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05-06-2006, 06:12 PM
Here is a poem I wrote. It in two parts. It takes place after Anakin
is redeemed at the end of Return of The Jedi. Anakin speaks to
Padme, and in the second part, Padme gives her response. Hope you all
like it. Please post a review of what you think of it, and don't be
afraid to say if you don't like it!


Anakin's Plea

And so I am back, my spirit lives on. Oh my dear Padme, can you ever
forgive me? I have missed and needed you so, yet we could not be
together. Oh my dear Padme, will you take me back? I was the chosen
one, yet for too long I joined the Sith instead of destroying it. I
know I did some terrible things, but now I am redeemed. The goodness
of the Force flows through me. Oh Padme, can you see our dear
children? Our beloved son saved me, and our beautiful daughter fought
for freedom and justice, she's so much like you! I hope you can see
some of our son in me too. Obi-wan and Yoda have welcomed me back to
the enternal life of the force, we you come too? So we can be toether
in the force for all enternity, and watch over our children forever.
Oh dear Padme, I await you.

Padme's response

Oh my dear Anakin, of course I'll take you back! I never stopped
loving you! It wasn't you, but the evil Vader who commited those
terrible acts. You were always good and decent and always there for
me. Oh yes I see our dear children, I'm so proud of them both! Luke
for risking his life for you and your soul. He brought you back to be
the man you truly are, the chosen one, chosen by the Jedi and chosen
by me. Luke is good and decent because he is your son! And beautiful
Leia, always so brave, and strong, I like to think I had something to
do with that. The force flows through them, giving them goodness and
mercy. They can now restore freedom to all. Oh my dear, dear Anakin, I
forgive you for everything. I am now to join you for enternal life in
the force, with our good friends Obi-wan and Yoda. We will live on in
the force together forever, watching our children and keeping them
from harm. I have long awaited this day. Now it is here finally, my
dear Anakin.