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06-01-2006, 04:20 AM
We'll do a breif prolouge of around five or six posts each, as i said in the discussion thread think of if like an opening scene to a bond film. You can have a shoot out, can chase or whatever you want. Just stay out of mexico.

If you still want to join, just post a character sheet then jump right in.


The sun shone bright over the large canyon in the Australian desert, the heat was almost unbearable with the dry air. The only sign of civilization was some old tire tracks along a dirt road that ran down the length of the canyon. The tracks continued down the road until they veered off into the solid rock wall of the canyon

A lone man was walking down the road carrying an old Ak-47 under his arm while smoking a cigarette. He walked following the tracks up to the wall, after taking one last look around he threw his cigarette on the floor and stamped it out before knocking on the rocky wall. He took a few steps back and looked all around himself one more time.

A loud cranking noise echoed all around the canyon as the rocky wall began to slide off to the side. An entrance large enough to let three large trucks through at the same time began to appear as the wall moved. The ground was shaking as the massive wall moved and revealed large cogwheels were turning to move the canyon wall.

The noise and shaking caused by the moving door promptly stopped as the rock door had moved into the wall to its side. Two-dozen troops ran out of the entrance and spread out into the canyon proceeding two and three armoured cars. When all these soldiers and military vehicles has spread out around the canyon one man left and approached the original man who knocked on the door. The new man was wearing an old uniform, which dated back to the old soviet union of decades before.

At the top of the canyon opposite the base entrance laid Agent Xi under a camouflaged blanket. Xi was holding a sniper rifle and aiming it at the man dressed in the communists uniform, the sniper looked down the scope zoomed so he could see both the soviet and the man he was speaking to. The sniper raised his right hand to the side of the communications headset he was wearing and flick a small switch on the side.

“Looks like Intel were right.” The sniper spoke in a strong Scottish accent into his microphone.

“Yeah, you’re telling me. Can you zoom in on the guys face I’ll try and get an ID?” A German voice requested through the headphones. The sniper scope zoomed in on the Soviet’s face and held the position for a second. “Wow, You are looking at Russia’s most wanted, Nicolai Shenkov. Former KGB, he went rouge when communism collapsed, Killed many high profile supporters of democracy outthere. Hell, he took a shot at the president, Killed three bodyguards while he was at it.”

“What’s he doing here Jammer?” Xi asked

“That’s what you’re there to find out.” Jammer reminded. “Mission stands, infiltrate and retrieve all information.”

06-01-2006, 11:10 AM
Mya Lucas was not one to be afraid of anything, but some sights still made her cringe and wish to be somewhere else. One of these sights was Sara Murray, a sight Mya could barely see now; Sara's vertical challenge made her just slightly harder to see in a crowded corridor.

"Hey!" she yelled. "Phi!"

Mya sighed and stopped. There was certainly nothing wrong with Sara's vocal chords. "What is it, Murray? You know my answer to..."

"Support staff," Sara finished, coming to a stop right in front of Mya. "I know. Or at least, I know that's what you think. But I'm not giving up."

"So what'll it be this time?" Mya sighed. "You've come up with some harebrained idea of how to convince me I need you, is that it?" She shook her head. "Give it a rest, Murray. I work alone and I'm good at it."

"Maybe so," Sara agreed, "but you'd be better with me." Mya didn't look convinced and started to walk away. Sara knew it was time to issue the challenge.

"Ever hear of the game 'Scorched Earth'?" she called. Mya paused and shot an odd look at the shorter woman.

"Old game," she answered. Sara nodded.

"Old, but fun," she agreed. "A game of skill, strategy, and action."

"What's your point?" Mya asked suspiciously.

"Let's play a game," Sara said. "And make a bet on it. If I win, you have to take me on as support staff."

"And if I win?" Mya pressed.

"It won't happen," Sara chuckled, "but if it does, I'll stop bugging you about this."

Mya frowned thoughtfully. Then, she nodded. "You're on, Murray. Place and time?"

"My office," Sara answered. "Two hours from now."

"I'll be there," Mya said, nodding. Sara watched her go and turned to head back to her office.

06-01-2006, 02:55 PM
I hate rain, Kappa thought to himself. Especially in the jungle.

The jungle was downright thick, and now the mud was definately making things worse for Kappa. Kappa continued on a slow crawl in the prone position. His guille suit made him impossible to make out, especially amongst the dense foliage. Then again, the key to successful camoflague isn't to just simply blend in but rather to become one with your surroundings.

He had been stalking through the dense jungle this way for over eight hours, and now he was finally stopping to take a quick break to both check his position and to grab a quick bite of food. Moving slowly, he reached into a pocket and pulled out a quick ration bar. Taking off the wrapper, he ate it quickly for two reasons. one, it was just plain out nasty stuff. Uggh, this crap still tastes like, well, like crap, he thought. Second reason would be that he couldn't stop for long. He was also careful to pull out his canteen and gulped it down quickly.

Putting it back in the one pouch, Kappa then pulled out his comm gear. Equipped with a low light display, Kappa had to put on his night vision to see the screen. Pressing the "GPS" button, the unit paused for a moment and then displayed his location. 2.4 clicks from the target. Right on schedule. Putting the comm unit back into its spot, Kappa then quickly checked his guille suit.

Making sure that his guille suit was still emplaced with the proper surrounding foliage, Kappa then continued to stalk his way towards the target.

06-01-2006, 03:33 PM
The guard wearing the uniform of a 'private' army sat on a rock outside a small hovel built onto the side of the canyon wall. His Ak-47 hanged off a shoulder strap and rested in his lap ready to be grabbed if necisary. He reached into his pocket and took out a small cigarette box and taped the end to take one out, He took one and placed it in his mouth as he returned the box to his pocket. He looked down as he began to pat down his trouser pockets for his lighter when he noticed a hand with an active lighter move to is cigarette and lit it.

The smoker raised his head and looked up to see agent Xi holding the cigarette lighter.

"You should read the Box, Smoking Kills." Agent Xi said smiling. The Soldier looked puzzled before slowly bringing his hand down to grab his Ak-47. Without hesitation Xi thrusted the ignighted lighter into the left eye of the soldier causing him scream and raise his hands to his face. The agent threw down the lighter and grabbed the soldiers gun and twisted the strap whhile moving behind the soldiers back. Peter tightened the strap so it was all around the mans neck. The soldier began to choke as his weapons strap began to choke him, The soldier couldn't breath or even scream out for help as Xi strangled him. The soldier tried to grab the strap to pull it enougth so he could breath but Xi was to strong for him.

The Soldier soon stop struggling when his body went limp, Xi held the strap tight for a few more moments before he released it and let the man's body fall to the ground. The agent took the weapon and held it up to his face and smiled at the weapon.

"Ak-47, Can't beat the classics." Peter said to himself before walking over to the door in the hovel. He opened the door and found not what you would expecy from a house of a hermit, but a small metal walled room that led to a corridor that went down through the canyon wall. "There's always a back door."

06-01-2006, 06:06 PM
"I can't believe we're betting your career choices on an archaic computer game," Mya announced as she entered Sara's office.

"But you never turn down a challenge," Sara chuckled. "Especially not the intriguing ones."

"Have me all figured out, do you?" Mya challenged. Sara laughed.

"I've got bits and pieces worked out," she answered. "Now, when I win this game, I'll get to see how you react in combat and..."

"Support staff doesn't go on the job," Mya interrupted.

"We see what you see," Sara answered. "Or at least we will be soon. Don't tell me you haven't heard of the contact cameras."

Mya scowled. "I haven't."

"It's a camera embedded in a contact lens," Sara explained. "It works both ways, actually, so I can see what you see and you can pull up any information you need on the job."

"Let me guess," Mya said, frowning thoughtfully, "it's controlled by my mind, yes?"

"That's right," Sara agreed. "Now let's get down to business."

"Funny you'd call a game 'business'," Mya observed, taking a seat next to Sara and glancing at the screen. "So you're the expert on this. How do we play?"

"It's simple gameplay," Sara said, donning her glasses and scooting a little closer to the computer. "First, type in your name. Then, pick a tank..."


Five rounds later, Mya had won the game, Sara was visibly depressed, and a young messenger poked his head through the door.

"Agent Phi?" he said hesitantly. Mya nodded. "You are to report to the briefing room."

"A new mission, eh?" Mya asked. The messenger shrugged. Mya stood and Sara put her head in her hands.

"You're moping," Mya told her. "It's counterproductive." After a second of silence, she added, "Well? Are you coming?"

Startled, Sara looked up. "You beat me. I promised not to..."

"You proved that you have courage and that you're a bit reckless," Mya interrupted. "You've convinced me to like you. Now come on... before you make us late."

Still a little puzzled, Sara rose from her chair and followed Mya out of the office.

06-01-2006, 07:32 PM
Just up ahead, Kappa could see the trees beginning to thin out, and that meant the ledge was just ahead. Very slowly, Kappa reached behind his back and pulled on the strap that was attached to his pack. After a bit, the butt end of the waterproof rifle case was within reach, and Kappa was able to slowly pull it up to a position that he could open it.

