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05-27-2006, 09:10 PM
This might be slightly hard to understand... but here goes. If say I want to reskin the Sith Armour, yet I don't want to override either the silver or red variations that are encountered in game, and instead create a new armour that won't replace anything ingame.

How would I do this? From what I've seen when creating the character and item UTCs and UTIs your limited to selecting it from the character list, or inputting the ID when say for example setting it as a disguise when equipped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nevermind, I figured it out, appearance.2fa. Feel free to close this... or whatever. XD

Lit Ridl
05-28-2006, 03:26 AM
First let's find
N_SithSoldier01 for clear white sith armor,
N_SithSoldier02 for red armor,
N_SithSoldier03 for dirty white armor,
file N_SithSoldier_b is bump texture for sith armor
in Kotor Tool\Kotor I\ERFs\TexturePacks\choose quality\N\
Extract them in any folder you want. I belive that N_SithSoldier01 is used as your disguise. Now edit any sith soldier texture and save with new name. Sith disguise has name ptar_sitharmor.uti. Now you may open that item in Kotor Tool and you will see that disguise uses appearance.2da you can easily edit it for your reason. Just copy row (As i remember it is 28 row) and create a new row in the end (just type something in the last, free row and you will see new free row) and paste 28th row in it rename row label (for example if the last row was 305 you must to name new row as 306) and rename label as you want, it will appear in disguises. Now we have to change N_SithSoldier in the texa to texture you just made (for example MY_SithSoldier). Now we have only one step to finish. Open ptar_sitharmor in gff editor and change N_SithSoldier to label you have created and if you made ID change it.
DISGUISE CHANGING II (will replace standart soldiers in the game)
Do what we have did before but don't create new row just rename texture in the 28th row. That's all.
Do the same as we did with appearance.2da. Now open ptar_sitharmor.uti and change its Tag and ResRef for example to my_sitharmor. Choose properties and disguise, change N_SithSoldier01 to appearance we have created. Add description you want and if you want change it's name. Now save that armor with the same name as you have created in ResRef and Tag. Now we can add our armor to
tar_m02ad_s\Blueprint, placeables\backpack001.utp or replace it. If you have a questions, ask me. Sorry for bad English.