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05-15-2006, 04:03 PM
This short story is based on the mission from BF2 titled "Amognst the Ruins". I'm going to try to stick close to the objectives that are found in the game. I hope this is okay; I am coming up with the writing by myself. I'm just taking the topic and objectives from the game.

If this is illegal, please inform me.

Diego Varen
05-16-2006, 01:18 AM
Looking foward to it.

05-16-2006, 04:09 PM
Alright. The only things that I copied are the title (Amonst the Ruins taken from the BF2 mission), the 501st Journal at the beginning (taken directly from the BF2 mission), and the general concept of Star Wars (which is required to be on this board). The writing is mine, so I think that it is safe to:

Copyright © Niner_777 2006.

I'll post the Title page and first chapter momentarily.

05-16-2006, 04:15 PM
http://img501.imageshack.us/img501/2065/bom6wh.jpg (Pic created by Sabretooth)

501st Journal – Mygeeto
Amongst the Ruins

In the waning months of the Clone Wars,
The 501st faced missions critical to the agenda of Chancellor Palpitine.
When we arrived at the bombed out ruins of Mygeeto,
Our jedi commander believed that we had been sent to take out a droid energy collector.
What Ki-Adi-Mundi, didn’t know however,
Was that our unit of the 501st was really after an experimental Mygeetan power source
That the Chancellor wanted for his super laser.
Keeping Mundi in the dark wasn’t easy.
The Jedi had become increasingly weary of the Chancellors doings,
And were on the lookout for the slightest hint of treachery.
Just like the rest of them though,
They never caught whiff of what was really going on
Until it was far too late.

05-16-2006, 04:48 PM
Chapter 1: The Bombed Out Ruins ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Republic Gunship – Mygeeto Mission Clock -00:15

TK – 1476 stared out the side opening of the Republic LAAT/I Gunship, carrying the elite soldiers of the 501st Legion. The snowy mountains blurred past as Hunter, TK – 1476, looked down at his boots. He saw some snow fall onto one of his boots. Hunter quickly brushed it off and resumed staring out at Mygeeto’s mountains. “Fifteen minutes ‘till touchdown,” informed one of the clone advisors.

Hunter forced himself to look away and check his gear. He stowed his DC – 15s sidearm blaster pistol in its hip holster and picked up his rifle which was leaning against the wall of the gunship. He strapped the belt onto his DC – 15 ion pulse blaster rifle and wrapped it around his neck for easy access. Next, Hunter pulled out an ammunition belt from his pack and attached some thermal detonators to it before he put that on too.

Hunter continued to prepare until every necessary piece of equipment was stored somewhere on his armor, secure and within reach. Some remote det – packs were attached to his leg plates and a fusion cutter was hanging from his side. Hunter brought his arm up and triggered the vibro blade hidden beneath his gauntlet. The blade flew out, and Hunter practiced wasting droids with it; plunging it in, and ripping it out at an angle to tear as much circuitry as possible. Lastly, he checked the seal on his helmet and checked his suits status. Hunter was ready for action.

He looked up just in time to see the mountain pass by and another LAAT/I Gunship came into view. Hunter could see the rest of his squad on that gunship. He was part of Iota Squad, Iota seven-six. He was the technician/engineer, techy, of the squad. He got to do the hacking and slicing, and what not. In addition to him, there was Max, Storm, and Flash.

Max, Iota five-eight, was the squad leader, Iota Lead as the advisors sometimes referred to him as. He was fierce and tactical minded, but he wasn’t afraid to have some fun once in awhile. Everyone in Iota squad loved to hear Max joke around because it gave them a feeling of security, knowing that their leader was confident that everything would be okay.

Storm, Iota nine-two, was the demolitions expert of Iota Squad. He was unusually strong and able to keep up with the rest of Iota Squad even carrying a portable missile launcher. It doesn’t matter how portable a missile launcher is, it’s going to be heavy. Storm isn’t much of a communicator, more of a killer, but he gets the job done and the rest of Iota Squad are glad to have him around. Not just because he has a rocket launcher capable of taking out AAT in a single blow.

Finally, Flash, Iota six-oh, is the sniper expert of the squad. He is very patient, friendly, and has very good sniping tactics and knowledge. Sniping is Flash’s hobby, and he is very good at it. That’s Iota Squad.

Hunter pretended to do their squad’s secret handshake, and the rest of his squad did it back. Next, he spotted the Commander of the 501st Legion of clone troopers, Commander Spike. Hunter quickly saluted and Commander Spike saluted back. “Two minutes ‘till touchdown,” the advisor informed again. The gunship began to dip even lower towards the ground to reduce detection. It would be easy to lose a gunship in the empty mountains of Mygeeto, though it doesn’t hurt to make it harder.

“Touchdown in one,” the advisor said. Hunter poked his head out. He could see the landing zone up ahead, as well as the outline target energy facility that lay in the distance. He pulled his head back in and quickly double-checked his equipment. Everything seemed good.

The gunship was just a few klicks away from the landing zone. Hunter switched his squad comlink on and said “Testing,” into his helmet.

“Roger that, seven-six,” Max replied. “We’ve got you here, right?”

“Roger, roger,” came Strom and Flash. “Squad – com is go.”

“You’re gunship will set down first. Meet us at rendezvous point Alpha, over,” Max told Hunter.

“Roger that, Iota Lead. I’ll see you planet side. Hunter, out.” Hunter quieted the squad comlink as the Republic LAAT/I Gunship began to set itself down.

Over the platoon comlink came Commander Spike. “Get to your places troopers, and stay out of sight. We don’t want the Sepratists to know we’re here before we get to mount an attack, do we? Gunship two will follow shortly, over.”

An AT – RT driver descended to the ground via grappling hook to guide the AT – RT, which was attached to the bottom of the gunship, to the ground before the gunship touched down. The driver got in and drove it to the side to make room for the gunship to land. The gunship pilot deftly guided it down without making a sound.

“Good luck!” called the clone advisor. Hunter waved to him before taking his first step on the cold firm ground of Mygeeto. He stepped to the side and pulled out his holo map of the battlefield. RV Alpha was approximately two klicks to the port of the gunship. He’d meet up with his squad mates there.

Hunter stowed the holo map and continued towards RV Alpha. He switched on all comlinks. As he ran, Hunter heard the first half of the platoon take their places. “Gunship two, coming in for landing,” said the second gunship pilot as they unloaded the AT – RT from the belly of the LAAT/I.

When Hunter was finally in position, he checked his gear once again. Everything was there. He pulled out a set of electobinoculars and watched as the second gunship took flight. Clone soldiers scattered to their positions. Hunter could see Max, Flash, and Storm heading his way in a quick jog.

“How was the trip?” Hunter asked as the rest of Iota Squad reached their designated position.

“Quite nice, actually,” replied Max.

“Quite,” said Storm, in his casual tone. “Could have gone without Flash’s life story though.” Even though everyone’s helmets were on, they could tell that Storm was smiling.

“Really? I thought that it was your life story, Storm. Of course they’re all the same,” stated Max.

“Guys, this is war. We’re not supposed to make jokes,” Hunter said. They all laughed, and then got serious.

“Let the battle begin,” ordered Commander Spike. Hunter looked forwards at the bombed out ruins he was about to enter.

“Iota squad, form up.”

“Forming up.”

Diego Varen
05-17-2006, 01:20 AM
A good start.

05-17-2006, 03:52 PM
Thanks. It took me a long time to get the 501st Journal from the game. I had to listen to it many times. If anybody knows where to find the script I'd appriciate it. I'm planning to do some other missions from the BF2 campaign, as well.

I'm also working on the second chapter. It might take a little bit, what with shcool/finals and sports.

05-19-2006, 04:59 PM
Sorry for not having the second chapter yet. I might not be able to work on it for a while. I've got a project that I've been working on for five years due on Monday. Needless to say, I need to work on that, but don't worry; I'll get it done. :)

05-20-2006, 01:28 PM
I was able to work on chapter two this morning. I should be able to have it out today, hopefully. Chapter two is a bit longer than chapter one I think. It has some action in it though.

05-20-2006, 03:14 PM
Chapter 2: The Trail of War ----------------------------------------------------------------//
RV Alpha – Mygeeto Mission Clock 00:15

Hunter walked about twenty meters in front of the rest of Iota Squad, on point. According to the holo map, there should be an incline approximately two hundred meters to their twelve. Hunter could see some light reflect off of the incline, and he knew that they were headed in the right direction. Once they reached it, they would be able to have a relatively clear view of the main assault path, MAP, that the AT – RTs were taking, along with Pi Squad and Tau Squad. Kappa Squad would be on the opposite side of the MAP, on a similar trail to the one that Iota Squad would be taking. These smaller trails were designated Kappa Trial and Iota Trail, after the squads that would be traveling on them.

Hunter listened to the chatter that took place on the 501st Platoon Comm. System. He could hear Tau Squad and Pi Squad coordinating their movements along the MAP. “Any sign of hostiles?” Caleb, the leader of Kappa Squad asked.

“Not with in my view,” replied Ace, one of the AT – RT drivers. “The Forward Command Post is still about five klicks off. I suspect that they’ll be coming soon, though.”

“Roger that, Ace,” came one of the gunship pilots named Echo. “Through our long range surveillance, we’ve been able to pick up quite a bit of activity at the Forward CP. Looks like they’re just spotting you guys. Be prepared for hard contact.”

“Will do,” said Ace.

“Hold you’re positions MAP squads. Wait until Iota and Kappa get into positions before we move forward. We want to make sure we have some flanking action,” ordered Commander Spike from the LAAT/I overhead.

“Roger that, Commander,” Max said. “Just a few more meters.” As Iota squad reached the top of the incline they could see some tattered views of the MAP between jagged rocks. About twenty meters down and out, Hunter could see Tau and Pi Squads along with the two AT – RTs. “Iota Squad is in position.”

“Same here,” came Caleb from across the assault path. “All 501st forces are in position, waiting for the go-ahead.”

“Carry on,” said Commander Spike. “Take note we have droid forces coming to greet you. Watch out for the AA turrets also. They can leave a dent in your armor if you get hit. They are mainly positioned around the Forward Command Post. I can see about eight of them from up here.”

“I’ll make a note of that said,” replied Kin from atop the second AT – RT. “501st forces are moving out.” Hunter watched as Pi and Tau squads scattered from rock to rock looking for cover as they moved up the main assault path. Hunter turned back to their trail and started walking in a crouch.

The crouched position in which they walked would have been very painful for ordinary humans who hadn’t gone through the training, but for Iota Squad, it was routine. However, after ten minutes of walking as they were while carrying roughly 40 kilos of gear and armor, even the elite troopers of Iota Squad could get sore. And after ten minutes of looking through sights of a DC-15 blaster rifle at glistening ice that was built up all around, Iota squad did get a little sore, but it wasn’t enough to make them any less ready to take on hoards of battle droids. In fact, Hunter was looking forward to pounding plasma through some scrap metal.

“This is Ace here. We’re encountering some hard contact here down on the MAP. Our squads are about twenty meters back and providing fire. We’ve got everything under control,” Ace said. Suddenly an explosion was heard. “Mortars away!” Hunter looked through his scope down onto the MAP. He could see tracers flying out from behind some rocks and reducing droids to piles of parts. Hunter knew that Pi and Tau squads were in on the action.

There was another loud explosion, which resulted in a pile of rubble roughly five meters wide. “Nice shooting there Kin,” Caleb commented. We’re getting the whole thing on tape over here.” Iota Squad kept walking. The forward command post was getting closer, though it still was a ways off.

“I bet they’re having fun,” Hunter said to the rest of Iota Squad.

“Don’t worry, seven-six, you’ll get plenty of combat time once we get closer to the CP. If this place is as important as Spike says it is, the CIS will have droid patrols all over the place,” Max told Hunter over the squad comm. system.

“Yeah, I hope so,” said Storm in his deep scary voice, holding his DC-15s pistol at the ready as he walked. “I can’t stand not shooting something for so long.” Suddenly, a blaster bolt came from around a bend in the trail approximately twenty meters to their twelve.

“Down!” Max shouted, and signaled at the same time. They hit the deck; their chest plate armor making a thud as it made contact with the firm ground. Hunter shot a burst, which nicked the rock from which the original blaster bolt had come from. Storm rolled to the side of the trail for more cover and aimed his pistol at the bend. Max knelt down behind Storm and trained his sights on the same place. Flash rolled to the side before standing crouched on the opposite side of the trail.

“I’ll check it out,” Hunter said.

“Go for it, seven-six,” Max said back. Hunter crept over to the wall. When he came to the bend, Hunter pulled out a string of fiber optics, and strung it around the corner. Sure enough, there were approximately twenty battle droids and a human officer.

“We’ve got around twenty tinnies and one wet. Requesting permission to ‘nade ‘em, five-eight” Hunter said.

“Permission granted,” Max replied. “Standing by.” Hunter pulled a thermal detonator and two electrostatic charge detonators from his ammunition belt. He primed them and let the grenades fly into the pack of droids, before he dove back towards his squad. There was a loud bang, and then a long sizzling noise. Jerking droids walked out in front of Iota Squad.

Iota Squad unleashed a stream of plasma fire and the enemies were soon reduced to scrap metal. “Good job,” Max told Iota Squad. “This is Iota five-eight, here. We’ve just encountered some resistance. I advise Kappa Squad to be on the lookout for droid patrols.”

“Roger that, Ioto,” Caleb said. “We’re encountering slight resistance also. How are you guys doing on the MAP?”

“Not bad,” came Ace. “I don’t see any enemy vehicles.”

“Be careful of the anti-vehicle turrets. They’ll be coming up soon, try to hold on until Iota and I get farther ahead. We’ll be able to take out most of the turrets, hopefully.”

“Roger that, Kappa Lead.” Iota Squad formed up and crept along the wall of rock leading to the bend in the trail where the droids had been hiding.

“I’ll go first,” Hunter said, slamming a new clip into his blaster rifle. He brought his rifle up and rested it next to his neck. Then, in one quick motion, Hunter twirled around and brought his rifle into firing position. Around the bend lay a half-dead organic officer and a couple of twitching droids.

The officer reached for his pistol and attempted to shoot the clone trooper standing in front of him, blaster pointed at is face, but it was too late. Hunter skillfully shot the officer in the forehead, and then switched his attention to the droids. Five shots later, the area was secured and the rest of Iota Squad came around the corner.

“Nice job, seven-six,” Max said, as they came around the corner.

“Yeah, nice job,” Storm said enviously eying his unused pistol.

“Just doing my job,” Hunter replied, checking the ammo count in his rifle. Suddenly, a large explosion shook the rock wall behind them. Dust and rocks fell down onto Iota Squad. Storm pushed Hunter out of the way of a large rock just in time, for it would have crushed them. Iota Squad ran down the path before they found a safe cave-like indent in the rocks. All the way, anti-vehicle mortars were blasting all around them.

“Iota, are you okay?” Commander Spike asked. “Your position took some AA hits.”

“Iota Lead here, we’re alright. That droid patrol must have sent our position back to base,” Max replied and poked his head outside of the small cave. “It looks like we’ve got a good three to four klicks left to the command post. Probably three before we have to meet up again.”

“Well, it looks like you’re still in position. Our main assault boys are just in front of you, taking heavy fire from droid infantry.”

“I’ll see if I can get Flash to provide some sniper fire to the MAP.” Flash nodded his head and pulled out his DC-15x sniper rifle, which was strapped to his back. “Yup, we’ve got you some sniper fire. We’ll continue down the trail. I think that Storm here can take out some of the AA turrets before the AT – RTs arrive.”

“That would be most appreciated. Carry on.”

“Iota, out.” Everybody reloaded their weapons before exiting the small cave. The mortar fire had ceased for the time, and Iota Squad took advantage of it by starting out in a run. Hunter and Flash took the lead, while Max and Storm followed, providing cover fire if needed.

When they had ran about two klicks, Flash set up a sniping position in a covered nook with a hole pointing down on the MAP. Iota Squad was about a klick within the enemies’ borders, but the forces down on the main assault path were pushing forward every minute. The Forward Command Post was much larger by now and began to feel as though it was hanging overhead. It wouldn’t be long until the droids sent another patrol, and once they did, the mortars would come again. This time, they would come with much more accuracy.

As Flash disposed of droid after droid, Hunter crouched down on one knee and scanned the area. Max and Storm were approaching, sneaking along the sides of the trail. Hunter watched them, but all of a sudden, they hit the floor, blasters pointed behind him. He ducked into some large rocks before he turned to see another droid patrol coming. “Another droid patrol, to your six,” came Max. “We need to shoot together, in order to take them all out at once. We can’t allow them to give away our position again, not at this range.”

