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06-06-2006, 05:56 PM
1. I am about to ask a question about something.

Read your manual! As far as manuals go, Psychonauts' is somewhat of a throwback to ten years ago when manuals were big, thorough, and slightly entertaining — not like the boring standards of today! It also answers a lot of basic questions such as “What powers can you use?”

2. I am having a technical problem with the game.

There have been four patches released for Psychonauts so far. Needless to say, installing the latest should be your top priority. You can grab the latest, version 1.04, from the following page:


A log of changes is included, although it's almost certainly not completely thorough. So, make sure you try the patch before posting about any technical problems.

3. I have patched the game, but I'm still getting weird problems!

Another critical thing to make sure of is that your graphics card drivers are up-to-date. Because Psychonauts has fancy technology that makes it look really pretty, graphics cards may have problems if their drivers are outdated (basically, the software that makes it work). The most common problem is that the TV screens in the Milkman Conspiracy don't work properly, but there're plenty of other issues!

Even though most graphics cards come with drivers on a CD, they are almost always still outdated in comparison to those found on the internet. So, to update your drivers find out who made your graphics card by looking on the box (probably Nvidia (http://www.nvidia.com/) or ATI (http://www.ati.com/)), then head over to their official website. Have a look around until you find the latest drivers, then install away!

4. Can you extract the music, textures and sound effects?

Yes! Using Benny's fantastic Psychonauts Explorer, one can dig out pretty much everything that's included with Psychonauts. This does indeed include the music, textures and sound effects. The application has had a lot of development and as such is packed with features.


5. Are there any good walkthroughs out there?

As with any game, plenty of walkthroughs exist. However, the most thorough and usable one so far is GameSpot's which includes almost every aspect of the game with the exception of the figments.

Note: Please be aware that walkthroughs are addictive. Psychonauts is a fantastic game, and working out various things through exploration is a huge part of the game's allure since many conversations and events only occur at certain small points in the game's timeline.

It's very unlikely that anybody who doesn't explore every single square inch of the game world between each level will see everything there is to see the first time around. These chances are reduced even more when using a walkthrough, which takes you directly to what you need to find.


6. I need to find the figments. Is there a guide for that?

Yes! Go to the following page and select the “Figment Location Guide”: