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05-10-2006, 05:30 PM
OK i'm going to start this but the discussion thread is still open for any new Heroes and for all involved to put across all views, opinion and other points of discussion concerning this thread.

Three men stood in a nearly darkened room only getting moonlight through a roof window high above them. They were the Wilson Brothers and Jose Tetra, the biggest drug dealers in the whole of New York City. They stood around a table where Jose looked in a breif case full of money, He looked up at one of the Brothers and smiled.

"Your Merchandise will be delivered tomorrow." The Crime Lord said closing the breif case and holding his hand out to the other-man. As one of the Brothers reached out his hand to shake the Fire alarm began to sound causing the brothers to look scared. "What's wrong it's only the fire alarm, the sprinklers will put it out."

"Not this Fire." One of the Brothers said taking a pistol out of shoulder holster.

"The StarHawk is Here, He's been following us the past two days." The other brother elaborated also taking out his pistol.

Jose laughed out loudly and slowly shook his head. "He's an Urban Legend."

"Tell that to my men he's put away." Both brothers said in unison.

"You're telling me, A men who can make himself invisible and throw fire from his hands in hunting..." Jose was quickly interrupted by the sound of semi- automatic fire and a large explosion coming from outside the only entrance to the room. The door sudenly blew open and fire could be seen blazing beyond it when one of the brothers ran to shut it. All men continued to look at the door before a loud noise from behind caused them to quickly turn. Noises then came from other directions each time all three men looking to see what was causing the noise.

"He's close."

"How close?" Jose asked

"Extremly." A voice said coming from jose. This caused him to quickly turn around and saw nothing.

Suddenly one of the brothers was thrown against a wall, knocking him out cold. The other brother began shooting in the direction of where his brother was pushed from. A Taser then came flying as if from nowhere and hit the second brother and shocked him, causing him to fall to the floor shaking. Jose was under shook looking all around himself for the ghost that appeared to be attacking them.

"Show yourself." Jose shouted and as if to grant his wish The air shimmered infront of him revealing the man known as StarHawk.

"Wha...Wha... What... Do you want?" Jose stammered out of fear.

"I'm hear to bring you down." Starhawk said in a deep voice...


The police arrived at the burning building on the edge of manhattan island, There were firemen and reporters everywhere rushing around but most were standing still near a small fire. They walked over to see The crime bosses each tied to poles surrounded by a ring of Fire in the shappe of a 4 point star.

05-10-2006, 06:33 PM
"It was the StarHawk," Jack told Krista as they stood quietly next to the fire. "All the police are convinced of it."

"The paranoid police," Krista muttered. "So keep interviewing. I'm close to believing they're right. StarHawk may be real. We have to figure that out."

"I saw him," one of the bystanders spoke up after overhearing Krista's sarcastic comments. "I was in that building. Got knocked over by something. Looked up and there was this guy moving past. It was the StarHawk. I know because the fires came from him."

Jack glanced to Krista and she nodded. Then, Jack asked, "So what did he look like?"

The man shrugged. "I only saw his back. Then it was all I could do to get out of the place."

"A destructive hero," Krista muttered. She snapped a picture of the mob bosses and another of the building. "Let's go, Jack."

Jack thanked the man for his time and hurried off after Krista, who was halfway to her car by the time he caught up. "So he's telling the truth?"

"So far as he knows," she agreed. "For all we know, it could have been some idiot with a flamethrower."

Jack sighed. "Dom, we both know you have unnatural gifts. Can't you accept that others might also?"

Krista glared at him for a moment, but said nothing. She got in the driver's seat of the car and Jack got in the passenger side.

"Intriguing," Krista muttered before turning the car on and driving away from the scene.

05-10-2006, 07:24 PM
Being unnaturally drawn to the action and the fire of the scene that unfolded from his view across the street, he went outside to take a peek, appearing just seconds before Jack and Krista left. He tried to get a closer look but the police just wouldn't let him. He gave up and began walking across the street to his beat up 1983 Ford Mustang. He swung open the door and hopped inside, shutting the door and sticking his key in the ignition, revving the beast up as it roared, taking off down the street at 40 mph.