The soft case was covered in guille material, foliage, and mud, of which the latter two were placed on the rifle case both by the act of dragging it as well as Kappa putting it on the case. Very slowly, Kappa then began to open the case. Inside was his fully assembled Barrett 95M rifle. Very slowly, he pulled it out and began to fit pieces of foliage around the rifle in various spots to help conceal it along with his guille suit. Propping it up on its stand for a moment, Kappa then placed the OICW into the case for safe keeping.

After slowly and quietly zipping the case back up, Kappa then continued towards the ledge. After a couple of minutes, Kappa was in position so that he was just barely peaking out of a bush along with his rifle. Activating his uplink/downlink comm, Kappa then whispered into the small mic, "Maiden, this is Kappa. Come in Maiden."

"Maiden here, Kappa. What's your status, over?"

"Maiden, I'm in position. Activating scope uplink now. Do you have a feed, over?" he stated as he flipped a switch on the right side of the scope to activate the camera.

"Roger Kappa, I have the feed. Standby," she stated.

In a private office, Amanda studied the viewscreen. From the scope's feed, she could make out a camp of some sort just below. After studying the screen a bit, she then compared it to several sattelite photos on her desk. It was a match.

"Kappa, this is Maiden. I have confirmed the target area. Begin Eagle Eye, over."

"Roger Maiden. Kappa out," he stated as he more closedly began to study the view inside the scope. The name 'Eagle Eye' was nothing more than a code word that meant to scout the area and to eye targets of opportunity. Through the scope, Kappa studied the camp a bit more closely. Although he had seen the sattelite photos just before he left, Kappa still wanted to get a feel from this vantage point of the camp.

There were four half-barrel shaped tents below covered in camo netting arrayed around a central helopad in a square shape. Just a couple of meters from the helopad, a lone fuel truck was parked next to a couple of 50 gallon fuel barrels. Two machine gun nests guarded a pathway that led into the jungle while four guard towers were arrayed around the camp. Each tower was manned by four men each with at least one on watch while the other either dozed off, played cards, or read a magazine. Each machine gun nest was manned by three men each, and Kappa was able to identify the machine guns as some old M60's. American equipment?? That's a bit unusual, Kappa thought to himself. From what he could make out, all of the men below were armed with M4 Assault Rifles and some form of a pistol sidearm. Probably 9mm's, he thought.

Looking out of the scope, Kappa noticed that the sun was finally about to set. The rain had been almost constant, but just an hour ago, a break in the weather had brought out the sizzling sun. With the sun about to dissappear over the horizen, that meant that Kappa's time to hunt was about to come to pass.

06-02-2006, 04:45 AM
The inside of the Canyon base was a micture of metal floors with rocky walls and ceilings held up by metal supports.Many soldiers and people wearing smart clothing were walking around the corridors of the bace. Peter also casually walked around the bace causing no suspicion as he wore the uniform of the guard he had killedand caried the mans weapon.

He had been following the people who wore the smart cloths hoping it would lead to the baces server room. His mission was to gather all information from the bace and agent Xi always found terrorists and other rebellious elements tended to keep everything on computers if they were availible.

Eventually he came to a door and wattched one women step up to it and swipe a card into a small panel on the right of the door. The noise of the door unlocking could be heard as the women pushed the door open and went through letting the door swung shut behind her. Peter walked up to the side panel then began to pat down the pockets in his jacket untill he felt somthing in the shape of a card. He took it out and quickly swiped it through only to see a red light breifly flash on the panel, He repeated the process only to get the red light to flash once more.

Xi heard the sound of foot steps coming towards his so he quickly rushed round a nearby corner and waited. The footsteps came from a man who swiped his card in the panel then walked in. Without hesitation Peter rushed round and stopped the door from closing and locking behind the man. Xi fully opened the door and stepped through.

The Agent walked through the large white walled room, it was full of personal computers and large servers spread out through the room. Peter found a computer unoccupied and out of the way, It was already on and running and logged into the username. Xi stook out a small device that looked like a moderate sized memory stick and attached it to one of the USB ports, opening the USB through the computer a pop-up appeared with the words 'Download & Purge' and two buttons one with 'Ok and the other with 'Cancel'. Xi moved the mouse cursor over the 'Ok' button and clicked. 'Downloading Data.' poped up on the screen with a small cslow filling bar, after five minets the bar was full and a new popup and bar appeared with 'Uploading Purge Programme'. This bar quickly filled so Xi took it out and began to walk out the room.

The computers in all the 'office area' began to flash and go wavy for a few moments before they went blank. As Xi walked out he heard people complaining in various differant languages.

He walked towards the way he came in before, when he was close he heard the sound of a large number of people by the backdoor.

"Repeat... Rodriguez was found dead and stripped of his uniform and weapon." A soldier said over his radio. "we are ordered to shoot anyone who comes up those stairs."

This caused Xi to quickly stopped and turn, His new plan was to attempt to leave through the front door.

06-02-2006, 11:13 PM
As the time passed and the Sun settled over the horizen, Kappa tracked several of the men below as some of them moved about the camp. A watch change had also occured in a staggered time frame where one post would shift and then another post would shift in 5 min. intervals. Doing a brief count, Kappa estimated that a total of at least 48 men assigned to the guard towers and machine gun nests plus or minus a couple of men that were in charge or running comm gear. Wait a sec, comm gear, Kappa thought to himself as an idea formed up.

"Maiden, this is Kappa. Is the Listener in place, over?" he asked over the comm. What he meant by Listener was a very sophisticated aircraft that was equipped with very, very sensitive radio recievers. Although the Organization didn't directly own and operate the aircraft, they did have an operative infiltrated on the aircraft that was providing an uplink to Maiden's office.

"Negative, Kappa. The Listener has been delayed by about 4 hours. Yankee was a bit uncooperative in getting a launch, over," she replied. That meant that the American Air Force (Yankee) had run into some kind of a problem and had delayed the flight. Since they weren't aware of the operation, it didn't matter much to them.

"Roger Maiden, Kappa out," he replied a bit disappointed.

About an hour later, Kappa smiled to himself. Clouds had rolled in, and light from either the stars or moon had been covered up. With the night vision activated in the scope, Kappa then studied the men to see if they had low-light gear. One man per post was equipped with some sort of night-vision goggles, but the others weren't. Another hindrence to them was the small lights they used to see the tables or read. If he took out the ones with the night-vision goggles first, they would have a very difficult time finding him in the dark.

Finally, Kappa picked up the noise of a helocopter in the distance. Looking below, one of the men turned on a set of lights on the helopad to light it up for the pilot. In the distance, Kappa then picked up a set of lights appearing over the trees. Looking through the scope, Kappa picked up a small helocopter heading towards the camp.

"Maiden, this is Kappa. Prey is coming into the zone, over," he stated.

"Roger Kappa, I have your visual. Continue to eye Prey until he enters the zone. Then, you must disable Prey before it can leave with the Target, over," she replied. Prey was the callsign for the helocopter while the Target referred to Kappa's actual purpose for beginning his assault, but to complicate matters, Maiden had just ordered Kappa to disable the helocopter and not destroy it.

"Please confirm Maiden; you want me to disable Prey, over?" he asked.

"That's affirmative, Kappa. The Director has just ordered that the Target is to be taken alive if possible. Before you can capture him, you must disable Prey to prevent an escape. Are your orders clear, over?"

"Roger Maiden, I'm clear. Proceeding with the mission, out," Kappa stated. He hated it whenever the mission was changed right in the middle of the operation. Oh well, now wasn't the time to worry about it.

As the helocopter came to a hover over the pad, it gently decended downwards until it touched down. As it touched down, the engines began to wind down and the blades began to come to a halt. Two men exited the copter, and Kappa eyed them both through the scope. The first man he didn't recognize, but the second one was definately the target. Both of them went into one of the half-barrel tents. Now to disable the chopper, Kappa thought.

Knowing a bit on the weak points of a chopper, Kappa noticed that it was a single-engine chopper, which meant that with it gone, the chopper was done for. Carefully reaching back with his right hand, Kappa felt for the bolt, and he then carefully pulled it up and then backward. Feeling a light click, Kappa then slid the bolt back forward to chamber the first round. Once the round was chambered and the bolt was locked in place, Kappa then concentrated on where he wanted to punch the .50 caliber hole in the engine. Although Kappa didn't realize it, his breathing began to slow and even his heartbeat began to slow as he prepared to fire. His right index finger then felt for and quickly found the trigger. Slowly and deliberately, Kappa began to delicately put pressure on the trigger. As the trigger began to move backwards, Kappa held in his last breath to make sure the gun wouldn't wobble even a micrometer. Suddenly, the gun fired in a small explosion. Although the powder in the round had been designed to emit a less intense flash, it still temporarily blinded the view in the scope. And the sound of the gun going off was incredibly loud.

Zooming out slightly, Kappa noticed that the round had penetrated the engine exactly where he had wanted it to be. Something he noticed was a flurry of increased activity below. The guards below had definately heard the shot, although Kappa could tell that they didn't know where it came from or what it had been aimed at.

Picking out a man in one of the towers wearing night-vision goggles, Kappa then zoomed in and activated the range finder. Adjusting the scope for the distance, Kappa then carefully cocked back the bolt. Carefully removing the case from the first round, Kappa then loaded the next round into the chamber. Once again, his breathing and his heartrate slowed as he concentrated on the target, specifically the head so that he could take out both the guard and the goggles. Again, he slowly put pressure on the trigger and held his breath at the last second. An explosion once again rang out as the rifle fired off another round. Zooming out, Kappa noticed that the man he just shot was on the floor of the guard tower.

