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Point Man
06-04-2006, 12:40 AM
I'm curious to learn how others like to build their characters. Sometimes we may be stuck in a rut, and hearing how others approach things could lead to more opportunities for replay fun.

Personally, I like to go LSM Jedi Guardian my first playthrough, hacking and slashing my way through. I beef up on strength primarily for him and give him 2 sabers. I max out speed and flurry.

After going through as a Guardian, I like to try as a Consular who uses Persuade a lot. I like him to have 2 sabers as well, so he can survive.

In TSL, my favorite character type is Sentinel-Watchman. Skills are much more useful in TSL, and the Watchman gets tons of skill points. I like to max out Constitution on him, so I can get the D-class implants.

So, how do you build yours?

06-04-2006, 01:26 AM
In KotOR I always followed the proper progression...

Soldier / Guardian
Scout / Sentinel
Scoundrel / Consular

In TSL I do the same...

Guardian / Jedi Weapon Master or Sith Marauder
Sentinel / Jedi Watchman or Sith Assassin
Consular / Jedi Master or Sith Lord

Of course I am an old-school 'Min/Max-er' so this comes naturally to me. :D

06-04-2006, 01:33 AM
Kotor 1.
Always, Male Soldier/Jedi Counsler.

Kotor 2
Always, Male Sentinel/Jedi Master.

Kotor 1 Face:
The,guy with the black hair,he's white.

Kotor 2 Face:
The,asain with spikey hair.

Yours Truly,

Diego Varen
06-04-2006, 04:05 AM

Scout/Jedi Consular


Jedi Consular/Jedi Master

06-04-2006, 05:04 AM
In KotOR I always followed the proper progression...

Soldier / Guardian
Scout / Sentinel
Scoundrel / Consular

In TSL I do the same...

Guardian / Jedi Weapon Master or Sith Marauder
Sentinel / Jedi Watchman or Sith Assassin
Consular / Jedi Master or Sith Lord
What he said...

06-04-2006, 05:34 AM
In Kotor 1, ialways played Sentinel or Guardian, since i always have Jolee (consular) with me, for his bizar humour..

I start of as a soldier, mainly for the dual-wield and flurry feats. A Sentinel/scoundrel doesn't gain feats as quikly as a soldier, so i think it's a good base for a strong sentinel or guardian. I didn't hold the leveling proces. The soldier has more then enough skills that will come in handy as a guardian. For a sentinel, i do save levels, since they need the force powers, where the guardian soldier doesn't use them as often.
I then went LS, always duel wielding....

In Kotor 2, i start of a bit arrogant, sneering around a bit (mainly because of Kreia). Again, i choose sentinel/guardian, because i always have Misses Corpse with me, for her Mentor ability, and her DS tricks. Again, i focus on melee-feats and tricks, combined with some feats gained from teammates. On lv 15, i always turn weapon master, mainly for me melee-addiction, and the coolness of it later on.
Slaughtering the complete Sith Academy, while duel-wielding two silver lightsabers...hubbahubba...

I always play LS. In Kotor 1 it just rocked, because it's more interesting then playing DS imo.
In Kotor 2 i am sometimes grey, and more often LS. I turn grey for the DS powers, that actually rocked hard, in the case i chose a sentinel>weapon master from the start. If i use a guradian>weaponmaster, i stay LS, for the strenght bonus from LS mastery.

Mace MacLeod
06-04-2006, 07:51 AM
KotOR I--I generally followed the progression Redhawke illustrated. I did them all for sake of completeness, but my favourite was usually soldier to guardian.

TSL--Consular to Jedi Master/Sith Lord was by far my fave. Pump up your wisdom and you're pretty much Godlike. There was nothing more satisfying that charging up the skyramp on Onderon and frying that entire platoon at the top with a single burst of force storm.

06-04-2006, 09:23 AM
In K1 and K2, I like "crossed" builds.

Scoundrel/guardian or soildier/consular

consular/sith maurauder (or WM), consular/assassin (or watchman)

06-13-2006, 06:15 PM
K1 if I were a force user my favorite was scout/consular....DS was very powerful. If I were going combat I'd be a Soldier/Guardian.

K2 runs the gamut. Latest was an armor wearing Guardian/Marauder that was (due to legit equipment, feats, etc) immune to lightsabers and blaster fire. Done LS/DS consular/prc's. Done the obligatory LS Guardian/Weapon Master. Next I may try a dual blaster pistol consular/assassin or watchman

06-13-2006, 06:43 PM
Strength all the way. Lightsaber feats, force speed, force jump. Strength and constitution-boosting equipment and a strong double-bladed lightsaber. Master force speed and a master flurry from a strong doublesaber which is boosted by strength, the lightsaber feat, the two weapon feat, being a jedi in general, the equipment and with force speed means that it htis for 60 *6* times, which is amazing, killing anything in one hit and bosses in two. Heh. Either game.

06-13-2006, 08:43 PM
I usually go down to the building supply store and buy about 50 bricks and one pack of cement. I'm still trying to find a way to get their dexterity up, but it's taking a while. :xp:

In K1 I usually go with 14 str, 12-14 dex, 16 con, 14 int/wis/cha, but everything I do chages almost every playthrough, depending on what weapons and upgrades I'll and what feats. For feats, I always get Toughness and either Flurry or Critical strikes (sometimes their ranged counter parts), and for Force powers I always go all the way up the horror/stasis/wave trees, and max Force speed.

In K2 it's pretty much the ame, except I get 10 str and have a lot of dex and the Finesse: Lightsabre feat. I change it around quite a bit depending on what I'm doing.

06-13-2006, 09:22 PM
I almost always go with Sentinels for both games. Can't get away from that balance of everything, nor all those skills. No surprise, I guess, since I play Rogues and Bards in D&D. In KotOR I, Scout/Sentinel, in TSL, Sentinel/Watchman or Assassin.

On occassion, I try different builds, but I inevitably find myself unhappy with the lack of one area which isn't made up for to my mind by other strengths. In one game as a Jedi Guardian, I became so frustrated at being unable to use a computer or unlock doors, or repair droids, I ended up cheating my intelligence to 26 to get more skills.

One exception to all that, though, was when I played through KotOR I as a Scoundrel. I had originally planned to play as a blaster-wielding Jedi, but by he time I was on Dantooine I was so comfortable with the Han Solo mentality that I used a save editor to delete my Jedi class and played through the whole game with no force powers at all. Ended up being my last playthrough of KotOR, as it was the most fun I'd had playing through after the first time, and it could never be as much fun again.

06-13-2006, 11:25 PM
In the first Knights of the Old Republic, I always started as a Scout, because they are the best of the opening classes. Then I would play either a Guardian or Consular. Consulars have it a little rougher against Darth Malak, so I liked Guardian better.

In Knights of the Old Republic II, I usually start as a Consular. The divisions between the opening classes are not as pronounced as they are in KotOR I, so I played as a Guardian once also. So far, I have only played as a Jedi Master and a Weaponmaster, though I plan to try the Watchman sometime soon. I will tell you, however, that I will never play as a Jedi Master ever again. That is likely one of the weakest classes in the whole series.

Oh, and thus far all my characters have used one lightsaber, except for the first time I played KotOR I, where I used a double-bladed.