View Full Version : Comic book hunt

05-06-2006, 04:58 AM
Hey I want to ask for some help again on finding comic books. If anyone knows of a local comic store that carries tons of back issues including magazine size, they should call them and see if they have this issue I need. (Itchy namely, he's good at tracking down the stuff I need.)

And if anyone knows a great comic book buyer site that's not milehighcomics or mycomicshop or squaredealonline, maybe they can refer me.

So the comic I'm missing is Jim #3 by Jim Woodring. There's a Jim Vol 2 #3 which really confuses things, but that's not the issue I need. Jim #3 is from the eighties and is a larger magazine size comic rather than the regular size volume 2 was printed in.


That's the only picture I can find of it. Apparently it has a telephone on the front. No one in Houston has it.