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The Story

In the year 2009 an International anti-terrorism group was set up by the Nnited Nations security Council, known simply as 'The Organization'. Unknown to all except the highest members of the U.N Security Council and those within it, they work answering to no one except the Highest Ranking Members of the security Council. 'The Organization' is made up of Twenty four Agents and a support staff of spicilists in many fields, all commanded by one man Known only as the 'Director'.

The Agents are the best Spies, Commandos and secret Agents on the planet, each named after one of the Greek Letters. They have the most advanced and high tech equipment from all around the world to aid in their various missions. Each Agent is considered dead to the rest of world and have been classed as 'Ghost Agents'

Now the year is 2012 and 'The Organization' is considered a success by those who know of it. The organization have also discovered an underground army that have spread throgh out the world, The army is led by an unnamed Megalomaniac hell bent on holding the world to ransome and taking full control of the world. 'The Organization' Now concentrates on uncovering information on this underground army.
The Game

Basically you play one of these agents and will be assigned to a mission in Mexico to discover more about this Army.
Character Sheet(descriptions and examples)

Name: (John Doe/Jane Doe)
Codename: (Alpha/Beta/All names and symbols for greek letters are here (http://deanofstudents.utexas.edu/gle/graphics/greek_alphabet.gif))
Nationality: (British/American/Chinese/etc.)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Age: (Please Keep it reaistic, No such thing as a 15 year old spy.)
Appearance: (Height, Body type, eye/hair colour and normal clothing.)
Weapons/Equipment: (Weapons- Again it is based in the future but keep it realistic, no energy based weapons. Ghost recon weapons (http://www.ghostrecon.com/uk/ghostrecon3/weapons-and-support.php) - Ghost Recon Advanced warfighter is based on how the US military estimate the weapons they will have in 2013 so you can use it as a referance.)
Bio: (Breif history, their reputation, how they ended up in 'The Organization' and a bit on their personality.)

Support Staff Sheet
(None of the fields are needed this is just for referance. You do not have to do a support staff sheet.)
Name: (John Doe/Jane Doe)
Nickname: (No Greek letters for these guys. But anything else is fine.)
Nationality: (British/American/Chinese/etc.)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Age: (Please Keep it reaistic, No such thing as a 15 year old spy.)
Appearance: (Height, Body type, eye/hair colour and normal clothing.)
Bio: (Breif history, their reputation, how they ended up in 'The Organization' and a bit on their personality.)

Standard Rules
I'll contol the Plot sensitive NPCs, but each person can have up to three support staff working with their agent.
Support staff don't go on missions but mearly aid them from a distance.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Taken Codenames

Xi A.K.A. Peter McOwen (Starmark2k)
Phi A.K.A. Mya Lucas (Wildjedi)
Kappa A.K.A. Dominik Rystrofsky (Stingerhs)
Alpha A.K.A. John Ranger (Steven)
Theta A.K.A. Hugh Markinson (Xbx_Inthusiast)
__________________________________________________ _______________
__________________________________________________ _______________

My Character

Name: Peter McOwen
Codename: Xi
Nationality: British
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Appearance: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/76/Ff_jayne.jpg
- CRYE MR-C Rifle
- M9 Handgun w/ Silencer option
- AS50 Sniper Rifle w/ Camera attached to scope & transmitter*.
- Survival Knife
- x4 Flash Bang Granades
- Multi Vision Binoculars w/ Nignt Vision & Infa red Options. w/ Camera and transmitter*.
- Standard Issue Comm equipment w/ GPS link

*Transmitts to 'The Organization' satilite for support and command staff.

Bio: Peter was born in Glasgow, Scotland to an English Mother and Scotish Father. He Lived his life in the City of glasgow and gained a strong scotish accent but he also learnt to control his accent and found he could mimic most.

At an early age he dreamt of Flying in Jet Fighters, so he he joined the R.A.F at the age of 17 as a trainee pilot but during training he was found to be a Superb Marksman and ended up Applying for the S.A.S. His application was successful and he became the youngest S.A.S Pledge. He successfully passed the elimination process and was officially named the youngest S.A.S Recruit in history.

He went on many missions with the S.A.S and was constantly commendated for his actions and bravery on the battlefield. However he had problems working in a team and his C.O constantly requested Peters Transfer. This is What eventually led to Peter being picked to join MI6.

His S.A.S and MI6 Training had made him extreamly good at infiltration and stealth and soon made a reputation for himself in the Spy Community. This led to the attention of 'The Director' who approached Peter and made him one of the first agents.

Within 'The Organization' Agent Xi is known as a lone agent who will only work with his sole support staff member, Jammer.