Kappa then repeated the process once more as he noticed that the men below still didn't know where the two shots had come from. However, they now knew that somebody was firing at them, and they began to hunker down behind sandbags. Like that's going to help them, Kappa thought. Indeed, there wasn't much a sand bag was going to do to stop a .50 cal round from the rifle. Picking out another man with night-vision goggles, Kappa then killed him as well.

Three shots later, and three more of the night-vision goggle equipped men where now dead. However, the clip for the rifle was now empty. Carefully and quietly, Kappa removed it from the back of the rifle and replaced it with a new one from his pocket. Looking below, however, Kappa knew that he needed to change his position. Already, several of the men below were looking in his direction. Although they didn't know exactly where he was, if he fired a shot off, then they would know where he was. However, it wasn't them sending a small squad to get him that worried him. Rather it was the M60 machine guns that did. Those guns did have good range to them, and two of them could fill his location full of a spread of hurt.

Moving deliberately and carefully, Kappa then moved down the ridge to a secondary location he had spotted earlier. It took him quite a while to get to that spot since he knew that he would be in plain sight of anyone below that had a scope and low-light gear. Once he reached the spot, Kappa then eyed the camp through the scope once again. The excitement had died down since he moved, but they were still very alert. Only one of the men below still had night-vision goggles on, and that was all Kappa would need to make sure the whole camp would have to find him while flailing in the dark.

Again, Kappa eyed the target and chambered a new round into the rifle. Taking aim, Kappa then took out the last man that had the night-vision goggles on. With yet another explosion, the men below now had to rely on their natural night vision to find Kappa. Studying the reaction to the last shot, Kappa once again noticed that they were motioning in his general direction. That's whenever Kappa noticed something that made his heart jump just a bit: two of the guards were starting to man the M60's. A bit more quickly this time, Kappa reloaded a new round into the chamber and took aim at one of the M60's themselves. After adjusting for distance, Kappa pulled off another shot just as the other M60 opened fire.

The time difference with the flashes from the M60 and the bullets zipping by overhead was momentarily facinating to Kappa. However, those bullets going by overhead meant that the man firing at him was aiming too high. To make sure that the M60 couldn't bother him anymore, Kappa then prepared to take it out as well. Following the same sequence, Kappa then fired the shot that disabled the M60. Knowing full and well that they would now be inclined to send men towards his position, Kappa then exchanged the Barret for the OICW and started to stalk into the forest below.

06-03-2006, 12:39 AM
I Hope this is alright. I understood the setting, so I just went with it.. Technically, Hugh is in range for Kappa to radio in for help, but it's your choice. They're in the same jungle. Although Hugh is on a different mission.))

"So.. you're wanting me to come with you?" Hugh said, taking the last drag of his cigarette and putting it out on his arm, grinding it into the flesh on his forearm. "Yes, Agent Theta. I heard you were one of the best, I thought i'd as-" Hugh interrupted, standing up. "I work alone, Jack." He walked past the man in the tux, walking out of his office in a small shack he had bought weeks earlier, prior to a mission in the Jungle.

He stopped outside his open door, taking a long breath of the outside air then continuing again. He touched his right ear with an index finger, tapping on a small one-way radio. "He nodded as a long stream of beeps and whirrs came through. Seeing as he and Jack were the only one in the Jungle, other than another agent, the phone lines and radio transmissions were tapped heavily.

He dug around in his pocket and grabbed another cigarette, putting it into his mouth and grabbing a lighter from within his jacket, lighting the cigarette and slipping the lighter away, taking a long drag and letting the cigarette rest between his fingers on his left arm. "Well..." Jack said, walking up beside Hugh, nudging him. "Your mission, remember?" Hugh looked to Jack and flicked the lit cigarette on the ground next to him. "You're not my support, so leave me alone," Hugh said, walking forward and turning to the left towards a small cave with a hidden keypad.

He tapped in a few keys as the cave door slid open with a clang. He headed inside to the armory, walking to his own locker as the cave door slid closed behind him. He slipped on his clothing slowly. Three minutes later he walked out of the cave, wearing a tight black bodysuit with one holster on his right hip with his pistol in it, along with two belts below the holster on the same leg, clips of ammunition strapped along the length of two belts. Twenty clips in hole, and a 17 round mag in the pistol itself with the silencer strapped to the holster.

"Alright.." He said, looking up into the sky as the sun slowly drifted downward, setting. As soon as he saw the sun set, he sped off into the forest- a few words transmitting over his radio in his right ear, but he payed no attention.

06-03-2006, 01:43 AM
Four hours after Mya Lucas had abruptly announced Sara Murray as her support staff, she was in a helicopter over Canada and growing impatient with Murray's constant chatter through her earpiece.

"... you definitely beat me," Sara was saying, still talking about their shared computer game. Mya sighed. While most of Sara's words had been about the mission, she'd come back to the game again and again. "Most of your shots were bounced into me off the walls, but always a direct hit, jus' like your field work."

"If you want to get used to your new title, shut up about the game," Mya finally snapped, angling her head slightly so her voice could be picked up clearer through the microphone in her white jacket lapel, which was barely visible beneath the layer of black she was using to blend in with the night sky on her descent. "I'm ten minutes from drop-off. I can't have you constantly rattling in my ear about a game I clearly won."

Sara was silent for a moment. "Sorry," she apologized. "It's just a surprise."

"Yeah," Mya muttered. "But not a four hour surprise." Raising her voice and speaking into the mic again, she went on. "Your gameplay and our conversation during the game convinced me to like you. Don't ruin that now, Murray."

"Gotcha," Sara said, now sounding more professional. "Shock overcome." After five minutes, she spoke again. "I've been tracking your chopper through infrared satelite. You're at your drop point."

Mya nodded. "Noted, Murray." She rose and tapped the pilot on the shoulder.

"This is it?" he asked, peering out through the glass before him at the blackness of night. "I don't see anything."

Mya said nothing. From the Organization's base near Hawaii, she'd hitched a ride in a two-seat fighter jet out to an aircraft carrier off the coast of Canada. This US Navy pilot had flown her from there to where they were now. He had not been told who she was or why she was being flown in one general direction until she indicated it was time to stop. And Mya wasn't about to tell him anything more than he already knew. What he didn't know now couldn't be pried out of him later.

"Just stop the chopper," she told him. "And thank you."

He did as ordered simply because it was what he'd been told to do. Still wishing for a little more information about his mysterious passenger with higher clearance than his own, the pilot asked, "You jump much?"

"More than enough," Mya answered shortly, gripping the handle over the door as another occupant of the helicopter pulled it open.

"Don't look down," Sara teased. Mya rolled her eyes...

... and jumped. A few seconds later, after making sure she was completely clear of the helicopter, she pulled the cord, triggering her parachute. Sighing, she looked around and watched the helicopter leave. This would be the easiest part of this mission, Mya thought to herself. Smiling slightly, she nodded and glanced down again. It definitely got harder from here on out.

06-03-2006, 04:13 AM
Sirens from the canyon bases intruder alarm sounded while red lights flashed all around the base. Most of the troops were scrambling looking for the intruder keeping their weapons ready to fire. Peter, although is disguise, thought it would be best to keep low and out of sight while he slowly made his way to the secret entrance. He knew it was still open as the sound and vibrations caused by the movement of the rocky wall door had not been heard and felt.

Xi smiled to himself as he approached the door that led to the small loading and storage area that was located directly behind the movable wall. He had managed to get through without raising any suspicion that he may be the intruder so he began to casually open the door. On opening the door he looked behind him self to make sure he wasn’t being followed before looking out over the loading area.

The Agent found himself facing six soldiers who were all aiming their AK-47 at him, in between the soldiers stood the soviet.

“You are not one of my men.” He said in a strong Russian accent. “Put that rifle on floor.”

Peter complied by un-strapping the weapon and throwing it to the ground to his left, While doing this he quickly looked around the loading area and saw a fuel barrel only a few feet to the left of the soldiers.

“Now the pistol.” The Russian ordered pointing at the standard issue pistol all his men carry.

Xi slowly reached down towards the pistol, but he quickly hastened his speed and quickly drew the pistol and shot at the fuel barrel. The barrel exploded causing a shock wave that knocked all the men off their feet including the soviet. Peter ran to his right and grabbed the AK-47 as ran to get behind a crate for cover.

“Kill Him!!” Nicolai shouted as he tried to pull him self up. Weapons began to be shot at the agent as he dived behind the crate and rolled behind placing his back to it. Peter slowly looked behind crate for a way out when he noticed a truck was being refuelled and the pipe was connected to a large tank, with another quick look he saw a military motorcycle. He fired his own AK to give himself some cover as before leaping to the side while taking a grenade off his belt and throwing it at the truck.

“Grenade… Get out of here!” Someone shouted causing everyone to begin and run out of the main entrance. Xi ran over to the motorcycle and got on it and hit the accelerator, the bike quickly rode out of the entrance and Xi began to ride down the dirt road.

Three other cycles followed The Agent out and began to fire on him while he rode his bike in an evasive way. Xi could here an explosion right behind him and he knew that it was the fuel tank and truck exploding in the base. Peter grabbed his small comm. unit and attached it to his ear while still keeping his hand on the accelerator.