Flash turned from his sniping, stowed his DC-15x, and pulled out his pistol. “Roger, Iota Lead,” he said, getting in to position. The droid patrol consisted of eight standard battle droids. There’d be more coming of course, they all knew that once the enemy was found, the Separatist leaders wouldn’t worry about losing a couple of droids. “Hunter and I will get the back line of droids, you and Storm can take the front line. On your mark, Lead.”

The droid patrol passed Hunter’s position and continued on towards Max and Storm. “Scanning for hostiles,” one of the robot warriors said. “Scan inconclusive; continuing scanning procedure.” They continued by the hidden soldiers of Iota Squad. Hunter trained his sights on his droid.

“Mark!” Max yelled into the squad comm. All four members of Iota Squad pulled their triggers simultaneously. Four droids were downed in the first second of the assault; the other four were soon to follow. Hunter’s other droid turned around to face him and fired a shot. Just as Hunter was pulling the trigger to destroy his last target, the blaster bolt hit him in the shoulder, causing him to fall onto his chin. The plasma shot that he had just fired flew out of his rifle and just nicked the battle droid’s elbow plate.

“Fierfek!” Hunter shouted as Flash stood up and plunged his vibroblade into the droids chest cavity, twisted it, and pulled it out through the droid’s skull. Hunter’s chin ached from the impact, but wasn’t severely damaged. His shoulder on the other hand had taken a direct hit. The bolt didn’t go through luckily, just left an indent about four centimeters in diameter and three centimeters deep.

“Are you okay?” Flash asked him.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Hunter replied. He could taste blood in his mouth and his vision was a little blurry, but he’d have to over come it. “We’ve got to get out of here. The mortar turrets will have spotted our position. If only I didn’t slip!”

“Its okay,” Max told him as he ran up to Hunters position. “We’ll find another cave and patch you up with some bacta.” Hunter turned his head and saw Storm jogging over to meet them. Just then, a mortar round landed right next to Storm. The blast of the explosive launched Storm forward, in the air. He hit the rock wall and skidded to a halt, lying still on his chest.

“STORM!” Hunter yelled. He stood up and ran over to him, swaying as he ran. Storm stood up, grabbing the wall for support. He didn’t say anything, but ran towards the mortar turret.

“We have to find some cover,” Max shouted and ran after Storm. Flash provided support for Hunter as they ran after Storm and Max. About fifty meters away, Hunter saw Storm disappear into the rock wall, just before a mortar round landed in the exact position. Max disappeared into the smoke.

“It’s my fault, thought Hunter as him and flash ran towards the smoke. Max came running out of the smoke a minute later, and motioned for them to hurry up. Hunter picked up the pace and ran into the disappearing smoke. Max shoved him and Flash into a cave and dove in after, as another explosion rocked outside the entrance to the cave.

Inside, Storm was propped up against the wall of the cave. His helmet was off and his face was bleeding and bruised. Hunter couldn’t bear to look at him clean off the blood with a bacta wipe.

“Sorry about that,” Hunter said, leaning up against the wall. “Really.”

Max turned very stern. “In no way was that your fault, Hunter, and I won’t allow you to blame yourself for what happened to Storm.” He said reassuringly. “Now let’s get you fixed up too. We’re all going to be okay.”

05-21-2006, 10:45 AM
Comments anybody? I'm having fun writing this, but it would be even more fun if I knew that someone else liked reading it.

Diego Varen
05-21-2006, 10:58 AM
Sorry I forgot to read this. Good Chapter, I hope there is a battle in the next Chapter.

Jason Skywalker
05-21-2006, 11:03 AM
Nice,i'll be reading this.

Diego Varen
05-21-2006, 11:12 AM
I also have Battlefront I and II and they are my third favourite games. KOTOR being first and the Jedi Knight Games being second.

05-21-2006, 11:16 AM
At first I was going to have them take the forward command post in this chapter, but I got carried away and decided to end the chapter here. I was planning on having Hunter get shot in the shoulder, but having Storm almost getting pinned with a mortar just kind of came out of nowhere. I think that it adds some interest to the story. Two members of Iota Squad are injured, and Hunter is feeling guilty about missing the droid and giving away their position, leading to Storm's injury.

Don't worry, Pottsie, there will be a battle in the next chapter. Unless I get carried away again, maybe taking out the turrets or something. The next chapter will be capturing the command post, and the one after that will be having Ki-Adi-Mundi and the rest of the 501st (which I'm making pretty small) arrive. Once the shield barricades go down, the AATs will arrive and the real battle will begin. This won't be for a while though.

05-21-2006, 07:54 PM
Anybody else feel free to say what you think about this fic so far. I haven't started on the next chapter yet, and I don't know how long it will be before I get it out. I got the huge project done today. What a relief. I've still got school and sports though. It shouldn't be too long from now; I'll try my best. :)

05-23-2006, 03:30 PM
I'm still good for any comments, and I'm still busy. Today I don't have any math homework, w00t! Still, I've got a final tomorrow that I should study for and a couple of projects that need to be done. I'll find time to work on the fic today, though.

05-23-2006, 05:40 PM
I've worked on it already and found that I'm going to change my plan. Taking the Forward Command Post might be the fourth chapter. I got carried away, :).

05-25-2006, 05:57 PM
Alright. I worked on the third chapter today, thanks to Pottsie's encouragement. I should have it out by tomorrow.

05-26-2006, 08:30 AM
Chapter 3: Trapped------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Iota Trail – Mygeeto Mission Clock //

Hunter sat against the cold wall of the rock cave, nursing his shoulder. The bombardment outside had ceased for the moment. He looked over at Storm. Storm was sitting against the wall with most of his armor off. He’d wiped most of the blood off, but the cuts and bruises were still very visible. “You okay?” Hunter asked him.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Storm replied. He took a rag and wiped the blood off the inside of his leg plates before putting them on again. Storm was the toughest person Hunter knew. He should have known that even a mortar round couldn’t keep Storm down.

“Yeah, we’re trapped in a cave along Iota Trail. Turret bombardment has stopped for the time. I imagine that they’ve got a lock on our position for when we decide to leave,” Max informed Commander Spike.

“How’s your squad?” Spike asked.

“We’re alright. Hunter has a blaster wound, and Storm got bloodied up pretty bad by a mortar. I think we’re fit to fight, though.” Max looked over at Storm and he gave him thumbs up signal. Storm yanked a rock out of his leg and signaled back. “Yep, we’re good. We’ll just finish treating those two and form a plan for our escape. How far are the MAP squads?”

“MAP squads are about even with your position. Kappa Squad is moving up, but they’ve been pinned down for a little bit. We might need to move the AT – RTs into position to take out the turrets before your squad can continue.”

“Don’t worry, Commander. We’ll find a way out of this.”

“Go ahead, but I don’t want anyone dieing.”

“We won’t. Iota, out.” Max turned to the rest of his squad. Flash was stabbing a syringe into one of Storm’s veins. “Alright. We need a plan to get out of here and get on the move.”

“I need to get my clothes on,” Storm said, pulling the needle out of his arm.

“Right,” said Flash, and wrote the dosage on Storm’s helmet, for quick future access. Storm grabbed his helmet and wiped the blood out of the inside before putting it back on again. A few minutes later, Storm was in full battle gear, though it was dented, punctured, and charred. Hunter quickly taped up his shoulder and stood at attention.

“Flash, see if you can snipe the turret gunner out of the seat. That would be the quickest temporary solution to our predicament,” Max ordered.

“Roger that, Lead,” Flash said, grabbing his sniper rifle and inching towards the cave entrance. He got down prone and angled his way around. Flash zoomed in on the closet turret that he could see. Within the crosshairs lay a single droid in the cockpit of an anti-armor turret. “Requesting permission to fire?”

“Fire at will,” Max commanded. Flash gently squeezed the trigger. A beam of plasma left the end of the DC-15x and traveled all the way to the turrets cockpit. The beam blasted a hole through the glass that surrounded the cockpit and went straight into the droid’s cranium. It sparked and then blew up.

BANG! Flash took his eye away from the scope and looked into the sky as and AA warhead flew across the horizon, headed for their position within the cave. He rolled into the cave just as the bomb made contact with the rock above the entrance to the cave. Ice and rock closed off the opening to the cave. Iota Squad was trapped inside the cave.

“Iota Squad!” Commander Spike yelled into the comm. system. “Come in, Iota Squad!” There was no reply. Dust and rocks seemed to float in midair around the cave in which Iota Squad had inhabited.

Down in the cave, Iota Squad heard nothing from the Commander. The rock was too think to transmit the signal through and was blocking their communications with the rest of the 501st. “Is everyone okay?” Max asked. A groan came from his left. Flash lay there on the ground rolling slightly. “Flash?”

“I’m fine,” Flash said. I’ve got a rock on my hand though. “Dang droids hit us with a warhead.” Max walked over to Flash and turned on his helmet spotlight; Hunter and Storm emerged from behind a wall of loose rocks.

“Fierfek! What happened to Flash?” Storm asked.

“His hand is smashed under a rock,” Max informed them. “Help me get him out.” Hunter ran over to Flash and pulled out his fusion cutter, which was hanging from his utility belt. He warmed it up and started cutting away at the rock. Ten minutes later, Flash was freed.

“Thanks, guys,” Flash told Iota Squad. “We need to find a way out of this rubble so we can get back to the real mission.”

“Right,” Max said. “I’ll bandage Flash’s hand up. Hunter and Storm can work on getting out of here.” Hunter turned his fusion cutter on high and went to work on some rocks. After Hunter got them loosened, Storm came in with his vibro blade and cut away some of the rocks. They didn’t know how far they’d have to cut, but they had a feeling that the wall of crumbled ice rocks was getting thinner. Iota Squad was getting some static on the comm., which was more than they’d received before.

A couple of minutes later Iota Squad started hearing the sound of droids outside of their confine. “Droids, sir,” Hunter informed.

“I’ve got a feeling that they’re gonna try and blast us out of here. We’re going to need to be ready,” Max told his squad, as blaster bolts melted away at the rock from the opposite side. “Get in a defensive position. Once they breach, they’ll want to fight. Let’s dispose of them quickly. Then, we’ll jump out. Storm, have your rocket launcher loaded. Fire at the first turret you see. This could work to our advantage.”

Inside, Hunter held his rifle at the ready, staring down the sights on the point were the blaster bolts were hitting. He was crouched among a pile of rocks. One of the droids shot a rocket at the caved in wall. The rocket made contact with the rock and made a large explosion as it sent rocks and debris inward, at the clones that took refuge inside.

Hunter’s vision was blurred as the dust and rocks flew by him. A few of the rocks dug into his armor. All Hunter could see was a stream of red blaster bolts flying into the cave. There was no aiming involved. Hunter squeezed the trigger and unleashed fire into the opening of the cave.

“I’m sending a grenade out,” Max shouted. “Hold your positions. We don’t need any friendly fire.”

“Roger that,” Hunter said continuing to shoot at the origins of the red blasts, infiltrating the cave. Suddenly an explosion rocked the outside of the cave. Only a few bolts continued to come. The smoke began to clear and Hunter could see the last few droids, including a downed super battle droid, crawling on the ground. Iota Squad quickly disposed of the rest of the hostiles.

“We don’t have much time. We need to take out their turrets fast, before they get another chance to kill us. Hunter you take a rocket and get ready to feed it into Storm’s rocket launcher,” Max ordered.

“Right, Lead,” Hunter replied, taking a rocket from Storm. He wiped the dust off his visor and starred into the light.

“Flash and I will follow to take out any spare droids. Ready, GO!” Storm dove out of the opening, followed quickly by Hunter, holding his rifle in firing position.

“The first turret is in position. I’m locking on,” Storm said.

“Fire!” Max commanded. Smoke blew out of the back of the rocket launcher, hindering Iota Squad’s view momentarily. The rocket flew straight for the first turret. The turret turned, but the rocket’s path accommodated and swerved right into it, sending smoke and metal shrapnel into the sky.

“We’ve lost Iota Squad,” Commander Spike said into the platoon comm. system.

“Negative, sir. We’re all right,” Max reported.

“I knew that,” Commander Spike said jokingly.

“We’ve still got to take out some turrets while we’re in range.”

“Roger that, Iota. Get on it.” Hunter dropped another missile into Storm’s launcher as the smoke cleared. Iota Squad started running to get a clear shot of the next turret. Iota Squad was back in business.

Jason Skywalker
05-26-2006, 11:09 AM
Keep it up!And does your fic only envolve the Mygeeto mission?

Diego Varen
05-26-2006, 12:31 PM
Keep it up!And does your fic only envolve the Mygeeto mission?

I think so, because it is named after the Mygeeto mission (One of my favourite missions of ROTE). Great Chapter. Any taking Command Posts or anything like that?

05-26-2006, 01:40 PM
Thanks. This fic will only involve the Mygeeto mission, but I'm going to make the other missions into fics also. The next one will probably be Heart of Darkness. I don't think that I'd be able to write the space missions.

Diego Varen
05-26-2006, 01:51 PM
Thanks. This fic will only involve the Mygeeto mission, but I'm going to make the other missions into fics also. The next one will probably be Heart of Darkness. I don't think that I'd be able to write the space missions.

I think you should write the Knightfall mission. That is another of my favourite missions.

Jason Skywalker
05-26-2006, 02:26 PM
I'm guessing he will make the whole Campaign,and i agree,Knightfall was my favorite mission.

05-26-2006, 06:13 PM
Yeah, that mission is going to be fun to write. I actually thought about it a little bit. I was going to have most of Hunter's squad die. He'll survive, and maybe Storm. They'll become Imperial Commandos along with some of Zeta Squad, which is going to be Commander Spike's Squad. The troops that died will be replaced, like they did in the game, with diverse toopers. This is just something that I briefly thought about and is likely to change.

05-27-2006, 10:42 AM
Chapter 4: Assault on the Forward Command Post---------------------------------------------------------//
Iota Trail – Mygeeto Mission Clock 03:40 //

Hunter could see Ace and Kin on their AT – RTs ahead of them, down on the main assault path. He slammed a new clip into his decee, and adjusted his ammunition belt as he ran. He was scanning the area for any turrets that were in range. “Turret spotted,” Hunter informed his squad.

While running, Storm locked onto the turret manually and adjusted his angle. The turret spotted them and swiveled so that its main cannons faced them. Iota Squad had given up trying to be covert, and now, was just trying to catch up with the rest of the 501st. The turret recoiled as a blast of light came out from the end of the barrel attached to the turret. Max motioned for them to run faster. If they could, then the mortar might fly over their head, but Storm almost slowed down. He could see the turret fire from the scope on his missile launcher. Then, he locked on.
“Permission to fire?” Storm asked trying to keep the lock while running.

“FIRE!” Max shouted, as the rocket exited the launcher and sent smoke out the back, into Max’s face. The force of the rocket tried to push Max and Storm back into the mortar fire, but they wouldn’t allow that. Storm struggled to stay on his feet and running while Max came up from behind.

Max couldn’t see the mortar round land, for his visor was covered with soot form the rocket fuel, but he knew that it was coming. “Now!” Hunter yelled into the comm. system and he and Flash dove forward into a roll, trying to get away from the explosive round that landed behind them.

Max heard Hunter’s shout and rammed into Storm’s back, forcing him to dive forward. “Why didn’t it go off?” Max asked as he lay on the cold ground of Mygeeto, with his hands covering his head. He looked up just in time to see the AA turret swivel and launch a mortar randomly into the MAP before the missile that Storm had launched at it, what seemed like an hour ago, wasted it. Max couldn’t see where the turrets last shot landed because of a large explosion that went off behind them. “There it is,” he choked.

The mortar blast that landed behind Iota Squad sent chunks of rock and ice in their direction, but they were far enough away that it wasn’t fatal. However, it was still very dangerous trying to doge rocks the size of Jawas.

“Nice job soldiers. We’ve taken out all of the forward facing turrets. You’re free to take the CP on my mark. Just let me know when you’re in position,” Commander Spike said over the platoon comm. system.

Max wiped the rest of the soot off of his visor and got his first clear view of the area after the blast. The mortar hit just ten meters to their six, but that was enough to save their lives. He suddenly realized that all of his squad was coming to help him.

“You okay, Lead?” Flash asked, reaching out to help him up.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Max replied, taking Flash’s hand and brushing off smoke and dirt. “Let’s get up in position. I think that the droids are retreating into the CP. Once we capture that, we’ll have some time to rest. For now, we need to keep moving.”

“Right,” Hunter said and ran ahead on point. The forward command post was very close now and it was bigger than anyone had imagined. It might take longer than they thought to clear the place. For now, they just had to worry about getting in it.

“MAP squads are in position,” Ace said.

“Kappa Squad is too,” Caleb informed. “How’re you, Iota Squad?”