My Support Staff

Name: Christian Strider
Nickname: Jammer
Nationality: German
Sex: Male
Age: 22
Appearance: Caucassian, short blond hair blue eyes
Bio: The Fun loving Hacker grew up in Berlin during its economic growth and found he had a talant with programming. At a very early age his Alias 'Tech Jammer' was put on the most wanted hackers list for breaking the MI6, CIA and NSA databases. In 2009 'The Organization' wrongly beleived he was working for a terrorist cell and sent Agent Xi in to arrest him.

After he was arrested it was found he had no connection to terrorists but he knew too much about 'The Organization' and sent was given a choise join it or die.

05-29-2006, 12:12 PM
Name: Mya Lucas

Codename: Phi

Nationality: American

Sex: Female

Age: 29

__Height:5' 5"
__Body type: slender
__eye/hair colour: blue/blonde
__normal clothing: light blues, grays, and browns for her shirts, her pants are always jeans. She usually wears half inch heels and her shoes are always black.

-1 CRYE MR-C Assault Rifle
-2 M9 Handguns
-2 each of grenades, M67 Frag and M18 Smoke
-1 knife
-various other equipment depending on the jobs she's given

Bio: Mya's dream job when she was ten was to join the CIA. Throughout her schooling, she chose subjects that would lead her to that goal. By the end of college, she spoke French, Spanish, German, Italian, and English fluently.

When college was over, she applied to the CIA and was rejected. Annoyed, she spent three years learning three different forms of martial arts and reapplied. Again, she was rejected. Still determined to get in, she trained in several different types of weapons and reapplied. Though the CIA again turned her down, her determination and wide range of skills caught the eyes of the Organization.

At the age of 27, Mya was hired by the Organization and has worked as Agent Phi ever since. She prefers to work alone. Because of this, she has not yet been convinced to accept the aid of a support staff.

05-29-2006, 11:31 PM
darn it, you took Jayne. :fist:

anyways, i love the concept. one question, though. are we allowed limited, and i do mean limited, cyborg enhancements on our characters that would enhance reaction times slightly or a little something to enhance the adrenaline response (aka, the fight or flight response) to better enable logical and primitive parts of the brain to cooperate better?? if not, i completely understand; i just wanted to put the idea on the table. ;)

anyways, here we go:

Name: Dominik Rystrofsky
Codename: Kappa
Nationality: Russian
Sex: Male
Age: 37
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 187 lb
Body type: Defined musculature with minimal obesity; very slight aging is noticable, but not apparent
Skin tone: Light
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black with very slight grizzled appearance due to age

Barrett 95M .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle (http://www.barrettrifles.com/military/images/95m.jpg)
Heckler-Koch M-29 SABR / OICW 5.56mm/20mm HE Assault Rifle (http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/oicw-003.jpg)
SIG-Sauer P250 5.56mm Pistol w/ silencer attachment (http://www.army-technology.com/contractor_images/jp_sauer/2_P250DC.jpg)
Ka-Bar TDI 2.31" Combat Knife (http://www.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/kbar/images/ka1480.jpg)
Ka-Bar Kukri (http://www.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/kbar/images/ka1249.jpg)
Various survival gear necessities
Night-vision and low-light conditions gear
Fiber-optic camera and imaging gear
Various lock-picking devices
Emergency 35' rope
Sattelite remote uplink/downlink device w/ location scrambling capability to prevent homing
An unknown cyborg implant (see below)
Born in 1975 in Moscow, Russia. Little is known about his childhood, but it is known that he was recruited into the Russian Army in 1993, shortly after the Soviet collapse. His advanced training covered tactical long range marksmanship, infiltration techniques, and espionage, as the Army felt a need for more specialized soldiers in changing times. It is presumed that he was a member of Spetsnaz, but more information is either heavily classifed or unknown. His service record remains classified, but he was honorably discharged in 1999. After disappearing for several years, he turned up in the US whenever he applied for US citizenship in 2002. Soon thereafter, he was recruited by the US Navy as a foreign technical advisor for the SEALS training program. It is known that he was also involved in a number of SEALS operations, all of which are highly classified. In 2009, he recieved an honorable discharge from the US Navy whenever he was recruited into the Organization whenever it was first formed.

He is very fluent in both Russian and English languages to the point that he can mimic various dialects and accents of both languages. He is also fluent in the major NATO languages of French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

His skills are fairly wide whenever compared to the average person. He is an expert sniper who can utilize whatever means necessary to remain hidden. Although primarily trained to work alone, he has also apparently received extensive training in squad-based infiltration and assault techniques for both outdoor and urban environments. He also has training in various eastern martial arts which makes him an adept fighter with or without a weapon.