He followed Jack and Krista a ways down the road, not intentionally, of course, as he was apparantly going to the same place they were. He had a job interview, but he was an hour late. He knew he had to get there on time, but just as Jack and Krista passed a green stoplight, it turned red as he was going 50 through the intersection- bad idea. Within seconds, another car from the right, a truck, slammed into the back end of his, making his car spin sideways and slam into a wall as the truck stopped in the middle of the intersection. In a few moments, his car caught fire, and he was trapped inside, the seatbelt tightened around him and the button had been smashed in from the impact, and no sharp object around.

05-11-2006, 10:10 AM
"Oh..." Krista muttered. She'd seen the crash in her rear view mirrors. Jack looked back.

"Go back," he ordered. Krista flushed bright red.

"No," she snapped.

"Do it," Jack insisted. "You know you can help him."

Grumbling, Krista turned the car around. "Now who's using my powers?" she asked quietly. Jack grinned. Only a few seconds later, they were back to the wrecked car

"I'll get his seatbelt," he said, holding up a knife. "Once he's free of it, you get him out."

The windshield-or what was left of it-pulled completely out from the car and the steering column bent upward. Jack cut the seatbelt and Krista lifted the driver out of it.

"You alright?" Jack asked Matthew. Krista nudged them both away from the burning car without a word and Jack examined Matthew. "Well, you look like you're in better shape than you should be after a crash like that."

"Let him talk, Jack," Krista ordered quietly. Jack glanced at her and offered his hand to Matthew.

"I'm Jack, by the way," he said. "Jack Evans. This is my friend and co-worker, Krista Morrey. And you are?"

05-11-2006, 10:29 AM
A silver-tinted liquid oozed out of a small cut above his right eyebrow and sealed the skin around the cut closed. He shook his head and looked up, smiling a bit and nodding. "I'll... live.." He said, but moments after speaking, his car exploded, sending debris in every direction, but thankfully none of it came his way.

"Is the driver of the truck alright..?" He asked,looking over to the truck, standing up and dusting himself off, shaking off some loose soot.

05-11-2006, 12:43 PM
The 'Inferno' Nightclub was full of people dancing and drinking the night away, It was large and crouded. Normally the owner would be happy on these occasions but not tonight. He was down in the basement watching the T.V, The basement looked more like a labratory than the typical Basement for a nightclub. It had shiny metals walls and various scintific equipment and electronic tools.

"...and Jose Tetra who up untill today was unable to be successfully detained. Although no official statment has been made by the police it is beleived that the mysterious character known as the StarHawk is responsible." A news reader on the Tv was reporting as the manager Watched.

"Jay, You know you really need to be more discreet. You're on every channel." The manager said turning around looking at a sofa where Jason was sitting.

"Well taking down the biggest East cost drug baron is gona cause some attention."

"OK, I get that, I do. But why do they call you the StarHawk."

"Well when i rescue someone and they ask who i am i can't exactly give my full name and address."

"True, but i still don't get the connection between the Wilson brothers and Globa-Net."

"The Wilsons were buying chemicals from Jose for Globa-net's experiments. Look Sam You don't have to worry about these things just run your club and keed my funding coming."

"Alright but be careful, one of these days someone will catch up with you and it could be the corporation."

05-11-2006, 03:22 PM
John woke up lying on his couche, the tv was switched on and the News was half way though

"...and Jose Tetra who up untill today was unable to be successfully detained. Although no official statment has been made by the police it is beleived that the mysterious character known as the StarHawk is responsible." A news reader on the Tv was reported

"StarHawk?" John sat up and rubbed his eyes to help wake himself up more. He found this charatcer interesting and decided he'd look into his during his break at work but now he had to get to his dull job at the New York Post office.

05-12-2006, 12:26 PM
Jack looked over to the truck and saw the driver, staring wide eyed out the front windshield of his truck at what was once Matthew's car.

