded himself with his lightsaber and felt the electricity fuse into the beam of light.

Struggling against the might of the lightning, Jolee managed to take a step forward. The Force lightning was diminished and Jolee took the millisecond of opportunity that opened a window for him and slashed his lightsaber down: grazing Taz’s shoulder. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air and Taz grunted in pain, feeling the warm trickles of blood that escaped through the gaps of his fingers and landed in fat droplets upon the floor. He stumbled backwards to lean against the door of the hut.

With one last cry, Taz lunged forward, ignoring the screaming protests the protruded from his injured shoulder. But was instantly stopped in his tracks by an almost lazy flick of Jolee’s wrist as he was engulfed in a stasis field: unable to move.

“So young,” said Jolee, shaking his grimly. “You never, never, attack in an angry state: It blinds your vision, perceptions and makes your strikes groggy; your brother made the same mistake. Poor fool.” Jolee grabbed the edge of one of the unbroken chairs and sat down in front of Taz.
“Now you will listen to me whether you want to or not,” he said. “Your master is dead. You travel through the galaxy alone in search of revenge, in search of sanctuary, in search of power. What do you hope to achieve when you cannot find any of these things of which you are after? Ignorant kid. Listen, I am no preacher, so I will not direct you in the ways of the Jedi. I do not follow the Jedi, yet I do not follow the Sith. I follow my own way; I make my own path.

“But what you are doing, Taz. Your brother was the beginning of an evil tyrant. He attacked me because I tried to persuade him to turn from the path that you, yourself are taking now. And now I say to you as I said to your brother,”

Jolee stood and walked outside. For a moment, all Taz could do was listen to what Jolee was doing, and then he was once again faced by Jolee. This time however, he had a large rock that floated in mid air in front of him.

He retrieved Taz’s lightsaber from the floor and placed it on top of the table.

Grimly, Jolee looked to the lightsaber on the table, and then to Taz, standing there, immobilized, eyes widened, fearful at what he knew was about to happen.

“It is the wrong path.” Said Jolee.

The large rock floated above the lightsaber for a mid second before it slammed down and crushed the metal underneath. Jolee lifted the rock off the shattered weapon and looked back at Taz’s emotionless face. “You are now weapon-less, and in a situation where you can not possibly hope to prevail. What will you do? The choice is yours. Choose, and act.” With another lazy flick of his wrist, Jolee released Taz from the stasis and watched as the Dark Jedi fell to his knees.

With his head still looking at the ground, Taz asked softly, “What do you
want from me old man?”

Jolee let the ‘old man’ slip by and replied, “All what I want Taz is for you to realize that not everything that happens is for the worst. I killed your brother; I will not deny it. But do not be as ignorant as he was, Taz. Instead, reach into your heart and choose your own path. If you decide to go down the path that you followed when you attacked me, remember this: it is folly to try and make the once was religion of the Sith live on. They are destroyed. Now choose, and act.”

Taz slowly stood to his feet and looked Jolee directly in the eye.

“There is no emotion –“ he began.

“There is peace,” Jolee nodded in approval.

“Thank you, Jolee,” said Taz. “I would have been destroyed if it were not for you. My brother was lost and, even though he was my brother, I understand now that you did what you had to do.”

“Thank you for forgiving me, Taz,” replied Jolee, placing his hand softly against the wound his lightsaber inflicted on the Jedi and using the Force, healing it. “Just do me one favour,”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t try to kill me anymore, please. I only have a few more good years left in me.”

Taz laughed solemnly, “Do not worry. I think I will journey across the galaxy and discover the true nature of the Force. To think, and sort some things out, try and find out what it is I am meant to do in this life the Force has granted me.”

He slowly walked to the door, but before heading out and closing the door, he turned his head and said, “Thanks again, old man.”


* * *

“I have already told you, Carth!” replied an irritated Bastila. “It was after Juhani’s departure is when I received the message from T3-M4.”

“And he said I needed to do my job well?” asked Carth for the hundredth time.

“How did he find out I was an admiral if he has been alone in space all this time?”

“Yes! And I do not know how he found out, T3 just replied with one of Revan’s cocky responses.”

Carth smiled. “That would be Revan,” he folded his arms and gave Bastila a serious expression. “What about you? How are you holding up?”

“I’m alright,” replied Bastila. She looked away as Carth continued to stare into her eyes. She folded her arms, tightening the cloak around her and gazed out of the viewport to look upon citadel station. “I’m scared, Carth. Scared for him, for me, for you. For this entire galaxy, I’m scared. Where is he? Why did he have to leave in such a hurry? He told me that he had started to remember some things. He knew that something was beyond this galaxy, waiting for its time to cripple the Republic. But he would say no more.

“What if he’s gone, Carth? What if he’s not coming back?”

“Hey, don’t think like that!” said Carth forcefully. “He is alright, Bas. He will come back.”

“I just have this feeling that not everything will go to plan. That I will lose him.”

“Feeling?” asked Carth, “through the Force, you mean?”

“Call it instinct.”

Carth dragged Bastila into a one-arm hug and said, “don’t think about it so much. He will come back, I promise. Even if I have to travel this entire galaxy and drag him back by the scruff of his neck, he will be back.”
Bastila smiled. She wanted to believe Carth, more than anything, but as much as she tried, that feeling kept on coming back to haunt her.
They pulled away from each other and Bastila wiped the sudden shadow of a tear away from his eyes.

Carth, wanting to drive the conversation away from Revan at light-speed, for Bastila’s sake, asked, “So, what news of our Exile friend?”

Bastila looked at him and said, “The last time I heard, he and his crew were heading out towards the Outer Rim. By the looks of it, they were heading to Korriban.”

Carth shuddered, “let’s just hope they don’t stay out in that direction for too long.”

Bastila nodded but said, “I’m also getting a little worried about our Exile friend. His power is growing, along with his anger. He is walking slowly over the threshold of the dark side, I can feel it.”

“Well, if what you say is true,” said Carth. “Korriban is the last place in this galaxy where we want him to be.”

Bastila nodded in agreement. The thought of Revan beating down her minds walls to squeeze into the gap of her conscience.

01-22-2009, 01:25 PM

Lord of Destruction
02-04-2009, 06:57 PM
yeah i just finished chaps 1-8, and i think you should revan more darker. Im not saying evil, but darker

02-04-2009, 10:00 PM
He's not meant to be dark at all really. Well, not in the first 8 chapters. More on in the story he gets a little more aggressive but the beginning was intentional.
He is Light Side after all :)

Lord of Destruction
02-05-2009, 01:31 AM
i know he's good, but he's the kormer dark lord of the sith

06-10-2009, 06:15 AM
As I've said, he gets more agressive as the story progresses.
He's trying to make amends for his past, not recreate the Dark Lord :)

And I've just noticed ... I should really get back into editing this.
I was just reading the first few chapters I posted and wow ... What a difference to the later chapters.
I actually LEARNT some things, :xp:.