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Three new kids come to Whispering Rock their names are Jetta, Nikki, and, Mickey they are the world's strongest psychics. Razputin mouthed off to Mickey triggering a lot of events will Raz prove to the Jet Setters that he is stronger than they are or will he be left following their turbulence.
Chapter One: The New Kids
Two girls were sitting on the porch of their friend Nikki Jane or N.J the name she is known as in their boarding school. " So, N.J what is the news that you have been keeping until the end of school ?", asked fourteen year old Mickey Jonathan to to the twelve year old. Nikki came to Mickey and whispered "We are going to a summer camp that has people just like us psychics and we can train with our air-boards, hone our combat skills while we meet all sorts of people.". * Mickey's P.O.V. * What we're going to Whispering Rock but we will be training to be Psychonauts and we have a other secrets that we come from Skye Ilse and that we're air-board pros. "I need my mama's permission before I go with you wait, my mama is dead." , I heard Jetta say until she started crying * to be continued *

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So you liked it. Thanks I think. :animelol: I need help I need a co-writer so I'll make you a co-writer it's a right with you? If so you PM me your ideas and the both of us will brainstorm the ideas and it will be ready to type.

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