"He'll be fine after he recovers from the shock of hitting you," Jack assured Matthew.

05-12-2006, 01:22 PM
The Inferno Night Club had closed and the staff had gone home. Sam Garner, the Club manager, went into his office behind the bar and Went to his safe. He pushed the buttons to oper the door then removed the back panel to reveal a hidden compartment. The compartment had a small handscanner and he pushed his hand against it. After Sam removed his hand the wall started to slide across reavealing a staircase that went down to the Basement.

Sam walked down the stairs and into the Basement Lab where Jason was currently looking down a microscope. Sam walked up behind him and peired over him and looked at the Microscope.

"Sam, A little room please." James said as Sam continued leaning in.

"OH! Sorry Jay, just curious. So What is it."

"It's some of the Chemicals I liberated from the Wilson Bros warehouse."

"Sounds Interesting." Sam said sarcasticly.

"Well it Is, as far as i can tell its food."

"Yeah that's riviting." Sam was still being sarcastic.

"I mean it seems to be food for Keeping Viruses alive in a sterile enviroment."

"I suppose it must be a scientist thing." He said laugthing and walking over to the sofa.

05-12-2006, 06:30 PM
Matthew sighed a little and looked around, moving his head an inch to the left, a small piece of paper glided an inch past his right ear. "So.. " He said, leaning on a sign. "Should I stick around for the police.. or just.. leave?"

05-12-2006, 08:55 PM
Harry a.k.a. Sarin was down in his workshop synthisizing a new charge for his blaster that would make it recharge faster. He also made modifications to his old colt 45 revolver with a 16 round clip magazine and made it semi-automatic. He holstered it and then holstered his automatic Model-18 on his left side. Harry walked over to his suit and started to look over the specifications of his suit. He found that there was an empty space at the bottom of the suit just large enough for a jetpack. He then went over to his television and turned it on, the middle light flickered in the well lit room. He got out his gloves, torch, and turned on the small reactor, the reactor prods started to move. He put on a radiation suit. Harry had secured his whole his by airlocking it with three different titanium bonded plates with alloy. He started to work on his jetpack starting with the design followed by torching them together and then creating a durable but lightweight metal that could sustain the heat. He stopped in the middle and looked at the television and their were reports of a Night Club being sent into an inferno,

"Sarin sighed,"
Well atleast some one is taking those criminals down because Sarin himself was very busy lately, he thought to himself

Sarin got back to work and it was almost 3 am when he finished the jetpack

"Errr, i'll put it on the suit tommorow"

But he shook his head and continued putting the jetpack on his suit, he was so sidetracked that he almost forgot to shut off the reactor, he goes over to it and presses the off switch. He then turned on one of his inventions that killed all radiation. It tookhim another hour to finish the jetpack. He looked at his watch again, turned off the tv, and light then walked up stairs to his bed.

05-12-2006, 10:41 PM
"I'd say wait for the police," Jack advised. Krista nodded, already heading for her car when Jack added, "We'd be willing to stay with you if you need a ride somewhere."

At that, Krista stiffened slightly, but stopped where she was, her back still facing the two men. Because he knew her so well, Jack turned to face Krista's back. "Right, Krista?" he pressed. She turned slowly and nodded.

"Sure," she answered after glaring at Jack for a second. She smiled at Matthew, but the smile stuck to her lips and did not reach her eyes. "We'd be happy to stick around. In fact, we insist."

Jack smiled. "That's settled, then. We'll all wait for the cops."

05-13-2006, 12:40 AM
Matthew shook his head. "I.. You guys really don't need to stay.. hone-" Before he could say another word, two police cars pulled up, walking over to Matthew and began asking him questions about his Identity, car insurance, etc.. The other driver had taken off- against the law.

After he was finished talking, he was given a small slip of paper for a court appearance. He walked over to Jack and Krista. "Alright.. I do need.. to.. well.. " He said, looking off to the side. "I need to go to an interview, but i'm too late.." He said, looking at Jack. "My old lady is out with her new boyfriend, so I don't have a place to stay.. got a hotel or an apartment I can crash in for tonight? My ride got destroyed so I can't really head to a friend's house.."

