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06-02-2006, 11:20 PM
I need anybody to help me with a problem if you can.
tk102 said earlier that with KSE you can only replace things in the save, and that's exactly what I did and it still poped up the message saying "Corrupt Game Save" when I try to load it. And I even tried just putting the .sig and .sav thingies in the save folder and committing the changes and loading it up on my xbox and still, yet again it says "Damaged Save". Only this time it began to load then quit about a quater in. (Don't know if that means anything or not)


This is the process I do:

1) Take the required .sig's and .sav's out of the gamesave I want to mod and put them into C:/Kotor/Saves/Savegame1
2) Then I copy the udata file from the xbox gamesave to my desktop
3) Out of the copied udata file, I delete the required .sig's and .sav's like I put into C:/Kot...
4) Then I make the changes to the gamesave and commit them.
5) I take the modded .sig's and .sav's and put them into the copied udata file.
6) I make a new winzip file and place the copied udata file in it.
7) I put the new winzip file/save to my AR memory card through my AR (It loads perfectly, and if it's a bad save it immedately tells you.)
8) I put it on my xbox and start Kotor 2 and load the game and after about 3 seconds in pops up a message saying "Damaged Gamesave"

And before you ask, I did the same prosess only not changing anything and commiting the changes and it still does the same thing.

Please Help!

Thanks in advance!

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Also you would have been better served by posting this issue in the thread for KSE (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=123671) itself. ;) -RH

06-24-2006, 10:21 PM
Sorry about the double post, RedHawke! :smash:


I finally did it right! My name is Darth Malak, all atributes are at 100 and I look like Darth Malak along with my portrait!

This is a long a enduring process, so bear with me and listen up. :ears1:

Ok, this is the correct order that will always work:

1) Create folder in "C:" called KotOR
2) Place dialog.tlk in that folder
3) Create a new folder called Saves in that folder along with the dialog.tlk
4) Create a new folder called Savegame 1 in the Saves folder
5) In the Xbox saved game, there should be a folder that says Slot00000 and then whatever number it is. Drag a copy of it out onto your desktop. Take all the files out of it and put them into C:/KotOR/Saves/Savegame 1/
6) Close eveything
7) Start KSE
8) At the beginning it will say choose installation path. Go to C:, then select the folder named KotOR
9) Select which game. (TSL or KotOR)
10) The only changes you can make are, Names(Only if you have the same amount of characters), Attributes, Appearences, portraits, credits, EXP, Item stacks(# of an item that you have), If you are on Dark or Light, Replacing feats,replacing force powers, and sometimes classes. That's it. :(
11) Commit changes
12) Take all the files out of C:/KotOR/Saves/Savegame 1/
13) Put them into the copied Slot00000#
14) Delete the original Slot000000# for the Xbox game save
15) Put in the new Slot00000# into the gamesave.
16) Then use whatever means to get the new save onto your Xbox and your good to go. :)