“I need an E-Vac now.” Xi shouted into the comm.

“Chopper is waiting for you at point 12.” Jammer informed.

“Ok tell him to hover over the canyon at that point.” Peter shouted turning his bike off of the dirt road towards a small path that led to the top of canyon, while he was still being followed by the three cyclists. He rode to the top and continued to accelerate at the top of the canyon while bullets from his pursuers kept flying near him. He then turned slightly so he was heading to the edge of the cliff he put himself into full acceleration as he raced towards the canyon edge.

A helicopter then raised out of the canyon where Xi was heading, a man with a mini-gun on the chopper began to fire on Xi’s pursuers as Xis bike flew off the cliff. Xi kicked off of the bike and reached out while flying through the air towards the chopper. He grabbed the helicopters ski and it began to fly up and away as he pulled himself up into it.

06-03-2006, 05:20 PM
((just so there isn't any confusion, the jungle i'm in is located on the eastern side of the Andes Mountains in Columbia, South America. sorry about not mentioning that earlier, so i'm sorry if that changes or conflicts with anything in your part, Xbx_Inthusiast.))

After stalking in the jungle for about an hour, Kappa could now hear yelling over the noise of the jungle. Although it wasn't much more than a couple of orders being shouted and some 'all clears' in Spanish, Kappa knew that he had to be a bit careful. These guys weren't likely to find him, especially without low-light gear, but if he started firing off rounds with his OICW, that wouldn't matter anymore.

Wanting to know his position relative to the camp, Kappa quickly consorted with the uplink device to check the GPS location. Kappa was a bit surprised to learn that he was within 20 meters of the camp. This jungle is way too thick, Kappa commented to himself. His orientation was on the side facing away from the now defunct M60's. Heading towards the camp, Kappa changed his stance from a prone position to a crouch. Moving deliberately and quietly, Kappa removed the guille suit. It was mostly a lot of netting, and it was going to make too much noise with all the cloth dragging in the brush. After the guille suit was removed, he carefully and quietly placed it over the Barret Rifle Case, but not before he removed a couple of spare OICW clips for both the 20mm attachment and the primary 5.56 rifle attached underneath. Placing a GPS locator inside the case, Kappa then concentrated on stalking towards the camp.

Slinging the rifle over his back, Kappa very carefully moved forwards. His goal was to avoid the patrolling guards, but if he had to, either one of his knives or the silenced P250 pistol would make short work of somebody that got in the way. Finally, he arrived at a clearing. With the nightvision activated, the camp was lit in a green hue, and Kappa could easily spot the patrolling guards.

Suddenly, gunfire erupted on the other side of the camp. Several of the guards quickly unslung their M4's and ran towards the source. More gunfire could be heard, and Kappa knew this was his chance. Sticking close to the outside perimeter of the camp, Kappa quickly made his way towards the target's tent.

06-03-2006, 07:55 PM
If you don't mind, i'd like for some character meeting of a sort. I'm more into rping with other people personally, and killing NPC's isn't my style.))

Hiding behind a tree, his stealth suit had been caked with dirt and riddled with small cuts from the razor weed he had to stalk through. Obviously he was seen and was under heavy fire, bullets striking trees and shattering the hardened bark, sending a large piece of wood soaring towards Hugh- it was either take the hit or return gunfire by diving out of the way.

That second, Hugh dived to the right of the tree, the wood staking itself into the tree where his head previously was. Theta rolled along the ground, withdrawing his pistol as he rolled into the shadows of an underbrush. "Damn.. who the hell wriled them up?!" He said, slithering to a tree and backing up against it. He brought the gun to his right hand and flicked his right index finger up to strike off the safety.

He peeked around the tree at the four men firing their M4's in his direction. He took note of the surroundings and the distance, trajectory, and the rate of fire of his pistol and he nodded, waiting until they brought their rifles down to reload. He took this opportunity and spun out to the right of the tree in a swat turn, firing off two bullets as he went, two bullets hitting one of the guards in the chest, knocking him backwards. The silencer was off of the pistol, so the loud, flat sound of the pistol alerted anyone nearby to his presence.

He completed the turn and backed up against a tree, flattening up against it and sliding down to the ground, sitting against it. He took a few breaths and peeked out, looking towards the remaining three men, once again taking in the environment. He slowly side-stepped away from the tree, facing them. He brought the gun in both hands and took great aim at one of the men. He pulled the trigger, quickly moving the gun slightly to the right, aimed at one of the wooden supports of the guard tower. He fired off three more rounds into the wood before spinning back behind the tree, the man he shot fell to his knees and landed on his back.

He counted the remaining rounds in his pistol. Twelve rounds was enough. He glanced around the tree at the guard tower as it started to wobble back and forth. He smirked as he slid back behind the tree, covering his head. Three seconds later the whole guard tower collapsed downward, sending the guard into the rubble, crushed. The light from the guard tower disappearing from sight. He took a few well earned breaths. His mission was still to get intel, but this has gone too far. "Damnit.." He mumbled under his breath, hitting the clip release button gently, catching the clip before it fell to the ground and slipping it in a small pouch on his belt, grabbing a new clip and sliding it in, closing the hatch and pulling the hammer back, listening for the satisfying click of the cocking mechanism.He reached down and snatched up the bullet casings from the ground and put them in the same pouch he had put the 1/4 empty clip.

06-03-2006, 09:42 PM
The helicopter had flown low, so it didn't take Phi long to touch down on the snow-covered ground of Northern Canada. Immediately, she unhooked the parachute and watched in partial amusement as the wind carried it away. One less thing to worry about burying. Quickly, she removed the layer of black she'd worn over top of the white clothing that would allow her to keep warm and blend in with the snow.

"You should be down now," Sara observed. "Down and nearly invisible. You buried the black suit yet?"

"Just finished that," Mya whispered into her lapel. "Now stop asking questions. Sound carries well out here."

She pushed forward, keeping low and as quiet as she could over the snow. After several minutes, she stopped and frowned. Into the lapel mic, she whispered, "Shouldn't I be there by now?"

"Satellite went out of range," Sara answered. "Give me about five minutes and another one'll be overhead."

"Five minutes?" Mya muttered. "I wanted to be there and out in five minutes." She continued crawling, unwilling to wait for Sara's satellite coverage. Then, the ground began to slant downward. And there it was.

"Whoa," Mya whispered. "It's bigger than it looks on paper."

"Not having second thoughts, are you?" Sara teased. Mya's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Shut it, Murray," she whispered. "I'm going in."

"Good," Sara chuckled. "Otherwise, the suicide mission of explaining to the Director what made you turn back when you were so close would be mine."

"You have no idea how much I love to please you," Mya murmured sarcastically, beginning the crawl down into the deep valley before her and toward a looming white hulk of a building that had been built there no more than a year ago.

06-03-2006, 11:23 PM
((if you don't mind, i already had something else i was planning on. hehe, the original plan was that the skittish guards were firing at a wild animal, but your entrance is fine. anyways, i'm going to just grab the target and leave. you're free to do whatever else you want in the camp.))

As Kappa made his way around towards the first tent, he peered into a window. There was nobody inside, so Kappa continued on around to the next tent. It was difficult to listen for enemy footsteps with so much fire going on, and Kappa suddenly stopped whenever he heard a different kind of gunfire: a pistol.

What the heck?? Did they run out of M4 clips or something?? Kappa thought to himself. Suddenly, a crashing sound indicated that something was going on. Peering around a corner, Kappa noticed that one of the guard towers had toppled over. In the chaos, Kappa suddenly spotted the target being escorted out to the one thing he hadn't spotted before: a Jeep parked behind one of the tents.

Kappa knew full and well that he needed to take out the target's bodyguards before he could capture him. Able to realize that a 20mm HE round from the OICW wasn't going to help matters, Kappa pulled out the P250 pistol. Quickly attaching the silencer, Kappa took aim at the two bodyguards. With three quick shots, both men were dead. Suddenly realizing what had happened, the target made a beeline for the Jeep. Making a quick decision, Kappa also ran towards the Jeep.

As the target reached the Jeep, Kappa performed a baseball slide under the Jeep and flew across the mud into the target's legs. Moving quickly, Kappa grabbed the target by the mouth to prevent him from yelling out while he held the P250 to his head. "Silencio, por favor," Kappa whispered into the man's ear. "Y no luche." (roughly means "Silence, please. And don't struggle.")

Carefully, Kappa dragged the target off into the woods. Quicly flipping the man over, Kappa held the P250 to the back of his head while his right knee pinned his hands to his back. Pulling out a set of pull-tie cuffs, Kappa quickly secured the target and then pulled out a syringe. Filled with a sedative, Kappa injected the target through his butt. Once he was out, Kappa carefully dragged him through the jungle back to his stash of supplies. "Maiden, this is Kappa. I have the target, but the target area is under heavy fire. Requesting a backup plan, over," Kappa stated through the uplink.

"Roger Kappa. There is a ground vehicle at the target area. Use that to proceed down a trail just ahead of the vehicle's current location. Keep me informed, Maiden out."

Quickly taking the supplies, Kappa made his way back to the Jeep. Taking the keys off of the target, Kappa very carefully and quietly unlocked the Jeep and placed both the target and his gear inside. The remaining guards were still a bit preoccupied, so they didn't see Kappa get in the drivers seat.