05-13-2006, 09:29 AM
"You can stay with us 'till this all gets sorted out," Jack offered. "And we'll take you to that interview and, if necessary, we'll confirm the story of your crash. Where's your interview?"

05-13-2006, 12:11 PM
As the subway stopped, Charles Piro got ready to leave. He had heard a tip of some drug dealers in New York. Since he was a hero around the world, he decided to give New York a try. Besides, he thought, it might be a great experience to fight crime in America.

He exited the subway station and asked where the nearest hotel was. When he got there, he rented a room and went up to it. When he turned on the TV, he heard this:

"...and Jose Tetra who up untill today was unable to be successfully detained. Although no official statment has been made by the police it is beleived that the mysterious character known as the StarHawk is responsible."

"StarHawk?" asked Charles. He had never heard of this charecter in any of the places he had traveled to. He decided to check around town...the fast way. He stood up, and suddenly, his body turned into pure electricity. He then dived into the TV and traveled throught the power lines. His alchemy powers served him well on several occasions.

As he traveled, he seen a car crash scene and some people. He wondered if something was wrong. He decided to stop and change back to normal. When he returned to normal and went to the scene, he seen Jack, Krista, and Matthew.

"What happened here?" asked Charles. "I thought I heard something over here."

05-13-2006, 01:27 PM
Jason was still in his lab-coat examining the chemicals he found in the Drug bosses warehouse. Sam was just laying on the sofa watching the news channel checking the StarHawk story and making sure that no information was out there that could lead to his friend. The News channels only had the Drug lord arrests and speculation as the sole story they were playing. The same info had kept being announced due to the lack of information there was.

Sam Lavily lifted the remote and changed the channel to see what another channel was saying about the incident. This new channel was playing a differant story, currently a middle aged man with thick black hair came on screen and Sam jumped up in shock. "JAY!!!"

Jason looked up from his experiment and looked over at Sam "I'm kind of busy here."

"I really think you will want to see this." Sam said with a sence of urgency. Jason reluctantly took off his gogles and walked over to the Tv and looked down, His face suddenly went pale.

"... I am pleased to say that the New Globa-net Labs will be open tomorrow. This will lead to more jobs and income for this great City aswell as put us back on track after the fire last year. Thank you that is all" The middle aged man concluded. The image on the screen changed to a female news reader in a studio.

"That was Piotr Korshunov Speaking this morning. Piotr Korshunov is the foremost authority in genetic reseach in the world, He has won the Nobel prize for the field the past three consecutive years and ran the Globa-net resarch labs untill the fire caused by a gas Leak last year..."

Jason turned off the T.V and looked at Sam. "I thought he was dead."

"So did i, i thought he died when i burnt Globa-net building during my escape." Jason reminded

"Now what?"

"I'm going to have to take him out before he does this..." Jasons hands ignited "to someone else."

05-13-2006, 03:43 PM
(You are so wrong about Alchemy.. transmutate doesn't mean turning yourself into something, it's turning metals into different kinds of metals and shapes.. heh.. and alchemists aren't able to turn themselves into energy.. but oh well *Wrote and english paper on alchemy*)

"Well I've given up on that reporter job.. " He said, walkng towards Jack's car. "I'll see what is up tomorrow..."

05-13-2006, 04:25 PM
"Reporter job?" Jack asked, following Matthew. "Wouldn't happen to be for the New York Times, would it?" He grinned. "Krista and I work there and we know just about everybody. We can tell them why you're late for your interview and it'll work out just fine."

Krista nodded and got in the driver's seat. As they walked back to the car, another man approached them and asked what happened. Jack jerked a thumb in the direction of the cleanup crews.

"That used to be this guy's car," he explained, then pointing to Matthew. "Just a car accident. Serious one, it's true, but that's NY for ya."

He got in the car and motioned for Matthew to do the same. Once Jack and Matthew were in, Krista started the car and drove off.