“Iota Squad is coming into position,” came Max. Hunter ducked low behind some rocks and the scraps of one of the turrets. He could see their path across the Blood Bath Plaza, the name for the area outside the forward command post. The rest of Iota Squad was running into position. They got down next to Hunter taking deep breaths. “Iota, ready.”

“Good,” said Commander Spike. “On my mark you will perform the maneuver that we’ve practiced for this. The single file AT – RTs will be the spearhead. Individual squads will come in from the sides in a scattered order. Ready, MARK!”

The AT – RTs moved with astonishing speed in a single file line. No droids came to oppose them and no mines had to be deactivated. It was scary. “What’s you’re hostile count, Iota?” Caleb asked confused.

“Zip over here. You?” Max came back.

“None. Ready to go?”

“I think so. We’ll go on your mark,” Max said. “Is everyone ready?” Storm reloaded his rocket launcher and laid it on the ground, aiming it at the barricade surrounding the command post.

“Ready here, Lead,” Storm replied.

“Okay squads,” Commander Spike said. “Put a rocket through the wall and have two people go in to provide cover for the next two. We’re going in now. On Ace’s mark.”

“Three, two, one!” Ace shouted before he launched a grenade at the barricade blowing a hole in it.

“See you over there,” Max told Flash and Storm as he and Hunter departed down the slope towards the CP. “Fire the missile once we get about twenty meters from the wall, okay.”

“Roger that,” Storm said. “Good luck.” Max and Hunter ran as fast as they could for the barricade. They were thirty meters away and still no sign of hostiles. Hunter looked around and saw the glint of metallic armor behind a large rock.

“Ohsh!” Hunter shouted.

“We’ve got droids here!” Caleb shouted. “Lots of them!” Hunter could hear blaster bolts whizzing by him, but when he looked back he wasn’t prepared to see hundreds of droids pouring out from behind rocks and small buildings.

“Get back to defensive positions!” Commander Spike ordered. “We can’t afford to loose so many men in this situation. Find cover!”

“We can make it!” Hunter shouted. “Shoot it, Storm!” Storm pulled the trigger on his rocket launcher and a rocket flew from the end of it. Their position was covered in smoke. “Almost there.”

A rocket flew over Max and Hunter’s head. It hit the barricade and blew a hole in it. “Nice shot, Storm!” Max called back. “We’re gonna make it!” But their celebration ended early when blaster bolts started pouring out of the newly formed hole in the barricade.

“Fierfek!” Hunter swore and dove to the side to avoid the shots. He chucked a thermal in and felt the ground shake as droid parts spattered the area. Just then, Separatist mercenaries dropped from the top of the forward command post on zip lines. Hunter started shooting up at them, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the droids coming in from the other sides. He looked up at the cloud of smoke where Storm and Flash were providing cover fire for them. It wasn’t enough.

Up at the assault starting position, Storm fanned away the smoke, trying to get some clear shots at some droids. Suddenly he heard footsteps from behind him. “Freeze!” A voice said. Storm turned around to see about ten Separatist mercenaries, standing with their blaster rifles ready.

Down near the barricade, Max and Hunter were fighting for their lives. They backed up against the barricade and found a small nook that provided some cover. They were spewing out blaster fire and every bolt found a mark, for there were too many to miss. Hunter ducked back and paused to reload. It was a wonder that they were still alive. After all, they’d entered the Blood Bath.

Diego Varen
05-27-2006, 10:45 AM
The taking of the first Command Post. Great Chapter.

05-27-2006, 10:51 AM
Thanks for the quick reply, Pottsie. I was still trying to fix the fonts and sizes. The whole Blood Bath Plaza thing I just made up as I went along. Originally, they were going to get in the command post in this chapter. I think that this works out well. I got the name for the Blood Bath Plaza from the IGN Guide while seaching for a script.

Btw, I noticed that you updated you're fic. I'll read that in a moment. I've been writing all morning.

More comments?

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Well,looks like the Force tricked you two. :) And keep it up,it's really good.

05-27-2006, 12:46 PM
Thanks. How do you think that this fic compares to others in the CEC? I really can't tell because I can't really judge my own writing.

Oh, btw, I may as well advertise for [ART]Exodious Prime here. Check it out. ;) :http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=165358

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Hmm,i don't know.I only read Pottsie's and your's,so,i can't see the diference.

Diego Varen
05-27-2006, 01:33 PM
Thanks. How do you think that this fic compares to others in the CEC? I really can't tell because I can't really judge my own writing.

Oh, btw, I may as well advertise for [ART]Exodious Prime here. Check it out. ;) :http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=165358

I've taken a look at Exodious Prime. I haven't replied though. But I will.

It isn't the best Fic in CEC, but it has a good chance of being a memorable Fic. There are many underrated Fics in CEC, including yours, Mr_BFA, Jason's and mine to name several. Everyone also has their own unique writing style.

05-27-2006, 01:45 PM
Thanks. I was just wondering. This is my first fic so I might get better. Though I think that this mission is kind of easy to write because it has direction. You're going on a path, most of the time. Others, like Kashyyyk might be harder. I'll find a way to make it good, hopefully. I'll try to write a couple fics and make a name for myself by the time the 2006 awards come out, lol. Actually, I started writing this as kind of a practice for a trilogy of books that I was planning on writting. They're not related to Star Wars though.

Diego Varen
05-27-2006, 01:51 PM
I remember my first Fanfic. It was the worst I've ever wrote. I may delete that and my five others including the Jedi Forces ones.

05-27-2006, 02:11 PM
How about that Bounty Hunter one. Are you going to keep writing that fic?

(I'm presently working on the next chapter.)

05-27-2006, 02:40 PM
Chapter 5: Blood Bath Plaza-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Blood Bath Plaza – Mygeeto Mission Clock 04:30 //

Hunter checked his ammo count. He’d have to start using his ammo better if he wanted to survive, but there were so many droids. He poked his rifle out of his nook and unloaded the clip into the wall of advancing droids. Suddenly, one of Trandoshan mercenaries dropped down and landed on Max’s back; his rifle was pointed at the back of Max’s neck, ready to fire.

“No you don’t,” Hunter said casually, ejecting his vibro blade and plunging it into the back of the Trandoshan’s skull. Hunter lifted him up and smashed him into the wall, twisting his fist as he went. He removed his blade and let the body fall limp to the ground.

“Hunter, I’m in need of your fire,” Max said. Hunter looked and saw that the droid lines were just ten meters from their position.

“Alright he said. Just a minute.” Hunter grabbed the dead mercenary’s rifle and strapped on his ammunition belt. He reloaded and started firing. “We need to find another place to hide. Here, use this rifle too. You’ll take out more with two guns than with one.”

“Sure thing. What do you have in mind, Hunter?”

“I was thinking of taking the command post.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Yeah, well, I’d guess that we’d have better luck inside than out here,” Hunter said, finishing off another clip and switching to his pistol.

“True, but we can’t just leave Storm and Flash here out here.”

“We’ve got to get to them and mount another assault.”

“You mean go all the way back there?”

“I don’t know. Let’s just back up and find some cover to skip our way across,” Hunter suggested.

Max looked at the oncoming droids. “Why not. We’ll die if we stay here.”

“Great, let’s go.” Max packed up his stuff and kicked the dead mercenary as he passed. Then, as an afterthought, grabbed the mercenary’s grenades and lobbed them all at once at the advancing line of droids. There was a whump and it began to rain oil for a moment.

Hunter and Max pulled out their pistols and held them next to their cheeks, trying to blend in with the barricade surrounding the command post. More wet mercenaries started to drop from the roof of the command post, which loomed high above.

Hunter and Max ran to the sides and caught the Trandoshan mercenaries in crossfire. A puddle of green blood developed at the base of the barricade wall while the Trandoshans themselves remained strapped to their zip lines. Hunter aimed at one of their backpacks and squeezed the trigger on his pistol. The shot made contact and exploded, sending the mercenary skyward. The dead Trandoshan got caught on the zip line and was smashed back into the side of the CP, spattering even more blood.

“Why’d you do that?” Max asked.

“Come on, I’m just trying to have a little fun,” Hunter replied. The war had gotten to him. I would get to all of them. Their platoon-training sergeant had warned them.

Just then, a blaster bolt hit Hunter in the back. He fell to the ground and searched for the enemy that did it. He saw a droid and lined up its head in his pistol’s scope. The droid’s head disappeared in a flash of blue sparks. Then he drifted off…

Back at the assault checkpoint, Storm and Flash were faced with a difficult decision. They were outnumbered one to five, but they couldn’t just let themselves be captured while Max and Hunter got pummeled in the Blood Bath. “Drop your weapons,” the mercenary leader commanded.

Storm lowered his pistol from firing position; Flash stood up straight. “Attack,” Storm whispered into his helmet. They both brought their pistols up and shot simultaneously. Swiftly, they jabbed their vibro blades into the nearest mercenary and used his body for cover. They backed up and dove behind a rock.

“Flush, ‘em out,” the leader ordered, but they didn’t have a chance to. A well-placed grenade lay at their feet. The mercenary group didn’t even have a chance to scream before they were all dead.

“We’ve got to get to Max and Hunter,” Flash told Storm adjusting his equipment. Storm shot some plasma into one of the mercenary’s bodies that twitched. The twitching stopped. The war was getting to him too.

Storm let out a low chuckle. “Yeah, let’s go,” he said. One of the AT – RTs came towards their position and started wiping out the droids that filled the lines, were closing in on their position. Heavy lasers and mortar rounds ate away, leaving nothing but blackened ground and random flames.

Storm and Flash took advantage of the opportunity and stared across Blood Bath Plaza. They did a series of sprints and rolls to evade the droid’s blaster fire. Kin had it under control from the top of the AT – RT. What once was cool, blue ice ground was now a blacked pile of ash and different colors of blood, including metallic blue droid juices. That was what made up the bulk of the color. As they ran, this debris kicked up on their backs. They could see Max leaning over Hunter.

“Fierfek, what happened to Hunter?” Storm asked. They ran closer and Pi Squad came to greet them, two of their soldiers missing.

“It’s amazing that we survived that,” the leader of Pi Squad commented. I’m lucky to have one of my squadmates left.

“That was a pretty bad Blood Bath,” Max commented as he looked around at the environment. Even the sky was gray with war. “They never had anything like that in the simulations.”

“Amen, to that, brother,” Pi Lead said as Storm and Flash came to a halt near them. “I don’t think that they would have expected a surprise attack, especially by the Trandoshans. The AT – RTs swept what area’s they could for droids. The laser shields blocked their paths around the command post. It was once again clear of hostiles. “I guess we’d better be taking our positions. Good luck on the entry.”

“You too,” Max said. The two men of Pi Squad departed for their position.

Hunter started to rouse just as Commander Spike came through on their comm. system. “Alright forces, you’ve survived this long. Let’s capture that command post. I’m having our advisors patch your demo positions to your holo maps. Stand by.”

Hunter sat up. “Wow,” he said. “That was a good shot.”

“You’re lucky that your backpack took the brunt of the hit,” Flash commented.

“Yeah, well. Let’s just hope that some of my equipment still works.” Storm had checked the holo map and was already wiring a charge by the time the rest of Iota Squad caught up.

“Here’s the detonation remote, boss,” Storm said, handing Max the remote.

“Thanks, Storm. Get into breach formation around the detonation area,” Max ordered. The remote detonator consisted of a power pack and a ribbon that strung its way up and across the wall. A charge would go through it and blast its way in.

“Alright squads. Get ready,” Commander Spike said. “Now capture that command post. We’ll be there momentarily.” Iota Squad stood around the demolition area, pistols ready. Max squeezed the trigger and the wall caved in. Storm threw a routine grenade in before they infiltrated. It was clean, no hostiles.

“Iota Squad is in.”

Jason Skywalker
05-27-2006, 03:19 PM
Good once again.Man,i never thought doing the Mygeeto mission would take so long.

05-27-2006, 03:39 PM
Yeah, in a way I'm trying to make it long. However, I left out some parts that I thought of doing. Well, as long as it's good, right.

Diego Varen
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Sorry it took me a while. Great Chapter. I thought Hunter was dead for sure, until I found out his Jetpack took the hit :lol:.

And my Bounty Hunter I deleted just to let you know.

05-27-2006, 04:05 PM
Cool, I'm on page two, lol. Thanks for the reply. They're precious to me, lol. That chapter seemed a little choppy because the squad was split up. Also, it was a little unrealistic, but so is Star Wars. As long as you like it. :D

I don't blame you for deleting the Bouty Hunter. Not that it was bad, just that I know that I wouldn't be able to handle writing more than one fic at a time. I'm having trouble with this one. I'm trying to get a lot done this weekend. :)

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Niner_777,when do you plan on posting Chapter V?And if you wouldn't mind,could you check out my fic?

Master Jimmy
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I've read what you got right now, it's pretty cool

05-27-2006, 06:18 PM
Niner_777,when do you plan on posting Chapter V?And if you wouldn't mind,could you check out my fic?
I probably won't have the next chapter out until Monday. Though there is always a possibility, I put off my schoolwork for Sunday, lol.

I just finished reading your fic, Jason. I didn't notice it at first.

EDIT: forgot to write,

05-28-2006, 02:52 PM
Change of plans for my fic. The next chapter is coming out today! :D I just need to proofread it. :D :D :D

05-28-2006, 03:03 PM
Chapter 6: Capturing the Command Post--------------------------------------------------------------------------//-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Forward Command Post – Mygeeto Mission Clock 7:00 //

Inside the command post’s barrier was a pathway approximately three meters wide. The floor appeared to be made of a combination of metal and ice. Whatever it was, it made a deep clapping sound as Iota Squad’s feet pattered across it, heading for the stairs to the main entrance. There they would meet up with all the surviving 501st forces.

“This is creepy,” Flash commented, staring up the side of the command post. It was shaped like a circle, but it appeared to be straight because of its immense size.

“Roger that,” Hunter whispered slowly, walking backwards. Their backs were together, ready for an attack from all sides. They couldn’t afford to be reckless, especially after the Blood Bath Plaza incident. Hunter rubbed his back. He’d get a chance to look check out his wound after they had secured a position within the command post.

Hunter couldn’t wait until the rest of the 501st arrived. He didn’t like the feeling he got when he realized that if their squad got wiped out by something as simple as a grenade, the mission could go all wrong. In some ways, the fate of the galaxy rested on his shoulders. In another way, this made him feel good, feel invincible. He couldn’t say that he was yet. If he survived the Clone Wars then he’d know that it was true.

The stairs that would lead to the entrance of the command post were in sight, and Max could see Kappa Squad waiting for them at the top. Max broke into a run and signaled for the others to follow him. Hunter turned around just in time to see Caleb and the rest of Kappa Squad bring up their rifles and point them just behind Iota Squad. “What now?” Hunter asked turning back around to see three super battle droids bring up their wrist blasters and open fire.

Iota Squad performed the craziest acrobatics that they possibly could to dodge the blaster bolts. Hunter’s heart raced. There was no cover around. The walls were completely flat. A laser skimmed the top of his helmet, making a sizzling noise as it melted some of the plastic away.

Storm grabbed his rocket launcher and fed it a missile. “Permission, Lead?” he asked.

“Why not?” Max replied, providing cover for Storm. Storm aimed right for the middle SBD’s feet. “Fire!” Storm pulled the trigger, stowed his smoking weapon, and ran for the stairs in what seemed to be one movement. The rocket smashed into the SBD’s knees. It crumpled up with the force of the blast and then blew to pieces as the warhead inside ignited. Shrapnel punctured the armor of the two other super battle droids.

One piece flew through the air and dug its way into Flash’s arm plate, and he let out a grunt as he lost his footing and fell. At the same time, all of Kappa Squad unleashed their grenades in unison to destroy the remaining SBDs. Hunter stopped to help Flash get back up when a blaster bolt hit him in the back of his calf. He stumbled before he turned around and started shooting the droid with his pistol, still crouched over.

By then, the grenades landed at the feet of the droids. One of them kicked a grenade at Hunter and Flash. Hunter watched in slow motion as the grenade came closer and closer to his face. At the last second, he brought up his hands, almost involuntarily, and batted it away. When the grenade was about two meters away from him, it exploded, along with the rest of the grenades that were placed at the feet of the SBDs.

The blast knocked Hunter forward, and he landed hard on his shoulder. He screamed out in pain as little pieces of droid metal flew into his side facing the now destroyed droids.

“Are you two okay,” Max asked, running towards them, pausing to finish off one of the droid’s arms that was shooting randomly. Flash rolled over, his eyes wide inside his helmet.

“I think so,” Flash replied, yanking out the large piece of metal from his tricep. He tried to flex it and winced. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Let’s just capture this command post.” Hunter didn’t say anything. He didn’t even move. He just lay on the ground, face down. Caleb ran over to him. Caleb was a trained medic. He’d always shown interest in it, but hoped that he’d never need the knowledge. This was war, and he was needed.

