View Full Version : MammothGames.com server review

05-22-2006, 12:59 AM
Full weapon, full force basejk. If this server was jedi master force it would be the ultimate in pub servers. No admin, no rules, voting enabled, full basejk at its finest. The best server left in jk2.

Skill Level - This is one of the few servers that a newbie like you might actually run into a top player
Score- *****

Fun - Glorious. Too bad almost nobody plays there. There is a server like this in 1.02 that's full 24/7.
Score - *****

RPG Level - No rules. No admins. No mods. No RPG.
Score - Non-existent

Server Speed - I used to own a server from Mammoth. Smooth with great ping.
Score - ****

Settings - Knocking off a half a star for the fact that it's a pub server and is set to jedi knighit.
Score - ****1/2

Competition Viability - This is a very viable pub competition server.
Score - ****