A note of interest also includes one of the first cyborg devices for humans. The device is apparently Russian in orgin, and according to Kappa, it is designed to better enhance brain coordination during high stress situations. His reaction times are slightly higher than the average human being, and his tactical awareness while under fire is perceptibly keener than the most hardened of soldiers. After several laboratory tests, it is known that the implant does not act as a tracking device nor does it emit any sort of radio signal. Minor side effects include very occasional headaches and minor difficulty with sleep after extended periods of high stress.

On a more personal note, he is generally reguarded as a fairly amicable person with excellent people skills and excellent leadership potential.

Support Staff

Name: Amanda Irons
Callsign: Maiden
Nationality: American
Age: 29
Bio: Trained by the CIA to support agents on the ground, Amanda has much experience in helping to coordinate both military and covert operations from remote locations. She has extensive experience with electronic espionage ranging from data retrieval to remote system disruption.

Her career began with the Organization whenever she was recruited at the inception. She has been assigned to Kappa as his overall support manager as well as the field advisor.

((edited to include a bit more bio info and also to include the cyborg implant.))

05-30-2006, 04:06 AM
one question, though. are we allowed limited, and i do mean limited, cyborg enhancements on our characters that would enhance reaction times slightly or a little something to enhance the adrenaline response (aka, the fight or flight response) to better enable logical and primitive parts of the brain to cooperate better??

I can't see a problem with that, After all we have pacemakers which control heart beat, why not have some attached to adrenal glands.

Also i edited my Character.

05-30-2006, 09:21 AM
thanks, man. i editted my characters bio slightly, and it should be the final edit.

05-30-2006, 12:43 PM
I've made a couple of slight edits also... the first to explain why I don't have a support staff and the second to allow for other equipment I might need depending on my mission.

05-30-2006, 01:24 PM
OK we'll give it a day or two to see if more want to join then we'll start.

05-30-2006, 03:46 PM
I suppose there isn't any playable villian parts in this? :)

05-30-2006, 03:55 PM
I suppose there isn't any playable villian parts in this? :)

No, only playable characters are the ghost agents.

05-30-2006, 05:12 PM
I believe that I am going to join shortly. Also, do the support staff aid the agents on the missions in combat?

05-30-2006, 05:26 PM
Name: John Ranger
Codename: Alpha
Nationality: British
Sex: Male
-2 M9
-1 MK 48 LMG
-1 Shot gun
- Multi Vision Binoculars w/ Nignt Vision & Infa red Options. w/ Camera and transmitter
-Combat Knife
Age 0-23
Older brother of an aspiring amademtic student. The parents devoted most of their love and time into her, leaving John was very little. John got less pocket money, less Christmas presants and forced to all the house chors. When John was old enough he left his home, he left Britain and moved to Hawaii where he was recruited as an NCIS (Naval Crinmal Investigation Service).

John continue to work as an NCIS for 2 years untill his career advanced into the Navy. From their he became a Navy Seal. After 5 years working as a Navy Seal without failing a single mission. He then went for a short break when he encounted the Organization. He was then hired to replace the other agent known as 'Alpha' who had recently died in combat.

31-Current day
Has had extensive training but has yet to go on a mission for the Organization.

05-31-2006, 05:04 AM
I believe that I am going to join shortly. Also, do the support staff aid the agents on the missions in combat?

@Niner_777 - The support staff are mearly the people who communicate with you via Radio or sat-link. They never enter the field and are there to simply relay information the agent may need. I.e they may have access to a city map and via a radio tell you how to quickly get to your agents E-vac location.

In general agents work alone in the field but may be required to work with other agent depending on the mission.

Although meant specifically for steven it will contain info of interest to all...

@Steven - The NCIS is mearly the Navy's police service and these officers are only given basic training in combat as their sole duty is to investigate crimminal activity within the Navy. Therefore it is highly unlikly that a member of this service will become a ghost agent as the 'Organization' are only looking for the best of the best (like the Men in Black but no aliens) in the field of espionage. If a member of the NCIS was to join he/she would be a member of the general support staff as an expert in forensics, U.S Navy procedure or international law.

Your Agent could have been a member of the NCIS but he still needs to show he has had training in the skills either self-taught (Like wildjedi's agent), as he/she was in a specal force (S.A.S, SEALS, Spetsnaz, etc.) or in a Secret Service (CIA, NSA, KGB, MI6, etc.). You are correct in the fact that they recruit new Ghost agents when one dies to keep the numbers up but your character seems to have been recruited out of pure coinciance. Although the 'organization' are known to recruit those who have found out about them (like Jammer) these are exceptions to the general rule that the secret of its existance must be kept at all cost and have killed to ensure this. In the case of jammer he was a highly skilled hacker and although a crimminal, the 'director' saw an opportunity that would only come around once and employed him to use his skills against the enemy.'

05-31-2006, 05:34 AM
In otherwords you want me to edit.Fine, I'll do it in a bit.