However, they did hear him start the Jeep, but before they could do anything, Kappa was heading down the narrow trail that led down the mountain. "Maiden, this is Kappa. I've procurred ground transportation, and I'm now heading down the trail. Requesting immidiate pickup, over."

"Roger Kappa. I'm setting a new checkpoint for you there. Zulu 56-niner will be en route there momentarily, over."

"10-4 Maiden. Do you have an ETA? Over."

"Roger Kappa. Zulu 56-niner's ETA is 10 min. You don't have much time, so make use of it. Maiden out."

Speeding down the trail was difficult with all the fresh mud, but Kappa had to make good time or he would miss the checkpoint. Suddenly, Kappa spotted lights on the trail ahead. That meant that the guards back at the camp had called for backup. Coming to a halt, Kappa grabbed the OICW from the passenger seat, got outside the Jeep, and knelt down in the mud. Looking through the scope, Kappa noticed that it was a large truck of some kind, and it was full of men carrying M4's. That meant that those men were open game.

Switching the selector on the OICW from the main rifle to the 20mm rifle, Kappa used the range finder to make sure he got a hit. Although they were closing on his position, Kappa adjusted for it and slowly squeezed the trigger. With a metallic explosion, the 20mm rifle fired the HE round. In an instant, the approaching truck blew in a massive fireball. Quickly getting back into the Jeep, Kappa floored it to make up for lost time.

After a couple of minutes, Kappa pulled into a clearing that was off the trail by about 10 meters. After about a minute, the sound of a helocopter was heard approaching, and a Blackhawk appeared overhead within a minute. Lowering a line, the Blackhawk's crew first loaded the target into the aircraft, then they loaded Kappa and his gear. Before he could even strap himself in, the helocopter rapidly headed off. Sighing a bit to himself, Kappa then radioed in. "Maiden, this is Kappa. Mission Success. En route to Honolulu now. Kappa out."

06-04-2006, 01:33 AM
He peeked back over at the last man who was reloading his rifle, standing behind a small pile of rubbage. Hugh slid out from behind the tree and took great aim at the tip of the man's head that was peeking out from the top of the sand bag. He closed his right eye and levelled the barrel to the man's head. He pulled the trigger quickly, standing up a moment after brain matter and blood sprayed on the ground behind him.

Hugh began running at top speed, vaulting over small pieces of wood. He stopped near a hut and approached the door, knocking twice and spinning to the side, holstering his pistol and withdrawing his knife. Seconds later, a man began to speak heavy French and opened the door and stepped out. Hugh quickly stomped on the man's right back calf, making him fall backwards. Before the man had a chance to yell out, a hand covered his mouth and dragged him backwards. Hugh lifted his chin up with his free hand and brought the knife to his throat, dragging the man inside.

He kicked the door shut and stood the man up, keeping the knife's blade to the flesh on his neck. "Dites-moi où les documents sont, ou vous mourez," Hugh said tightening the grip on his neck and moving his hand from the man's mouth."Je ne vous dis pas la merde," the man spat out. Hugh dragged the knife across the man's throat and threw him to the side, sighing and walking forward, slinging off the blood on the knife and sheathing it.

Hugh began to search through a drawer nearby, finally finding a small folder labelled 'Confidentiel.' Hugh kept the folder in his right arm and headed out the door, only to be greeted by twelve militians, aiming their rifles at him. "Damn.." Hugh said, ducking and rolling back into the hut, bullets flying every direction. He quickly made the decision to dive out a nearby window. He rolled along the ground and ran forward into the jungle, men still firing at him and giving chase.

He began to hear the rumble of an engine. He turned around and saw a jeep driving towards him. "****..." He said, diving forward and flattening out on the ground, M60 machine gun fire blowing over his head as the jeep began to drive nearby. Hugh quickly took this opportunity and rolled to the side, withdrawing his knife and diving towards the jeep, still on the ground. He lodged the knife into the back left tire and rolled into the grass as the jeep stuttered and started to grind against the rocky ground, finally loosing control and smashing into a tree, exploding on contact, bullets exploding from the turret onboard.

Hugh got to his feet and took off running towards a clearing. He touched his earpiece. "Agent Theta requesting E-Vac immediately. High priority," he said, finally losing the men near a stream. He slid down into the stream and kept his feet above water, flattening up against the ravine and becoming invisible once more.

06-04-2006, 03:35 AM
The German hacker stood just outside a Tiki hut, which was the secret entrance to the 'organization' base,on the small hawiian island. He watched as the palm trees began to seperate and slide across the ground to reveal the helipad. One of the organization Helicopters was approachingand obviously preparing to lang on the newly revealed landing pad.

The helicopter touched down and without hesitation the side door opened and Agent Xi stepped out and ran too his support staff while keeping his head low.

"So, You couldn't go one mission without blowing somthing up." The hacker said with a slightly sinister grin. Peter just reached into his pocket and took out a $100 note and handed it to Jammer, who greedily accepted.

"Well i wouldn't have had to if that purge programme didn't kick in early." Peter said as they both began to walk towards the hut. "There was no time dely it began instantly."

"Realy" Jammer Replied still smiling "Well i'll look at the programme. When i'm checking the data you retreived."

"Here!" Peter handed His support the memory stick. "I hope it was worth destroying for."

"Yeah, It should be." Oh and the Lab boyz wanted to see you about somthing."

"What?" Peter said as they entered the hut and got in the elevator down to the base.

"Hell knows, probably want you to there one of yeah toys."

06-05-2006, 02:10 AM
(I guess i'll post, seeing as it'll take awhile for Stringerhs to post :P)

He stayed in his position, several rounds flying past his head and hitting nearby bushes and tree trunks. He carefully started to slide along the side of the ravine, trying not to make the least bit of sound along the way. He kept moving until he positioned himself under a log that was across the stream, like a bridge. There was a small little dam to his right, but that wouldn't do him any good to hide there.

Hugh began to hear footsteps quickly patting their way towards him, then into the stream, standing in the spot he previously was. He quickly grabbed the log, withdrawing his knife and planting it in the side of it, latching onto the log horizontally and holding on to the knife at the same time, listening quietly for footsteps or talking. Soon, the noise quieted down and he slowly got down from the log, withdrawing his knife and starting to put it away when he stood up and was greeted with an M4 barrel to his forehead.

"Hé garçons..." Hugh said, slowly standing up to his full height. He heard the faint sound of a chopper and watched as the man holding him hostage looked up- he obviously heard it to. Hugh took this opportunity and grabbed the gun by the casing, sinking the knife deep into the man's right thigh. He twirled the rifle in the man's hand, breaking the finger that was on the trigger, sending off three rounds into the air. He slugged the man twice in the right cheek before wrestling the gun away from the man and slamming the butt of the rifle into the side of the guerilla's face, knocking him over.

Hugh quickly took off toward the clearing he had noticed before. He heard the chopper overhead and it began to descend. As the chopper neared the ground, a man from inside slung the sliding doors open and dropped a rope ladder, signaling for the pilot to take off. Hugh charged for the ladder and grabbed onto the last rung sideways with his right hand, firing off a few rounds into the gathering crowd of men below with the rifle he held in free left hand. Quickly he threw the rifle down as he was clear over the trees and began to climb up the ladder.

He managed to slither inside and lay on the chopper's floor for a moment before standing up and sitting on a small bench within the chopper, unstrapping his gear and setting the folder he had tucked away on his belt on the bench next to him. He pulled out his earpiece and sighed, strapping himself in and relaxing a little bit. "Mission Accomplished, Agent Theta." He heard faintly from the earpiece dangling from his right ear. He looked around, then at the pilot and breathed heavily. "Better be..." He mumbled under his breath as the chopper cleared the jungle.

06-05-2006, 01:34 PM
"Good morning, Miss Jones," Kappa stated as he entered the small office inside the Organization's HQ.

"Kappa, good to see you. Here's your debriefing. The Director sends his reguards for a job well done," she replied as she handed him a file.

""A job well done?" I guess I did my best considering the objectives changed in the middle of the mission as well as another agent being sent to the exact same target area without my approval nor coordination."

"Is that yet another complaint, Dominik?"

"Da. It's starting to get a bit old, having to complain all the time. But if the jobs can't be handled professionally at the top level, then how can I handle the jobs professionally?"

"I know; I know. Its just that there are few times where you don't want to file a complaint with the Director. Couldn't you just back off for once?? The entire Organization holds you in such high regard."

"I realize that, but this mission was a bit too different. If this was a basic logistics problem, like the Listener plane that couldn't be in position, I wouldn't bother complaining this time. But sending two agents to the same target area at the same time without coordination is inexcusable."

"Alright, well, here's the form. I think you know what to do from here, Dominik," Miss Jones stated as she opened her desk and handed Kappa a form.

"Thank you, Miss Jones. I'm sorry you have to put up with sort of thing," Kappa stated calmly.

06-05-2006, 02:08 PM
Peter got off one of the internal elevators inside the secret base, he only took a few steps before he heard the familliar voice of the main inventor. "Hey, Hey if it ain't my Tartan friend."

