View Full Version : Plug INs - starting again from scratch

Jade Kan DeLarb
05-03-2006, 03:53 PM
Dear Jedi's

Recently had to move out, abandoning my usual gaming PC and havign to start afresh with a new (ish) one.

Was a big fan of the CTF++++++++++ site who require you to have what was then - the latest plug-in (1.3 beta?)

I thought I had copied all the files I would need on to disc but am confused - i seem to remember that I neeeded some basic plug in that was an offical lucasarts release, and then some later slightly less offical plug in from the gameplaying community...

at the moment I am not broadband connected, but hope to be soon (and besides I seem to remember that the Plug Ins had improved single and offline multiplay?), and so rather than download something all over again, does any one recognnise which of these files might be the ones I should extract to my GAmedata folder??

THanx for taking the time to read this. Sorry I am not very technically orientated, but love to play.


jk2ccaml (i think these are JK Outcast plug in...?)

Jade Kan DeLarb
05-04-2006, 04:28 PM
can't anybody help? please?