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06-07-2006, 01:18 AM
Welcome to the humble beginning of my Ghosts of the Old Republic: Return of Revan new content/storyline mod for KOTOR. If you can read this, then I'm guessing that you're done laughing so here's the issue: Working in module Danm14aa (Courtyard); I would like the player to encounter (i.e. observe, not be included in) a scripted conversation between two children in the rocky area on the way to the ruins. It's a flashback of Revan and Malek playing games like only force sensitive kids can...
My current objective:
1.To make one of the children bald,have a certain tattoo, and wear N_commM03.tpc.
2. To make the other child (currently only male, eventually PC gender dependant) appear wearing N_commM08.tpc
I have created "ror_cmalek.utc".
First name:Child Malek;
Tag :cmalek;
Appearance: Unique_Child_Malek (added as line 517 of appearance.2da, based on line 16 Child_Male);
Conversation: cmalek;
TemplateResREf: ror_cmalek
I modified heads.2da, adding a line 109 and copying from line 16 N_child_M renaming it N_cmalek_M in the head column. I put a creature with the TemplateResref : ror_cmalek and desired xyz coordinates in my git using GFFeditor. I exported the child_m.mdl and feel like I'm supposed to rename it; I'm reading a lot of tutorials but it is more information than I can absorb and my progress is stalling. I have also done this with "ror_crevan.utc" but when I built my erf "test.mod" neither kid showed up. If I could get some help creating/placing one child, I can do the other on my own, I think.

06-07-2006, 04:22 PM
I'm doing part of a storyline mod too, but I'm using freds module editor, they should work about the same, but I've always noticed Custom NPC's sometimes don't work right. The

Error I constently make is simple, i always forget to put the files in override, so simple, but life threatining.

Also, if all else fails, try writing a spawn script onenter in for the module.

Sorry if this is absolutly useless to you.

06-07-2006, 04:28 PM
If the *.utc 's are packaged into the *.mod file, I thought that they didn't need to be in override?


06-07-2006, 04:45 PM
If the *.utc 's are packaged into the *.mod file, I thought that they didn't need to be in override?

You are right. There is no need to put them in the Override folder if they are in the .mod file.

@ OB1-KeNOOBIE: you might try to change the apperance in the .utc files to an existing in game apperance to see if it's a problem with the utc/git or the appearance changes you made.

Also, which GFF editor are you using? Depending on which one you are using there are certain fields you have to pay a special attention too. When you use the copy/paste function with the Bioware editor, you may have to edit a few things manually. I strongly recommend tk102's K-GFF instead of the other GFF editors.

06-09-2006, 02:46 AM
Using Bioware's Gff Editor + Kotor Tool v.1.0.2131..., my first NPC, "Young Malek" was successfully created and placed (same module) by including "visionmalek.utc" in my build. I left his appearance alone (jedi_malek)and he appears in both builds. I will do as Darth333 suggests with the appearances of the other two and I will switch to Tk102's K-GFF Editor v1.16. Threads I'm butchering,erm, working from are;
Making a storyline mod for K2 by Gsccc
Announcing Modder Basic Training by Darkkender(this is the thread that made me sign up)
How to recruit an NPC in <10 steps by Darth333
Search function

I have not followed the steps precisely, but sort of meshed them together to get what I wanted; I skipped making portraits, for example. I'm going to make a party member, following exactly steps 1-7 and the additional stuff, to learn the fundamentals better. Thanks for the clarification on when to include the *.utc's in override, I hadn't read that yet. After reading Darth333's post I'm sure it's the appearance changes, does that make sense since visionmalek worked?

EDIT/UPDATE: I had Struct ID 0 in the top line of both creatures in my .git :doh:. I edited it to 4 using KGFFEditor and everyone is present and accounted for.

06-09-2006, 10:42 AM
After reading Darth333's post I'm sure it's the appearance changes, does that make sense since visionmalek worked?
Yes, it makes sense. It could also be something else but the best way to know the cause is to test this first. If the mod works with a default game appearance, then the problem lies with your apperance changes and you'll have to look at that.

If it doesn't work without custom appearance changes, then it's likely something with your .utc file or the .git file.