Caleb deftly pulled the pieces of shrapnel out of Hunter’s armor. “Does that feel any better?” he asked.

Hunter nodded, but didn’t say anything. “Are you okay?” Max asked again. Hunter stood up but there was no reply. He moved his arms around stiffly.

“I’m alive?” Hunter asked quietly. The vision of the grenade exploding flashed before him, and he jerked involuntarily.

“That’s right, brother,” Storm said casually. “Let’s get moving. Pi and Tau just arrived.” He pointed over to the main stairs leading up to another hallway, which appeared to circle the command post.

Max put his arm around Hunter. “Let’s get going.” Hunter picked up his pistol, which he had dropped when the grenade exploded.

“I’m alive,” Hunter said, satisfaction in his voice. He suddenly turned back to his professional self. “Right squads, lets move out. I’ll take Iota Squad on point. If our intel is correct, the entrance to the command center will be just a short stroll from our position.”

“Roger that,” the other squads said together.

“Um, remember that I’m in charge here,” Max whispered to Hunter as they jogged up the stairs to the hallway surrounding the command post.

“I’ll try to remember that, next time I have the urge to lead,” Hunter joked.

“I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Ditto here, Lead,”

When they reached the top, Max took control. “Like Iota seven-six said, we’ll take point. Once we get to the hallway we’ll wait for you to catch up. Kappa Squad, you’ll take the caboose. Once we get to the command center, we’ll surround it and assault it. Move out squads.”

Max led Iota Squad out in front. There were windows that lead into the command post, so they were forced to crouch as they moved along. They reached and entrance that led deeper into the command post. There, Iota Squad held up and signaled that they were going to enter.

Inside the hallway, it was pitch black. Max turned on his helmet spot lamp to provide some light. The others did the same when they reached the hallway. After about twenty minutes of walking, Hunter could see some dim lights from the main command center of the command post. It was raised on stairs and appeared to have more that one level. The rest of the 501st soldiers met up with Iota Squad at the end of the main hallway.

Flash zoomed in on the command center using his sniper rifle. There were a few wet commanders and a couple of droids. It disturbed Max that they hadn’t run into any hostiles along the way. Either they’d spent all their droids in their primary defense or they were planning to trap them in and attack until they were all dead.

“Or maybe they’re just stupid,” Flash commented, knowing what Max was thinking about.

“I hope so,” Max replied, and then turned his attention to the squads that were backed up behind him. “Kappa Squad will attack from this side. I’ll take my squad to the back. Your squads can pick if they want the left or right,” Max said. “Go ahead.”

Hunter pulled out his rifle and slapped one of his last clips in it. Iota Squad circled around and snuck up the stairs. “On my mark,” Max said, “we’ll go in. Ready?” He checked his rifle quickly. “Mark!” The soldiers smashed through the doors simultaneously.

Inside the command center were many computers that lined the walls. At some of the computers sat officers. Hunter brought his rifle up and squeezed the trigger. “One down,” he thought to himself. One of the droids turned around and took some shots. The bolts shattered one of the windows, but the droid didn’t have time to adjust its aim, for it was lying on the ground a second later.

“Nice job squads. Now let’s get this place up and running. We’ll need some people to scout out the rest of this command post eventually,” Caleb told the soldiers.

Max looked up and saw to his horror several of droids aiming at them from the upper levels of the command post. All of a sudden, all the lights came on inside the command post. He looked out the windows of the main command center into the rest of the compound. Droids started pouring out of other rooms that were within the whole command post.

Max motioned for the troopers to look up, and then shouted, “Find cover! We’re going to have to fight for this command center after all!”

Diego Varen
05-28-2006, 03:05 PM
Good Chapter. I also like to get my Chapters out as quick as I can. If I don't, I think people lose interest.

05-28-2006, 03:07 PM
Just to clear something up, the command center is the place where the area is monitored and where the commands come from. It is inside the command post, which includes the barracks, kitchens, armories, etc. I just thought that I'd try to clear that up as it wasn't really explained.

Jason Skywalker
05-28-2006, 04:55 PM
Good chapter,and nice explanation of the CP.

05-29-2006, 11:31 AM
Thanks for all your comments. I'd like to thank you all who've been dedicated to reading this fic so far, and I invite others who haven't read/commented to do so.
Thanks again.

05-29-2006, 03:13 PM
id like to say, youre a great writer, 777. you have the proper style and i like the way you make sure your grammar is as correct as possible. the 501st act as real brothers and, having played Republic Commando myself, i think youre on the right track.
keep it coming dude, and if you have time, check out my fic ;)

05-29-2006, 03:16 PM
Thanks, RC 1162. Also, thanks for appreciating my attempts at making my fics have good grammar. I really try. :)

Oh, and sure, I'll check out your fic.

05-30-2006, 04:54 PM
As you all probably know, the end of the school year means final exams and, hopefully, lots of studying. So, I probably won't be able to find the extended period of time needed to write another chapter until this weekend. Sorry. :D

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Chapter 7: Battle for the Command Center---------------------------------------------------------------------//
Forward Command Post – Mygeeto Mission Clock 09:30 //

Hunter looked up also. “Fierfek,” he said rather casually, as blaster bolts began to rain down on them. Hunter rolled starboard and ducked underneath of a computer terminal. He quickly performed a routine scan of the area before lining up a droid and squeezing the trigger on his DC-15. The droid exploded; its parts fell to the floor. Luckily, by then, all the members of the 501st initial strike force had found cover.

“I could have taken the break,” Flash joked, and then blasted a droid that was heading down the ramp into the first level of the main command center. Hunter chuckled slightly at his squad mate’s comment. They all could have taken a break, except maybe Storm.

Hunter watched as Storm hid under the ramp in which the droids were descending onto the clone’s level. Every time another droid attempted to come down, Storm reached over and sliced off its legs, creating a backup of malfunctioning droids. Max and some other clones were providing cover fire for the opposite side of the look over railing above.

Hunter disposed of twenty more droids before he needed to reload. He paused to do so and looked out across the command center’s computers and display screens. A blaster bolt hit one of the clones across the room. Max shoved him under a desk. They couldn’t afford to spend time away from their blasters. Hunter jammed another clip into his rifle and continued firing. They were holding off the assault, but the droids kept pouring in from above. Who knew how many there were? Maybe there was an entire factory, continually producing droids above their head.

Half of the 501st forces were attacking outside the command center. They were using whatever ordinance they had to defend it from the onslaught of droids headed towards the command center. They were tying explosive ribbons around grenades to throw out as many explosives as possible. Hunter heard Caleb talking to Commander Spike. “Our forces are trapped in the first level of the main command center inside the Forward Command Post. We’ve got droids coming in on us from all around, including the top. Probably from the bottom, too.”

“Roger that, Kappa Lead. Do you have an estimated number?” Commander Spike asked.

“Negative. It wouldn’t be accurate anyways. There’s probably over a thousand outside the command center. I’d guess there’s at least five hundred inside, on the upper levels,” Caleb responded, crouched underneath a display screen desk.

“Copy. Do you have the AT – RTs available?”

“Negative on that, sir. They’d have to blow threw the hallway. Even that would be difficult.”

“True, but what other choices do you have. Fifteen soldiers can’t take out thousands of droids. Not even 501st soldiers.”

“I’m afraid we’re going to have to prove you wrong, Commander,” Caleb said confidently. “We’ll find a way, over.” Hunter finished off another clip. Thirty droids lay sparking due to the plasma that was concealed in the now empty case. Blaster bolts rained down all around them, but a barrier was beginning to form around the command center and its ramps. The barrier was composed mainly of droid parts, with a few fragments of wall mixed in.

Hunter was down to his last clip. The droids stopped pouring in from above, but the droids outside continued to near despite the clone’s efforts to halt them. Caleb rounded up the rocket launchers and positioned them in specific locations. The plan was to cave in the ceiling. This would hopefully take out enough droids to reduce the army to a manageable size. Though it was risky, it was their only real option for taking out the massive number of droids. Hunter was assigned, along with the rest of Iota Squad, to scout out the next level of the command center. They had the option to fall back if they were overrun. He wouldn’t let that happen though.

A single droid appeared at the railing, directly over Hunter. Hunter whipped out his pistil and shot the enemy in the hand. It sparked and fell off. The droid’s gun fell down to Hunter who snatched it out of the air. The droid peered over to see what had happened, only to receive a face full of plasma. Hunter pocketed his pistol, ripped the hand off of the enemy blaster rifle, and stocked up with ammunition from other dead droids. He met up with the rest of his squad at the base of the ramp, leading to the second level. Max signaled to Caleb that they were ready to go. Caleb waved them on.

They were alone now. Just their single four man squad versus anywhere from zero to millions of droids. Nobody ever knew. They crept up the ramp with their backs together. Hunter starred down the sights of his new droid blaster rifle. Every time he saw the glint of a computer screen his finger twitched. “Calm down, Squad,” Max told them reassuringly. “If there were more droids the officers would have sent them all. We’re relatively safe.”

“Relatively,” Flash commented when they reached the threshold of the second floor. Max turned on his platoon comm. and chatter filled his ears. He tried to contact Caleb, but to no avail.

“This is Iota Lead. We’re heading up,” Max said into his helmet. Max listened to the chatter going on below. He could hear explosions and blaster fire. “Dang it, Kappa, are you okay?” There was more chatter, but Max thought he heard Caleb giving them the go ahead. “Iota Squad is continuing.” Max turned down the platoon comm.

Iota Squad started picking through the mass of droid scraps that blocked their path at the threshold to the second level of the main command center. A bolt whooshed by Hunters head. “Down!” he yelled, digging his back into the pile of droids. From the amount of blaster bolts whizzing by them, Hunter estimated that there were approximately seven droids, about the size of a standard recon patrol.

“Let’s take them out,” Storm suggested, peering over top of the metal pieces. The rest of them brought up their weapons too. “Open fire?” Max nodded to towards him and opened fire with his rifle. The droids started circling the room, making themselves hard targets, for once. Four of them were shot down before they could find cover. The rest of them were pinned down behind desks and ranging equipment. “Come on out,” Storm whispered.

One droid poked its rifle out of its cover and took a shot at Storm. The bolt hit his pistol, causing it to spark and malfunction. Storm squeezed the trigger. Then he threw it at the droid. It blew up in midair causing the droid to be blasted against a computer terminal. The computer blew up and set the immobilized droid in flames.

“What are you going to do now?” Flash joked.

“I’m going to kill every last droid in this room by hand,” Storm replied.

“I’d like to see that,” Flash replied.

“Would you?” Storm asked, hopping over the barrier and dodging some blaster bolts. He ran around the perimeter of the room. The first droid he came to, he kicked in its abdomen. It came in two, but it was still shooting. Storm brought his boot down on the droid’s cranium. That fixed it. When Storm came to the last droid, it tried to shoot him. Storm ducked underneath the shot and slid on his stomach across the floor. His vibro blade was out. When he passed the droid, he sliced of its foot, causing it to fall face forward. Storm twirled around and jumped on the droid, stabbing the droid in the back. He stood up and threw it away.
“Good show, Storm,” Flash commented walking towards them.

“Yeah, now lets get to the next level,” Max ordered.

“Roger that, sir,” Storm said, obviously pleased with himself. They exited through a door that led to another ramp. The ramp led to the third floor. They picked their way through the third floor’s computers and display screen equipment unchallenged. They exited through another door, and climbed another ramp. When Iota Squad reached the fourth floor, Hunter spotted the bulkhead control station.

“Bulkhead controls are over here,” Hunter informed them.

“Nice job, Hunter,” Max said. “Let’s shut down this command center. Shut everything, except the doors that we used to get into this place. Flash, provide sniper fire for our troops downstairs.” Flash walked over to a window, looking out over the battle below. He cut a hole in the glass for his DC-15x sniper rifle to fit through. He fit it through and started firing away. Caleb looked up for a moment to see what was going on before he turned around and continued to direct the attack.

“Roger,” Hunter replied, scanning the controls until he found the panel to input the bulkhead numbers. He clicked on the button labeled “ALL” and then took away the few that they needed left open, using the diagram pasted on the window for reference. It was very confusing, but it could save their lives.

A computer terminal next to Hunter began to spark and sizzle. He realized that blaster bolts were coming through the exit that would lead to the next level of the command center. “Close ‘em!” Max shouted. Hunter scanned for the button and then hit it. The droids were almost to the doorway. Storm deftly skipped a thermal grenade under the swiftly closing bulkhead. It just made it under when it exploded. Ashes emitted from underneath the closed bulkhead and droid parts attempted to puncture it, leaving a series of dents.

“That’ll keep them there,” Hunter commented.

Just then, Caleb came through on the platoon comm. system. “We have our rocket boys in position. We’re going to cave in part of the ceiling.”

“Nice plan,” Max replied. “Make sure to fall back in here. We’ll finish closing the bulkheads and we’ll finally have some time to rest.”

“That’ll be nice. All right, we’re firing. Brace yourselves!” Caleb gave the command to fire. Several rockets streaked towards a single point in the ceiling of the command post, right overtop of the main part of the droid army. Flash pulled his sniper rifle in to witness the ceiling crack on impact. There was a deafening crash as huge hunks of super heated ceiling fragments peppered the droid army.

“They’re toast,” Storm said.

“This is Kappa Lead,” Caleb came through on the comm. system. “We’re falling back. Feel free to close the bulkheads.” Hunter punched in the codes and closed the bulkheads.

“Done,” Hunter reported. A patrol of droids looked down from atop the hole in the ceiling. Flash easily disposed of them with one clip of his sniper rifle.

“Close the windows,” Max ordered. Hunter found the codes on the reference sheet and punched them in as well. A moment later, the windows were covered with thick sheets of metal. “Good job.”

“Hold up, Lead. Check this out,” Storm said.

“What is it, Storm?” Max asked. He walked over to the station that Storm was standing over. It read “Auto Turret Control Station.”

“Do you like it?” Storm asked.

“Do I? Power it up, set it for droids.”

“Sure thing, boss.” Storm turned it on. Several security cameras turned on and fed images of the command post to the main command center. He programmed the auto turrets to destroy any droids, and then activated it.

Outside of the main command center, the remaining droids continued to make their way towards the command center, now covered in a metal. Suddenly, hundreds of turrets popped out of walls and dropped down from the ceiling and opened fire on the droids. They fired accurately and quickly. Within minutes, the droid army was reduced to rubble. Iota Squad watched the whole thing on camera.

“Sweet,” Flash commented as the auto turret kicked the last droid heading for the command center. Caleb and the rest of the 501st ran up the ramp and greeted Iota Squad on the fourth floor.

“Good job, Iota. I’ll make sure the Commander knows what you did for us,” Caleb said.

“Likewise,” Max replied. “But that doesn’t matter. We’re safe now.”

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Chapter 8: The Safety Within-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Forward Command Post – Mygeeto Mission Clock 11:00 //

“That’s right,” Caleb said, scratching his helmeted head. Hunter looked around the room and for the first time, he took in all the details. He wasn’t just scanning for hostiles or for useful computer terminals. He was observing peace. Hunter noticed that the circular room, in which he stood, was very dimly lit. The soldier’s helmet spot lamps were emitting most of the light. There were many computers that Hunter hadn’t noticed before. They fed information about all of the functioning systems of the command post. The desks were cluttered with measuring equipment and data pads. For the first time during the Mygeeto Campaign, Hunter felt like he was in a safe environment. It didn’t seem like war.

Hunter’s thoughts were cut short when he looked at the entrance to fourth floor of the command center. Battle weary marines stood in smoking charred armor. They held their blaster rifles at their sides or clipped to their utility belts. Many of them had taken direct hits, but none of them had the time to take a break. This thought reminded Hunter of his own wounds. He couldn’t feel them at the moment, so he decided not to worry about them.

“How many casualties?” Max inquired.

“There have been four deaths total. Only two died downstairs. The others were captured in the Blood Bath,” Caleb replied. Hunter remembered seeing Pi Squad two members short. They hadn’t appeared to have been bothered by their losses, but Hunter knew that that wasn’t so. When anyone in your platoon died, you always felt grief. Hunter felt it now in the pause between action.

“I suppose it could have been a lot worse,” Max commented. “Those were some pretty wild tactics that had to be performed.”

“That’s true. Now that we have control of the main command center, we’ve got command of all the bulkheads and auto turrets in the whole command post. I think that those we lost weren’t lost in vein,” said Caleb.

“They’ve certainly helped in the mission. I only hope that this mission wasn’t done for nothing.”

“Nonsense. If we can get that Mygeetan power source back to Coruscant safely, we’ll have won this war. That’s what the Chancellor said.”

“I guess that’s what we want, peace,” Max said, deep in thought.

