View Full Version : Any mods that add new recruits?

05-29-2006, 02:46 PM
I'm not sure, but can mods add new units (not replacing old ones)? And if so, are there mods adding new units to your party (giving you 10 or more people in your party?) Thanks

05-29-2006, 03:41 PM
No, they can't add new recruits without replacing (at least I don't think so from expierence). It has something to do with scripts or something like that. You can't add a brand new model with out replacing some already created character. I think....

05-29-2006, 06:14 PM
The number of people that comprise your party in the party selection screen is hard-coded 9 for k1 and 10 for k2. Now that said you can do routines like they did with K2 and have script triggers working with global variables to determine wether Handmaiden or Disicple join based on Gender and wether Mira or Hanharr join based upon Alignment. You can also build recruits from the ground up with there own appearance in the 2da files.(Remindes self to get back to that tutorial) Now much of the tricky part comes with the recruits interaction with the main character and the various modules. For example you can create a recruit with his/her own tag however it will have a duplicating recruit problem aboard the Ebon Hawk unless you do some indepth changes to the various ebonhawk modules and scripts related to NPC's to account for your new NPC. and if your doing this you might as well make some various changes to npc.2da. But alot of this requires alot of script work and editing that can be bypassed by simply using the tried and true methods of recruiting that we have.

In K1 Darth333 had a recruit spawning armband that allowed you to remove a standard partymember and replace it with a custom partymember and then later return the standard partymember. Now since the scripts used had a delete partymember funtion inbedded in them it meant you had to relevel up the original partymember when you got them back. This can also be bypassed with some fancy footwork scripting. I wish I had thought of this way back when I did recruit darkkender. Recruit Darkkender used the same technology as D333's mod however it's menu was driven by a datapad.

I guess what I'm saying is depending on the level of complexity and depth you want to go you can somewhat bypass much of the limitations we face and find creative backdoors. However for every backdoor you find be ready for unknown bugs and glitches.

I would recomend using tried and true methods unless you are planning a massive storyline mod.