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02-21-2001, 07:23 PM
I'm off to the Bradford film museum to see the exhibition tomorrow. I bet it's good! I'll tell you all about it! Anyone been?

Darth Sceltor
02-21-2001, 08:02 PM

02-21-2001, 08:11 PM
never heard of it

Sigs are for clever peoples

Rogue Nine
02-21-2001, 08:22 PM
Drawing a blank here.

Zoom Rabbit
02-21-2001, 08:25 PM
I was there. I was the short stranger in the trenchcoat, wearing the ten-gallon cowboy hat. Buck teeth.

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Darth Sceltor
02-21-2001, 09:19 PM
I think I saw you at the Smithsonian a few years ago http://www.xwingalliance.com/forums/biggrin.gif

Admiral Zaarin
02-21-2001, 10:10 PM
Who Are You?

<font size=-2>Sorry, couldn't resist....</font>

And what of the Director's Lenses?

The logs show they fled the scene in a shuttle. That is all the information we have sir, there is a high probability that the shuttle was destroyed in the battle.

A shame.....but we'll buy George Lucas another pair of glasses.

02-22-2001, 01:05 AM
I remember hearing about it, I couldn't go, to far away

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Zoom Rabbit
02-22-2001, 09:05 AM
I've always like the work of Ralph McQuarrie, but his imagination is best suited to magazine cover art and the like, rather than production work...IMHO.

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Gold leader
02-22-2001, 09:06 AM

Admiral Zaarin
02-22-2001, 01:14 PM
AAAAAH! On topic post!

*runs around screaming*

02-22-2001, 04:53 PM
I thinking of making skeches of SW. If I do it, Ill might post them some time.

02-22-2001, 05:18 PM
It was good. I say anyone who can go. GO. It's got loads of cool props (the executor model, with beautiful deatils, about 3 or 4 feet long, hand made). The only lousy thing is the gift shop and that it's in Bradford. Eew. That put traffic lights on roundabouts and have the worst football team ever.

Poor Bastard
02-22-2001, 07:18 PM
Umm... WHAT?

The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them.

02-23-2001, 06:48 PM
"Roundabout" A circular area in a four way junction that removes the need for traffic lights. And Bradford City F.C are the worst team in the Premier league. They are soon to be relegated.

Leeds Rule!

Poor Bastard
02-23-2001, 07:10 PM
Umm... WHAT?

The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them.