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Master Jimmy
04-29-2006, 10:43 PM
This sounds kinda retarded on my part but, I would like to have Tony Montana as a recruitable NPC.

Planet of recruitment:

T3-M4 (T3's sorta useless after Taris (Sorry if I offended you T3 lovers))


Active Party Member Greet:
Antonio Montana
How You Doin'
What You Call Yourself

Battle Diolgue:
Say Hello To My Little Friend (obviously)
You Die MF (I would prefer the full line but if you guys don't do profanities in your mods then just do: You Die)
You Fight With Me, You Fight With The Best
You Wanna Play Rough?
You Want More?
You Think You Can Take Me?
How'd You Like That?
I'm Tony Montana

Conversation Greet:
How You Doin'

Side Quest:
Tony tells you about his life when he was a Cuban hoodlum to when he became the drug lord of Miami escaped the massacre at his mansion and how his life went to hell when he decided not to become a sick worm and refuse to kill 2 kids and their mom. He gets to Manaan when a Skelkath merchant gets lost beyond the outer rim and sneaks aboard his ship before he leaves
If you moderator's haven't seen Scarface I can give you a more in depth detail on the side quest

I want his assault rifle as an upgradable weapon

Power Attack: A blast from his grenade part of his gun that damages many enemies

Flurry: Keep it regular, but change the sound

Sniper Shot: single stunning shot with changed sound

I'd appreciate it if it could be done because I am a really big fan of Scarface as well as Zeppelin

You can get most of the sounds at ebaumsworld on a Scarface soundboard

Make the Mod for Kotor 1