"So you'll be a half an hour late to your interview," Jack said, shrugging, looking back at Matthew. "No big deal. We'll explain it to 'em. Who's supposed to be interviewing you?"

((EJ, don't think I just brushed you off... I just did what anyone else in such a situation might have done: gave you a bit of info and left the scene. At this point, it's alright that our characters aren't all lumped into one group together. That'll happen later, I'm sure. Let's try to avoid rushing to that point.))

05-13-2006, 06:07 PM
John arrived at his job at the New York times exactly on time like he usually did. He sat down at his cubical, still very sleepy. His job was to fix broken computers and what not. And computers often broke in the building. John frequently used his powers in secrete to help with his job. While waiting for something to break, John would either play games on his computer or do research online for other reporters.

05-13-2006, 08:43 PM
The Next Morning at Harry's House

Harry woke up, got dressed out and took his daily run. He ran about a half of a mile then he was interupted by one of his friends calling. He took out his phone and answered.(He worked with the police) They had a suspected chop shop that was too dangerous for the cops so they sent him in. He sprinted back home. Opened the door shut it with his foot as he kicked it. He ran down the stairs to his basement and put on his newly customized suit. A shock ran through his body as the little fiber stems connected to his body to make the suit and himself one. Harry, now known as Sarin in his cyborg form wallked up the stairs and out the door. He tested his jet packs and flew to the location that it was suspected. He landed, turned off the engines of his pack, then switched on auto charge for his bio gun. The garage door opened and 6 men stepped out and more stepped out of the shadows of the alley. Sarin looked around and laughed. The men then wipped out their uzis and de. 50's. Sarin shot a blast inside the shop destroying any cars and parts that they had. As they shot him he reactivated his jets and flew up into the air. He wipped out his colt 45 revolver and model 18 and sprayed the first six men as they took cover. He spun himself around and lit up 3 men standing behind a dumpster while putting holes through the dumpster. He reloaded then kept on shooting. The bullets hit him and bounced off his suit. Out of nowhere, a man with an rpg stepps out of the garage, aims and shoots. Sarin twists up side down.

"Is that all you got?"

The guy locked on to him yet again and shot. This time it headed right towards him. He flew back and it still followed him then he flew up and it chased. While flying up above the buildings he took careful aim and shot the rocket dead on with his revolver. It exploded. Sarin swept down and shot the man with the rocket. All 9 men lay on the ground dead. He landed and went inside of the chop shop. More men wait. Triple the number of the people outside. He holstered his two handguns. Bullets hit his suit. scratching the surface but not penetrating. One bullet hit his foot wich did penetrate. Sarin yelped and took out his bio gun and shot three times in three directions. He retreated back into the open road. A crash was to his left, he shot again towards the men as he backed out. He noticed that inside the shop that it said Globonet.

He turned on his jet pack and flew past the crash down below. Blood was dripping from his foot. He turned back around and the men shot towards him. He shot his bio gun again and only injured about 3 or 4. Once he got far enough he landed and went into another alley way.....

05-13-2006, 09:20 PM
"George Bauer.." He said, propping his feet up on the front passenger side's seat. "He rough?" He asked, raising an eyebrow, even though it couldn't really be seen.

05-14-2006, 05:08 AM
((I'm going to take control of the main Villain to give a bit more plot to the story.))

The Russian Genetisis sat inside the white sterile walls of the new Globa-net Labs, He held a glass of expensive brandy in one hand while he typed on a computer keyboard with another. He smiled as he reviewed some of the first experiments of the new viral-genetic project he was put incharge of. To his left was a small board with various pictures, above the board were the words 'Experiment 4.9: Hawk, Jason', the images were of Jason including a mug shot and various other imagers principly of his arms. To his right was a second board entitled 'Project mutant-search' this had images of various differant mug shots of differant known mutants in the new york area.

A Soldier walked infront of the genetisis's desk, he was of some high rank and stood to attention saluting the scientist.

"The team is ready, Sir!" The soldier Explianed.