05-31-2006, 10:18 PM
Mya will end up with a support staff. In fact, it'll happen right at the start, if there's enough room for me to play a little. Here's the support staff info:

Name: Sara Murray
Nickname: N/A
Nationality: American
Sex: Female
Age: 27
__Height:5' 2"
__Body type: thin
__eye/hair colour: blue/brown
__normal clothing: casual clothes, all colors, paired with jeans and sneakers. Wears black-rimmed glasses for close work (like reading or computer work).
Bio: Sara is small, but once she has her goal in mind, she doesn't give up. Her determination is one thing that typically ensures success because she keeps at a problem when others would have given up. She's very smart and is a quick thinker.

Sara's most recent goal is to get Mya Lucas, Agent Phi to accept help from a support staff. She's convinced she can get Phi to take her on as support staff, but in their first couple of confrontations, she's come to realize it won't be easy. She knows a lot about Phi already, such as the fact that Phi rarely turns down a challenge. Because of this, she's ready to issue a rather rediculous challenge; she's going to challenge Phi to a computer game. If she wins, Phi has to take her on as support staff. If she looses, she'll ask to be hired as support staff to someone else.

Starmark, I'm going to need just a few posts to get Mya working with Sara. After that, we can move on.

06-01-2006, 04:05 AM
Starmark, I'm going to need just a few posts to get Mya working with Sara. After that, we can move on.

That will be fine, i intended to do A kind of prologue, like the opening scene in a Bond film. These will be entirly open to what you do providing you avoid mexico as thats where the main mission will take place.

Also in these bits you can have temporary control over other NPC Ghost agents who haven't been selected let if you need them.

I'll begin now but more can join if they want.


06-01-2006, 06:00 AM
I've editted again. Pm me if theirs anything I need to change.

06-01-2006, 12:24 PM
No need to change it's all good

06-01-2006, 02:40 PM
just so there isn't any confusion on those that are just now joining, it would be nice to include a list of the taken Greek Letter codenames in the first post. again, its just to eliminate confusion to those that would join later. ;)

06-03-2006, 12:22 AM
Name: Hugh Markinson
Codename: Theta
Nationality: American
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Appearance: Appearance. (http://www.straight.com/images/FF_Mens_Trends3_1914.jpg)
- M9 Handgun w/ Silencer option
- Standard Issue Comm equipment w/ GPS link
- Survival Knife

Bio: All activity has since been wiped away since he joined 'The Organization' but he had a wife, two sons, and he lived in the suburbs of Jersey as a rent-a-cop. He was widely renowned for his stealth ability and his stubbornness to use nothing but a pistol in combat. After three years on the force, a man approached him and offered him a position in 'The Organization' to train to be a top agent. 3 years of training put him in the ranks and set with the codename 'Theta'.

His skill with a pistol- accurate and dangerous beyond any other agent in the field. Only using his pistol, he is mostly put for stealth activities, as such he also brandishes a survival knife..

06-03-2006, 11:40 AM
Just a bit of impotant FYI i should have told you all a t the start but just forgotten.

The only permanant base of the 'Organization' is located on a small island in Hawaii, or more specifically under it. The island is little more than 300 meters across at it's widest point on the surface and has. The only structure on the island appears to be a moderate sized Tiki hutt in the center of the island, but in reality its the main entrance. The Tiki hutt has a elevator that will take you down to the underground base (around 400 meters below sea level), It also contains a room that will open and close the Helipad doors.

Next to the Tiki hutt is a small group of fake palm trees that sit on top of a large door that can slide open. When open a Helipad can raise and lower into a Large Chopper hanger that holds the 'Organizations' choppers (around 50 meters below sea level).

The Base itself contains rooms for all the agents and support staff, Control areas for the Support to keep in contact with the field, Various training rooms and shooting galleries, A single large mess hall, recreation area, The 'Directors' office and a level dedicated to labs for High tech weapons and equipment development.

On some occasions the 'Organization' will set up a temporary base if the support staff are needed to be closer to the feild.

06-03-2006, 03:15 PM
Thanks, Starmark. I was kinda wondering about that...

06-04-2006, 02:31 PM
ok, its my understanding that the agents report to nobody but the Director. however, i do have to wonder what the agents relationship is to the Director. Do they have the right to bust into his office with a complaint, or do they have to go through a secretary (or some form of an intermediate)??

06-04-2006, 02:39 PM
eerrrr do i have to think of everything, you're a pain in my ass stingerhs. :D only joking, don't ban me :(

We'll say he has a secertary know as 'the Secretary'... Just kidding, She'll be called miss jones and be like miss Moneypenny from the bond films.

06-04-2006, 02:52 PM
hehe, thanks. just something i'm curious about so i know how to approach my next post in the thread.

and if i could ban you, well, lets just say that you'd be on the bottom of my waiting list. :xp: