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05-07-2006, 11:14 PM
Seventy Five years after Return of the Jedi, the galaxy has once again been thrown into chaos from an impending evil forces that's threatening the existence of free will and the Jedi Order itself. The new Sith threat is lead by a single Sith Lord, a Zabrak by the name of 'L'. A fierce and noble warrior once in the Jedi, turned his back and joined the Sith.

The Jedi were scattered among the many worlds in order to save them, to make sure they weren't all wiped out at the same time. Many Jedi Masters lost their padawans, and their lives fighting L's unending forces, lowering the count of the Jedi considerably.

The Mandalorians have started to gather their troops, but are still staying in the shadows, waiting for the opportune time to strike. Planning a large come back, hopefully this new plan will help the Jedi- or destroy them.

A new group of people have found an ancient artifact in a Sith tomb, which they believe L used to gather his forces. It was a clock-like medallion, apparantly used to travel back in time. L had used this to gather his large groups of Sith soldiers from the past, when they were the strongest. This medallion has been replicated and used by a secret organization, slowly forming to take out the Sith from under their noses.

05-07-2006, 11:20 PM
"I don't know why he does that.." Zandro said, "he's always so sure of himself.. " Another voice spoke after his, "I know, I don't know why I do it.. " Muffled laughter is heard, then another voice. "You have conviction.. and I appreciate that.." Zandro spoke again, "sometimes conviction can lead to stubborness.." He said, a few muffled voices were heard before Zandro left his quarters, heading out into the hall and walking towards the exit of the Enclave on Hoth.

*Hoth has been somewhat industrialized, much like Coruscant in the Clone Wars Timeline, and the atmosphere yielded less frozen temperatures. It was still cold, but more like Russia in winter, currently.*

Zandro closed his trenchcoat and walked to his speeder, which was just outside the Enclave's sliding doors. He hopped onto it and switched it on by a fingerprint verification, then speeding off of the small platform outside the floating enclave, traveling along a somewhat invisible road, but there were suspended magnets along the way, allowing small vehicles to travel along it, which explained the other swoop bikes that were speeding past.

05-08-2006, 11:29 AM
Middle of Nowhere, Hoth.

There was a strangh and wisteling sound a man appeared out of nowhere, almost as like he had just exitted a cloacking field. The man said to himself "Okay. It seems nothing screwd up the battle of hoth and I just need to find a way home... Wait the hell!?" Around John the sceneary seemed to change. The high moutain he was one soon turned into a building. Not only that but other building seemed to fade in. And at the point where Jack blinked, the whole place was transformed into a colder version of Coruscant.

05-08-2006, 04:19 PM
As he was travelling along in his bike, three other swoop bikes spun around and starting speeding alongside him. Since he didn't look like the other Jedi, they must've thought he was a rival gang member, and they attacked. One of the two humans that appeared next to him rammed his bike as they started knocking his bike back and forth. He tried to regain control but lost control and leapt off of the bike as it skidded sideways and fell off of the platform, falling silently down to the ground and smashing in a large fireball on the ground.

Zandro gracefully spread his arms out and backflipped twice, landing on the back of one of the bikes, grabbing the suprised back by the back of the head and throwing him sideways off of the bike, making him hit his head on a magnet. He used the Force to pull the man to a safe platform before putting his hands back on the handle bars, swerving around the second biker. He braked hard, letting the biker get infront of him. He stepped on the brake and backflipped off, using the Force to propel the bike forward, smashing into the biker, knocking him and his bike far off of the platform.

He flipped forwards once, while in mid-air he pulled the falling bike and the man to the same platform and he used the Force to pull the other bike towards him as he landed on it gracefully. He revved up the bike and took off as another small explosion of the other bike resonated around the building walls. If any other Jedi, he would have been dead, due to the floating magnetic platform they were on, the platform was about 5000 feet above the surface - one hell of a fall.