“Anyways, we need to hit the barq and get a couple of hours of shuteye. Kappa Squad will take first shift. We’ll watch the monitors. I have a feeling that we’re moderately safe in here,” Caleb told the platoon. “I’d better make contact with the commander.”

With that, the soldiers of the 501st got back into their squads and looked for a place to lie down. Hunter found a nook underneath a desk that was a suitable size for him to sleep. He crouched down and looked underneath. There was a data pad and some spilled oil. Hunter didn’t care; he laid down on it anyways. He didn’t even notice its presence in his fatigue. He hadn’t had a chance to sleep on the trip and he wasn’t going to get another chance for a while.

Flash came up to him and took a seat against the desk that Hunter was laying under. “What’s up?” he asked casually.

“Just going to sleep,” Hunter replied. “You?”

“Ditto. How’re your shoulder and back?”

"I can’t notice them. I don’t think that they’re anything serious.”

You’re probably just tired.”

“Roger, that. I think that ‘tired’ is a bit of an understatement.”

“Don’t tell me that you guys are tired,” Storm said walking over to them. He pulled off his helmet with his strong arms revealing many scars and bruises. Hunter looked away. They’d heal.

“What if we are? Are you going to beat us up?” Flash joked.

“Maybe I will,” Storm said, punching his palm. It made a dull thud against the tough material that covered his hands. They chuckled slightly and performed their secret handshake. They all looked over at Max, who happened to look over at them. He mocked their handshake too before going back to his conversation with Caleb. “Or maybe I’ll just take a nap over here.”

“See you in a bit,” Flash said, cocking his head into a more comfortable position. Hunter shut his eyes to give them a break. They’d served him well in that day’s action. They deserved a rest. As Hunter was falling asleep he listened to Caleb and Max talk to Commander Spike on the platoon comm. system.

“Yeah, we’ve only lost four troops so far.”

“That’s not bad, I suppose. We’ll be able to provide some fresh soldiers for you once your boys take out those anti-air turrets. We can’t get anywhere close to that command post while those things are up and shooting,” Spike said.

“No problem, I’ll have the troops up for that in…….” Hunter didn’t hear how long he had to rest. He didn’t want to know. He was comfortable inside his armor. The stale smell of overused blaster rifles seeped into his helmet as he dozed off. When he opened his eyes again, he was back on the battlefield, in a dream.

Blaster bolts were flying past him. Storm ran up to him. For some reason his helmet was off, showing his scars and bruises. Storm said something that Hunter couldn’t understand. He couldn’t escape war. That was what he was made for. However, it didn’t take long for his dreams to disappear. Soon, his imaginary battlefields gave way to thick deep blackness…

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Here's some profiles for Iota Squad:

Iota Squad:

Name: TK – 1458
Nickname: Max
Squad: Iota
Squad Role: Squad Leader
Weapons: DC-15s blaster rifle, DC-15s sidearm blaster pistol, various grenades, vibro blade
Equipment: Clone armor, binoculars, med packs, other standard clone trooper equipment
Bio: Showed exceptional ability in training. Placed in the elite 501st legion.

Name: TK – 1476
Nickname: Hunter
Squad: Iota
Squad Role: Technician
Weapons: DC-15s blaster rifle, DC-15s sidearm blaster pistol, various grenades, vibro blade
Equipment: Clone armor, binoculars, med packs, fusion cutter, other standard clone trooper equipment
Bio: Showed exceptional ability in training. Placed in the elite 501st legion.

Name: TK – 1492
Nickname: Storm
Squad: Iota
Squad Role: Demolitions
Weapons: Rocket Laucher, DC-15s sidearm blaster pistol, various grenades, vibro blade
Equipment: Clone armor, binoculars, med packs, det packs, ribbon charges/etc, other standard clone trooper equipment
Bio: Showed exceptional ability in training. Placed in the elite 501st legion.

Name: TK – 1460
Nickname: Flash
Squad: Iota
Squad Role: Sniper
Weapons: DC-15x sniper rifle DC-15s sidearm blaster pistol, various grenades, vibro blade
Equipment: Clone armor, binoculars, remote droids, med packs, other standard clone trooper equipment
Bio: Showed exceptional ability in training. Placed in the elite 501st legion.

I haven't put in a big bio yet. I'll add as I go. Also, if anybody knows the correct name for the clone's rocket launcher, please inform me of it. I'll post more of the characters as they are brought up, as well as edit these ones.

Feel free to ask questions, comment, etc.

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Chapter 9: Night Trap-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Forward Command Post – Mygeeto Mission Clock 12:00 //

Hunter lay on the floor, still deep in sleep. Suddenly, the blackness faded out to white, and then focused back in on the battlefield of his dream. A mortar round exploded near his position. He looked behind him. His squad lay in the center of the blast radius. The battlefield turned white except for the area around his dieing squad mates. “NO!” he shouted. Storm stood up, his face was discombobulated, and walked over to Hunter. Max stood up too.

“You’ve got to find cover,” Max told him. “Because of you, the turrets have a lock on our position. Now we’re dead. You’re on your own, Hunter.”

“No,” Hunter whispered.

“Yes!” Storm shouted angrily. What did you think; you were dreaming? This is war!” Storm began to shake Hunter’s shoulders; his face still was unrecognizably human.

Hunter closed his eyes in misery, and he began to see something different. It was Storm, shaking him. Storm had his helmet on. “No,” Hunter whispered.

“Yes!” Storm said. “It’s time for war. We’ve got a new objective. “Our squad is assigned to take out the Western turrets surrounding the Forward Command Post. We’ve got to get going.”

Hunter sat up and looked around the vaguely lit room. Everything was fuzzy. “How long has it been?” Hunter asked. He saw the rest of the 501st walking off their drowsiness. Everyone had to be one hundred percent.

“Our mission clock says 12:00,” Storm replied standing up and beginning to check his gear. Hunter sat up and knocked his head against the bottom of the desk. He turned over on his side and crawled out from underneath the desk. He tried to rub his eyes, but he only rubbed his fingers against his visor.

“Right,” Hunter said, standing up. He was refreshed. He really needed that rest after the hard day of fighting. Flash stood at attention waiting for direct orders.

Caleb stood in the middle of the room, waiting for the others to get up. “We’ve got to attack their turrets at night, hopefully we’ll be able to take them out quickly and quietly. We’ve found that there is no way to shut them down from here. There must be another command post around that they are connected to,” he said when everyone was up.

“Kappa Squad will stay behind,” Max informed everyone. “Hopefully they will be able to direct us to our fire points.”

“I accept that responsibility,” Caleb said. We’ve found some defense points from which you will fire. You should be fairly safe from turret fire in your locations. My squad and I will be controlling all the auto turrets from here. You should run into minimum hostiles. Still, be on the lookout. I’m patching your fire points to your data pads.”

“Any questions, suggestions?” Max asked in finality.

“No, sir!” the soldiers chanted.

“It looks like we’re ready to depart then,” Caleb announced. “Good luck. Once we clear these turrets, we’ll have made the way for our reinforcements.”

“Move out, squads,” Max ordered, forming up with Iota Squad.

“Ready to go?” Hunter asked, pulling out his pistol and turning the safety off.

“You bet,” Max replied. He snapped a new clip into his rifle.

“I’ve got the ordinance,” Storm informed them, latching his rocket launcher onto his back with a grunt. “Let’s go.”

“Roger that,” Flash said. “Forming up.” Iota Squad ran up to one of the bulkheads. It flung open on Caleb’s command. Hunter twirled around and pointed his DC-15s sidearm pistol into the darkness. All traces of lethargy had left him and only sharp reflexes and alertness remained. Hunter switched his visor to low-light mode. This was one of the advancements that regular clone troopers didn’t have on Geonosis. Many clone legions still hadn’t been upgraded with it. Hunter was thankful for it.

As he turned it on, the darkness gave way to a granular pattern of black, white, and every shade of gray in between. He could see the empty corridor stretch out before him. “No hostiles,” Hunter told Iota Squad. The rest of Iota Squad rounded the corner and filed into the hallway. This passageway led to a room that surrounded the main command center. From that room, they could take an access strip all the way to their fire point, Iota Fire Point, labeled IFP on the holo map of the command post.

Iota Squad made their way down the dark passageway, backs together in ready position. Their feet made clanging sounds as the soldiers made their way over the corrugated metal floor. The hallway was virtually empty, except for the pipelines and power strips that were wired to the ceiling and walls. It didn’t take long for them to reach the room surrounding the command center.

The room was rather creepy. It was full of ramps and computer terminals, similar to the command center. The place was completely black and nobody was in there. Not even droid scraps. Suddenly, and auto turret popped out from the ceiling. Storm extended his vibro blade and thrust it up into the turret. It sparked. Storm grabbed hold of the top and yanked it down. “Blast,” he said.

“Why’d you do that?” Max asked in a casual tone.

“I forgot that they were on our side now.”

“Tell me about it,” Flash said. “After all the training.” He could remember countless time spent training against auto turrets.

“Let’s keep moving. According to this holo map, we have to take this upward ramp. From there, it should be a straight course to the IFP,” Max told them. They ascended up the tightly linked cable ramp. At the top were more ramps. Directly to their left was a long conduit. It appeared to go straight forever.

“This one appears to match up with the holo map,” Hunter commented.

“True ‘dat,” Flash said excitedly. “Let’s see where it leads.”

“Roger that, Flash,” Max said, pausing before stepping up to the threshold. Max stepped up onto the conduit. It appeared to be like a sewage pipe, only it had what looked like was tubes running along the side of it. The floor was made of corrugated metal only it felt thinner.

Hunter walked down the walkway with his pistol at the ready. He starred down its sights at the shades of gray that covered the walls. “This place is pretty cool,” he commented.

“Tell me about it,” Flash said rather loudly into the squad comm. system. “And no droids; what a deal.”

“Could you try to keep it down until the turrets have been neutralized?” Max asked, only semi-annoyed. “I want this objective to go smoothly.”

“Lighten up, Lead,” Flash said cheerfully. “You heard, Caleb. They’ve got this place covered with auto turrets. There’s no…”

“I think Max meant for you to shut it,” Storm interrupted in his deep scary voice.

“Whatever,” Flash mumbled to himself. He slapped the end butt of his pistol to make sure that the clip was firmly in place.

Hunter noticed that the pipes stopped running along the walls and the ceiling. He looked down. He could see through a grate on the floor. They were walking on a bridge. No matter, as long as it got them to the IFP. Then he spotted a white hunk move to the side in his peripheral vision. “Hold up, squad,” Hunter announced. “We’ve got movement.

Storm was already kneeling on one knee, his pistol aimed in the direction of the movement. “Wait a minute,” he said. “We’re in a conjunction of bridges.” Hunter looked around. He could make out the outline of many bridges at all different levels around them. There were strips above, below and to the sides of them. He couldn’t see much else. His low-light visor mode was too grainy at a distance.

“I sure hope that we’re not in the position that I think we’re in,” Flash said almost humorously. He slowly pocketed his pistol and pulled his DC-15x sniper rifle off from his back. He gradually pulled it up until the scope met his eye. His vision turned from a grainy black and white to a clear blue image of the squad’s surroundings. “What the…”

“What is it?” Max asked, starting to kneel down behind the guard railing of the bridge.

Flash stared through the scope of his sniper rifle at the lines of bridges that sprawled out before him. Lined on all of these bridges were hundreds of droids packed tightly together. They appeared to be turned off. “Droids,” Flash gulped. “Lots of them.”

Flash continued to scan the area. There were bridges above them as well, no doubt. Then he turned and stared down the access strip that they were on. It was clear, but there wouldn’t be cover for approximately one hundred meters. “We’ve got estimated cover in one hundred meters,” Flash informed the squad.

“Even if we made the break, we’d still get shot down,” Hunter commented. “That is, if our situation is as bad as you say it is.” Now that Hunter knew that there really were droids surrounding them, he started to see them better. He still felt like he was seeing a moving object too. “It’s just my imagination,” Hunter thought to himself.

“I’m calling Kappa,” Max said and shrunk down into the bridge, hoping that the droids would remain turned off. “Kappa, this is Iota Lead. Do you read me?”

“Copy, Iota,” Caleb’s voice came through the platoon comm. system a moment later. “What’s your situation?”

“We believe that we’ve been caught in a trap. I’m patching our position to you now,” Max said, doing as he said he would. “Could you check our position for hostiles? Flash says that we’re surrounded by inactive droids. Is this true?”

“I’m checking now,” Caleb replied. A moment later, his voice came back. “What the…”

“That’s what I said,” Flash interrupted. Max motioned for Flash to shut up and let Caleb continue.

“You appear to be in some kind of bridge conjunction. It matches up with the maps in the command center. The bridges are indeed lined with droids. However, they do appear to be inactive. That’s why our auto turrets didn’t catch them. We’ll have to take them out manually.”

“Do they have any wets?” Hunter asked, remembering the movement that he saw.

“Scanning,” Caleb replied. “Wait a minute. Iota Squad, turn off your night vision. I repeat, turn off your night vision filters.”

“Do it,” Max ordered. All four members of Iota Squad turned off their low-light setting. Everything turned black; they couldn’t see a thing. Hunter’s heart raced. He felt vulnerable.

“They’re emitting light. Something’s wrong with our low-light equipment. It’s letting out light,” Caleb told them, panic in his voice. “If there is a wet down there, they’ve got your position.”

“And there is,” Flash said slowly, his sniper scope placed firmly against his eye. His crosshairs were placed steadily on a Trandoshan mercenary. It appeared to be some sort of stealth commando by the looks of its armor. “I’ve got it.” His finger twitched, but he refrained from squeezing the trigger. “Not yet,” he thought.

Max reached around until he found his blaster rifle. He brought it up and peered down the scope. “Yeah, we’ve definitely got droids.”

“We’ve got your backs, Iota Squad,” Caleb said. Just then, several auto turrets popped out from the ceiling. Flash watched as the Trandoshan signaled to someone else. The droids lifted up their rifles.

“We’ve sprung the night trap,” Hunter commented, confidence drifting from his voice.

Diego Varen
06-14-2006, 11:09 AM
Good Chapter Niner. It was nice to see the Clone's feelings as they woke to battle.

PS. This is nothing like the Mission on Battlefront II.

06-14-2006, 11:19 AM
I kind of think that it is a good thing that it isn't like the Battlefront mission in a way. I think that it makes the story seem more original. The BF mission wasn't very "deep". The only real thing that I took from the game was the name of the mission and the 501st legion. Even the plot is varrying quite a bit.

Jason Skywalker
06-14-2006, 11:28 AM
I ditto what Pottsie said.

06-14-2006, 11:31 AM
Thanks for reading it, Jason.

Btw, what do the Mygeetan natives look like, etc?

Diego Varen
06-14-2006, 11:32 AM
Thanks for reading it, Jason.

Btw, what do the Mygeetan natives look like, etc?

I didn't think anyone lived on Mygeeto. I thought it was just an abandoned Republic/CIS Base.

06-14-2006, 11:41 AM
Thanks for the info, Pottsie. I'll just make up some special type of droid to protect the power source. Or I'll just use magnaguards. I'll pick something when I get there.

Also, what kind of names do Trandoshans have? Ex.?

It's not like I'm making a squad of elite sealth commando mercenaries. >.>

Diego Varen
06-14-2006, 11:52 AM
Also, what kind of names do Trandoshans have? Ex.?

I'd say short names like Pekt (A Trandoshan who aided the Empire in taking over Kashyyyk. To know more get Galactic Battlegrounds and play the Chewbacca Campaign).

06-14-2006, 11:54 AM
Thanks, Pottsie.

Diego Varen
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Thanks, Pottsie.


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Thanks for supporting me, Pottsie. :)

No problem. I have a suggestion for a name for a Trandoshan. How about Trando?

06-14-2006, 12:10 PM
Nice. I was thinking of naming three Trandoshans and one assasin droid to be in the:

elite stealth commando mercenary squad :D

Jason Skywalker
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Big LOL to both.Anyways,already got ideas for the next chapter?

Diego Varen
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Big LOL to both.Anyways,already got ideas for the next chapter?

Might be about the ESCMS. Them damn Trandoshans and their evil Assassin Droid.

06-14-2006, 01:53 PM
Actually, I think that it will have some action between the two squads. Next chapter will be a battle in the bridge conjuction. Next will be taking out the turrets. There may be another chapter too, but other than that, the reinforcements will come in the chapter after that. Things might slow down a bit before they head back out to take the Western Security CP. Some will stay put, while some take the Eastern CP.

Btw, The Trandoshan squad is called Jupiter Squad. The spoiler wasn't really nessesary, lol. I'll make a profile for them once they are introduced.

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great chapter once again, Niner. could you check out my fic once i update it tomorrow?

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Thanks, RC. Sure I'll check out your fic. I forgot about that due to school. Well, I'll have a bit more time to read fics now.

