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Darth Xenus
06-07-2006, 02:58 PM
This is my first time doing this, so here goes...

The story is set at the birth of the Republic and the Jedi Order. A very powerful Jedi of the Sith species is trying to convince the Senate and the Jedi Council to conquer the star systems that resist the Republic's authority to help them towards a united galaxy. His request is refused. He gathers as many Jedi, members of his own species and anyone who will follow him and leads them into the Unknown Regions and they aren't heard of for 20 years. After the 20 years, the Senate has completely forgotten about them, but the exiles haven't forgotten about the Republic. Their leader, now calling himself Darth Tyclan, has reformed the Jedi and force-sensitives that followed him into the beginnings of the Sith Lords. The others that followed him have been reorganised into the Grand Army Of The Sith, and under the command of Darth Tyclan they have begun their attack on the Republic...

You can be a Jedi, a Sith Lord or a Republic/Sith soldier/officer. Please put in your characters like this (this is my character):

Name: Darth Tyclan
Age: 142
Species: Sith
Occupation: Dark Lord of the Sith (any other Sith Lords cannot be the dark lord)
Weapon(s): Durasteel Broadsword (no lightsabers: this is about 20,000 years before kotor, they haven't been invented yet, maybe later)
Appearance: Just looks like any other member of his species (um, could someone maybe tell what that looks like?). Always wears jet black robes.
Brief History: Left the Jedi Order after being confronted upon his controversial beliefs, led a large number of Sith, Jedi Knights and others to form the Sith Empire and proceded to wage war on the Republic. Nothing is known about his life before joining the Jedi, as he never told anyone (this could be an important part of the story).

So get signed up! At the moment I'm not going to limit the amount of characters, but only one character per person.