"Good, Remember the primary target is Jason Hawk, He's been playing hero with his new abilities, he's a risk to the corporation. The rest are simply required for testing."

05-14-2006, 01:13 PM
"George is a nice guy," Jack answered. "I'll give him a call... let him know we're on the way."

Lifting his phone, he dialed the number and, as it rang, he turned again to Matthew. "Hey, I'm calling George about you and I don't know your name..."

"Matthew Drake," Krista said quietly. Jack glanced at her for a moment and nodded.

"George?" he said into the phone. "It's Jack Evans... yeah, so you were supposed to do an interview today, right? Matthew Drake? ... yeah, I know he didn't show up... Krista and I went to the scene of StarHawk's latest strike and were heading back when we saw him get in a crash... no, his car's toast. We're bringing him to you now... I know, George, I know, but you can't blame him for missing the scheduled time, can you?"

Krista rolled her eyes. Jack caught the expression and stuck his tongue out at her.

"So you'll still be around in another twenty... no, ten minutes, yeah?" he went on, taking note of Krista's speeding habit. "Alright. We'll get him to you... cool. See ya, George."

Flipping the phone shut, he turned to Matthew. "Won't be a problem. He'll be ready for you when we get there."

05-14-2006, 02:04 PM
Matthew nodded, smirking a bit to himself. "Wow.." He said quietly, looking out the window. "I'm sort of suprised to meet two fine people like you in a town like this.." He looked to Krista, then to Jack. "Thanks."

05-14-2006, 03:13 PM
"What are you referring to?" Krista snapped. Jack glanced over and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Settle down, Krista," he said quietly. Turning to Matthew, he said, "The only reason you're hearing what I'm about to tell you is that you seem to have superhuman abilities as well."

"Jack, don't," Krista hissed.

"Then you tell him," Jack challenged. "It's about time you said something more for yourself than just your standard sarcastic comments and rude glares."

Krista fell silent, shooting an angry glare at Jack before returning all her attention to driving.

"She's a telepath," Jack went on, turning back to Matthew. "And telekinetic also."

The car lurched as Krista accelerated beyond the speed limit, swerving around cars as she went.

"Not to mention extremely sensitive about the mention of her gifts," Jack added. To Krista, he said, "Settle down, Dom."

She flinched slightly and put the brakes on, slowing the car back to the speed limit.

"So, Matthew Drake," she said quietly, still gripping the steering wheel tightly. "For the benefit of Jack, who can't read your mind, what can you do?"

"Saw your healing act at the scene of the crash," Jack said. "But is that all or is there more?"

"Mercury," Krista murmured. Then, she fell silent.

05-14-2006, 04:09 PM
He flinched a bit. He's never been around anyone else like him, but these people didn't seem like criminals. "Well.." He said, glancing at the ground. "I have control over gravity.. making anything get heavy... lighten up.." He said, looking back to Jack, "Control over physics.. ricocheting, path of travel, distance, speed, trajectory..." He paused, then continued, "because of my blood, I heal very quickly and my skin has certain scale-like properties which makes my skin somewhat like a bullet-proof vest.." He closed his eyes for a few seconds, then look to Krista, then to Jack. "And I have a vast amount of knowledge on just about any subject.."

05-14-2006, 06:53 PM
Krista grimaced for a moment before saying, "He's not joking on that last bit... got more information in his head than a desktop encyclopedia..."

"Forgive her," Jack told Matthew. "She has control of her powers and could avoid reading your mind, but she doesn't like the feeling..."

"The feeling of restraint," Krista interrupted. "Crushing, squeezing all life out of..." Here, she shifted into Irish, "... the gift and me through the gift."

Jack's eyes flicked back and forth from Krista to Matthew. "So, Matthew, do you know Irish?" he asked. Krista sighed and turned into the parking lot of the New York Times.

05-14-2006, 10:07 PM
He nodded, opening up the back seat and stepping out, looking around a little. "Well..."

05-20-2006, 08:29 AM
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05-21-2006, 12:40 PM
((Gimme time... I'm not at home right now. I'll be back on Wednesday and will post that weekend... in everything I'm involved in :p ))

((EDIT: I'm back. Here's my post.))

