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05-25-2006, 07:19 PM
PhreakBot: Welcome to the live chat! Query your questions to me or JanBot.

DarthMaulUK: Welcome to the Live dev chat. Please post your questions to JanBot or PhreakBot. Answers coming up.......
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WOTMfollower1: Will the SSD be a buildable unit, or just the Executor?
Petro/LA: You can build the Executor in skirmish/MP, but you only get one at a time.

DarthMaulUK: Will we be able to repair our space station without having to upgrade it first? and Will we be able to disband/ self-destruct units to make room for other units?
Petro/LA: You'll have repair ship that will be able to repair damage to hard points on space stations and ships...but not ones that have been totally destroyed.
Petro/LA: A #2 There are abilities that will allow you to self-destruct units mid-battle, but you won't be able to disband units during battle.

xDAKx{EAWorg}: What timeline will we be playing through?
Petro/LA: The timeline of Forces of Corruption will be that of the classic trilogy (episodes 4-6) and slightly beyond.

Vonomar: I was wondering if the new GC will contain all three factions simultaneously?
Petro/LA: Galactic Conquest single player will have all three sides simultaneously.

JavaUser0: Will the upcoming expansion provide the game with a Random Map/Game Generator?
Petro/LA: We have no plans for a random map generator at this time, but we encourage our players to use our new Map Editor to create their own.

Imperial_General: My question is, what are the New TIEs the Empire is getting and how will they work(come out of hanger or out of Hyperspace like the Rebels)
Petro/LA: TIE Interceptor will come out of hangars like the original TIE fighter. The TIE Defender and Phantom are hyper-space capable, and you purchase them the same way that the Rebels purchase their fighters.

Sauron123456: Will we be able to build 2 death stars in galactic conquest?
Petro/LA: You will only be allowed to have one Death Star II on the board at any given time.

Javauser8: Any plans to release EAW on 360, Wii or PS3? The 360 could easily handle EAW.
Petro/LA: We don't have any plans to release a console version of EAW right now.

JavaUser7: How will rebels or empire kick underground out of planets?
Petro/LA: They will need to fight battles against the Underworld, just like they have to fight each other to gain control of planets. Rebel and Empire heroes will also be able to remove corruption without fighting.

EliteJal: Is Thrawn a hero of the game?
Petro/LA: We have hero units yet to be revealed -- stay tuned!

EJMM: How many new units can we expect to see?
Petro/LA: There will be 40+ new units in Forces of Corruption, with most of them going to the Underworld, as it is the new faction.

{MotR}wes: Will you be able to pull certain units out of the battle? As in one unit at a time? Or all as a group like it works now?
Petro/LA: When you retreat out of battle, all your units retreat.

JavaUser8: The B-Wing is equipped with an ion cannon and proton torpedoes in Rouge Squadron. This could easily take out capitol ships. Is there a simular imperial and pirate unit?
Petro/LA: The three sides are very balanced, so there will always be a unique counter to any particular unit.

Foshjedi2004: Will the corrupt faction be able to corrupt only one or many units at a time?
Petro/LA: Bribary is based on the Underworld's cash. If you have enough cash, you can bribe as many as you want -- but they are very expensive!

<DarthMaulUK: How many new planets will there be?
Petro/LA: There will be 13 new planets.

EJMM: How do orbital strikes work?
Petro/LA: You must have a capital ship in orbit above the planet to have access to orbital bombardment. Each faction's orbital bombardment will be unique.

JavaUser0: Will the expansion provide an upgraded editor where gamers can create their own galaxy? (such as adding planets and players)
Petro/LA: Players can use any XML editor to create galactic conquest campaigns. The source is open.We will be updating the map editor to support all the new Underworld units once the expansion is released.

cibeletrajano: How do we corrupt the planets?
Petro/LA: Corruption is done with the use of specialized units, such as a Saboteur.

Mike_nl: Are there any plans for additional mod tools? Like an exporter for 3ds max 7 or 8 or the ability to create custom particle effects for weapons/explosions/etc?
Petro/LA: We're looking into offering additional Mod tools in the future. We'll have more details in the next chat.

DarthMaulUK: What other special powers will Luke have on the battlefield?
Petro/LA: Luke has Force Cloak that allows him to sneak around the battlefield, along with Saber Throw which is a ranged attack. He also gets Lucky Shot when he's in his X-Wing

EmperorPL: When is FOC coming out?
Petro/LA: FOC will be out in the fall. We'll be announcing a specific date in the coming months.

Bryant21: What new space abilities will FoC have?
Petro/LA: Cloaking, Shield Leech, Sensor Scramblers, units can pass through asteroid fields without taking damage, just to name a few.

EmperorPL: Where are Dark Troopers recruited?
Petro/LA: They are built from the Arc Hammer, a star destroyer.

DarthMaulUK: Where did the original idea come from to create the 'corrupt' side?
Petro/LA: It was a collaborative process between LucasArts and Petroglyph. We wanted to do something new and fun,and the corrupt side gave us a lot of flexibility to create unique and sinister units,heroes, and a new way to play.

EmperorPL: Are there new versions of Mon Cal ships? (MC-80b or 90)
Petro/LA: There will be a new Mon Cal class ship.

vonomar: Will Bombardments be more effective with more capital ships in orbit?
Petro/LA: If you have the ships in orbit, they will provide a bombardment, but their strength in the attack doesn't stack.

JavaUser3: Do you have any plans to make another expansion after this?
Petro/LA: We're exploring all options with the EAW franchise

WOTMfollower1: Will ISDs have more fighters come out at once, and could rebel ships have x-wings or a-wings etc. come out?
Petro/LA: Balancing the game dictates how many fighters come out of a capitol ship. The Rebellion doesn't have this ability.

vonomar: Does it cost additional money to corrupt a planet, beyond the cost of the saboteur?
Petro/LA: No.

JavaUser7: Can the underworld team up w/ another side (ally/truce?) if so, how can it be prevented in multiplayer?
Petro/LA: There is no cross-faction allegance in the game.

MotR}wes: Will there be an increased pop cap for land and space battles ?
Petro/LA: We are looking into increasing the pop cap, but we have to weigh performance issues.

DarthMaulUK: Do any of you actually play the game still?
Petro/LA: The team plays online almost every night.

JavaUser3: Are you planning to allow players to make star base upgrades and build ships at the same time?
Petro/LA: There are no plans for that right now.

Kasan Moor: Will there be AT-PT's available in this expansion as a ground unit for the empire?
Petro/LA: We aren't planning to include AT-PT's in FOC.

Orao: In FOC will the function to deploy fighters on call be implemented ?
Petro/LA: We're exploring some fun things we can do with deployment in the game.

JavaUser7: How will the underworld advance tech levels?
Petro/LA: The Underworld's tech advancement is totally different from the other sides. :)

Sauron123456: Are there going to be any graphics improvments?
Petro/LA: We are paying a lot of attention to the art of the new units and structures.

DarthMaulUK: Many thanks to everyone for all your questions. Sorry about the tech problem earlier but we did well! You can catch the transcript on www.empireatwar.net shortly together with two NEW exclusive screenshots.
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Thanks to Lucasarts and Petroglyph for taking time out today, and to all of you who attend.

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