More time to write too. :lol:. Have you started your holiday now? I've got five more weeks after this one.

06-14-2006, 02:45 PM
Yeah, I'll have more time to write too. Today is the first day of summer break, but I've got some regents to study for, yuck. Next chapter will probably come out on tomorrow or Friday. I can never tell.

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06-15-2006, 08:46 AM
That's too bad. You can still discuss the fic though. Just try to keep it on topic. I don't want to be spamming. If you have any good Trandoshan names, feel free to post them, also. I'll see if I can write some more today.

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06-15-2006, 08:52 AM
Sure, I finished the first page yesterday, but then I had to leave. I'll try to finish it today.

Jason Skywalker
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So,how about Drazil?

06-15-2006, 09:48 AM
That's a good one, Jason.

@Pottsie, Trando is a good name too.

How about... Thor? I made a character with that name before, I think. Is it good?

And then I need an assasin droid name? :D

Btw, You probably won't get to know them that well, at least for a while.

Jason Skywalker
06-15-2006, 10:39 AM
Assassin Droid?Unit HK-47,Name:Destroyer.

06-15-2006, 10:49 AM
Good enough for me. Thanks for all your help. Feel fee to continue to discuss any aspect of this fic. I will hopefully be able to answer any questions you may have.

Diego Varen
06-15-2006, 11:25 AM
Question 1: How many more Chapters to the end of this Fic (Don't worry, I don't want this Fic to end).

Question 2: What Fic will you write next? Another Battlefront 2 ROTE Level?

Name for an Assassin Droid: AD-10 (AD stands for Assassin Droid). And Thor is a good name for a Trandoshan. Also Drazil was a good name. And I also like Trando (Which was my suggestion).

06-15-2006, 01:29 PM
Answer 1: I have no idea. I keep adding new chapters here and there to my original plan. I'd say at least ten, maybe twenty more chapters.

Answer 2: Next, I will write Heart of Darkness, probably. That one is going to tie into bballforlife's fic, I believe.

As far as we've planned, bball's main character will survive and join Iota Squad. He won't be a perminent member, just for the mission. They will hunt down the sith lord that they fail to kill in Memories of the 182nd

Btw, I like AD-10.

Diego Varen
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Btw, I like AD-10.

Thanks. To be honest, I never liked the Heart of Darkness level (I suppose you'll spice it up a bit). The reason is because of Felucia (Which is a horrible Planet I think) and the fact that Acklay's can kill Aayla Secura in two hits.

06-15-2006, 02:54 PM
Heart of Darkness wasn't that great of a level, IMO, but yes, I'll spice it up. I think that a fic will work out okay. I think that maybe the map wasn't as great as it could be. I'll manage to make a decent fic out of it... Hopefully. :D

I'll have some time to work on the next chapter tonight, I believe.

06-15-2006, 05:16 PM
what if the sith dies in bball's story

06-15-2006, 05:39 PM
I'm not sure. bball and I have been discussing it a bit. I'm not sure how it was going to happen. I think that either the lord survives or the apprentice. I'm not sure which one survives.

Anyways, I'm currently working on Chapter 10: Battle of the Bridges.

Jason Skywalker
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Maybe you could do some of them being poisoned or something.

06-15-2006, 06:52 PM
Maybe you could do some of them being poisoned or something.

Some of who?

Jason Skywalker
06-15-2006, 07:12 PM
The squad.Maybe Flash or Max.

06-15-2006, 07:17 PM
I understand now. Have one of them get the Miricle Flu. I should definitly have something to do with that in my next fic. That was a good idea on the part of bball.

Diego Varen
06-16-2006, 02:23 AM
Maybe it shouldn't be a Sith Lord in the next Fic, but a Jedi who was exiled from the Order and he serves Darth Sidious as a Dark Jedi.

06-16-2006, 04:25 AM
off topic:
i think our "Praesitlyn Campaign" is dying. wanna give it some life?

on topic:
i agree with pottsie, however, the exiled jedi should serve Dooku instead, because Dooku has experience in controlling dark jedi like Ventress

06-16-2006, 08:30 AM
off topic:
i think our "Praesitlyn Campaign" is dying. wanna give it some life?

on topic:
i agree with pottsie, however, the exiled jedi should serve Dooku instead, because Dooku has experience in controlling dark jedi like Ventress
i say sith or DJ

06-16-2006, 09:27 AM
Sorry I was gone. :D

Anyways, I'll figure out what to do with the sith once bball's story unfolds. Thanks for all the suggestions though. If you have any more, feel free to post them.

Yeah, let's dust off the 'ol Praesitlyn Campaign. :D

Btw, the next chapter is coming out today.

06-16-2006, 10:10 AM
Chapter 10: Battle of the Bridges
Forward Command Post – Mygeeto Mission Clock 13:00

Hunter threw himself to the metal floor as blaster bolts seared above his head. The chamber was no longer dark. On the contrary, the bridge conjunction was lit a dim red, due to the reflection of the hundreds of red blaster bolts that filled the chamber. Hunter looked to his left and saw that the bridge railing that he was hiding behind was glowing white-orange. “Fierfek!” he shouted and pushed off just in time before the railing gave way to the repeated blaster fire and blew inward. The same thing was happening all over the bridge.

Suddenly, the cavernous space began to glow light purple as the blue blaster bolts from the auto turrets mixed with the red. Hunter peeked over the railing to see an auto turret tear through lines of droids, standing in tight rows on the bridge next to them. The same thing was happening all around. Now that the droids had something else to keep them occupied, Iota Squad was free to do some maneuvering.

With the timely arrival of the Republic controlled auto turrets, a new wave of confidence washed over Hunter. He grabbed his rifle and poked it over the bridge railing. He unleashed a storm of plasma on the enemy droids. “Watch out!” Flash yelled, shoving Hunter’s face into the floor. Red rounds flew over Hunters head, skimming the back of his helmet.

“Thanks, Flash,” Hunter said casually, before he looked up. Droids began to pour in from the conduit from which they had entered.

“Where’d they get all these droids?” Max asked.

“I don’t know, but they’re not enough to pin down Iota Squad,” Storm said, chucking a grenade into the oncoming ranks of droids. The droids didn’t even look down as the thermal detonator bounced around at their feet. Hunter closed his eyes as the grenade detonated. Droid parts were sent air born, but none hit Iota Squad.

“Nice job,” Hunter commented.

“Yeah, nice job,” Flash said sarcastically. The bridge began to sway as the cables that held it up began to snap due to the explosion caused by the grenade. “This thing’s gonna fall.”

Hunter watched as two Trandoshans began to fire at the dwindling cables with their accelerated charged particle repeater submachine guns from a bridge a couple levels up. The lines quickly snapped and the bridge began to bend. “Hold on tightly,” Storm said, digging his fingers into the metal access strip as it fell. Hunter brought up his rifle as he fell. If he was correct, those Trandoshans were in charge of this trap. He tried to get a couple of shots off as he fell. The bolts seemed to bend as the bridge came closer to the bridge underneath them.

Crash! The bottom of the bridge bent under the weight of itself as it made contact with a conduit underneath the original. Hunter slid down nearly one hundred meters of metal before coming to a hard stop at the bottom. Droids continued to fire at them, despite their dwindling numbers caused by the auto turrets.

“Weeeee,” Flash said as he slid down the fallen down access strip. Max and Storm soon followed. Storm slid down with his vibro blades out, carving two parallel lines into the corrugated metal of the bridges floor. Iota Squad now stood in the middle of another conduit and they faced the same problem; they were surrounded by hostiles with little to no cover.

“Caleb, can you locate our position?” Max asked into his comm. system. “Our original path has been destroyed. We need an alternate path.”

“Copy that,” Caleb replied. “I’m looking for one now.” Storm took the opportunity to start nailing some more droids via his DC-15s pistol.

“I hope he hurries,” Hunter said, a blaster bolt nearly missing his already wounded shoulder. Hunter quickly brought up his rifle and shot the droid. “Dang droids.”

“Iota?” Caleb came through.

“Iota, here,” Max replied.

“I just finished getting you your instructions. I’m patching them to your holo map now.”

“Thanks for the assistance, Kappa.”

“Don’t mention it. Carry on.”

“Will do. Iota, out,” Max said in finality. The auto turrets now attacked in full force, providing time for Iota Squad to cut though the bridge and get on their way. Hunter was slicing through the metal using his fusion cutter. When he was done, he punched it in and stepped through on point; there were no hostiles ahead.

The rest of Iota Squad quickly followed through the hole. There was a covered section of the conduit just around fifty meters to their twelve. “Almost there,” Max said to comfort his squad.

Just then, ACP rounds began to flower the access strip with bullet holes. Hunter looked up and saw three Trandoshan mercenaries wearing high-tech, bulky black armor slide down on grappling lines. They were out of range below him by the time he got his rifle up, so Hunter simply shot their zip lines down. He didn’t now how far down the drop would have been, but he hoped that it would be enough to at least injure the mercenaries. The last thing that Hunter wanted to happen was get pinned down by droids and Trandoshans; those filthy di’kuts.

The incoming blaster bolts began to die down as the auto turrets finished up the last of the droids. It was amazing what a dozen or so auto turrets could do to a couple hundred droids. As a result of this decrease in blaster fire, the area began to dim. The only thing that gave off light was the occasional spark of a dieing droid and the dim light given off by melting metal.

Iota Squad crouched quietly down the narrow access strip, heading towards the IFP. Hunter could barely see his rifle stretch out in front of him, let alone a hostile that might be lurking at the end of his rifle. Suddenly, there was a thump behind them. Hunter flung around and gazed into the shadow. “What was that?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Max replied, struggling against the darkness.

“Probably just a droid arm,” Storm said reassuringly. “Let’s keep moving.” He walked up on point, but Hunter stood still, eyes still trying to focus.

“There’s a flashing light,” Hunter commented.

“What do you know; somebody dropped a mine right behind us,” Flash said happily.

“What did you say it was?” Max asked.

“He said it was a mine,” Storm replied, slightly annoyed. “If it is, it’ll blow us up if we don’t get out of here.”

“Roger that,” Max said. “Let’s move out.” They started to move on; still walking crouched as to minimize their surface area, the area where a bullet could hit. “What are you doing, Hunter?”

Hunter starred at the flashing red light. Someone or something was still behind them. He carefully brought up his rifle and gazed through the scope. Hunter starred into the face of what appeared to be an assassin droid. He reflexively squeezed the trigger on his DC-15s blaster rifle, but by the time the bolts reached the assassin droid, it was able to easily sidestep the rounds and speedily run to the other end of the bridge.

“What was it?” Flash asked curiously.

“An assassin droid,” Hunter replied. “A fast one.”

“And what was the light?” Max asked, starting to feel a little worried.

Hunter looked down at it through his scope. He motioned for them to run towards the covered area of the conduit. “A mine!” He shouted. Iota Squad was sprinting at top speed, trying to escape the explosion. ACP rounds began to chase them towards the opening. No doubt the Trandoshans were behind this. They were more skilled than the regular mercenaries; they were some kind of Trandoshan commandos. He’d make sure to tell the commander when he had the time.

Storm grunted as three rounds hit his armor and bounced off. Luckily, they hadn’t hit at quite the right angle to penetrate the armor. The light on the mine began to flash faster and faster. “Almost there,” Max told his squad.

“Dang it! Jump!” Hunter shouted. A low rumbling could be heard behind him. The cavern was lit up completely. Hunter saw the true extent of the number of bridges in the compound for the first time, through his peripheral vision. They were everywhere and going in every direction. He could just imagine them filled with droids. The thought made him shiver.

The bridge seemed to disintegrate as the explosion sucked up everything in the vicinity. Hunter jumped at the same time the bridge was swallowed up in flames. He reached out and grabbed onto the edge of the covered conduit, in which his squad had already entered, the bridge no longer under his feet. His hands met with the warm dry metal, and he hung for his life. Flames licked at Hunter’s legs and began to melt his armor a bit.

Max grabbed onto his hand and tried to help him up. Hunter looked up in time to see a metal round knick Max in the side of his face, taking off some of the armor. He stumbled, but did not let go. Flash helped Max pull up Hunter while Storm shot plasma into the now dark bridge conjunction.

“Let’s get on our way,” Max said, breathing hard.

Hunter stood up, using the wall as support for his charred legs. “Let’s.”

Diego Varen
06-16-2006, 01:10 PM
Good Chapter Niner. I'll post in Praesitlyn Campaign, don't worry. I won't let you down.

06-16-2006, 01:32 PM
Thanks, Pottsie.

06-16-2006, 09:56 PM
cool chapter,keep it up

06-17-2006, 08:53 AM
Thanks, connor. I might make up a profile page for the enemy squad, Jupiter Squad, before next chapter just to give you an idea of who they are. They won't be formally introduced until later, if all goes according to plans.

Jason Skywalker
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Good chapter.Nothing to do with the real mission,but it's better.

06-17-2006, 09:31 AM
Thanks, Jason. I was going to have the Power Source Facility be nothing like the game either.

Any other additional comments, suggestions, or questions are welcome. :)

06-18-2006, 08:34 AM
great work, Niner. sorry it took me time, but i had my maths exam yesterday. check your PMs also.
once again, great work.

06-18-2006, 03:36 PM
Thanks, RC. I got your PM. I'll check it out once I have some time. My last regents test is tomorrow.

06-18-2006, 08:18 PM
sweet chapter niner. I've been on vacation for the last week, so didn't get to write. By the way, the sith lord in my fic was trained in secret by Dooku, as you'll find out later

06-19-2006, 01:48 PM
Thanks, bballforlife. We'll work something out. ;)

06-22-2006, 10:47 AM
Sorry for the double post, but I've got a question. Today, I started making the info sheet for the enemy squad. I've ran into some trouble with the weapons. I know the Trandoshan weapons from RC, but there aren't very many. What kinds of weapons do Trandoshans have? Rocket laucher, pistols, snipers, rifles, etc?

Diego Varen
06-22-2006, 11:17 AM
I doubt they have this, but they may have Toxic Darts. Also a Gammorean Axe. I don't know, I'm no expert of Trandoshans.

06-22-2006, 11:22 AM
Thanks for helping. I'll probably just write rocket launcher, pistol, etc. It's not a big deal really. Unless someone else knows. I'll try doing a search in Google again, see what I come up with.

Jason Skywalker
06-22-2006, 02:29 PM
Maybe a Vidroblade,they seemed to love them on KOTOR.

06-22-2006, 07:31 PM
True. They had what appeared to be a vibro blade in RC multiplayer.

06-22-2006, 09:41 PM
sry it took so long for me to read your fanfic, i kept postponing it and now i regret it. great job

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hey Niner_777, what do you think of my new avatar and sig? i got inspired after reading your fanfic. it took for ever to make the sig in ms paint XP

Diego Varen
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hey Niner_777, what do you think of my new avatar and sig? i got inspired after reading your fanfic. it took for ever to make the sig in ms paint XP

I like the Sig and Avatar. The Darth Maul Sig creeped me out and the Darth Maul Avatar weren't good (to be honest).

06-23-2006, 02:08 AM
Uh, guys... Not trying to rain on peoples parades or anything but off-topic discussions about your avatars or sigs should be done via PM's ok?

Back on-topic...

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Still ontopic, I'm thinking of making a concept art thread for my fics. Since I stink at art it will probably just be people and guns. :) It might be awhile until I get around to it though. And don't worry, I will continue this fic, lol.

Btw, >.> nice sig, jedi_exile. >.>

06-30-2006, 10:22 AM
Well, I'm back from vacation and I believe that I've got some time to write. I'll get working on the chapter as soon as I can. In the car, I was trying to put together a storyline. I kind of failed, but I got an idea of what to write for my next couple of chapters. Hopefully I'll get the next one out tomorrow,? Maybe that's wishful thinking, lol.

06-30-2006, 02:47 PM
Chapter 11: Ascending Ambush-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Forward Command Post – Mygeeto Mission Clock 13:30 //

Iota Squad cautiously crept down the corridor leading towards the perimeter of the Forward Command Post. They’d need to use their new directions that were patched to them into their holo map of the command post. Due to their engagement in the bridge conjunction, they’d already lost precious time, the element that the 501st forces on Mygeeto were depending on throughout this miniature operation.

Hunter was beginning to get used to the blackness that filled the command post. Thanks to the soldier’s faulty night vision equipment, they had to learn to see without light on their own. Clones were engineered to have advanced eyesight, and they all did. It would be completely impossible for an ordinary human to navigate and survive in this complete darkness, and that’s exactly why Jango wasn’t ordinary.

Despite the careful and complicated engineering, some clones still had better eyesight. This could be caused by a number of reasons. Perhaps there had been a mutation in the DNA that was used to create the clone, or perhaps the clone had adapted. There were many stories of clones that had adapted to do their duty. An example of adapting was common in clone assassins. Hunter didn’t know exactly what went on in their training, but it was said that many had gained force speed.