"Ready for an interview?" Jack asked Matthew as they walked up to the building."Trust me, George is a good guy. If you have the skills he needs, he'll hire you. If not, he'll let you know kindly."

He held the door open and they were met at the door by George. He was a big man, nearly six foot three with graying black hair and sharp blue eyes. His face was completely clean shaven and his hair was trimmed short. A mass of man, but not overweight.

"Welcome back, Jack, Krista," he said, grinning. "Been gone a while, haven't you?"

"They know how to keep us busy, George," Jack answered, shaking the larger man's hand. He turned to Matthew. "Matthew Drake, meet George Bauer. George, your interviewee has arrived."

"Seven," George announced. Krista rolled her eyes as Jack stared George curiously. "Seven minutes... not ten."

Jack laughed. "Krista got a little... riled up. That's all. We'll leave you two to the interview. We gotta go snoop some more."

"Catch ya later, Jack," George said good naturedly. Jack waved cheerfully and followed Krista, who'd already started up toward their shared office. As Krista passed John's cubicle, she slowed slightly. That was all the hint Jack needed. He stopped and peered into the cubicle at John.

"Hey, John," he said cheerfully. "How's the job treatin' ya?" Without really waiting for an answer, he went on. "You don't look too busy. Mind looking some stuff up for me? See what you can find on StarHawk." He grinned. "I finally got Krista to admit he might exist. She wants to research it."

He shrugged again and headed after Krista. Then, he poked his head back into John's cubicle. "Oh, and see what you can find on the Wilson brothers and Jose Tetra. See if you can find anything linking them all together, will you?"

05-25-2006, 01:37 PM
John had nodded off. He was lying back in his chair and feet were apon the desk. He was starteled when Jack said cheerfully. ""Hey, John,How's the job treatin' ya?"

John grumbled and sat right in his desk "Crap. The job is treatin' me like crap. We should really get the ventilation working."

Jack then went on "You don't look too busy. Mind looking some stuff up for me? See what you can find on StarHawk." He grinned. "I finally got Krista to admit he might exist. She wants to research it."

He shrugged again and headed after Krista. Then, he poked his head back into John's cubicle. "Oh, and see what you can find on the Wilson brothers and Jose Tetra. See if you can find anything linking them all together, will you?"

"Sure. I'll see what I can do." John switched on his labtop and went on the internet, in some hope of finding him.

05-25-2006, 02:05 PM
The sun had just risen over the tops of the skyscrapers on manhattan island. The paper boy was riding down a street along a commercial part of the city and had just thrown a paper at the door of the Inferno nightclub.

Jason stepped out of the front door wearing casual clothing and picked the paper up and smiled at the story on the front page, 'StarHawk: Deamon or Guardian Angel'. He opened up the paper and smiled again at a story in the middle then walked in.


Sam was slummed over the sofa asleep, he still wore the cloths he worked in the night before and snored loudly. A newsper hit him in the gut which woke him up instantly.

"Jay! I was up all night." He complained

"Check page 8." Jason said walking past jam to the small kitchen unit as Sam turned to the right page.

"For Today only the gnew Globa-net Labs will be opening their doors to the media and the citizens of New York City. The Day will conist of a tour and a conferance with Piotr Korshunov the new add of scientific development..." Sam stopped and looked up "Please tell me you're not thinking of going?"

"O.k i won't tell you."

"Jay, Globanet are after you and that cloaking device of yours only works in low light condiions, not in the middle of the day."

"Who said i'm going in all suited up, i'm just going to be another curious citizen." Jason replied smirking and drinking his coffee.

05-25-2006, 05:15 PM
After a while, Matthew walked out of the room, nodding to George as the man closed the door behind him. He looked around for the people who brought him here, but he decided not to bother them and continued off down a row of cubicles, smiling a bit to himself. "Seven in the morning.." He said to himself, turning a corner into another mess of cubicles and copy machines.