Peter turned around to see the young inventor who wore a bright Hawaiian shirt over his labcoat. Although only 26, William 'Zip' Tennant, was considered to be the most intelligent and inventive person in the world. He had graduated from cambridge university at the age of 7 and since then had worked on the cutting edge of most scientific research. Unfortunitly he knew all this and was extreamly arrogant about it. If you were to meet him you would think he was a professional surfer by the way he dresses moves and talks. All this combined creates a general 'Love him or heat him' relationship, and Peter Mcowen hated him.

"Yes Zip." Peter said not hiding his frustration.

"Hey man have i got the stuff for you." Zip said holding out a syringe with a blue liquid inside it.

"You're not trying to make high are ya."

"No way man, infact this will do the opposite." He said grinning. "See i know how you Scots like your drinks, and this will stop you getting drunk."


"It stops the alcohol getting into the blood, You can drink all day and night and you'll be as sober as a preist sunday."

"Well is great as that sound, Got anything else."

"Hell yeah, but not now thats for later."

"so you called me here just for that."

"Yeah" Zip said laughing

06-05-2006, 03:42 PM
((I seem to be slightly late in finishing up my mission, so here's a nice LOOONG post :D ))

Mya found the building's security surprisingly lax. There were no locks on the doors, no security passes required, and no guards. It was almost like they felt that, if you could find the place, you were supposed to be here anyway. She smirked though, realizing that, if she were to step through the door dressed entirely in white, they wouldn't be so willing to let her continue. Just outside the door, she removed her white layer, revealing a uniform of some sort.

Satisfied, she pulled the door open and stepped in. There was a guard on the other side, a rather surprised guard.

"We weren't expecting an inspection," he objected, staring at Mya. She frowned and handed him a slip of paper.

"I guess they decided not to send this to you then," she said. "But really, if you need a warning of our inspections, perhaps this place should be shut down for failure to follow procedure."

"You wouldn't suggest that, would you?" a man at the other end of the corridor asked. Mya turned to him and shrugged.

"You tell me, Admiral," she challenged. "Is your facility up to standards all the time? Or do your men shape up when they know an inspector is arriving?"

"If you tell our government what you see here, I will be sure that you loose your job," he warned. A tight smile crossed Mya's face.

"You don't have the power," she told him. "Let me pass."

Wordlessly, he stepped aside to let her pass and fell in behind her.

"Kitchen first?" he asked, eyeing her back. She turned and glared at him as he continued. "Start where they all do?"

"I'll start where they all do," Mya agreed, "but it's not the kitchen and you know it." A slow smile came to her face. "You don't trust me. You think that perhaps I'm someone assigned to infiltrate, gather information of what's going on here, and report to someone else?"

"The thought crossed my mind," the Admiral admitted.

"I know what's going on here," Mya retorted, rolling her eyes. "It's a surprise inspection here, alright? We're trying to keep you on your toes."

"I'm always on my toes," the Admiral grinned. Mya pointed to a nearby door.

"Your office," she ordered. "Now."

Wordlessly, the Admiral obeyed. Mya followed him in, frowning. Suddenly, Sara's voice spoke up in Mya's ear.

"Hold it!" she protested. "Jamming devices aren't active yet. You kill him now, they'll see it done."

"As you can see," the Admiral said, taking a seat behind his desk, "Everything is in perfect order."

"Turn your computer this way, please," Mya ordered. The Admiral tensed slightly.

"Nobody else asks for that," he objected. Mya glared at him.

"Home's making some slight changes to the inspection," she told him. "Now turn it this way."

"Jamming is on," Sara said, breathing a sigh of relief. "Take him down."

Without a word, Mya stood and acted as though she were reaching for the computer, which the Admmiral was still hesitant to move. He leaned forward, intending to stop her. Too late he realized that she was not reaching for his computer. A sharp stinging sensation ripped through his neck, but was quickly followed by numbness as the shot Mya had given him took effect.

"Now, I'll be taking that computer," she told him, watching for a moment as he slumped into the chair. Sighing, she removed the bag from her back and withdrew a computer from it. This computer was identical to the Admiral's only by its exterior. The internal workings were a bomb, a bomb that would activate once the Admiral woke and tried to turn his computer on. Mya took the Admiral's real computer and slipped it into her bag. Satisfied, she turned to leave.

The corridor outside the Admiral's office was in chaos.

"What's happening?" she demanded of a passing soldier.

"Internal security just went offline," he admitted. "We don't know the cause."

Mya sighed. "I guess my inspection will have to wait."

"I know you have to follow protocol, ma'am," the soldier said. "I'll get you to our garage. Take your pick of the vehicles and get out of here."

"Quickly, please," Mya urged. "If somebody's found out about this place, I hardly think Home would want one of their inspectors caught in the rubble."

"I hope it doesn't come to rubble," the soldier confided. Mya nodded.

Less than a minute later, she selected a Jeep Wrangler from the garage and got in.

"Stop her!" the Admiral screamed, entering the garage, stumbling a bit under the remaining effects of the shot Mya gave him. "She did somethin' in my office!"

The Jeep roared to life and lurched forward, ploughing over two guards and out through the open door. Grinning, Mya reached into her bag and retrieved one of her M9's. Placing it in her lap, she reached into the bag again, this time grabbing a slim headset, flicking a switch and putting it on.

"We're in business, Murray," she announced. "Got the Admiral's computer, placed the bomb, and got us a new toy."

"Some sort of vehicle, I assume," Sara said. "Since you'd need one to get where you're going as fast as we'd like you to."

Mya laughed. "Yeah," she agreed. "They practically gave it to me."

"Then, I expect they'll be wanting it back," Sara observed. Bullets pinged off the Jeep.

"Or destroyed," Mya suggested, rolling down the window and slamming on the breaks. "Blow the bomb."

Seconds later, there was a muffled boom, followed by the building's collapse. Mya's pursuers, stared back at what had happened to their base. Taking advantage of their shock, Mya shot two of them. Then, she spun the Jeep around and rammed the third. His snowmobile flew backward with a sickening crunch, falling on top of him and pinning him to the ground.

"Phi coming home," Mya announced. "Our toy's a little banged up, but still runs great."

"So what were they doing in there?" Sara wondered. Mya chuckled.

"That's what you get to figure out," she said.

06-05-2006, 04:22 PM
((Ok guys to give Phi and Theta a chance to get back to the bace we'll say it's about 14 hours after the last posts. The director has called us four Agents (or five if steven turns up) two his office, we've been told it's urgent and that's all. I'll control the Director.))

Agent Xi stepped into the small office of the 'Directors' Secretary, Miss Jones. He smiled at the uniformed women who looked up at Xi as he shut the door pehind him.

"Hello Pete."

"Hello Miss Jones, Now tell me why we arn't having drink at one of those Tiki bars?" Peter Asked sitting on the edge of her desk.

"Well don't take it personally but i don't drink with dead people." She replied.

"Oh thats... thats..."

"Miss Jones, Please tell Agent Xi to come in." The 'Director Interupted through the intercom. Miss jones just smiled and held her hand out towards the door.

Xi stood up and walked into the directors office, The diredtor nodded and looked over at chair. Peter Walked over to it and sat down.

06-05-2006, 04:36 PM
"He's got good security, I'll give him that," Sara Murray observed, tapping away at the Admiral's laptop. "But I can crack it. Give me an hour."

Mya nodded. "You have the time. I'm called for a meeting with the Director."

"Sounds like fun," Sara chuckled. "See you in a bit."

Mya shrugged and left Sara's office. A little more than a minute later, Mya smiled at Miss Jones.

"Good morning, Mya," Miss Jones said cheerfully. Mya couldn't help but smile.

"You're a few hours late for that," she told the secretary. Miss Jones laughed.

"This coming from the woman who explained how it's always morning somewhere in the world," she teased. Mya chuckled.

"He ready for me?" she asked. Miss Jones nodded and Mya entered the Director's office. She stopped short just inside the room at the sight of the already seated Agent Xi, and three empty chairs.

"What's this?" she demanded, hands on her hips making her displeasure clear. Her tone of voice was enough to make any normal person wince... but these were not 'normal' people here. "A party?" She sighed at the Director's unwavering gaze and sat down next to Xi.

06-05-2006, 07:55 PM
As his chopper landed on a strange helipad that appeared between two palm trees (If i'm correct), he recieved an order to head to the directors office for a meeting over the chopper's intercom system. "Alright boys, it's been a pleasure," Hugh said, sliding out of the chopper and hopping to the ground. The pilot turned to look at Hugh and said,"what do I tell Jake abou the bet?" Hugh started walking, his back facing the pilot. "Tell that guy that he owes me three hundred."

Hugh stepped down from the helipad steps as the pad slowly closed behind him, the chopper lifting up and taking off into the hangar, landing in it's specified spot. He turned and headed towards the Tiki hutt. As he reached the door, he swung it open and stepped inside, pressing a small button that was designed to be a picture frame. Seconds later, the ground started to shake as it slowly carried him downward, into the base itself.

When the elevator met it's destination, he stepped off of it. The ground quickly rushed back up to the hutt, sliding back into place. I never will get used to that... He started walking down the entry hall, putting his palm on a small reader as it scanned it with a small red laser. The door slid open and over the intercom in his area he heard "Welcome Agent Theta." He just scoffed and walked through the doors, turning a corner and walking down a short hallway to the directors office, opening the door and walking in, leaning on the desk of the secretary with both arms crossed.