Hunter’s brain began to hurt from that thought. Anyways, Flash had somehow adapted to this darkness and was now seeing quite clearly without any low-light equipment. With Flash leading the way on point, Hunter felt secure, but he would have much rather been in a situation where all of Iota Squad was functioning at one hundred percent.

As a matter of fact, Hunter was functioning far from one hundred percent. His legs still burned and ached as the scorched and melted metal and plastic that covered his legs began to harden to his body. His nerves were beginning to feel numb. At least his muscles were still moving his body.

Hunter saw Flash’s silhouette stop moving. “Hold up,” Flash said.

“What’s going on?” Max asked.

“We’ve got an intersection up ahead. Toss me the map, will you?” Flash replied. Max underhand tossed the small map in Flash’s direction. He caught it easily and activated it. Hunter almost squinted as the dim luminosity from the holo map filled the chamber around them.

“It looks like we’ve just got to take the third staircase on the right,” Storm said casually, walking up to Flash. Storm’s pistol was still pointing down the hallway.

“I agree,” Max alleged. Taking an elevator would be too risky. Those Trandoshans could easily have hidden a remote explosive on the top of the elevator. We’d be too vulnerable. We’ll just have to take the slow and cautious way.”

“Like we always do,” Storm said.

“Still, they could easily set up an ambush or minefield on the stairs,” Hunter pointed out.

“I’m sure that they will, but we’ll be able to counter that if we have some room to maneuver,” Max rebutted.

“That’s true,” Hunter said, imagining the possibilities. “Our best bet is taking that staircase.”

“I agree,” Flash concluded, shutting off the holo map. The area returned to its darkened state, leaving Hunter nearly blind, but slowly recovering.

“Weapons up,” Max ordered. “We need everybody looking out for ambushes.” They passed the first set of staircases that led deeper into the ground below the command post. Hunter peered down the scope of his rifle, the rest of Iota Squad doing the same. The second set of staircases passed as well, also leading downward. The third set of stairs lay ahead, just now becoming visible through the thick inky atmosphere of the Forward Command Post.

Just beyond the stairs that Iota Squad had planned to take were two elevators. Their doors were closed, just how they were supposed to be. However, there were two little green lights where the control panel was. Hunter expected that he’d have to slice into the system to get them working if they had decided to take the elevator. Could Kappa Squad have activated the elevator from the main command center, or did the Trandoshans think that they’d be able to fool Iota Squad.

“Do you guys see that?” Hunter asked.

“Huh?” Storm grunted.

“That light on the elevator,” Hunter motioned towards them. “Could it be a trap?”

“It could,” Max said. “Let’s just leave it alone.”

“Roger that, Lead,” Flash said, flattening himself against the wall, next to the third stairway on the right. “I’m in position.”

“I copy,” Max replied. “Get into single-side breach formation.” Flash stayed put while the rest of Iota Squad lined up behind him. “Execute on my mark.” Hunter checked his rifle’s ammo count before he looked up and signaled that he was ready. “Mark!”

Flash took two large strides across the threshold to the staircase and leveled his pistol at an angle. At the same time, the rest of Iota Squad stepped out, filling the gaps in the brink, firearms up. “No contacts,” Storm commented slowly.

“Keep your guard up, soldiers,” Max ordered. “Let’s take this staircase in standard ascent formation.”

"Roger, Lead,” Hunter said. Iota Squad lined up with their backs to the outside of the winding staircase; each person’s weapon was aimed in a different spot to cover as much area as possible. There were many places for enemies to hide at different levels, yet little cover when being attacked. They’d been drilled for these situations.

Flash took the lead, sweeping his pistol over the highest level he could see, while Storm took the rear, covering the lower levels of the staircase. They’d only have to go up three levels to get to the plane on which their two fire points were located.

“Still no contacts,” Max said confused.

“Maybe the Trandoshans thought that we’d take the elevator,” Flash commented, obviously amused at their situation.

“Or maybe they don’t even know what’s going on,” Storm said. “Stupid lizards.”

Almost on queue, there was a flash of light about five levels up. A single projectile dug its way through Max’s armor and into his bicep. He grunted with pain from the blow, but managed to bring up his rifle with his uninjured arm. Suddenly, a storm of bullets began to rain down on Iota Squad.

ACP rounds chipped away at the railings and skimmed off the clone’s armor. “Fierfek!” Storm grunted as a burst of bullets finally managed to penetrate his armor. He aimed his pistol right on one of the flashes and squeezed the trigger continuously. The flashing stopped from that area, but there were still one more source.

Hunter sidestepped over to Max, spraying small bursts of fire into the darkness when he thought that there was movement.

“You okay, Lead?” Hunter asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s just get moving up this staircase,” Max replied.

“Right,” Hunter said. Glancing at the hole in Max’s armor. Then the firing stopped, and everything went out of focus.

“Let’s move,” Max shouted, but no noise was heard outside of his helmet.

“Roger,” Flash said, turning the corner on the stairs and starting up the next flight.

Just then, there was another flash. A bullet zoomed through a railing and burrowed its way into Max’s gauntlet. He almost dropped his rifle. With this shot, more firing broke out. Storm sidestepped as a red beam of energy slashed into the wall behind them. “Droid snipers,” Hunter informed, seeing the beam blow by.

“Sorry, Lead,” Storm said, “but I just can’t stand being fired at.” With these words, Storm broke formation and began to run up the stairs firing into the source of the enemy fire.

“Catch up to him,” Max told the others, starting up the stairs himself, rifle flaring.

“Wait!” Hunter shouted, running after them. His eye caught a glimpse of a small red light. The light that was placed on a proximity mine. “Stop!”

Storm froze as ACP rounds pinged off his grade-B body armor. “There’s a proximity mine,” Flash informed him, obviously noticing the red light himself.

Hunter pushed his way towards the mine, crouched down behind the railing. “Cover for me,” he told Iota Squad.

“Sure thing,” Storm told him, happy that he had listened to his squad mate. The rest of Iota Squad took defensive positions behind a railing while firing up at the unknown enemies above.

Hunter walked in a crouched position towards the mine. “Never approach a mine unless crouched,” he said to himself. That was what their training sergeant always told them. When he came to the mine, he took out his slicing pack and got to work on disabling the mine.

An all new wave of bullets began to descend on Iota Squads position. Many of the bullets penetrated halfway into the armor before loosing velocity, and therefore their armor was peppered with bullets rather than bullet holes, a rather good thing. Despite all the commotion, Hunter forced himself to remain calm and concentrate. He was almost done.

Static came through on Hunter’s comlink, but he couldn’t afford to turn around to make sure his squad mates were still alive. “I’m almost done,” he told them. Hunter began to feel projectiles pounding his back. He had to let it; he couldn’t move for the risk of setting off the mine.

“Are you almost done?” Max’s voice broke through the static.

“Three, two,” Hunter was saying when a large bullet emitted from a rifle above him. It plowed into his shoulder and crossed wound that he had sustained earlier in their mission. “One!” The light on the mine turned off and Hunter slumped down on it, pain shooting from his shoulder to his deep within his brain. All firing stopped. The enemy must’ve retreated once they’d realized that the mine was disabled.

“Those weren’t regular mercenaries,” Storm said. His deep voice seemed to fade into the night. Hunter rolled over to see Max on top of him already tending to his wound.

“Not now,” Hunter tried to say, but was overwhelmed by pain to resist. They’d all taken a beating in that ambush, and they still had more to go.

06-30-2006, 02:53 PM
Sorry for making you guys wait so long. I finally had some time today so I got to work and kept at it until I finished all 1,703 words. :D I got carried away so I split up the the original chapter yet again. That makes four times. :) Anyways, please leave feedback/etc. for me.


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very good i like how force speed is mintiuned

06-30-2006, 02:58 PM
Thanks. I got the idea to put that in from reading jedi_exile's new fic.

Diego Varen
06-30-2006, 03:09 PM
Good Chapter and I like the new Sig by the way.

06-30-2006, 03:14 PM
Thanks, Pottsie. I think that next I'll try to get out the enemy squad's profile.

The big bullets in this chapter are from a Verpine Shatter gun. I thought of that weapon while writing. :)

Thanks, Xbx_Inthusiast made it, as you probably already know. :)

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good job with the new chapter, Niner. this is getting better with every post :)

06-30-2006, 04:39 PM
Thanks, RC. I'm having a blast writing this and I think that it's making me a better writer. I've read through some of my older writing and I can definitely see improvement.

As a matter of fact, I'm typing up an old English assignment and posting it in the Ahto. While typing it, I've found lots of places where I could improve.

Once again, thanks all.

Diego Varen
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As a matter of fact, I'm typing up an old English assignment and posting it in the Ahto. While typing it, I've found lots of places where I clould improve.

Once again, thanks all.

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Darth Nexus
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07-01-2006, 09:52 AM
Thanks. I'm hoping that the next chapter will be exciting. Sometimes it's just hard to get what I'm thinking into the computer and into writing. I'll be working on it.

Jason Skywalker
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07-01-2006, 11:37 AM
Thanks, Jason. There's plenty more to come. I just need to find the time to write it.

07-03-2006, 10:57 AM
Jupiter Squad:

Name: Trando
Squad: Jupiter
Squad Role: Leader
Weapons: Verpine shatter gun, Slug sidearm pistol, ACP array shotgun, various grenades, vibro blade
Equipment: Trandoshan commando armor, binoculars, ommlink, other standard Trandoshan equipment
Bio: Showed exceptional ability in training. Placed in Jupiter Squad and assigned the mission of resisting the 501st movements.

Name: Drazil
Squad: Jupiter
Squad Role: Demolitions
Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Slug sidearm pistol, ACP submachine gun, various grenades, vibro blade
Equipment: Trandoshan commando armor, detpacks, ribbon charges, commlink, other standard Trandoshan equipment
Bio: Showed exceptional ability in training. Placed in Jupiter Squad and assigned the mission of resisting the 501st movements.

Name: Thor
Squad: Jupiter
Squad Role: Engineer/Technician
Weapons: ACP submachine gun, Slug sidearm pistol, ACP array shot gun, various grenades, vibro blade
Equipment: Trandoshan commando armor, commlink, other standard Trandoshan equipment, fusion cutter, med packs
Bio: Showed exceptional ability in training. Placed in Jupiter Squad and assigned the mission of resisting the 501st movements.

Name: AD-10
Squad: Jupiter
Squad Role: Sniper/Scout
Weapons: Droid sniper rifle, wrist blaster, wrist rockets, vibro blade
Equipment: Advanced droid plating, commlink, other standard Trandoshan assassin droid equipment
Bio: Showed exceptional ability during test results. Placed in Jupiter Squad and assigned the mission of resisting the 501st movements.

This is just some background info. There are likely to be mistakes, as I am quite tired. Anyways, if you see anything that I could improve on, please inform me. (droid sniper, equipment, trando rocket launcher, etc.)

The next chapter is on its way.

07-07-2006, 04:54 PM
I've been away and have had company for a couple of days, so I haven't been able to write anything, sorry. I'll try to get the next chapter out this weekend, perhaps.

Another question: What are some Mandalorian swears? lol

07-08-2006, 03:11 PM
Thanks everyone for being patient. The next chapter will arrive after I finish proofreading it. Enjoy. :)

07-08-2006, 03:24 PM
Chapter 12: Clearing the Way------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Forward Command Post – Mygeeto Mission Clock 14:00

Hunter rubbed his shoulder plate. Max had just finished putting some bacta on it. “But what about,” Hunter began.

“Like you were saying,” Max replied, “we’ve got a mission to do.” Hunter grabbed Max’s arm and stood up, stretching his legs.

“Alright,” Flash began, “the fire points are on this level. We’re going to need to set up a rig to get the rocket launcher to the next fire point on time.”

“Like Caleb said, we’ve got a very small timeframe to work with here,” Max added.

“We’ve got two fire points and one rocket launcher,” Storm commented, sweeping the area with his pistol. “What was Caleb thinking?”

“None of us thought that we’d have to use these secondary fire points,” Max pointed out. “You’re lucky Kappa Squad got us these points. With those turrets functional, we’ve got no reinforcements. If we don’t have any reinforcements, this campaign is going to be a lot harder than it is now.”

“Wait a minute,” Hunter interrupted. “How many rockets do we have?” Storm quickly glanced down at the rockets secured to his legs.

“Three,” he replied.

“I bet that I can take the warhead out of one of those and turn it into a thruster for the rocket launcher. We can shoot it down a cable,” Hunter suggested. “It’s only fifty meters to the next fire point, right?”

Max took out his holo map of the command post. “Sixty-seven, actually.”

“That’ll still work,” Hunter replied.

“That sounds better than having me run it seventy meters,” Storm said.

“Much better,” Flash mumbled, looking down at his feet. Storm grunted in response.

“Okay, squad,” Max began, “Hunter, you and Flash take the first fire point. Strap the thruster rocket to the launcher before firing at the turret. Is everyone ready?”

Static hissed through Hunter’s comm. system until finally, Caleb’s voice broke through. “Are you in position, Iota?”

“Negative, Kappa Lead,” Max replied. “ETA two minutes.”

“Get on it then, the rest of us are in position. Gunships are standing-by.”

“Roger that,” Max said. “We’re moving out now. One-sided breach maneuver on this entrance, squad.”

“Roger, Lead,” Hunter said, squeezing himself to the wall next to the entrance to the outer hallway of the Forward Command Post.

“Mark!” Max shouted over the squad comm. Flash stepped across the threshold to the outer hallway, quickly followed by the rest of Iota Squad. Flash stepped to the side to allow his squad mates to fan out throughout the corridor.

Hunter spotted a small glowing control panel about ten meters to their ten. “There’s the first fire point.”

“Okay, Hunter, get to work on our thruster rocket. Flash, open up that terminal when Caleb tells you to and you shoot the rocket. The target turret should be straight out that window and down a couple hundred meters,” Max ordered. “Storm and I will go to the second fire point.”

Storm tossed two rockets and the rocket launcher to Hunter and kept the third rocket for himself. Hunter slid one rocket into the loading port of the launcher and passed the whole thing to Flash who was standing next to the control panel. “See you in a bit,” Storm said.

Max dug out a roll of cable from his pack and attached it to his utility belt. The other end he drilled securely into the ground. “This is our guideline,” he told them. “Attach the launcher to grappling hook so that it doesn’t get loose. We can’t afford this weapon going out of control.”

“Roger that,” Hunter replied, taking the grappling hook.

“Good luck everybody,” Max said before turning around and fading into the darkness of the corridor that stretched out before their eyes.

Hunter bent down to work on taking the warhead out of the rocket. Flash stood overhead, sweeping the area for hostiles. Hunter took out his fusion cutter and sliced off the top of it, exposing wires. He hated to waste a perfectly good warhead, but the situation called for it.

“Are you in position?” Caleb yelled over the comm. system.

“Almost there,” Max replied, his breath coming in deep rasps. “You ready, Hunter?”

It was difficult to work in the low light conditions that filled the command post. “Almost,” Hunter said slowly. He could feel sweat dripping down his forehead. He reached to wipe it away, but his hand only brushed against his helmet. Hunter shook his head in an attempt to concentrate, to remove all outside interference, and to see what he was doing. He clipped the wires that were attached to the warhead. That should deactivate the warhead, allowing the rocket to propel the launcher to the designated point without causing an explosion. He then placed a small antenna piece into the rocket so he could launch it remotely.

Hunter handed the modified rocket to Flash who already had the grappling hooks attached to the rocket launcher and had a strip of adhesive tape already on hand. Flash quickly fastened the rocket in place. “We’re ready here,” he said.

“Ditto Iota on point two,” Max added. “We’re all in positions.”

“I copy,” Caleb replied from within the command center. “Open up those hatches and quickly get acquainted with you’re target. We’ll fire on my mark.”

“Gunships are standing-by,” Echo’s voice came through the comm. all the way from the LAAT/I Gunship hovering several kilometers above them.

Flash keyed the control panel and the thick metal plate slid to the side revealing a piece of clear plastic. The night was black, but the moons provided small portion of reflected sunlight. Flash brought the scope of the rocket launcher to his eye. The darkness was quickly replaced by a placid blue screen. The turret’s outline was visible against the cerulean background.

“Did you find it?” Hunter queried.

“I’ve got it,” Flash replied. He magnified the infrared contrast to make the turret stand out more. It now lit up his vision with an orange glow. “I’m locking on now.” The rocket weapon locked on to the infrared source with ease. “It’s mine.”

“Ready?” Caleb asked the entire platoon. The platoon comm. channel filled with voices. Not one voice was unready to carry out the operation. “All teams are go.”

