View Full Version : 1.4 patch tech problems and woes

05-16-2006, 01:43 PM
Omg where to start. Firstly just starting the game..it hangs for about 20 seconds when all the battle starts in background. Yes only 20 seconds but everytime game starts. Then it seems to be ok after that...fps seems lower then before tho. I click multiplayer and more hanging before it gets to the connect and user name screen. Click that and it hangs even more...before telling me that it cant connect to gamespy network. Whats going on? Ive managed to get on 1.4 multilobby once, and thats by switching from uk to usa lobby in network options then it worked...but now that trick doesnt work. and ive got to go through 3 hangs just to get to a cant conect screen .

bring back 1.3 . keep the invisible fix. Nerf Solo . have map editor...there ITS NOT HARD !.

And who is actually play testing the balances?