"So.." He said, the secretary didn't look up from her computer when she extended a pointed arm towards the door behind her. Hugh nodded and pushed away, walking to the door and opening it, walking in and shutting it behind him. "Well.... i'm here.."

((let's keep that kind of language off the boards. it may not offend you, but it could offend others. -stingerhs))

06-05-2006, 10:37 PM
After a while of some much needed relaxation, Kappa was about to head towards the firing range whenever the intercom light started flashing. Pressing the button, Kappa then said, "Kappa here."

"The Director would like to see you in his office for a briefing," Miss Jones stated over the com.

"A briefing? Darn it, I didn't even get some sleep in. Oh well, I'm on my way," Kappa replied as he depressed the intercom button. All this great technology in this place, and I still feel like I'm on Star Trek whenever I use that intercom, thought Kappa.

Making his way down the halls, Kappa arrived at the Director's Office and was a bit surprised to see the other agents in there. Sitting in an empty seat, Kappa was ready for the briefing to begin.

06-05-2006, 10:44 PM
(( My bad. I'm actually caucasian myself, I just thought it would be better in character. I thought wrong, heh. I went ahead and edited it. I'll keep your warning on there, if you want.))

06-06-2006, 01:20 PM
The director looked at the four agents and smiled. "Two days ago Agent Xi here broke into an unknown facility in the austrailian desert and Yesterday Agent Kappa managed to capture an officer of this mysterious army. The Data retreived from the base and interrorgating the hostage have not been that useful but there is one thing we got from both. The hostage mentioned mexico a few times and the information retreived showed various shippments of mined resources are being taking to a small village within the same country. I'm sending the four of you to investigate."

((Break for characters to comments))

06-06-2006, 02:39 PM
"The intel that I went to get might have mentioned Mexico."He said, moving to a seat. "How are you sure we'll even cooperate? We're used to being by ourselves," Hugh said, relaxing back in the chair.

06-06-2006, 02:47 PM
"*Some* of us are used to working alone. I, for one, actually prefer teamwork as it puts the odds squarely on our side instead of the opposition," Dominik stated rather sharply towards Hugh. He didn't have anything against him, but Dominik just didn't understand why some people wanted the odds against them to be so incredibly high.

"Anyways, this sounds like it might be a well coordinated job, for once."

06-06-2006, 02:58 PM
Before either Xi or Phi could reply to the others comments he stepped in. "It should be, Now we aren't exactly sure where the base is but the Village is our best clue, You need to investigate the area and the people. Find out what you can and further orders will be relayed through your support when i get to review your data."

"Wait!" Peter Interupted. "This sounds like a one man job and to be honest here my American and Russian friends here will just slow me down."

"Xi, you and Phi have a problem you can't see the benefits of working with a team. You have only ever worked with Christian and Phi has only recently taken support... You work with who i tell you to work with, thats final" The director confronted. "Now back to business, Collect your new identities from your support, they have already been breifed, you'll be shipped out in five hours.

06-06-2006, 06:28 PM
Hugh scoffed at Dominik and got up from his chair, heading out of the door. A man in a black suit walked up to him, Jack. "Agent Theta, here is your new identity. The director told me t-" Hugh snatched the small briefcase and walked past Jack. "Quit trying to be my support," he said, turning a corner and heading down that hall to the agent quarters.

06-08-2006, 01:12 AM
Phi listened absentmindedly as Sara Murray explained the cover identity she'd be using, even going so far as to explain the character's backstory. As she made her way through the high school years of 'Tara Stephens', Mya interrupted.

"The whole situation seems just a bit wierd," she said slowly. Sara shot her a puzzled look.

"What?" she asked innocently. "I was just describing Tara's... your angry outburst at your parents when they took away your driving privilages during your sophomore year."

"Hmm?" Mya murmured. It was her turn to be puzzled. Then, she frowned. "Oh, no. I meant how the Director assigned four agents to this mission."

"I think you've watched too many 007 movies," Sara commented. "One man against the world!" She shook her head. "It's just not true in real life."

"I've done fine without others' help," Mya objected. "Maybe 007 isn't that far off reality."

"You get lucky, you have superior technology," Sara said. "But there will come a time when the Organization can't afford all the high tech state of the art gear. When that time comes, I don't think even your skill and luck will help you enough... besides, you did finally bend and let me help you."

"I did that because I like your personality," Mya pointed out. "Not because I felt I needed you."

Sara smiled. "Perhaps we can change that." She sighed. "Nonetheless, the Director wants you working together. You may as well get to know them."

"And how they work," Mya agreed. "We'll be seeing a lot of one another in the future after all."


Mya didn't know much of the structure of the Organization's base. For this reason, she had to consult a map to discover where Xi's quarters were. Three hours had passed since the briefing with the Director, which left two hours in which to make an attempt to get to know the people she'd be working with.

"The objective here is information gathering," Sara's voice echoed in Mya's ear and Mya couldn't help but smile. Sara had suggested they treat the 'getting to know you' process like a mission... technology included. Mya knocked on the door and waited, wondering if Xi was even in the room...

06-08-2006, 01:50 AM
Hugh headed into his room, pressing a few keys into a keypad next to the door, sliding the door open. As he walked in, he closed the door and looked around, setting down the briefcase on his bunk and starting to unzip his stealth suit down to his ankles and slid it off, heading to a nearby dresser. He opened up the top dresser drawer and put his hand on a small reader that sat on a layer of tinted plexiglass, covering the drawer's contents.

As the glass slowly slid open to either side. He reached inside and grabbed a small white wife beater and a pair of dark brown khaki pants. He also snatched a pair of boxers and a towel before heading towards the private bathroom that was in his own room, opening the door and stepping inside, tossing his clothes on a small closed hamper and hanging his towel over the top of the shower door, stepping inside the circular tub.

He turned a small nob near the entrance of the tub and small vents popped out of the sides of the tub. Hot mist flowed out of each of the vents, steam pouring off of his body. Minutes later, he walked out of the bathroom, dressed in dark khaki pants and a baggy white wifebeater. He grabbed the briefcase and headed to his chair that sat infront of a three-screen computer monitor system. He plopped down on the leather seat and leaned back, resting his right foot on the right arm rest and folding his left leg under his right, setting the briefcase between his legs and opening it.

He pulled out a small case from within, tossing the briefcase to the ground and flipping up the LCD screen on the small box reading Abel Palani, pressing a small button as the screen flickered to life, a small keyboard sliding out of the base. He clicked a few buttons on the keyboard as a small video began to play. He paused it and grabbed a pair of earphones from behind him and slid them on, pressing play.

06-08-2006, 12:55 PM
As soon as the Meeting with the director ended Peter went strait to see his support member.

"So you're new name is Gordon McDougle." Jammer informed

"What? They couldn't think of anything better than that."

"Ha, Wait, and you're in... insuance."

"They should just have the word spy tatooed on my head."

"Ha, Yeah. So you're working with other people this time. I bet you're smiling about that."

"Well, I'm not going to do a Jig about it."

"Yeah i can imagine... and as i like to make this day that much better, you're friend Zip needs to see you." Jammer informed smiling

"Great." Peter said taking his new papers and the Extensive history his character has.
__________________________________________________ _______

"What is it Zip?" Peter asked stepping into the Labs.

"Hey, The Boss man asked me to Issue you with the new gear." Zip walked over to a table and signaled for peter to do the same. Peter looked down at the table and saw a mobile phone a couple of credit cards and some duracell AA and AAA batteries.

"Wow, you invented things that are in every household in the western world." Peter said sarcasticly.

"That's funny, but this stuff is made to be discreet." He picked up the Credit card "This is the most advance tracking device in the world." Zip hands peter the credit card so he's looking at the magnetic and signiture strips. "When you run your hand over the magnetic strip it activates the signal, It can be detected through thick led. The signiture strip becomes a strong adhesive when mixed with siliva."

Peter put the cards down and picked up the batteries, Zip quickly ripped them out of his hand "Careful, These are granades."

"A bit small arn't they." Peter observed.

"Yes, but they are strong, AA are frag and AAA cause an Emp pulse. You press the elevation at the positive ends to activate. They have a Ten second delay."

"And the phone?"

"That's a taser dart gun, It fires darts that will send an electric shoch into the body knocking them out cold for a couple of hours."

Agent Xi was in his room packing a small duffel bag full of clothes and placing his favourite guns in a metallic case that looked like a normal suitcase. He had put the new gadgets he took from zip in his bag when his door knocked. He opened it to see Agent Phi there.

"Phi, What have I done to earn the pleasure of your company?"

06-09-2006, 12:35 AM
Phi smiled slightly. "You share my views of this upcoming mission," she answered. "It's a one-agent job." Shrugging, she went on. "But the Director has spoken and four of us are going. I don't see the wisdom in going without first getting to know one another, since we'll be working together. And since I'm done packing and whatnot, here I am, trying to get to know the people I'll be working with."

06-09-2006, 12:23 PM
"Well, Come in then." Peter said standing to the side and jestering for her to come in with his hand. "So what do you want to know?"

06-09-2006, 02:06 PM
He set down the video box and sighed, getting up from his chair and looking around, then heading to his bunk, plopping down on the bed and resting, lying on his back.