“Gunships are coming in,” Echo announced. “Be prepared to take evasive action, pilots. Fire at will, Kappa Lead.” Hunter came up next to Flash and punched in the order to open the plastic cover into the control panel. It did as it was told.

Cold fresh air swept its way into the Forward Command Post through the outlet in the wall. The turrets infrared signature became stronger. Hunter could hear the distant sound of a gunship engine as the turret turned toward the command post. He couldn’t help but watch with fear and excitement.

“Get ready, marines,” Caleb began. “In three, two.” The gunship engine sound became increasingly loud. They must’ve been right on top of the command post. The turrets quickly swiveled in the direction of the enemy air vehicles. “Fire!”

Flash didn’t hesitate at all. He silently pulled the trigger. Smoke emitted from the back of the rocket launcher with a whoosh, somewhat balancing the force of the rocket soaring from the front. The turret didn’t have a chance to fire at the gunships, for by the time they had the option, the rocket had punched its way through the turret’s armor and the warhead had detonated. A shower of debris littered the area surrounding the smoking epicenter of the explosion. Tendrils of smoke quietly slithered into the night sky.

Hunter was already relieving Flash of the smoking rocket launcher when he heard the steady staccato articulation of automatic rifle fire. He couldn’t look back to see its source, for Max and Storm were waiting on them. Hunter secured the weapon on the cable and pressed a remote trigger that would propel the rocket launcher to its next destination.

He turned around to see Flash chuck a thermal detonator into the advancing enemies. There was a loud thump and the corridor lit up about thirty meters to their twelve o’clock. Green blood spattered the walls, floor, and ceiling. Hunter analyzed it for a moment. “We’ve got Trando mercs!”

“Try to hold them off,” Max said. “They’ve pinned us down over here too. We’ve got the rocket launcher, but we can’t shoot it.”

“You mean that there is still another turret out there?” Hunter asked, flattening himself against a wall and shooting into the darkness once again.

“You heard m…” Max was cut off by a rumbling explosion. Fire lit up the hallway in the Max and Storm’s direction.

“What was that?” Flash shouted into the comm.

“Iota fire point two has been hit,” Caleb announced. “The turret is still active. Do you copy, air support?”

“Roger that,” Echo said. “I think that I can take care of him. Firing run now.” Hunter heard the squeal of the LAAT/I Gunship’s acceleration quickly followed by a loud explosion. The night was momentarily lit up, and then returned to its normal state.

“Good work, soldiers. All turrets have been destroyed and reinforcements are on their way. Rendezvous at Hangar 7, level C14,” Caleb told them. “Do you read me, Iota Lead?” There was no reply.

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Took you long enough :lol:. Anyway good Chapter and I've just had an idea. If you are going to write more Battlefront II Fics, you could do a Trilogy of them.

Anyway looking foward to the next Chapter.

07-08-2006, 03:31 PM
Just to clear something up quickly, the original Iota Fire Point was between the two target turrets. Since they were thrown off course during the battle in the bridge conjunction, they had to find alternative firepoints. These fire points however weren't between the two target turrets. Do you get what I'm saying? Basically, since they were thrown off course, they couldn't shoot from the optimal fire point (the original fire point). Instead, they had to use two close fire points, sacrificing simplicity for time. I hope that that made sense. It's really not that important though, just an explination of why they couldn't take out both turrets from one window.

Comments please. :)

EDIT: I just got your response, Pottsie. Thanks. Actually, I was planning on doing all of the BF2 ground missions. However, since this one is taking me so long, that might not happen. As long as I'm having fun writing it and you're having fun reading it.

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07-09-2006, 05:32 PM
do you mean the right-left length? if so, there's nothing we can do about it. i think it might be a glitch.

@ Niner: excellent work, palo. you're progressing extremely slow and cool :D. but the chapters are worth the wait. keep an eye out for my next chapter tomorrow :)

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Thanks all. Jason, read it whenever you've got time. It'll be waiting for you. RC, I'll be looking forward to your next chapter.

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So Niner_777 I have fixed it in your last chapter 12 post, I suggest you use a similar format to what I edited it to above for your titles so it doesn't get all stretched out again. Just a suggestion. ;)

Example: The Stretched out Chapter 11 Post (http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2115910), vs. my above edit to Chapter 12 (http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2121775), see the difference in the title bars, that's your culprit.

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Maybe I'll try doing what RedHawke said for the next chapter. I'm not sure why its happening to some people and not others?
Likely it is your browser... I use Firefox and Maxthion and it does it on both of them.

Diego Varen
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Likely it is your browser... I use Firefox and Maxthion and it does it on both of them.

That is probably the problem. I use IE.

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07-12-2006, 02:09 PM
you said it. when i saw this, i thought i was reliving SWAT or something :D
when's the next update, Niner?

07-12-2006, 02:28 PM
Thanks so much for reading it. I hope that I can update this before the weekend.

Jason Skywalker
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No comments on my joke?

Diego Varen
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No comments on my joke?

Not really.

07-12-2006, 05:58 PM
Nope. Btw, does anybody know any Mando swears?

Jason Skywalker
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Lol, i thought it would work. And no, i'm not a Mandalorian so i don't know. XD

07-12-2006, 06:36 PM
The only ones that I know of are fierfek and di'kut, and I don't even know what they mean. They were in Hard Contact.

07-13-2006, 09:59 PM
The other day I was looking at some clone commanders, to see if I could find out who the real commander of the 501st legion was. I found this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Star_Wars_clone_trooper_commanders#Command er__Appo).

It says that Appo was the commander of the 501st. I believe that it specified on Coruscant. Do you think that I should make it so that something happens to Spike before Kightfall?

I pobably will. I just want to hear what you guys think.

Btw, I worked on the next chapter a little bit today. I don't think I'll have time to finish it for tomorrow, but you never know.

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Well maybe Spike could be killed or injured in this Fic and then return for the Knightfall.

07-14-2006, 09:17 AM
Thanks for considering this, Pottsie. Yeah, I was thinking about doing something like that.

What do you mean "return for the Knightfall?" As a ghost?

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Which title pic do you guys like better?





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Hall, have you read this yet?

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The next chapter has been completed. I just need to proofread it. Hopefully I can do that before I have to get back to work. Stay tuned...

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Chapter 13: Searching the Rubble------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//
Forward Command Post – Mygeeto Mission Clock 14:30 //

“I repeat, do you read me Iota?” Caleb said over the platoon comm. system. “Come in, Iota. Max? Storm?” There was a deathly silence.

“Dagnabit,” Flash said. “I hope they didn’t die.”

“Dabnabit?” Hunter asked.

“Yeah, you know, I’m just trying to lighten the situation.” Hunter sighed, but said no more to his remaining squad mate.

“Iota seven-six, do you read me?” Caleb asked, checking their status.

“Roger,” Hunter replied. “Six-oh and I are okay. Requesting permission to search for Iota five-eight and nine-two.”

“Permission granted, but double time it, soldiers,” Caleb told them. “We’ve got a mission to finish whether Iota Squad is all here or not.”

“Thanks, Kappa Lead,” Flash said. “We’ll meet you at the hangar as soon as we can.” Hunter had almost forgotten why he had pinned himself against the wall, but when he stepped out, he was brought to a bitter realization.

ACP rounds lanced off his armor, leaving dents and scratches. Flash pulled him back against the wall. “What were you thinking, walking into the line of fire like that?” Flash asked, a hint of laughter in his voice.

“I was,” Hunter began, stumbling on his words, “trying to give the enemy the wrong impression.” Hunter paused. “The impression that we’d make stupid mistakes like that.” He smiled underneath his helmet. Even though it wasn’t visible, they knew each other’s emotions, and what they were thinking. They were raised like that and trained to know what each other was thinking.

“Right,” Flash said, detecting Hunter’s smile. It was good that they could still joke. They wouldn’t have that pleasure for much longer. They could all sense each other hardening up a little bit. That’s what war will do to you. Flash would make sure that they didn’t get too uptight, but eventually, he’d break too. Hunter knew it, but he didn’t like to think about it.

“Anyways, we’d better get on the move,” Hunter suggested. “You heard what Caleb said.”

“That I did,” Flash replied. “So what ordinance do we have at our disposal?”

“A myriad of grenades, a roll of explosive tape, and a missile warhead,” Hunter responded. “Storm has all the big explosives.” Hunter pulled out the missile warhead. “I wonder what we could do with this?”

“Well,” Flash began, “I suppose that you could turn that into some proximity mine.”

“Way ahead of you, pal.” Hunter had already secured the warhead to a metal plate and was working on attaching a motion sensor that would trigger the warhead to explode upon enemy movement in its radius.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Flash said. “Now, would you like me to walk you through it?”

Hunter stopped working. “Sure.”

“Well there isn’t enough time now, so you’ll have to figure it out by yourself.” They both chuckled. Hunter finished soldering the last wires in place. He then secured it to the wall.

“When those Trandos give chase to us, this baby,” Hunter tapped on the makeshift proximity mine, “will blow the wall in on them.”

“Sounds good. Now start it up and let’s get out of here.”

“Roger that, Flash,” Hunter replied pulling out a remote trigger. It was a good thing that he had a spare, or else they’d have to activate it manually, and be obliterated at the exact moment.

Hunter tipped the side of his helmet out from behind the window terminal. The early morning sun was beginning to break through the unusually large ice crystals blowing through the frigid air, but the dim gray sunlight was hardly enough to make out any sign of enemies further down the corridor. Hunter removed two thermal detonators from his utility belt, just to be safe. He checked his rifle’s ammo count to make sure that he had adequate firepower for the quick break to Iota Fire Point Two.

“Are we good?” Flash asked, bringing his pistol next to his cheek.

“Good to go,” Hunter replied. “When these detonate,” he said, referring to the two grenades in his hand, “we move out.”

“I got you,” Flash told Hunter reassuringly.

“Okay, here we go.” Hunter shot his arm out from his cover and chucked the two grenades down the hallway. Then he pulled himself back. Shots erupted as a result of Hunter’s hand, but they were cut short due to the twin explosions, the outcome of the two thermal detonators. Hunter looked down as a thick stream of green blood flowed towards them.

“That’s our cue.” Hunter and Flash took three large strides to build their speed, and then performed a military summersault as more bullets pounded by them. Hunter quickly pressed the trigger on the proximity mine. Nothing appeared to happen, but when Hunter looked back, he saw the distinct flashing red light that meant the mine was active.

Hunter was proud of his improvised mine. It was placed in such a way that even the best Trandoshan technicians wouldn’t be able to deactivate it. Hidden behind the window terminal, the mine was practically invisible. There was no way for their lizard friends to see it, let alone get to it to deactivate it.

Hunter also saw the flashes of Trandoshan submachine guns blazing behind him. He reached back with one hand on his DC-15s blaster rifle and pulsed a few shots into the fray.

“There’s no time for that,” Flash panted, kicking his knees into the air and stretching his feet out below him. “That mine’s gonna blow any moment now.”

Hunter didn’t have the time to respond. He whipped his rifle up to his chest and pressed it hard to his breastplate. The gunshot sounds continued. The organic slap of the Trandoshan’s feet ran through Hunter’s head. Hunter closed his eyes and braced for impact.

The hallway behind Flash and Hunter filled with fire. As the Trandoshan warriors tried to pass the mine, the wall blew inward, burying them in rubble. Flames chased the two commandos through the corridor. Hunter could feel warmth pouring over his body. Red flames licked the sides of his visor and dust from the explosion ate them up. Particles stuck to Hunters visor, causing him to lose vision.

“We should be almost there,” Flash commented, starting to slow down due to his lack of vision.

“My systems are starting to fail,” Hunter said, also coming to a stop. He looked down at the data pad stored on his utility belt. “I’m picking up high traces of EMP.”

Flash wiped off his visor and felt tingles of electricity throughout his body. “I can feel it,” he replied.

Faint streams of sunlight broke through the airborne dust particles revealing the silhouette of a large pile of steel and concrete. “This has to be Iota Fire Point Two,” Hunter said, stepping closer to examine the pile of debris. “See if we can contact Kappa Squad.”

“Roger that,” Flash said. “Kappa this is Iota six-oh, do you read me?” Static washed over the comm.

“Nothing? What could have happened to them?” Hunter asked, thousands of possibilities running through his mind.

“Maybe it’s not them,” Flash suggested. “Our comm. system might not be working properly because of the EMP.”

“Of course. Those di’kut Kaminoan engineers didn’t spend the time to fortify our comm. systems from electromagnetic pulses. That also means that Max and Storm might still be alive.”

“Might,” Flash pointed out. “Can you track any motion or infrared underneath these rocks?”

Hunter quickly glanced down at his data pads and sensors. “Everything’s fried. Even my radiation sensor.” Flash pulled the radiation sensor off of Hunter’s belt. Even EMP showed up at zero.

Flash chuckled and threw the data pad onto the floor, crushing it with his boot. “I believe that,” he said sarcastically.

“Wait a minute,” Hunter said, pulling out his blaster rifle. He shot it at the ground. The blue plasma bolt flew out of the barrel and struck the ground. “Our weapons still work, barely.” Another bolt hit the ground, only after sputtering sparks for a few seconds. “All we really need is the infrared sensor on you sniper scope.”

Flash took off his DC-15x sniper rifle and shouldered it. He aimed at the pile of rubble. The scope showed all blue, except the black outlines of the rocks and the yellow lines of EMP running around the area. “The rubble is too thick.”

“Fierfek,” Hunter said casually. “What now?”

“Hold up,” Flash said, raising his hand. Hunter looked up from the stone he was about to kick. “There was a small orange spot on the surface of one of the concrete blocks. “What’s that?”

“What’s what,” Hunter asked, starting to feel a little impatient, mainly due to his concern for his squad mates. Flash pointed to the spot and walked up to it. Hunter followed. By the dim early morning sun, Hunter could see a small portion of bubbling rock.

“They must be cutting through with their vibro blades,” Flash commented.

“Right,” Hunter said, taking out his own vibro blade. “Cover me.” Flash pulled out his pistol and stood next to Hunter as he started hacking away at the solid rock with his vibration knife. Several minutes later, the solid rock was reduced to a thin layer of fizzing dirt. “How close are we?”

With one hand, Flash looked through his sniper scope at the rock. A bright red blob appeared against the placid cerulean background. “You’re close,” Flash replied. “I’m starting to think that Max and Storm aren’t dead.”

“I never thought that they were,” Hunter said jokingly; sweat dripped into his eyes and mouth. He was telling the truth too. Suddenly, the sound of gunfire could be heard to Hunter’s nine o’clock.

“We’ve got hostiles,” Flash informed. “I’m engaging. You keep working.”

“Sure thing, bro,” Hunter replied. He could see the tip of another vibro blade sticking through the melted concrete. “Stand back!” he yelled into the pile of rubble. In one swift motion, Hunter brought his boot up and then down on the thin layer of material separating the members Iota Squad. The rock buckled and snapped, sending Hunter’s leg into the hollow beneath the rubble; small pieces of molten concrete hardened to his charred shin plates.

A hand from below gripped Hunter’s leg and pulled it in hard. Hunter lost his footing and was shoved against the rock. “What the…” Hunter said in confusion. Behind all of this, the sound of a small firefight roared on.

Flash finished firing a burst from his pistol and then ducked down behind some rubble. “What’s going on?” There was no time to wait for an answer. He turned around and went straight back to fighting.

Hunter struggled to free himself from the hole. Someone was grabbing his leg and pulling him in. All of a sudden, Storm’s head smashed through a thin layer of rock, which sent Hunter falling into the hollow cavern below the rubble. Storm fell back in from the exhaustion he’d gained trying to escape.

“What was that all about?” Hunter asked, slightly angry.

Storm was smiling under his helmet. “I just thought that I’d give you a scare before we met again. “You know, to…”

Hunter cut him off. “You nearly cracked my rib plates.”

“Sorry about that,” Storm said awkwardly. Well we’re all here now, right?”

“Yeah, Flash is outside fighting off a Trandoshan assault,” Hunter replied.

“Don’t you think we should help him?” Max asked from a corner of the cavern. He was nursing his foot.

“What happened to you,” Hunter inquired, walking over to Max.

“Oh, he just got his foot crushed under some rubble. It’s just a flesh wound,” Storm replied. “I’m going to help out Flash.” Storm exited via the manmade hole in the ceiling of the void.

Hunter looked down at Max’s foot. It was mashed so badly, it looked like spaghetti. Pieces of boot armor suck out of the crushed flesh. “How bad is it?”

“Like Storm said, it’s just a flesh wound.” Max stood up, holding onto the ceiling. “I’ll be fine.” There was a large boom outside the rubble followed by a loud crack. Hunter could hear someone grunting.

There was another bang and Storm entered the cavern carrying Flash under his arms. “Freakin assassin droid,” Storm muttered. “Flash has been hit.”

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