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Zoom Rabbit
01-11-2001, 08:10 AM
Hundreds of them. Cluttering up my driveway...they appear to be pre-columbian in origin. Darn kids!

No. Actually, this is another Big Guy Mask--or gal in this case, this 1K party being for Rosie (-crantz.) http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/smile.gif

<center><img src="http://smilecwm.tripod.com/monsieurboo/grdmartien.gif" height=425 width=200></center>

http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/eek.gif Yaa-ah!

Congrats, Rosie on attaining thousandhood, and being our friend. http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/smile.gif Drinks, band, etc. are on R9 (naturally)--so have fun!

'Get out of my sky!'

01-11-2001, 01:12 PM
Yay for Ros! http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/smile.gif

01-11-2001, 02:15 PM
Happy millenium Rosie. Enjoy your thousnth post.

Lestes constase mit column cantes.

Dont know what it means but it sounds good!

Rogue Nine
01-11-2001, 05:32 PM

That's weerd. Happy 1K rosebud.

01-11-2001, 05:33 PM
Who knows what she's thinking about now....

01-11-2001, 06:37 PM

Darth Sceltor
01-11-2001, 07:33 PM
Gee, a party and the guest of honor isn't even here!! Oh well... Congrats!! http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

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To destroy everything in my sight
Cause it never gets dull, it never gets old
The only thing it gets is more bold."
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01-11-2001, 07:38 PM
A thousand posts is over-rated. I have literally THOUSANDS*

But I forfeited them for the betterment of all Mankind.

Maybe this year will be better than the last.
Email me at ireallywishiwas@europe.com . Now.

01-11-2001, 08:44 PM
still the same

01-11-2001, 10:23 PM

"Dulce bellum inexpertis."
(Sweet is war to those who have never experinced it.) Roman Proverb

01-14-2001, 12:07 AM
<font color="orange"> BAH-HAHAHAHAaaaa....</font color="orange">
what the smack!? i just was directed to this thread http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif sorry for my late appearance. are we still partying!? *looks really really hopeful and makes her eyes look all pitiful and sad so everyone will come out and play* <font size=1>

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01-14-2001, 12:10 AM
http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif I'll still play with ya Ros! Congrats on the 1K!! http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/smile.gif

01-14-2001, 02:48 AM
I'm still here.

"Dulce bellum inexpertis."
(Sweet is war to those who have never experinced it.) Roman Proverb

01-14-2001, 03:43 AM
here's a good game for my party! i present to you a song lyric, first correct answer gets a shiny prize! http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

"big green monkey, everyone's a junkie
<font size=1>heh heh heh, good luck you (place insult here)</font>

Nute Gunray
01-14-2001, 04:31 AM
i don't like this game

Zoom Rabbit
01-14-2001, 06:21 AM
I only play games where you fly stuff.

I'll party, though. Yippee! Wahoo! http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

Psycho Tycho
01-14-2001, 02:02 PM
Happy 1K Rosie!

01-14-2001, 03:34 PM
Lets play Hang Man the right way, if we guess wrong we Hang a Newbie http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

"Dulce bellum inexpertis."
(Sweet is war to those who have never experinced it.) Roman Proverb

01-14-2001, 07:54 PM
i vote we hang archer http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

01-14-2001, 11:49 PM

01-15-2001, 01:15 AM
A three letter word that begins with T

_ _ _

*hum would four be the answer,*


*Archer be hanged* http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

"Dulce bellum inexpertis."
(Sweet is war to those who have never experinced it.) Roman Proverb

01-15-2001, 03:05 PM
Congrats Ros! Hope to see a few more thousand posts from ya!

"Noobies Suck"
Rogue 6

01-15-2001, 03:18 PM
Damn, another person I was around to witness their first post but has blown by me in terms of post count. If I'm not there by March I want a BGM for my two year anniversary, and to hell with it. http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

Darth Sceltor
01-15-2001, 07:53 PM

Zoom Rabbit
01-16-2001, 04:23 AM
Wally the space dolphin pledges thirty-five of his posts toward Ace's tally, and says he thinks it's really great that someone is doing something about the homeless tree problem.

That 536 so far. I can give you another twenty, since I'll probably blow right past 1K myself in a week or so...making 556 your new post tally.


Nute Gunray
01-16-2001, 04:42 AM
If someone REALLY WANTED TO, I permit 500 of my posts to be removed from my post count.
I'm totally serious. I dont really care any more, just don't take me under 5000 though.

Cmdr. Cracken
01-16-2001, 03:31 PM
And where are my 600 posts from my original account!?! and my original registration date, HUH!?!?!?!

01-16-2001, 04:46 PM
yeah! and...stuff http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

Rogue Nine
01-16-2001, 04:57 PM
Uh, yeah and that too!

Flying Beastie
01-17-2001, 03:02 PM
Congratulations Rosencrantz!

Once again, happy new millennium! http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/wink.gif

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01-19-2001, 04:25 AM
Thanks Wally... or Zoomie... or whoever. http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/wink.gif Pity posts are appreciated. http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/eek.gif

I still hold to the fact that most of my posts have meaning, unlike some of the mindless dribble that some people (not to name names, Nute http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/eek.gif ) post to kick up their #s. http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

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Zoom Rabbit
01-19-2001, 08:43 AM
The term is 'drool'.

Little babies dribble...

01-19-2001, 07:27 PM
I think that was Ace's poin, Zoom... http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/smile.gif

This post has been brought to you by: God

I owe him more then anyone here can imagine.
I guess dedicating my sig to His Glory is a half-decent start.

01-19-2001, 07:57 PM
Thanks Nitro. http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/cool.gif

Cwazy wabbit...