06-09-2006, 02:24 PM
"Everything," Mya teased. "In ten minutes or less." She chuckled and shrugged. "But we'll start with something simple. You're called Xi. What was your name before the Organization? First, middle, and last, please."

06-09-2006, 02:27 PM
"Now this is beginning to sound like an Interrorgation." He jested as he took one of the seats in the room. "Peter... Peter McOwen and yours"

06-09-2006, 02:31 PM
"What, no middle name?" Mya teased. "As for me, I'm Mya Christine Lucas. Where were you from, Peter no-middle-name McOwen?"

06-09-2006, 02:35 PM
"Glasgow, Scotland or can't you tell by the accent." He thought for a second "Now can you do me a favor and cut all these tedious questions and get to what you really want to know. We do ship out in two hours you know."

06-09-2006, 02:39 PM
Mya laughed. "Yes, I know... and I still have two others to 'meet'. Alright, Xi. Hand to hand combat: what form do you favor?"

06-09-2006, 02:43 PM
"If i can help it, i don't get into that kind of combat. I'm a sniper and a infiltrator, i'm either a mile away of right behind 'em." He explained. "But the word is that your quite an expert in most forms."

06-09-2006, 03:26 PM
"We each have our own specialties," Mya agreed. "I do infiltration in a much different way, I believe. You slip in, making sure they don't know you're there. I take as much information as I can get and go in as one of them, rattling the walls, completing the mission, and leaving as one of them might." She shrugged. "In my way of doing things, I suppose it's helpful to have martial arts almost second nature."

"Ask him more personal questions," Sara challenged in Mya's ear. Mya ignored her.

"Talk to me about your favorite weapons and gadgets," she suggested instead.

"Wimp," Sara scoffed.

06-09-2006, 03:39 PM
"I tend to blow the place up when i leave. I use standard issue equipment, Nothing special, Just what Zip ive us, that's all i need." He looked around and opened the fridge and took out a small bottle of whiskey and poured a couple of glasses and held one out for Phi. "So let's get strait to business. I Joined The RAF as a jet Pilot when i was 18 i was good but not the best, During training one of the instructor noticed i had a talent with long range weapons. I honed it and decided to apply for the SAS, at the time i didn't think i stood a chance i was only 20 and no one that young ever got accepted, but i was. To cut a long story short i got in and went on many missions for five years, problem was i had some slight problems with teamwork, I only trust one person in the heat and it's me. Then one day i was approached by a women, She was a Scout for MI6, they made me an offer i couldn't refuse. I worked their untill this little organization was set up when our friend, the director, approached me. And that my career in a nutshell."

06-09-2006, 08:28 PM
Dominik shook his head as he got up from his chair. Not a person in the room was truely fit to work in a group, especially this Theta Agent. Hell, he's not even a great person to be around. No wonder he almost ruined the mission, Dominik thought.

As he turned and walked outside, Amanda rushed over. "Dominik, its good to see you. I trust the flight over the Pacific was okay," she stated nonchalantly.

"It wasn't bad. They could use some coffee brewers on those Blackhawks, though. You have the file?"

"Yes. Here you go, and if you don't mind, I went over it myself as per the usual."

"That's fine. Anything of interest?"

"Not much, Mr. Thomas Uwell. You were born in London, so make sure you use a good accent when your undercover."

"Not a problem," Dominik did in a very convincing Pierce Brosnan imitation.

"Good. Now you just have to worry about working with agents that have little disposition to working together. So, don't forget to have fun. I'll be running some intel to see what I can pull up on the mission. I'll catch you later."

"Sure. Don't forget that you still owe me a vodka martini," Kappa stated as they stopped in the hallway.

Smiling at the thought, Amanda turned to face Dominik. "You know, I had almost forgotten about that. Well, we have a couple of hours, and the intel can wait for the time being. Come on, I'll go ahead and get you that martini."

Turning around in the hallway, they headed down to the small bar in the HQ building.

06-10-2006, 12:02 AM
He yawned a little bit and got up from his bed, stretching a bit. He actually didn't get to sleep, he just laid there, staring at the monotone grey wall behind his bunk. He glanced at the clock on his computer, squinting, then sighing, walking to his computer chair and sitting in it. "Two hours 'till dustoff and not a damn thing to do.." He said with a sigh.

He pivoted in the chair to face the computer, grabbing the mouse and pulling up an FPS Military Training Simulator, one of his favorite things. He set a goal for himself to only use a pistol in this game, but he off and on sneaked in an Assault Rifle. He turned towards the monitor and began to play.

06-17-2006, 07:41 AM
"Sounds like a good career," Mya remarked. "And now you're in a business that, if you want to leave, there's only two ways out..." She pantomimed holding a rifle and shooting it at a wall. "In the field or by a sniper." She shrugged. "But I figure I'll stick around. The Director keeps giving me interesting jobs, I'll be satisfied."

She turned toward the door. "Thanks for being patient with me," she told him. "See you in a little under two hours."

06-17-2006, 08:18 AM
"Yeah i will." He said with a slightly sinister grin and walking over to the door to see Phi out. "Oh... And tell Sara Hi."

06-17-2006, 08:22 AM
Phi smirked. "Oh, I'll do that." With that, she headed off to find Kappa. On her way, she said into her collar, "Murray, Xi wanted me to tell you 'hi'."

"I heard him, wise ass," Sara retorted dryly. "Move along."

Mya chuckled and continued on her way.

06-17-2006, 09:48 AM
Sighing and switching off his game, he stood up, holding his stomach a little bit and heading over to the small refridgerator he had installed. He slung the door open and took out one triangular sandwich package out of ten which packed one drawer of his fridge, along with one small can of pepsi.

He plopped back down on his computer chair and began to eat, flipping on the television on the wall, watching cartoons.

06-18-2006, 09:36 AM
((K guys just to let you know that Stingerhs is having trouble getting broadband in his new area so he may be a while longer than he expected in getting back on the forum. I only know this as i decided to check out the Mod private forum. so i'd advise wild to meet with Xbx first as we don't know when our friendly dantooine moderator will return.))

06-18-2006, 02:34 PM

06-21-2006, 07:34 AM
"Hold up a second, Mya," Sara said quickly as Mya strode purposefully down a corridor that seemed identical to almost every other corridor in the facility. Mya obligingly slowed her pace.

"What is it?" she demanded.

"Well, I'm thinking of efficiency here," Sara answered. "Theta's quarters are closer than Kappa's. Kappa's in the bar with his support staff anyway. And that's..."

"A significant difference in distance," Mya interrupted. "Gotcha. So we do Theta first?"

Without waiting for an answer, she turned on her heel and headed straight for Theta's quarters. After a slight pause, she knocked on the door.

06-21-2006, 04:03 PM
He tossed the empty plastic container in the garbage can and stood up, walking over to the door and opening it. "Heya.." He said, turning to sit back in his chair, swiveling in her direction. "Take a seat."

06-22-2006, 02:48 PM
Xi walked through the corridors of the secret base, he had learnt every in and out of the place since he had gotten here and knew the quickest route anywhere (especially to the bar). He had arranged to meet Christian earlier that day as he always did before a mission, He called it his last drink... Untill the next one. Xi stepped into the bar area, it was oddly crouded and full of agents and support staff, he put it down to the fall recall and walked over to the table where jammer sat.

He sat opposite the only friend he had left in the world, being classed as dead all around the world was an extremely lonely place. He didn't have much in the line of family or friends before the organiztion but he still missed those he had to leave.

Christian already got in the drinks to pints of the best beer in the house (although thats not saying much), Xi took a sip of his drink and smiled before looking up at his friend. "so what are the Explosion odds this time."

"Same as always $20 a Vehical $50 an enemy base." Christian repeated followed by a laugh

06-27-2006, 08:08 AM
Mya took the seet Theta offered her and smiled. "You know, for being the one to most vocally dispute the Director's decision to send all four of us, you're being surprisingly friendly," she commented.

06-27-2006, 01:52 PM
He smirked, turning towards her. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." He nodded, then looked away for a second, then back to her. "I'm still kind of suprised you even came to my room. No one seems to really like me around here."

06-28-2006, 11:33 PM
"If we're being ordered to work together, it's important to know how we think," Mya explained. "How we fight, how we respond to... certain situations. That's why I'm here... to know what I can about you."

06-29-2006, 01:30 AM
He turned in her direction, leaning in towards her, "if you're trying to probe my mind, it's working." He straightened back up his his chair, crossing his right foot over the other. "Ask away." This seemed like it was going to take awhile.

07-11-2006, 05:42 AM
"You like solo missions," Mya said. "Any particular reason? Or do you simply find it impossible to trust anyone else? And if the second, why?"

She paused for just a second. "Yes, that was the last question before I let you answer," she teased.

07-12-2006, 11:28 PM
"I believe every one else thinks differently.. thinks wrong." He put a finger to his right temple. "This.. this is what keeps me going. It what keeps me from having friends- allies. It what keeps me alive." He removed his finger. "It what removes me from the pack, secludes me." He leaned back a bit, laughing; stopping almost as soon as he began. "I just don't think that anyone else thinks like me. They don't keep their minds on the mission. Always chatting, preparing."

He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. "The answer to your second question is yes. And it's because everyone else is too different. Think, if you may.. Overkill."