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Dark Side
05-07-2006, 12:50 PM
If you want to join the great gang war iof Taris please post this signup sheet in your first post in bold letters .

Class: ( Soldier , Scoundrel , Scout)
Gang: ( Hidden Beks , Black Vulcars , Masacres , Terror Tukata or republic)

Melee Weapon:
Ranged Weapon:

500 years before Knights Of The Old Republic

Deep in the down in the lower city of Taris a war is sturing a war that will determine the best swoop gang. Members of the hidden beks, Black Vulkar , Masacres and Terror Tukata's battle it out only 2 gangs will survuiive to struggle and carry on life.

The republic struggle to keep control of the gangs and all will soon be lost and Taris will no longer be the same. The battle has begin will you survive.

Name: Wedge Dassan
Age: 27
Class: Soldier
Gang: Terror Tukata
Personaity: Dark , Sient , Violent , Cold.
History: Wedge was born on korriban his mother as a dark jedi but he was stolen by sevral Smugglers and takento taris they trained him how to surviive and mysteriously vanished when wor ofa Dar Jed arrivnggnTaris me to there ears.

Wedge created the Terror Tukatas and is known his cold personality he has killed many hugs and is the leader oftebst woop gang on taris.

Melee Weapon:Krath Wars Sword
Ranged Weapon: Mandalorian Repeating Blaster Rifle
Armour: Light Exo Skeleton

" Wedge?" The stuttering voice of comander Roak said.

Wedge was a dark haired man with a muscular body he enjoyed killing helpess children and was genrally a cold violent man. EWEdge turned and ;looked at the small man before him and wandered why he had given this man the post of commander.

" What is the report of our battle against the vulkars commander?" WEdge asked in his cold voice her licked ssome blood that was on his lips and smiled as he tasted its rich taste.

" We are advancing on them but they are defending the entrance to there base well there heavyuy turrets are hard to match." The commander replied he soon found this a mistake as he was dangle din the air by his throat and chocked to death.

" Wrong answer commander"
Sevral tough looking men walked in and saluted to wedge they stood in a straight line and were silent until one of them spoke.

" We are ready to go thriough the secret entrance to the vulkars base Wedge" He said then saluted and stood straight again.

"Good follow me..." Wedge sighed as he led them out of the room in the sewers of the lower city and walked through the hallways until they rreached a force field he looked at the console and smiled he then put in sevral codes and walked through the archway.