View Full Version : Cant Compile OJP source Code correctly

05-21-2006, 11:04 PM
well, im sort of a noob at coding in all, i am barely gettign started and i know very little,the first thing i notice is that the extensions where screwed up with a ",v" so i got rid of them but when i try to build any of the ojp, the .sln doesnt work, i get some error, and when i replace the .sln with the base one, i get it to work, but when i build it i get so many santex errors or something like that, and then i decided to look at the .cpp .h .c files and i noticed all of them have somethign like this...

head 1.2;
locks; strict;
comment @ * @;

date 2003.; author razorace; state dead;
next 1.1;

date 2003.; author razorace; state Exp;
next ;


@Removing all the old Enhanced directory files for Reorganization 2

i dont get it, i found 2 things like this at both the top and bottom, so i clear those lines from every file, then, i try to build it, it works and i get my dll, and i run my game, my menu buttons are all screwed up with @ at the begining of each, and i play the solo game i get base jka system, and i try to spawn a luke and i get an error... now im here asking for help, all i wanted to do was get the whole OJP enchanced system, but yet edit all the weapons to something cooler. and i really need help thx reading

05-22-2006, 08:51 AM
nvm all i got it to work