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06-06-2006, 04:24 PM
OK heres an attempt to re-do a thread that died but i think was a good idea.

The Story

While the Republic celebrates its victory against Darth Malak and the destruction of the star forge, the Sith have split into two faction which have fell into a civil war. The loyalists and the sepritists.

The loyalist leader Darth Exuro, has discovered a prophercy while on dantooine speaking that a single sith lord (who he beleives is himself) will rule the galaxy once the sith has found "The Ark of the Force". Now this sith lord has concentrated all his efforts in finding the 'Ark'.

The Sepritists are led by a former pupil of the sith Lord who seeks the Ark and beleives that that his former master is insane to follow this prophercy. The betrayer took those who shared his views with him to attempt to take control of the sith and continue trying to take the galaxy as Revan and Malak did.

Meanwhile the Jedi are also concearned by this Ancient Sith prophercy and have set up a task force to investigate the rumours of this 'Ark'.

The Galaxy is once again in full out war...

* Standard Rules apply
* No 'Super' Characters
* 1 PC max
* I'll let you deside how the fights playout, but if you reach a stalemate with another PC (Basiccally if neither of you will or want to die) I will step in or ask someone else to.
Character positions to be filled. These are on a first come first serve. When all these positons are taken you can make up your own but try to keep the teams even.

Sith "Loyalists" Lord- Darth Exuro (starmark2k)
Sith "Loyalists" Lord's Apprentice-
Sith "Sepritists" Lord-
Sith "Sepritists" Lord's Apprentice-
Jedi "Task force" Leader-
Jedi "Task force" Deputy-
Character sheet-w/ examples and descriptions

Name- (John doe/Jane doe/Darth Doe/etc.)
Species- (Human/Twi'lek/Zabrak/etc.)
Sex- (Male/female)
Age- (Please keep it realistic)
Side- (Loyalist, Sepritist or Jedi)
Weapons- (Lightsabers/Blasters/etc.)
Equipment- (Armour, etc.)
Apperance- (Put a picture or give a description.)
Bio- (Breif history, their reputation, how they ended up where they are and a bit on their personality.)
__________________________________________________ ______________
__________________________________________________ ______________
My Character

Position- Sith Lord of the Loyalists
Name- Darth Exuro
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 47
Side- Sith Loyalists
Weapons- Red Saber
Equipment- Sith Force Armour
Apperance- http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a...2k/Heinrich.jpg
Bio- Sith lord who seek the Ark of the Force. (I'll do more later but my brains only going on one engine at the moment, if you know what i mean?))

06-06-2006, 04:49 PM
Intersting, can I take Sith "Loyalists" Lord's Apprentice postion please

06-06-2006, 04:59 PM
yes just take it, it's a first come first serve i'm not going to hand out or reserve positions.

06-06-2006, 05:23 PM
Position- Loyalists" Lord's Apprentice
Name- Darth Caos
Species- Human
Sex- Male
Age- 39
Side- Sith Loyalists
Weapons- Red + Orange Saber
Equipment- Custom Sith Assassin Robes
http://rpggamer.org/shippics/sithassassin.jpg --with robes
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/a/a2/Doctor006.jpg/475px-Doctor006.jpg --without

Bio- Started off as a normal boy growing up in Taris, he then joined the Jedi Order however after an incident he was forced to leave. He then joined the ranks of the Sith Loyalists

Darth Xenus
06-09-2006, 04:38 PM
Position-Separitist Lord
Name-Darth Xenus
Species-Kel Dor
Side-Sith Separatists
Weapons-Double blade crimson lightsaber
Equipment-jet black traditional Sith robes, Kel Dor breathing mask
Appearance-Tall: 6'6", bald, face obscured by breather mask
Bio-The former apprentice of Darth Exuro. He is determined to claim his place as the one true Dark Lord Of The Sith by recovering the Ark and slaying his former master and any who stand in his way. A particularly murderous, hateful and easy to anger individual. No one questions him twice, the only one to have done that will soon be dead when Xenus holds the Ark...